EOLSS Participants


Aaheim, Hans Asbjorn University of Oslo, Norway
Discounting, Equity, and Cost-Benefit Analysis
Integrated Assessment of Policy Instruments to Combat Climate Change
Aalders, Henri J.G.L. Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Spatial Data Standards
Abbott, Michael B. International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (IHE DELFT), The Netherlands
Abbotto, Alessandro University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Organic Chemical Reactions
Abdel Gadir Ali, Ali Arab Planning Institute (API), Kuwait
Internal Sustainability and Economic Growth in the Arab States
Poverty: Dimensions and Prospects
Abdel Gelil, Ibrahim Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, EEAA, Egypt
Energy Planning
Abdel-Aal, Hussein K. Chemical Eng/Petroleum Refining, Egypt
Natural Gas Processing
Surface Petroleum Operations
Gases To Liquids (GTL)
Abdelrahman, Magdy North Dakota State University, USA
Pavement Engineering
Abdon, Myrian de Moura National Institute of Space Research (INPE-DSR), Brazil
Fragile Ecosystem: The Brazilian Pantanal Wetland
Abdussalam, Mohammed Geneva, Switzerland
Informed Consent in Clinical Practice and Biomedical Research
Abe, Hajime Toyo Gakuen University, Japan
The View of Nature in Japanese Literature
Abe, Isao Syowa Denko, Co., Japan
Physical and Chemical Properties of Hydrogen
Statistics on Hydrogen Production and Consumption
Hydrogen Production from Water
Alkaline Water-Electrolysis
SPE Water Electrolysis and Steam Electrolysis
Photovoltaic Cell-Water Electrolysis System
Abe, Kiyoshi Surveillance and Society
Abe, Yutaka University of Tokyo, Japan
Geochemical Origins of the Earth
Abegaz, Berhanu M. University of Botswana, Botswana
Central Africa - Medicinal Plants
Abgrall, Remy University of Bordeaux 1, France
Computational Methods for Compressible Flow Problems
Abidi, Noureddine Texas Tech University, USA
Cotton Fibers and Textile Technology
Abiko, Alex Kenya The University of São Paulo, Brazil
Environmental Sanitation Indicators For Upgraded Slums: The Case of Jardim Floresta Slum (Favela) in the City of São Paulo
Abrão, Alcídio Sao Paulo University, Brazil
Environmental Effects of Nuclear Fuel Processing. Refining: From the Yellow cake to the Fuel Element
Abura, Lydia Africa Centre for Resources and Environment (ACRE), Kenya
The Environmental and Social Cost of War:The Case of Africa
Acevedo, Fernando Catholic University of Valparafso, Chile
Achenie, Luke E.K. University of Connecticut, USA
Process Analysis and Optimization
Ackefors, Hans Stockholm University, Sweden
Ackermann, J.E. Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, Germany
Pole Placement Control
Ackley, Stephen US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, USA
Physics and Structure of Snow and Ice,(formation process and properties)
Adam, Antal Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
Electric Field of the Earth
Adam, Christopher M. University of Sydney, Australia
The Globalization of the International Financial System
The Evolution of Global Financial Markets and New Financial Instruments
The Future of Multinational Banking
The Regulation of International Banking and Capital Markets
Adamovic, Jiri Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Sedimentary Rocks
Adams, Michael W. W. University of Georgia, USA
Unique Aspects of the Hyperthermophile Proteome
Adams, Richard M. Oregon State University, USA
Climate Change and Agriculture
Adams, Sr. William Mansfield Hawaii Institute of Geophysics, USA
Tsunamis and Tsunami-Warning Systems
Adams, William Y. University of Kentucky, USA
Classification and Typology
Adel, Miah M. University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, USA
Background State of the Biosphere
Adeloye, Adebayo J. Heriot-Watt University, UK
Rivers and Human Development
Adger, W. Neil University of East Anglia, UK
