EOLSS Participants


Jablensky, Assen V. University of Western Australia, Australia
Mental Health
Jaccard, Mark K. Simon Fraser University, Canada
Energy Planning and Management: Methodologies and Tools
Jackober, Katherine Lethbridge Research Centre,Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada
Rumen Microbiology
Jackson, Grace E. Psychiatric Drugs and the Brain
Jackson, Mark J. Purdue University, USA
Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies:Nanomachining
Jackson, Matthew O. Stanford University, USA
Mechanism Theory
Jacobi, Claudia Maria Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil
Natural History and Ecology of Neotropical Mistletoes
Jacobs, Hannatjie Independent Research Consultant, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Future Challenges of Providing High-Quality Water
Jacobsen, Thomas Universitat Leipzig, Germany
Neurobiological Bases for Psychological Functioning
Jacorzynski, Witold CIESAS, México
Personal Ethics
Jager, D.T. National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands
Ecological Risk Assessment of Environmental Stress
Jagetia, Ganesh Chandra Mizoram University, Aizawl, India
Phytochemistry of Jamun (Syzygium Cumini, Myrtaceae) and Medicinal Properties
Jagger, Carol University of Leceister, UK
Health-Related Indicators
Health and Demography
Jain, K.K. Jain Pharmabiotech, Switzerland
Gene Therapy
Jajodia, Sushil George Mason University, USA
Hardware and Software Data Security
Jakel, Jens Institute of Applied Computer Science(IAI), Germany
Fuzzy Control Systems
Fuzzy System Applications
Jakeman, A.(Tony) J. The Australian National University, Australia
Types of Environmental Models
Jakes, Petr Charles University, Czech Republic
James Too, Gee-Pinn National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Underwater Acoustics
James, A. University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Chemical Transport in Rivers
James, E.K. Dundee University, Scotland
Symbiotic Bacteria and Fungi
Jamieson, Dale Carleton College, USA
Jamieson, Glen S. Pacific Biological Station, Canada
Crabs and Lobsters
Jamriska, M. Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Environment, Energy and Health in Housing Design
Jamshidi, Mo University of New Mexico, USA
Controls of Large-Scale Systems
Jana, B.B. University of Kalyani, India
Deposition of Pollutants and Their Impacts on Fisheries
Pollution of Littoral Zone and Bottom Sediment
Janca, Aleksandar University of Western Australia, Australia
Mental Health
Jancso, Gabor KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute, Hungary
Isotope Effects, Isotope Separation and Isotope Fractionation
Jandhyala, Venkata K. Washington State University, USA
Trend Analysis for Environmental Factors: Time Effects on Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Levels at Mace Head, Ireland
Jandl, Thomas School of International Service at American University, USA
Transparent Governance: The Role of NonGovernmental Organizations and the Internet
Janecek, Paul Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne-EPFL, Switzerland
Interacting with GIS- From Paper Cartography to Virtual Environments
Jankauskas, Rimantas Vilinius University, Lithuania
Forensic Anthropology
Jankowski, Piotr University of Idaho, USA
Introduction to Spatial Decision Support Systems
Web-Based Spatial Decision Support: Technical Foundations and Applications
Janocha, Hartmut Saarland University, Germany
Self-Sensing Solid-State Actuators
Janssens, Marc J. J. Consultant, Beauregard 14, Belgium
Growth and Production of Coffee
Jarmai, Karoly University of Miskolc, Hungary
Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Welded Structures
Jarret, Marie France University of Maine, France
Social Development Information and Knowledge
Jaubert, Jean M. University of Nice, France
Coral Reef Regeneration
Jaume, Damià Instituto Mediterráneo de Estudios Avanzados, Spain
Life in Extreme Ocean Environments: Anchialine Caves
Jauregui, Rocio Instituto de Fisica, Mexico
Atoms and Molecules
Jayappa, Katihally S. Mangalore University, India
Structure and Function of Marine Shoreline Ecosystems
Jayaraman, V.K. National Chemical Laboratory, India
Catalytic Reactors: A Review
Jeanblanc, Monique Universite d'Evry, France
Financial Markets
Jeffrey, Scott University of Alberta, Canada
Agricultural Economics
Jegatheesan, Veeriah Australian Water Technologies, Australia
Industrial Waste Minimization
Raw Materials and Process Chemical Recovery in Industrial Wastewater Pollution Control
By-product Recovery in Industrial Wastewater Pollution Control
Process/Technology Modifications in Water Pollution Control
