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An Insight into the
Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III

Volume I               backtop_meet.gif (1986 bytes)


1.1 Environmental Structure and Function: Earth System Glazovsky N., Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia  pp. 1-27
1.2 Environmental Structure and Function: Climate System G.V. Gruza, Institute for Global Climate and Ecology, Moscow, Russia  pp. 29-70
1.3 Climate Change and Natural Resources Policy and Management G.O.P. Obasi, Secretary-General World Meteorological Organization ,Geneva   pp. 71-83
1.4 Geography Sala M., Universitat de Bacelona, Spain  pp. 85-117
1.5 Geology Stuewe K., Universitaet Graz, Austria Sengor A.M.C., Istanbul Technical University Turkey Grasemann B., University of Vienna Austria and De Vivo B., Universita di Napoli "Federico II", Italy  pp. 119-143
1.6 Geochemistry: Branches Processes Phenomena McLennan S.M., State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA  pp. 145-158
1.7 Oceanography Nihoul J.C.J., University of Liege Belgium and Chen C.T.A., National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan  pp. 159-180
1.8 Natural Disasters Kotlyakov V.M. Russian Academy of Sciences Russia  pp. 181-207
1.9 Advanced Geographic Information Systems Bauzer Medeiros C.M., Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) Brazil  pp. 209-234


2.1 Mathematical Models of Life Support Systems Agoshkov V.I., Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia  pp. 235-282
2.2 Optimization and Operations Research Derigs U., University of Cologne, Germany  pp. 283-318
2.3 Probability and Statistics Viertl R., Technische Universitat Wien, Austria  pp. 319-338
2.4 Mathematical Models Filar J.A., University of South Australia, Australia  pp. 339-354
2.5 Modern Biometry Wilson S.R., Austrailian National University, Australia  pp. 355-373


3.1 Fundamentals of Life Kirby R., Rhodes University, South Africa  pp. 375-391
3.2 Biological Science Fundamentals (Systematics) Contrafatto G. University of Natal South Africa and Minelli A. University of Padova Italy  pp. 393-420
3.3 Physiology and Maintenance Hanninen O.O.P., University of Kuopio, Finland  pp. 421-447
3.4 Biotechnology Doelle H.W. MIRCEN-Biotechnology Australia and DaSilva E.J. UNESCO France  pp. 449-462
3.5 Fundamentals of Biological Science: An Evolutionary Approach Petrov R.V., and Vorobyeva E.I., Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia  pp. 463-478
3.6 Genetics and Molecular Biology Hasunuma K., Yokohama City University, Japan  pp. 479-504
3.7 Global Perspectives in Health Mansourian, B-P., World Health Organization(WHO), Switzerland  pp. 505-533
3.8 Water and Public Health Grabow W.O.K., University of Pretoria, South Africa  pp. 535-571
3.9 Extremophiles Gerday C., University of Liege, Belgium  pp. 573-598


4.1 Management Sage A.P., George Mason University, USA  pp. 599-630
4.2 Education for Sustainability Farrell R.V., Florida International University(FIU), USA and Papagiannis G., Florida State University, USA  pp. 631-649
4.3 History: The Meaning and Role of History in Human Development Nasson W.R. University of Cape Town South Africa  pp. 651-667
4.4 Sociology Toschenko J.T., and Levashov V.K., Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia  pp. 669-685
4.5 Psychology Carta S., University of Cagliari, Italy  pp. 687-722
4.6 Archaeology Hardesty D.L., University of Nevada, USA  pp. 723-741
4.7 Fundamental Economics Majumdar M. Cornell University, USA  pp. 743-756
4.8 Law Schwabach A., Thomas Jefferson School of Law, USA  pp. 757-772
4.9 Culture Civilization and Human Society Arlt H. Research Institute for Austrian and International Literature and Cultural Studies (INST) Austria  pp. 773-792
4.10 Government and Politics Sekiguchi M. and Okawara N., Kyushu University, Japan  pp. 793-809
4.11 Journalism and Mass Communication: The Making of Meaning Luthra R. University of Michigan USA  pp. 811-828
4.12 Literature and the Fine Arts Arlt H. Research Institute for Austrian and International Literature and Cultural Studies (INST), Austria  pp. 829-847