Economic Implications of Climate Change for Agriculture
Adham, Khadiga G. University of Alexandria, Egypt
Marine and Brackish Water Observation Systems, Networks and Existing Databases
Adjadj, Laurent P. Laboratorium für Technische Chemie/LTC, Switzerland
Supercritical Extraction
Adkins, Steve University of Queens-land, Australia
Growth and Production of Coconut
Adler, Paul R. United States Department of Agriculture, USA
Nature of Mineral Nutrient Uptake by Plants
Adler, Robert W. University of Utah, USA
Laws Governing Freshwater and Ground Water Pollution
Admiraal, David M. University of Nebraska, USA
River Navigation and Associated Structures
Aelion, C. Marjorie University of South Carolina, USA
Soil Contamination Monitoring
Aerni, Philipp University of Harvard, USA
Public Policy Responses to Biotechnology
Aerts, Diederik Brussels Free University, Belgium
Transdisciplinary and Integrative Science:Humanity's Mind and Potential
Agard, E. Theodore Radgard Radiological Physics Consultants, USA
Safe and Environmentally Sound Management of Radioactive Wastes in Canada and the USA
Agazzi, Evandro University of Genova, Italy
Science and Religion
Aggarwal, Pradeep K. International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria
Environmental Isotopes in Groundwater Studies
Aggarwal, Rajesh Imperial College London, UK
Robotics in Surgery - past, present and future
Agius, Emmanuel University of Malta, Malta
Intergenerational Justice
Agnoletti, Mauro Universita degli Studi di Firenze, Italy
History of Forestry
Agoshkov, Valeri I. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Mathematical Models of Life Support Systems
Methods of Potential Theory
Eigenvalue Problems: Methods of Eigenfunctions
Methods of Integral Transforms
Discretization Methods for Problems of Mathematical Physics
Agosin Trumper, Eduardo E. Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile
Instrumentation and Control of Bioprocesses
Agren, Christer The Swedish NGO Secretariat on Acid Rain, Sweden
Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution
Agrofoglio, Luigi A. University of Orleans, France
Organic Substances and Structures, Nomenclature of Organic Compounds
Aguado, Juan Miguel Murcia University, Spain
Systems Approaches: A Technology for Theory Production
Aguilar Martinez, Adrian Guillermo National University of México (UNAM), México
Urban Geography
Aguilar, R. IMBIV-UNC-CONCEIT, Argentina
Evolutionary Ecology of Pollination and Reproduction of Tropical Plants
Aguilera, Jose M. Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile
Food Microstructure
Aguilera-Tejero, Escolastico Universidad de Cordoba, Spain
Equine Internal Medicine
Aguirre, Carlos B. National Academy of Sciences of Bolivia, Bolivia
Transition to Sustainability in the Developing Countries:The Role of Science
Aharoni, Ada Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Peace Culture Required for Sustainable Global Development
Women in Pursuit of Peace
Education and Peace Culture Through Television
Aharonian, Felix Ireland and Max Planck Institut fur Kernphysik, Germany
High Energy Astronomy from the Ground
Ahenkan, Albert Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Conservation and Management of Protected Areas and Nature Reserves in West Africa
Conservation and Management of Biodiversity in West Africa - Case Study of Ghana
Ahlbrandt, Thomas S. United States Geological Survey, USA
Petroleum (Oil and Gas) Geology and Resources
Ahmad, Farooq University of the Punjab, Pakistan
Archaeo-Historical Environment and Significance of Ancient Agriculture in Tropical Deserts
Ahmed, Abdul Rashid University of Malaya, Malaysia
Land Disturbance and Reclamation of Peat Extraction
Ahokas, Jorma RMIT-University, Australia
Safety Pharmacology Assessment and Associated Regulations
Pharmacokinetics:How Does The Body Handle Drugs?
