Sample Chapters - Biotechnology

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Collapse BiotechnologyBiotechnology
Fundamentals in Biotechnology
Microbial Cell Culture
Algal Cell Culture
Plant Cell Culture
Mammalian Cell Culture
Cell Thermodynamics and Energy Metabolism
Basic Strategies of Cell Metabolism
The Importance of Microbial Culture Collections and Gene Banks in Biotechnology
Biosafety in Biotechnology
Microbial Chemistry
A Concise History Of Biotechnology â€" Some Key Determinants
Methods in Biotechnology
Instrumentation and Control of Bioprocesses
Chemical Methods Applied to Biotechnology
Physical Methods Applied to Biotechnology
Mathematical Modeling in Biotechnology
Molecular Biotechnology : Application in Livestock System
Methods in Gene Engineering
Genetic Manipulation of Bacteria
Genetic Engineering Of Fungal Cells
Genetic Engineering of Algal Species
Genetic Engineering of Plants
Genetic Engineering of Mammalian Cells
Protein Engineering
Health and Gene Sciences
GMO - Technology and Malnutrition - Public Sector Responsibility and Failure
New opportunities revealed by biotechnological Exploration of Extremophiles
The Challenges of Genetic Information
Principles of Metabolic Engineering
Bioprocess Engineering - Bioprocess Analysis through Calorimetry and Biothermodynamics
Upstream Processing - Sterilization in Bioprocess Technology
Downstream Processing of Proteins Using Foam Fractionation
Process Optimization Strategies for Biotechnology Products: From Discovery to Production
Microbial Dynamic Transformation
Plant Cell Bioreactors
Pichia Pastoris: A Platform Organism to Produce Proteins
Bioreactors and Cultivation Systems for Cell and Tissue Culture
Stem Cell Bioreactors
Bubble Columns And Airlift Bioreactors
Industrial Biotechnology
Enzyme Production
Production of Alcoholic Beverages
Production of Organic Acids
Production of Antibiotics
Bioplastic and Biopolymer Production
Production of Biosurfactants
Industrial Recombinant Protein Production
Biopesticide Production
Secondary Products from Plant Tissue Cultures
Industrial Mycology
The Industrial Use of Enzymes
Production of Heterologous Hydrolysis Enzymes within Crop Biomass for Biofuel Ethanol
Special Processes For Products, Fuel and Energy
Bio-Refineries-Concept for Sustainability and Human Development
Nutriceuticals from Mushrooms
Mushroom Production
Pharmaceuticals from Algae
Natural Food Colorants
Production of Alcohol for Fuel and Organic Solvent
Biotechnological Applications of Acetic Acid Bacteria in Food Production
A carbon-negative model for production of feed and fuel from biomass
Integrated Thermo-Biorefinery
The Next Generation of Biofuels - A New Approach to the Production of Biofuels
Plant Genome Mapping: Strategies And Applications
Biomass Feedstocks
Suggestions For Improving Cellulosic Biomass Refining
Biohydrogen - The Microbiological Production Of Hydrogen Fuel
Processing, Consumption and Effects of Probiotic Microorganisms
Agricultural Biotechnology
Fermented Foods and Their Processing
Essentials of Nitrogen Fixation Biotechnology
Crop Protection through Pest-Resistant Genes
Composting Agricultural and Industrial Wastes
Silage for Animal Feed
Transgenic Plants
Transgenic Technologies for Animals as Bioreactors
Plant Breeding and Molecular Farming
Biotechnology and Agrobiodiversity
The Economics of Agrobiotechnology
Conventional Plant Breeding for Higher Yields and Pest Resistance
Transgenic Vegetable Crops For Managing Insect Pests and Fungal and Viral Diseases
Farmers and Plant Genetic Resources
The Role Of Plant Genomics In Biotechnology
Role Of Plant Hormones In Legume Nodulation
Marine Biotechnology
Molecular Aspects Of Steroid Action In Marine Fishes
Marine Microbial Enzymes
Biotechnological tools in fish health Management
Molecular Tools for Improving Seafood Safety
Marine Natural Products Biotechnology
Molecular Tools for the Study of Marine Microbial Diversity
Bioremediation in the Marine Environment
Biotechnology of Archaea
Viable But NonCulturable Bacteria in the Marine Environment and the Biotechnological Tools to Detect Them