5.1 Development of Physics G. Takeda, Professor Emeritus The University of Tokyo and Tohoku University Sendai, Japan  pp. 849-863
5.2 Civil Engineering Horikawa K., Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan  pp. 865-877
5.3 Mechanical Engineering Frolov K.V., Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia  pp. 879-911
5.4 Electrical Engineering Wong K.P., University of Western Australia, Australia  pp. 913-931
5.5 Control Systems Robotics and Automation Unbehauen H.D., Ruhr- Universitat Bochum, Germany  pp. 933-979
5.6 Physical Methods Instruments and Measurements Tsipenyuk Y.M., Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia  pp. 981-1014
5.7 Materials Science and Engineering Rawlings R.D., Imperial College, UK   pp. 1015-1044
5.8 Transportation Engineering and Planning Kim T.J., University of Illinois, USA  pp. 1045-1065
5.9 Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Kayis A.B., University of New South Wales, Australia   pp. 1067-1094
5.10 Artificial Intelligence: Definition Trends Techniques and Cases Kok J.N. Boers E. and Kosters W., Leiden University The Netherlands van der Putten P.W.H., USA and Poel M. University of Siena The Netherlands  pp. 1095-1107
5.11 Hierarchy and Complexity and Agent-Based Models Green D.G., Charles Sturt University, Australia  pp. 1109-1129
5.12 System Dynamics: Systemic Feedback Modeling for Policy Analysis Barlas Y. Bogazici University Turkey  pp. 1131-1175
5.13 Systems Science and Cybernetics: The Long Road to World Sociosystemicity Parra-Luna F. Universidad Complutense de Madrid Spain  pp. 1177-1207

Volume II               backtop_meet.gif (1986 bytes)


6.1 The World of Chemistry Carra S. and Masi M., Politecnico di Milano, Italy  pp. 1-17
6.2 Chemistry Past Present and Future Lagowski J.J., University of Texas, USA  pp. 19-33
6.3 Biogeochemistry Hallberg R.O., Stockholm University, Sweden  pp. 35-51
6.4 Contributions of Chemistry to Sustainability in China Kwauk M. and Chen J., Chinese Academy of Sciences China Zhu Q. Illinois Institute of Technology China and Li Y. and Li J. Chinese Academy of Sciences, China  pp. 53-71


7.1 The Hydrological Cycle and Human Impact on It Kuchment L.S., Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia  pp. 73-93
7.2 Human Interaction with Land and Water—A Hydrologist's Conception Falkenmark M., Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), Sweden  pp. 95-107
7.3 Types and Properties of Water Khublaryan M.G., Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia  pp. 109-130
7.4 Fresh Surface Water Dooge J.C.I., University College, Ireland  pp. 131-153
7.5 Water Resources Management Savenije H.H.G. and Hoekstra A.Y., International Institute for Infrastructural Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (IHE-DELFT) The Netherlands  pp. 155-180
7.6 Water-Related Education Training and Technology Transfer Van der Beken A., Vrije Universitiet Brussel (VUB) Belgium  pp. 181-198
7.7 Water and Development: Some Selected Aspects Catherine M. Marquette, Christian Michelsen Institute Bergen Norway and Silje Pettersen Georgetown University Washington D.C. USA  pp. 199-206
7.8 Future Challenges of Providing High-Quality Water Van Wyk J.A., University of South Africa (UNISA) South Africa Meissner R. University of Pretoria South Africa and Jacobs H. South Africa  pp. 207-228
7.9 Water Interactions with Energy Environment Food and Agriculture Donoso M.C. Water Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean (CATHALAC) Republic of Panama and Vargas N. Formerly CATHALAC Republic of Panama  pp. 229-241
7.10 Water Hazards Caused by Naturally Occurring Hydrologic Extremes N. Okada Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University Japan and H. Sakakibara Department of Civil Engineering Yamaguchi University Japan  pp. 243-263


8.1 Hydraulic Structures Equipment and Water Data Acquisition Systems Jordaan J.M., University of Pretoria South Africa  pp. 265-276
8.2 Wastewater Recycling Reuse and Reclamation Vigneswaran S., University of Technology Australia and Sundaravadivel M. Macquarie University Australia  pp. 277-304
8.3 Water and Wastewater Treatment Novitsky E.G. Institute of Chemical Machinary Industry "NIICHIMMASH" Russia and Khamizov R.K. Russian Academy of Sciences Russia  pp. 305-325


