EOLSS e-Book Academic Collections - For Institutions/Libraries

For the convenience of users' special interests the EOLSS body of knowledge of the various theme subjects of UNESCO EOLSS-online is now available in the form of about 540 e-Books (PDF format), in volumes of manageable size and with the provision for Print on Demand.

How to order e-Book

Prices of e-Book Volumes for Institutions and Libraries

e-books can be selected by title(s) from component encyclopedia(s) for ownership for unlimited usage/access by a single Institution / Department / Library within its FTE.

The list price for a single volume is US$90.

Discount rates for sets are as follows:

10% on the total price
15% on the total price
20% on the total price
25% on the total price
30% on the total price
Above 501:
35% on the total price

Additional discount based on UN-HDI which will be up to 5% on the total price (Only for volumes 5 or more).

In fact, the whole EOLSS e-book academic collection is highly recommended as the best option for Institutions and Libraries concerned with education and research in a multitude of disciplines and interdisciplinary areas. Users can search and access any volume of their interest from their personal desks. The Grand Collection can be purchased and owned for unlimited usage for a price that includes a standard discount of 35% on the total list price of all the volumes and an additional discount based on UN-HDI which will be up to 5%.

In order to facilitate easy payment under annual budgetary constrains, buyers can request for payment in annual installments, each not less than $2500.

In view of the current global trend of libraries moving away from shared collection concept, this offer of EOLSS e-book collections at a very attractive and affordable cost is to enable purchases by individual libraries for full and independent ownership for perpetual simultaneous user access within the Full Time Enrollment (FTE) in a buyer friendly scheme. There are considerable standard discounts and additional discounts based on country ranking according to United Nations Human Development Index (UN-HDI) and there is also a facility to make payments in annual installments if desired.

Out of the 21 Subject Sets available a buyer can ‘Pick and Choose’ the desired titles which are listed in the catalogue.

Invoicing policy:

We reserve our right to invoice in any of the following currencies - US$, UK£, Euro€ and Yen¥

In the case of payment by Wire Transfer, add US$15 to the invoiced amount towards bank charges


* e-Books will be delivered within 3 working days following a confirmed order and payment

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