Ahuja, Ravindra K. University of Florida, USA
Graph and Network Optimization
Aidarov, Ivan Petrovich Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering, Russia
Drainage of Irrigated Land
Amelioration of Alkali(Soda-Saline) Soils
Aighewi, Isoken T. The University of Maryland, USA
Monitoring of the Environment as a Whole
Aikat, Debashis "Deb" University of North Carolina, USA
Traditional and Modern Media
Interactive Multimedia and Digital Technologies
Airaksinen, Olavi Kuopio University Hospital, Finland
Gait,Limbs and Limping
Airaksinen, Timo University of Helsinki, Finland
The Philosophy of Professional Ethics
Airas, Kalervo University of Turku, Finland
Concept of Enzyme Catalysis
Aizawa, Takako National Institute of Public Health, Japan
Water Quality and Disinfection
Quality Standards for Potable Water
Disinfectant and Disinfectant by-Products
Akahane, Hirokazu Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan
Transportation Engineering
Akani, Godfrey C. Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria
Influence and Management of Herbivores in Forests
Management (for Biodiversity) of Savannahs and Other Open Habitats
Akbarzadeh, Aliakbar Royal Melborne Institute of Technology(RMIT) University, Australia
Solar Ponds
Akiba, Etsuo National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research, Japan
Physics of Metal Hydrides
Akindes, Simon Adetona University of Wisconsin, USA
Internet Access, Cost and the Information Gap
Akita, Shigemi Shiga Prefectural University, Japan
Food Crop Production
Akl, Maha Mahmoud Theodor Bilharz Research Institute (affiliated to Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research), Egypt
Bilharziasis: A Granulomatous Parastic Disorder with Grave Implications
Akman, Jeffrey S. George Washington University, USA
The Developmental Psychology of Aged Persons
Aksnes, Kaare University of Oslo, Norway
The motion of celestial bodies
Alaedini, Pooya United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan
Decentralization and Sustainable Human Development: An Analysis of Local and Municipal Councils in Iran
Alaei, Hojjatallah Isfahan University of Medical Sciences , Iran
Learning and Memory
Ala'I, Padideh American University, USA
Controlling Corruption in International Business: The International Legal Framework
Albagli, Sarita Brazilian Institute for Scientific and Technological Information, Brazil
Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Brazil
Albers, Sonja-Verena University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Survival Strategies and Membrane Properties of Bacteria and Archaea in Extreme Environments
Albert, Reka University Park, USA
Networks in Cell Biology
Albertazzi, A. Universitade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil
Holographic and Speckle Methods
Albertos, Pedro Universidad Politécnica Valencia, Spain
Fuzzy Expert Control Systems: Knowledge Base Validation
Alcaraz, Miguel Institut de Ciències del Mar, CSIC, Spain
Zooplankton Ecology
Microzooplankton, key organisms in the pelagic food web
Larger Zooplankton, its Role in the Pelagic Food Webs
Alcolea, Andres Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Spain
Groundwater Flow in Porous Media
Aldstadt, Joseph H. University of Wiscosin-Milwaukee, USA
Fundamental Environmental Chemistry
Alekseev, Igor V. MADI (Moscow Automobile and Road Construction Institute), Russia
Piston Internal Combustion Engines
Alekseevskiy, Nikolay Ivanovich Moscow State University, Russia
Properties of Rivers, Streams, Lakes and Wetlands
Physical Properties Of Water In Various Aggregative States
Aleksenskiy, Alexander Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Detonation Nanodiamonds: Technology, Properties and Applications
Alenius, Harri Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland
Transgenic Mice in Immunobiology
Aleshkovski, Ivan Moscow State Lomonosov University, Russia
Mathematical Models of Migration
Alexander, David Cranfield University, UK
Natural Hazards
Alexandrakis, Giorgos Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics,Foundation for Research and Technology,Herakion,Crete,Hellas,
An Assessment of the Vulnerability to Erosion of the Coastal Zone Due To a Potential Rise of Sea Level: The Case of the Hellenic Aegean Coast
Alexeeva, Tatiana Ivanovna Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Bio-Social Knowledge: Human Adaptation in Different Ecological Niches of the World