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems – A Review
Deep Bed Filtration: Modelling Theory And Practice
Jehlicka, Jan Charles University, Czech Republic
Sedimentary Geochemistry
Jelinek, Emil Charles University, Czech Republic
Foundations of Geophysics and Geochemistry
Jellyman, D. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd, New Zealand
Commercially Important Catadromous Fish
Jelsma, Hielke A. University of Cape Town, South Africa
The Geological Evolution of Africa
Jeng, Dong-Sheng The University of Sydney, Australia
Infiltration and Ponding
Jenik, Jan Charles University, Czech Republic
Jenkins, Andrew TransCanada PipeLines, Ltd. Canada
Pipeline Operations
Jenkins, Bryan M. University of California, USA
Commercial Uses of Straw
Jenkins, Paul Heriot-Watt University, UK
Investigating the Concepts of Legality and Legitimacy in Sustainable Urban Development: A Case Study of Land Use Planning in Maputo, Mozambique
Jenner, Ronald Adam University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Systematic Zoology: Invertebrates
Jennings, Richard Victoria University, New Zealand
Morphology and Morphodynamics of Gravel Beaches
Jensen, Jens Peder National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark
Shallow Lakes: Effects of Nutrient Loading and How to Remedy Eutrophication
Jensen, Lloyd Temple University, USA
International Conflict
Jensen, Per University of Wuppertal, Germany
Symmetry and Broken Symmtry in Molecules
Jensen, Peter Ostrup Department of Clinical Microbiology, Rigshospitalet, Denmark
Biofilm of Medical Importance
Jentsch, Anke Bayreuth University, Germany
Disturbance Management - Application of Ecological Knowledge to Habitat Restoration
Jeong, Ho-Won George Mason University, USA
Conflict in Divided Societies
Jeppesen, Erik National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark
Shallow Lakes: Effects of Nutrient Loading and How to Remedy Eutrophication
Jeyaseelan, Dannandan National University of Singapore, Singapore
Poisons, Venoms and Toxins
Jeyaseelan, Kandiah National University of Singapore, Singapore
Poisons, Venoms and Toxins
Jha, Praveen Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Causes of Poverty in Developing Countries
Jhunjhunwala, Ashok Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
Sparse and Rural Area Communication Systems>
Jianwei, Chen CITES Management Authority of China, China
RAMSAR Convention and Wetland Conservation in China
Jijiao, Zhang Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, China
Enterprise Antropology
Jimenez-Cisneros, Blanca Elena National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
Coming to Terms with Nature: Water Reuse New Paradigm Towards Integrated Water Resources Management
Helminth Ova Control in Wastewater and Sludge for Agricultural Reuse
Jin, Ji-yun China Program, China
Fertilizer Use in China: Types and Amounts
Jin, Xiao University of Waterloo, Canada
Telecommunication Network Management
Jinming, Hu Peking University, China
Peat and Peatland
Classification of Peat and Peatland
Physical and Chemical Properties of Peat
Jinno, Kenji Kyushu University, Japan
Coastal Aquifer Development
Jinsheng, Gao East China University of Science and Technology, China
Coal, Oil Shale, Natural Bitumen, Heavy Oil and Peat
Jirillo, Emilio University of Bari, Italy
Immunopharmacology: A guide to Novel Therapeutic Tools
Joergensen, Anne Mette K. Danish Meteorological Institute, Denmark
Climate Change Assessments
Johann, Elizabeth International Union of Forest Research Organizations, Austria
History of Forestry
Johannsen, Gunnar University of Kassel, Germany
Human-Machine Interaction
Johansson, Borje Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Mathematical Models in Spatial Economics
Johansson, Karl Henrik Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Hybrid Control Systems
Modeling of Hybrid Systems
Johansson, Lars G. National Heritage Board, Sweden
Rescue Archaeology
Johansson, Nils National Heritage Board, Sweden
Rescue Archaeology
Johansson, Rolf Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
Continuous-Time Identification
John Houghton, Peter King’s College London, UK
The Search for Plants to Manage Neurodegenerative Diseases
John, Lizy Kurian The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Bus Architectures
Johnson, Brian Keith University of Idaho, USA
Energy Storage Systems
Johnson, Brian R. English Nature, UK
Biotechnology in the Environment: Potential Effects on Biodiversity
Johnson, D. Barrie University of Wales, UK
Ecology and Biodiversity of Extremely Acidophilic Microorganisms