9.1 Oil and Natural Gas Sinding-Larsen R. Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway  pp. 327-345
9.2 Earth Available Energy and the Sustainable Development of Life Support Systems Brodianskii V.M., Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia  pp. 347-381
9.3 Exergy Energy System Analysis and Optimization Frangopoulos C.A., National Technical University. of Athens, Greece  pp. 383-401
9.4 Exergy and Life Support Systems Göran Wall, Sweden  pp. 403-417
9.5 Efficient Use and Conservation of Energy Gellings C.W., Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), USA  pp. 419-450
9.6 Renewable Energy Sources Charged with Energy from the Sun and Originated from Earth-Moon Interaction Shpilrain E.E. Russian Academy of Sciences Russia  pp. 451-475
9.7 Coal Oil Shale Natural Bitumen Heavy Oil and Peat Jinsheng Gao., East China University of Science and Technology, China  pp. 477-500
9.8 Meeting Energy Needs in the Twenty-First Century Basu R.N., ARAM International, Calgary, Canada  pp. 501-534
9.9 Energy Policy Owen A.D., University of New South Wales, Australia  pp. 535-553


10.1 Thermal to Mechanical Energy Conversion Engines and Requirements Favorsky O.N. Russian Academy of Sciences Russia  pp. 555-575
10.2 Thermal Power Plants Chaplin R., University of New Brunswick, Canada  pp. 577-601
10.3 Air Conditioning - Energy Consumption and Environmental Quality Santamouris M. University of Athens Greece  pp. 603-618
10.4 Processing of Primary and Secondary Fuels: Perspective on Petroleum Refining Beltramini J.N., and Lu G.Q.M. University of Queensland, Australia  pp. 619-634
10.5 Energy Carriers and Conversion Systems Ohta T., Yokohama National University Japan and Veziroglu T.N. University of Miami, USA  pp. 635-655
10.6 Energy Transportation Lee S., University of Missouri, USA  pp. 657-672
10.7 Direct Solar Energy Bhattacharya S.C. and Kumar S. Energy Program Asian Institute of Technology Pathumthani Thailand  pp. 673-696


11.1 Biodiversity: Structure and Function Barthlott W., Botanisches Institut und Botanischer Garten Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat Bonn Abt. Systematik und Biodiversitaet, Germany Linsenmair K.E. Universität Würzburg Theodor-Boveri-Institute for Biosciences Germany and Porembski S. Universität Rostock Institute for Biodiversity Research Germany  pp. 697-714
11.2 The Science of Ecology for a Sustainable World Bodini A., University of Parma Italy and Klotz S. Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig-Halle Ltd., Germany  pp. 715-733
11.3 Marine Ecology Duarte C.M., CSIC-Univ. Illes Balears, Spain  pp. 735-755
11.4 Environmental Toxicology and Human Health Satoh T., Chiba University Japan and Inayat-Hussain S-H. Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia  pp. 757-780
11.5 Environmental Systems Sydow A., GMD FIRST, Germany  pp. 781-798
11.6 Coastal Zones and Estuaries Isla F.I., Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina  pp. 799-818
11.7 Anthropogenic Causes of Global Environmental Change Wang W.C. State University of New York USA  pp. 819-829
11.8 Interactions: Energy/Environment Goldemberg J., University of Sao Paulo, Brazil  pp. 831-842
11.9 Interactions: Food and Agriculture/Environment Lysenko E.G., Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Russia  pp. 843-863


12.1 Point Sources of Pollution: Local Effects and Its Control Chen J. and Yi Q. Tsinghua University China  pp. 865-881
12.2 Engineering Geology Environmental Geology and Mineral Economics Hasan S.E. University of Missouri USA  pp. 883-895
12.3 Hazardous Waste Grasso D. and Kahn D.J. Smith College USA and Kaseva M.E. and Mbuligwe S.E. University College of Lands and Architectural Studies (UCLAS), Tanzania  pp. 897-926
12.4 Ecological Engineering in the Urban Environment Hadjinicolaou J. Concordia University Canada  pp. 927-943
12.5 Environmental Regulations and Standard Setting Nath B., European Centre for Pollution Research UK  pp. 945-957