Alfeld, Louis Edward USA
Urban Dynamics
Alger, Chadwick F. Ohio State University, USA
International Issues and IGO Goals in the Post-World War II Period
Algurkaplan, Elif Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Storage of Coal: Problems and Precautions
Alhede, Morten Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Biofilm of Medical Importance
Ali, Abid Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
System Identification Using Neural Networks
Ali, Faris University of Ulster, UK
Structural Fire Engineering
Ali, Mubarik Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center, Taiwan
Developing Sustainable Horticultural Production Systems for Socioeconomic and Nutritional Development in Asia
Aliaga, Oscar A. University of Minnesota, USA
Economic Foundation of Human Resource Development
Aliaume, Catherine Universite Montpellier II, France
World Yields of Marine Organisms
Forecast of Yields
Alimpiyev, N.V. Ministry of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, Russia
Technological Progress for Sustainable Development in Russia
Allard, Ann-Sofie IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd., Sweden
Chemistry of Organic Pollutants
Allegrini, Paolo Institute of Computational Linguistics, Italy
Formal Tools for Exploring Complexity
Allen, Eric E. University of California, USA
Piezophiles: Microbial Adaptation to the Deep-Sea Environment
Allen, Garland E. Washington University in St. Louis, USA
Natural Science
Allen, Joseph M. New Fields LLC, USA
Ecological Chemistry of Forest Pest Control
Allen, Peter M. Cranfield University, UK
Complexity in Socio-Economic Systems
Allen, Richard T. University of Nottingham, UK
Life Responsibility versus Mechanical Reductionism: Western World-Views of Nature from Pantheism to Positivism
Allenby, Brad R. AT & T Engineering Research Center, USA
The Policy Implications of Industrial Ecology
Alleyne, Mark Dacosta University of Illinois, USA
International Communication and World Affairs
Allgower, Frank University of Stuttgart, Germany
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
Allison, Allen Bishop Museum, USA
Patterns of Geographical Distribution: Animals
Allison, Mead A. Tulane University, USA
Almeida Bursztyn, Maria Augusta Brasil
Integrating the Environment and Development in the Decision-Making Process
Almeida-Cortez, Jarcilene Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
Origins and Maintenance of Tropical Biodiverstiy
Almond, Brenda University of Hull, UK
Alo, Babajide I. University of Lagos, Nigeria
International Issues In Hazardous Waste Management
Alonso-Amelot, Miguel E. Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela
Chemical Ecology of Plant-Animal Interactions
Aloyan, Artash E. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Mathematical Models and Simulation in Environment
Environmental Pollution and Degradation Models
Alpuim, Teresa University of Lisbon, Portugal
Area Precipitation Measurement
AlSayyad, Nezar University of California, Canada
Traditional Environments in a Post-Traditional World: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Al-Shihri, Faez King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
The National-Local Policy Vacuum in Sustainable Land Use Planning: Al Qatif Oasis, Saudi Arabia
Altieri, Miguel A. University of California, USA
Agroecology: environmentally sound and socially just alternatives to the industrial farming model
Altinakar, Mustafa S. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale, Switzerland
Transport of Sediments
Aluwihare, Arjuna P.R. University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
New Problems in Global Health
Alvarez Córdova, Leonardo Gerencia Pública, Servicios de Consultoria, S.C., México
Organizational Learning in the Developing World: The Case of Educational Reform in the State of Aguascalientes, Mexico
Alves dos Santos, Eduardo da Silva Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil
Tropical Bird Communities
Alves-dos-Santos, Isabel University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Bees of the Brazilian Savannah
Al-Weshah, Radwan A. UNESCO Cairo Office, Egypt
A Case Study of Multi-Lateral Water Negotiation: The Jordan River System
Alzamora, Stella M. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Colligative Properties of Foods
Food Dehydration
Amann, Markus International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria
The Regional Air Pollution Information and Simulation (RAINS) Model
Amarasinghe, Upali International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka
Food and Water Demand and Supply in 2025
Amat-Roze, Jeanne-Marie Paris 12 University, France
Disparities In Health: A Reflection Of The World’s Globalization And Fragmentation
Amel'yanchik, O.A. Moscow State University, Russia
Chemical Amelioration of Soils
Ametaj, Burim N. University of Alberta, Canada
Metabolic Disorders of Dairy Cattle
Aminian, Kashy (khashayar) West Virginia University, USA
Natural Gas Storage Engineering
Ammann, Caspar National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
History, Status, and Prediction of Global Climate Change
Ammann, Klaus University of Bern, Switzerland
Biodiversity: The Impact of Biotechnology
Amstalden, Marcel Texas A&M University, USA
Reproductive Biology and Technology in Mammals
An, Maia Civil Society Development Foundation, Hungary
Mineral Extraction, Economy and the Urban Environment: the Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Economies in Transition and Developing Countries
Anastasi, Giuseppe University of Pisa, Italy
Power Management
Ancheyta, Jorge Mexican Institute of Petroleum, Mexico
Future Technology In Heavy Oil Processing
Ancona, Leonardo Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy
Dynamic Psychology
Andah, Kodwo Water Resources Research and Documentation Centre, WARREDOC, Italy
Water Resources Technology Transfer and Capacity Building
Water Technology Transfer Tools
Water Technology Transfer and Information Dissemination in Developing Countries
Anderson, Dean M. US Department of Agriculture-ARS, USA
Behavior -The keystone in Optimizing Free-ranging ungulate Production
Anderson, Jock R. World Bank, USA
Rural Resources and Feeding Folk Fully: Problems, Possibilities, and Prospects
Anderson, M. Robin Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada
Oceans as Major Reservoirs of Protein
Anderson, Ray C. Interface, Inc., USA
An Operational Model for Ecologically Sustainable Growth
Anderson, Richard M. Office of Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis, USA
Multi-Objective Decision-Making in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Anderson, Therese desJardins University of Maine, USA
Persistent Organic Wastes
Anderson, William P. Boston University, USA
Transportation in the 21st Century: Technological Innovation
Andersson, Ake E. Institute for Future Studies, Sweden
Mathematical Models in Spatial Economics
Ando, Masanori Musahino University, Japan
Assessment of Standards
Surface Water Monitoring
Groundwater Monitoring
Water Quality and Disinfection
Analysis of Disinfections
Ando, Masao Chiba University, Japan
Construction Methods & Architectural History
Andrea, Alfred University of Vermont, USA
The Silk Roads: Afro-Eurasian Connectivity Across the Ages
Andreev, Viktor K. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Basic Methods for Solving Equations of Mathematical Physics
Methods of Transformation Groups
Andreone, Franco Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali, Italy
Selection, Categorization, Size and Zoning in the World's Protected Areas
Andresen, Kurt Cornell University, USA
History of Nobel Laureates in Physics
Andrew, Caroline University of Ottawa, Canada
Local Authorities Initiatives in Support of Agenda 21 - Canada and USA
Andrews, John RMIT University, Australia
Solar Ponds
Andrianne, Jacques Tractabel Energy Engineering, Belgium
Combined Cycle Generation and Water Production
Andriouchina, Elena V. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Protection and Promotion of Human Health-Russia
Andziak, Piotr Medical University of Warsaw, Poland
The Current Status and the perspectives of the Vascular Surgery
Angelici, Francesco M. Center of Studi Ambientali Demetra, Italy
Management of Savannas and Mammalian Populations in African Protected Areas
Angell, Charles L. USAID, USA
Aquaculture Management
Angiolini, Claudia Universita di Firenze, Italy
Eradication and Control of Invasive Species
Angsuthanasombat, Chanan Mahidol University, Thailand
Methods in Gene Engineering
Anisimov, Michael P. Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences , Russia
Aerosol Science
Engineering of Aerosols
Anjema, Christopher M. University of Western Ontario, Canada
Ecosystem Health:Definitions,Assessment, and Case Studies