Extending Integrated Fish Farming Technologies To Mariculture In China
Environmental Biotechnology - Socio-Economic Strategies for Sustainability
Recycling Livestock Excreta in Integrated Farming Systems
Recycling of Agro-Industrial Wastes Through Cleaner Technology
Urban Rooftop Microfarms
Biomass and Organic Waste Conversion to Food, Feed, Fuel, Fertilizer, Energy and Commodity Products
Health and Environmental Aspects of Recycled Water
Microorganisms as Catalysts for the Decontamination of Ecosystems and Detoxification of Organic Chemicals
Biodegradation of Xenobiotics
Sustainable Aquaculture: Concept or Practice
Biogas as Renewable Energy from Organic Waste
Biodiversity: The Impact of Biotechnology
Biotechnology in the Environment: Potential Effects on Biodiversity
Bioremediation: an Overview
Microbial Resource Management: The Road to Go for Environmental Biotechnology
Appropriate and Inappropriate Biotechnology for Developing Countries
Vermiculture Industry In Circular Economy
Bio-Cultural Diversity and Medicine
Blood: The Essence of Humanity
Compulsory License Regimes For Public Health In Europe
Medical Mycology
Lysine Biosynthesis In Bacteria- An Unchartered Pathway For Novel Antibiotic Design
Antibody Based Protein Research In Human Pathology
Contribution of Biochemistry to Medicine: Medical Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry
Abzymes - A Challenge For The Medical Biotechnology And Public Health
The Role Of Phytobiotechnology In Public Health
Medical Biotechnology-Modern Development
Bioinformatics on Post Genomic Era-> From Genomes to Systems Biology
Gene Therapy
Tissue Engineering: Advances in Organ Replacement
The Nanostructure of the Nervous System and the Impact of Nanotechnology on Neuroscience
TP53 Gene and P53 Protein as Targets in Cancer Management and therapy
Plant-Made Vaccines- The Past, Present and Future
Transgenic Mice in Immunobiology
Nanomedicine and Medical Nanorobotics
Role of Xenobiotic Metabolism in Drug Discovery and Development
From Gene to Clinical Product: An Overview of GMP Requirements Associated to the Development of New Biotherapeutics, in a Multiprocess/Multiproduct Facility
The Impact of Patents on Medical Biotechnology
Biofilm of Medical Importance
Human Genetic Data Banks: From Consent To Commercialization an Overview of Current Concerns and Conundrums
The Status of the Extracorporeal Embryo [Stem Cells]
Bioterrorism by Biotechnology: Implications For Clinical Medicine
Human Papillomavirus-Mediated Transformation Of The Anogential Tract
Social, Educational and Political Aspects of Biotechnology - An Overview and an Appraisal of Biotechnology in a Changing World
Some Social, Educational and Political Aspects of Biotechnology
Public Policy Responses to Biotechnology
Inventions, Patents and Morality
The Regulation of Genetically Modified Food
Biotechnology Education
Biotechnology in Rural Area
Art Biotechnology and the Culture of Peace
Why Genetic Modification Arouses Concerns: Social, Cultural And Political Impacts
Gender Relations in Local Plant Genetic Resource-Management and Conservation
Biowarfare and Bioterrorism: The Dark Side of Biotechnology
Social Factors in the Treatment and Reuse of Organic Wastes in Developing Countries
Potentials of Bioenergy from the Sago Industries in Malaysia
The Pacific Islands: A Natural Treasurehouse Of Bioresources and Island Biotechnology
The Role Of Microbial Resources Centers And UNESCO In The Development Of Biotechnology
Biotechnological Activities Of The Mircens â€" History, Training And Research Until 2002
Biological Nitrogen Fixation
History And Achievements Of The Culture Collection And Patent Mircen Braunschweig[Germany]
The Ex Situ Conservation Of Microorganisms: Aiming At A Certified Quality Management
Mircen-Bites Ljubljana: Cooperation For Research, Education And Development
Microbiological Resources Centre (MIRCEN) at The Chinese University Of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong (1991-2003)

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