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Note: The free trial of 30 days to EOLSS Online is currently available to institutions . However if you have aspecial code, you get 5 months. Trials should be arranged centrally through a librarian or other resource co-ordinator using the form below. Free trials are authenticated by IP address so please have full details before filling in the form.

An e-mail notification with the username and password will be sent when the trial is set up (please allow 5 working days).

If you have any queries or comments, please contact us at eolssunesco@gmail.com

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For any institution/organization to access EOLSS Online, we use two methods of authentications: IP authentication and remote patron authentication (RPA). If your institution is using remote patron authentication (RPA), please contact eolssunesco@gmail.com or v.kotchetkov@unesco.org
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For Further Information contact: eolssunesco@gmail.com
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