Annaswamy, Anuradha M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Model Reference Adaptive Control
Anthonis, Jan Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Advanced Technologies and Automation in Agriculture
Anthony, Edward J. Universite du Littoral Cote d'Opale, France
Beach Plains: Formation, Evolution and Ecological Significance
Antoni, Paolo Degli Corpo Forestale dello Stato, Coordinamento Regionale di Firenze, Italy
Impact of Tourist Resorts on Rare Phytocoenosis
Antos, Joseph A. University of Victoria, Canada
Understory Plants in Temperate Forests
Antoulas, Athanasios C. Rice University, USA
Frequency Domain Representation and Singular Value Decomposition
Antranikian, Garabed Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
Biotechnology of Archaea
Thermoactive Enzymes in Biotechnological Applications
Antrop, Marc University of Gent, Belgium
Land Use Changes Affected by Urban and Industrial Development
Antsiferova, Olga N. All Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Use of Reclaimed Lands, Russia
Anttiroiko, Ari-Veikko University of Tampere, Finland
New Principles of Governance in the Global Age
Anwander, Norbert University of Zurich, Switzerland
Communitarian Values
Aono, Rikizo Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Adaptation Processes In Alkaliphiles When Cell Wall Acidity Is Elevated
Aoyagi-Usui, Midori National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
Changing Consumption Patterns in Japan
Aoyama, J. University of Tokyo, Japan
Commercially Important Catadromous Fish
Apers, Sandra S. University of Antwerp, Belgium
Plants and Plant Substances Against AIDS and Other Viral Diseases
Applebaum, S.L. The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Molecular Aspects of Steroid Action in marine fishes
Apps, Michael J. Natural Resources Canada, Victoria, Canada
Effects of Global Warming on Forests
Apul, Defne S. University of New Hampshire, USA
Influence of Colloids and Sediments on Water Quality
Aquilanti, Vincenzo Universita di Perugia, Italy
Molecular Dynamics: Collisional and Statistical Approach to Reaction Rate
Aracil, Javier Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Equilibrium and Stability Analysis
Aragay, Enrique Tello University of Barcelona, Spain
Economical History and the Environment: New Questions, Approaches and Methodologies
Arahal, David R. University of Sevilla, Spain
Halophily(Halophilism and Halophilic Microorganisms)
Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Hypersaline Environments and Their Biodiversity
Arai, Osamu Konoike Construction Co., Ltd., Japan
Selection of Type of Dams and Reservoirs
Araki, Mituhiko Kyoto University, Japan
PID Control
Arata, Andrew A. USAID, USA
Biology, Ecology and Health
Araujo dos Anjos, Rafael Sanzio Universidade de Brasilia,
Territorial Settlement, Regional Development and Environmental Problems in the Brazilian Midwest
Araujo, Dorothy Sue Dunn de Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sandy Coastal Vegetation
Araujo, Glein M. Universidade Federal de Ubrelandia(UFU), Brazil
Seasonally Dry Deciduous Forests:Diversity and Soils in Arboreal Communities
Arbatov, Alexander A. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Natural Resources as an Element of the Society-Nature System
Wastes as Resources for Sustainable Development
Arcak, Murat Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Robust Control of Nonlinear Systems: A Control Lyapunov Function Approach
Archer, Jack H. University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA
Sustainable Development: Legal Issues and Incentives
Arcus-Arth, Amy California Environmental Protection Agency, USA
Impacts of Socioeconomic Factors on Residential Indoor Air Quality and Human Health
Arenas, Alex Communities in Complex Networks: Identification at different levels
Arent, Karl P. Moscow University of Environmental Engineering, Russia
Efficiency of Using Reclaimed Lands
Argazzi, Roberto University of Ferrara, Italy
Energy and Inorganic Chemistry
Argiriou, Athanassios A. National Observatory of Athens, Greece
Temperature and Humidity Balance of Premises
Argivora, Trenka G. Sofia University, Bulgaria
Abzymes - A Challenge for the Medical Biotechnology and Public Health
Ariansen, Per University of Oslo, Norway
Institutional Ethics
Arito, Heihachirou National Institute of Industrial Health, Japan
