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For the convenience of users' special interests the EOLSS body of knowledge of the various theme subjects of UNESCO EOLSS-online is now available in the form of e-Books (PDF) format in volumes of manageable size with the provision for Print on Demand.

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Each e-Book (Adobe Reader - single user & with DRM Restriction ) volume:
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90 days       :
€7 / US$9 / UK£6 /JPY 857   (per volume)

Handling Charges (For Print Volume):
€10 / US$15 / UK£9 / JPY1112

Special offer for institutional / public libraries for perpetual access (without DRM control) to this virtual library or volumes in bulk, please visit http://www.eolss.net/ebooklibins/
You may order single chapters in PDF format at the following rates:
Pages: up to25 26-50 51-75 above 75
Price:(EUROS) €6 €12 €18 €21
Price:(US) $7.5 $15 $22.5 $27
Price:(GBP) £5 £10 £15 £18
To order the Chapter please use the following Secured link https://www.eolss.net/ebooklib/indchapterreg.aspx
For further details contact eolss2012@gmail.com / eolssunesco@gmail.com

Only orders on-line will be accepted and not on hard copy. This policy is to conserve natural resources.

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There is a wide gallery of e-Book making up a virtual library and the sets of volumes classified under different component encyclopedias are outlined below:

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Biological, Physiological and Health Sciences
Tropical Biology and Conservation Management
Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Sciences
Social Sciences and Humanities
Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology resources
Control Systems, Robotics and Automation
Chemical Sciences Engineering and Technology Resources
Water Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Energy Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Environmental and Ecological Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Food and Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Human Resources Policy and Management
Natural Resources Policy and Management
Development and Economic Sciences
Institutional and Infrastructural Resources
Technology, Information and System Management Resources
Area studies (Africa, Brazil, Canada and USA, China, Europe, Japan, Russia)

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