13.1 The Role of Food Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries in Human Nutrition Squires V.R., Dry Land Management Consultant, Australia  pp. 959-976
13.2 Food Quality and Standards Lasztity R., Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary  pp. 977-999
13.3 Forests and Forest Plants Owens J.N., University of Victoria Canada and Lund H.G. Forest Information Services, USA  pp. 1001-1017
13.4 The Management of Natural Resources in Satisfying the Need of Human Life: The Role of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries in Human Nutrition Ishii R. Nihon University Japan  pp. 1019-1034
13.5 Cultivated Plants Primarily as Food Sources Fuleky G. University of Agricultural Sciences Hungary  pp. 1035-1057
13.6 Fisheries and Aquaculture: Towards Sustainable Aquatic Living Resources Management Safran, P., Center de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique Pour le Developpement (CIRAD), France  pp. 1059-1074
13.7 Agricultural and Molecular Genetic Approaches to Improving Nutrition and Preventing Micronutrient Malnutrition Globally Cakmak I. Sabanci University Turkey Graham R.D., University of Adelaide Australia and Welch R.M., Cornell University, USA  pp. 1075-1099
13.8 Public Regulation in Food and Agriculture: Goals Constraints Polices Instruments and Disputes Azzam A. University of Nebraska, USA  pp. 1101-1113

Volume III               backtop_meet.gif (1986 bytes)


14.1 Agricultural Land Improvement: Amelioration and Reclamation Maslov B.S., Russian Academy of Agriculture Sciences ,Russia  pp. 1-31
14.2 Agricultural Mechanization & Automation McNulty P. and Grace P.M., University College, Ireland  pp. 33-57
14.3 Management of Agricultural Forestry and Fisheries Enterprises Hudson R.J. University of Alberta, Canada  pp. 59-71


15.1 Sustainable Human Development in the Twenty-First Century: An Evolutionary Perspective Sirageldin I. Johns Hopkins University USA  pp. 73-100
15.2 Social and Cultural Development of Human Resources Hamada T. College of William and Mary USA  pp. 101-125
15.3 Human Development and Education Tarasova N.P. D., Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia Russia and McGettrick B.J. University of Glasgow, UK  pp. 127-150
15.4 Environmental Education and Awareness G.A.Yagodin, International University Moscow Russia and OganessianK.S. Department for the Problems of Sustainable Development D.I. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology Russia  pp. 151-166
15.5 Human Resources and their Development Marquardt M.J., George Washington University USA and Mtshontshi V. Institute for Partnerships between Education and Business, South Africa   pp. 167-193
15.6 Human Resource System Challenge: Major Potentially Disadvantaged People Barbieri-Masini E. Gregorian University Italy  pp. 195-212


16.1 Earth System: History and Natural Variability Cilek V. Academy of Sciences Czech Republic and Smith R.H. Phonetics Laboratory UK  pp. 213-233
16.2 Natural Resource System Challenge: Climate Change Human Systems and Policy Yotova A., National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology Bulgaria  pp. 235-260
16.3 Natural Resources of the World Arocena J., and Driscoll K.G. University of Northern British Columbia, Canada  pp. 261-290
16.4 Natural and Human Induced Hazards Yong C., China Seismological Bureau China  pp. 291-310
16.5 Natural Resource System Challenge: Oceans and Aquatic Ecosystems Wolanski E. Australian Institute of Marine Science Australia  pp. 311-324
16.6 Biodiversity Conservation and Habitat Management Gherardi F. Universita di Firenze Italy Corti C. University of Florence Italy and Gualtieri M. Universita di Firenze Italy  pp. 325-362
16.7 Non-renewable Resources Suslick S.B. and Machado I.F. State University of Campinas Brazil  pp. 363-381
16.8 Land Cover and Land Use Verheye W.H., University of Gent, Belgium  pp. 383-409