Health Effects from Exposure to Acute Levels of Industrial Chemicals
Arkin, Vadim I. Central Economic Mathematical Institute of RAN, Russia
Models and Methods of Actuarial Mathematics
Arking, Robert Wayne State University , USA
Aging:Longevity and Senescence
Arler, Finn Aalborg University, Denmark
Distributive Justice and Sustainable Development
Arlt, Herbert Research Institute for Austrian and International Literature and Cultural Studies (INST), Austria
Culture, Civilization and Human Society
Cultural Interaction
Literature and the Fine Arts
Armanini, Aronne University of Trento, Italy
Water Resources and Environmental Engineering: Educational Problems at Undergraduate - Graduate Level
Armitage, Neil University of Cape Town, South Africa
Hydraulic Structures in Urban Drainage Systems
Armstrong, Marc P. University of Iowa, USA
Integrative Data Structures For Collaborative Modeling and Visualisation in Spatial Decision Support Systems
Armugam, Arunmozhiarasi National University of Singapore, Singapore
Poisons, Venoms and Toxins
Arnason, Johann La Trobe University, Australia
Industrial Civilization
Civilizational Analysis: A Paradigm in the Making
Arnason, Ragnar University of IceLand, Iceland
Economics of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Fisheries Management: Basic Principles
Arnold, Bernard F. Universitat Hamburg, Germany
Sample Method and Quality Control
Arnold, Vladimir Igorevich Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Mathematical Models and Control of Catastrophic Processes
Arnopoulos, Paris J. Concordia University, Canada
Social Problem Diagnosis: A Sociopathology Identification Model
Arntzen, Knut Ove University of Bergen, Norway
Art-Centres and Transnational Processes
Arocena, Joselito M. University of Northern British Columbia, Canada
Natural Resources of the World
Aronsson, Thomas Umea University, Sweden
Welfare Theory:History and Modern Results
Arora, Rajeev Iowa State University, USA
Nature of Mineral Nutrient Uptake by Plants
Arraiza, M. Paz Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Industrial use of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Arreguin-Cortes, Felipe Mexican Institute of Water Technology, México
Water Resources Quality and Supply
Arrignon, Jacques C. V. Compiègne, France
Arroyo-Rodriguez, Victor Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Habitat fragmentation, Edge Effects and Biological Corridors in Tropical Ecosystems
Arruda, Rafael Brazil
Natural History and Ecology of Neotropical Mistletoes
Arskyi, Yu.M. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Information Resources for Sustainable Development of Society
Artemieva, Irina M. Uppsala University, Sweden
Continental Crust
Arterburn, Matthew Washburn University, USA
Crop Genetics and Physiology
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Arunakumaren, Nicholapillai J. Department of Natural Resources, Australia
Artificial Recharge as a Method of Wastewater Disposal
Arunin, Somsri Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation, Thailand
Particular Forms of Land Amelioration Development of Coastal Marshlands and other Saline Soils
Arutyunov, Vladimir S. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Foundations of Education
Educational Systems: Case Studies and Educational Indices
Arvanitis, Rigas Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement (IRD), France
Science and Technology Policy
Aryal, R. University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Stormwater treatment technologies
Asada, Toichiro Chuo University, Japan
Money in Economic Analysis
Asaeda, Takashi Saitama University, Japan
Problems, Restoration and Conservation of Lakes and Rivers
Dynamics, Threats, Responses, and Recovery of Riverine-Riparian Flora
Asami, Mari National Institute of Public Health, Japan
Water Quality and Disinfection
Disinfectant and Disinfectant by-Products
Asano, Takashi University of California, USA
The Potential for Industrial Wastewater Reuse
Water Reclamation and Reuse
Ashbolt, Nicholas John University of New South Wales, Australia
Human Health Risks Associated with Water Reuse
Wastewater Reuse: Case Studies in Microbial Risks
Ashby, Jacqueline A. CIAT, USA
Farmers and Plant Genetic Resources
Ashok, Raksit University of Massachusetts, USA
Network Software: From NCP to Ubiquitous Computing
Ashton, George D. Cold Regions Research and Engineering, Lebanon
