EOLSS e-Book Academic Collections

For the convenience of users' special interests the EOLSS body of knowledge of the various theme subjects of UNESCO EOLSS-online is now available in the form of Single Chapter for all e-Books (PDF format).

Single Chapters in PDF format

You may order single chapters at the following rates:

Pages Up to 25 26-50 51-75 Above 75
Price: (EUROS) €7 €14 €21 €25
Price: (US) $7.5 $15 $22.5 $27
Price: (GBP) £6 £12 £18 £22

To order the Chapter please use the following Secured link https://www.eolss.net/ebooklib/indchapterreg.aspx

Invoicing policy:

We reserve our right to invoice in any of the following currencies -
US$, UK£, Euro€ and Yen¥

* In the case of payment by Wire Transfer, add US$15 to the invoiced amount towards bank charges


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