17.1 Introduction to Sustainable Development Bell D.V.J., and Cheung Y-k.A., York University Canada  pp. 411-440
17.2 The Evolving Economics of War and Peace Galbraith J.K., University of Texas, USA  pp. 441-446
17.3 Economics Interactions with Other Disciplines Gowdy J.M., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA  pp. 447-458
17.4 Principles of Sustainable Development Caldwell L.K., Indiana University, USA  pp. 459-483
17.5 Welfare Economics and Sustainable Development Ng Y.K. and Wills I. Monash University Australia  pp. 485-506
17.6 Dimensions of Sustainable Development Seidler R., and Bawa K.S., University of Massachusetts, USA  pp. 507-518
17.7 International Economics Finance and Trade Sgro P.M., Deakin University Australia  pp. 519-539
17.8 Environment and Development Lu A., Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China  pp. 541-558
17.9 Global Transformations and World Futures: Knowledge Economy and Society Inayatullah S.T. Queensland University of Technology Australia  pp. 559-572


18.1 Institutional Issues Involving Ethics and Justice Elliot R.C. Sunshine Coast University Australia  pp. 573-590
18.2 International Relations Wiener J. University of Kent at Canterbury UK and Schrire R.A. University of Cape Town South Africa  pp. 591-610
18.3 The Role of International Law and Institutions Schwabach A. Thomas Jefferson School of Law USA and Cockfield A.J. Queen's University Canada  pp. 611-625
18.4 Democratic Global Governance: Issues Resources Opportunities Murphy I.L. Consultant USA  pp. 627-644
18.5 Conflict Resolution Hipel K.W. University of Waterloo, Canada  pp. 645-664
18.6 Institutional and Infrastructure Resource Issues: Conventions Treaties and other Responses to Global Issues Kutting G.M. University of Aberdeen UK  pp. 665-683
18.7 Culture of Peace Mayor F. UNESCO, France  pp. 685-692
18.8 International Security Heurlin B. University of Copenhagen Denmark and Kristensen K.S. Danish Institute of International Affairs, Denmark  pp. 693-719
18.9 Institutional and Infrastructure Resources: National and Regional Institutions and Infrastructures Harrison N.E. University of Wyoming, USA  pp. 721-746


19.1 Systems Engineering and Management for Sustainable Development Sage A.P. George Mason University USA  pp. 747-788
19.2 The Sustainable Built Environment Kim J.J. University of Michigan USA  pp. 789-809
19.3 Science and Technology Policy Arvanitis R. Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement (IRD) France  pp. 811-847
19.4 Knowledge Management Organizational Intelligence and Learning and Complexity Kiel L.D. The University of Texas USA  pp. 849-874
19.5 Globalization of Technology: Issues in Technology Transfer and Technological Capability Building Reddy P. Lund University Sweden  pp. 875-888
19.6 World3 and Strategem: History Goals Assumptions Implications Meadows D.L. Institute for Policy University of New Hampshire USA  pp. 889-899
19.7 Integrated Global Models of Sustainable Development Onishi A. Centre for Global Modeling Japan  pp. 901-920
19.8 Systems Analysis and Modeling of Integrated World Systems Livchits V.N. and Sadovsky V.N. Russian Academy of Sciences Russia and Tokarev V.V. Moscow State University, Russia  pp. 921-940
19.9 The Ethics of Science Matsuura K. UNESCO France  pp. 941-947
19.10Transformations of Social and Ecological Issues into Transdisciplinary Research Becker E. Institute for Social-Ecological research (ISOE) Frankfurt am Main, Germany  pp. 949-963
19.11 Evaluation of Transdisciplinary Research Krott M. University of Göttingen Germany  pp. 965-973


20.1 An Overview of Sustainable Development in Africa Boon E.K. Free University Brussels Belgium  pp. 975-988
20.2 Perspectives on Sustainable Development in Brazil Sanchez L.E. University of Sao Paulo Brazil  pp. 989-1018
20.3 Canada and the United States of America: Overview of the Physical and Human Dimensions of Life Support Systems Nkemdirim L.C. University of Calgary Canada and Draper D. Canada  pp. 1019-1042
20.4 Regional Sustainable Development Review: China Honglie S. Cheng S.K. and Min Q.W. Chinese Academy of Sciences China  pp. 1043-1065
20.5 Regional Sustainable Development Review: Japan Himiyama Y. Hokkaido University of Education Japan  pp. 1067-1086
20.6 Regional Sustainable Development Review: Russia Laverov N.P. Russian Academy of Sciences Russia  pp. 1087-1114

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