Snow and Ice Control around Structures
Asrar, Ghassem R. National Aeronautics & Space Administration(NASA) Headquarters, Code Y, USA
NASA Earth Science Enterprise: A New Window on our World
Asselmeyer-Maluga, Torsten Fraunhover Institute, Germany
System to Support Decisions on Sustainable Development: Integrated Assessment
Assidon, Elsa Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III), France
Sustainable Development of Financial Resource Capital
Economic and Financial System Development Information and Knowledge
Assireu, A. Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, Brasil
Importance of Tropics to carbon cycle
Assouline, Shmuel Institute of Soils, Israel
Infiltration and Ponding
Astafiev, Artyom A. Semyonov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russia
Femtosecond Measurements Combined with Near-field Optical Microscopy
Atalay, Mustafa University of Kuopio, Finland
Protection Against Oxidative Stress
Locomotion in Sedentary Societies
Muscle Energy Metabolism
Atchia, Michael UNEP(1986-1996), Mauritius
Environmental Education (EE)
Atherton, Derek P. University of Sussex, UK
Relay Autotuning of PID Controllers
Basic Nonlinear Control Systems
Describing Function Method
Second Order Systems
Atherton, John G. Kenmore, Queensland, Australia
Health and Environmental Aspects of Recycled Water
Athukorala, Prema-chandra The Australian National University, Australia
The Banks: The IMF, The World Bank, the Bank of International Settlement
The Currency Blocks: The Euro Zone and the CFA Franc Zone
Atif, Morad National Research Council Canada, Canada
Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Comparative Analysis of Standards
Atkinson, G. London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
Progress in the Measurement of Sustainable Development
Atkinson, Helen V. University of Sheffield, UK
Structural and Functional Materials
Atkinson, Peter M. University of Southampton, UK
Spatial Data Handling and GIS
Atkinson, Sarah C. University of Melbourne, Australia
Lysine Biosynthesis in Bacteria: An unchartered pathway for Novel Antibiotic Design
Attina, Fulvio University of Catania, Italy
International Relations and Contemporary World Issues
Europe and the Mediterranean
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International Agricultural Cooperatives
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Biological Control of Insect Pests in the Tropics
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The Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on Land Use in Europe
Expenditures and Returns
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The Ombudsman Office
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Coastal Systems
Austerlic, Sylvia Navigating Globalization through Info-design,
An Alternative Approach to Understanding Cyberculture
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The Challenges of Genetic Information
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Economic History and the Environment: New Questions,Approaches and Methodologies
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Malthus' Essay on the Principle of Population
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Inverse Problems In Experimental Solid Mechanics
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Cross-Cultural Conflict
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Mathematical Models of Public Health Policy
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Texture and Classification of Metamorphic Rocks
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Storage of Electrical Energy
Superconducting Inductive Coils
Spinning Reserves
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Effects of Global Warming on Wetlands
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Carbon Dioxide Mitigation and Adaptation Options
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The Relevance of Distinctive Kinds of supporting Materials
Virtual Trips
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Peace Education Through Literature
Resolution of Family Conflicts Through Literature
Importance of a Literature and a Culture of Peace
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Public Regulation in Food and Agriculture: Goals, Constraints, Policies, Instruments, and Trade
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Multiphase Flow
Handling of Fluids