Johnson, Edward A. University of Calgary, Canada
Deforestation in North America: Past, Present and Future
Johnson, Laura R. Emory University School of Medicine, USA
Public Health Surveillance
Johnson, Michael P. Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Spatial Decision Support for Subsidized Housing Location and Residential Mobility
Johnson, Ralph University of Windsor, Canada
The Logic of Natural Language
Johnson, Robin W.M. Consulting Economist, New Zealand
Veterinary Public Health: An Historical Perspective
Joiris, Claude R. Free University of Brussels, Belgium
Ecotoxicology of Stable Pollutants in African Marine Ecosystems
Jokela, Jouni Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Industrial Use of Enzymes
Jolankai, Marton Szent Istvan University Gödöllõ, Hungary
Grain and Cereals
Wheat and Barley
Rye, Oats, Maize and other Cereals
Fiber, Forage, and Industrial Crops
Fiber Plants
Forage Plants
Industrial Crops
Jolie, Jan Universitat zu Koln, Germany
Sources of Particles and Radiation, Detectors and Sensors
Joly, Pascal Research Engineer, CNRS, France
Solution of Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations
Jones, David Seth Singapore Management University, Singapore
Government Finance
Election and Voting
Jones, David T. University of Otago, New Zealand
Jones, Garr M. Brown and Caldwell, USA
Aqueducts, Tunnels, Canals, Pipelines, Siphons, and Water Distribution
Pumping Stations for Sewage, Sludge, and Air
Jones, Garth N. University of Alaska, USA
Planned Organizational Change: Essentials for Constructive Action
Jones, Huw Middlesex University, UK
Water Quality
Jones, Matthew J. Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
Heat and Mass Transfer Operations - Crystallization
Jones, Michael B. University of Dublin, Ireland
Freshwater Wetland Resources and Biology
Jones, Robert J. A. Cranfield University, UK
Land Classifications, Sustainable Land Management, and Ecosystem Health
Jones, Simon D. University of Melbourne, Australia
Spatial Data Quality
Jones, Stephen Unv of Washington, USA
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Jonge, Janneke de Wageningen University,
Consumer Perceptions of Food Safety
Jonin, Thierry M. Nestle, Switzerland
Supercritical Extraction
Jonker, Catholijn M. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Intelligent Agents
Jorba, Àngel Universitat de Barcelona Gran Via 585, Barcelona, Spain
The Lagrangian Solutions
Jordaan, Jan Malan University of Pretoria, South Africa
Hydraulic Structures, Equipment and Water Data Acquisition Systems
Fluids at Rest and in Motion
Hydroelectric Structures and the Design of Surge Chambers
Flow Measurement in Free Surface Flow
Control Systems for Hydraulic Structures and Equipment
Water Conveyance Systems and Flood Control Works
Design of Sustainable Hydraulic Structures
Water Supply: Dams, Reservoirs and Water Transfers
Hydraulic Structures in Urban Drainage Systems
Tsunamis and Tsunami-Warning Systems
Abstracting Water from Sediment-Laden Streams
Project Design: Dams and Reservoirs
Guidelines for Sustainable Development of Water Resources
Sustainable Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Equipment in Water Supply Projects
Aging of Plastics, including Resilient Non Metallic Artificial Materials Being Used in the Water Industry
Protection Against Deterioration of Materials and Structures in the Ocean Environment
Hydrological Data Acquisition Systems
Sluicing Flumes for Gauging Sediment-Laden Rivers
The Uses of River Water and Impacts
Disposal of Sewage
Jordan, Ann T. University of North Texas, USA
Religious Belief and Resource Development
Jorgensen, Cheryl University of New Hampshire, USA
Education of Students with Disabilities
Jorgensen, Sven Eric Royal Danish School of Pharmacy (DFH), Denmark
Environmental Models and Simulations
Joshi, Bal Krishna Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Kathmandu, Nepal
Classification of Fruit and Vegetable Crops of Plant Families
Joshi, Sada Joshi Technologies International Inc., USA
Horizontal and Multilateral Well Technologies
Jovanovic, Branimir S. Nikola Tesla Museum, Yugoslavia
Nikola Tesla and the Global Problems of Humankind
Jowett, Alan Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas, Mexico
Population, Natural Resource and Environment
Joyce, Daryl Clifford Cranfield University, UK
Equipment for Post-Harvest Preservation and Treatment of Produce
Joyeux, Roselyne Macquarie University, Australia
Econometric Methods
Juan, Li China Seismological Bureau, China
Surface Processes
Natural Weather-Induced Hazards: Floods, Storms, Fires, and Drought
Geological Hazards: Earthquakes, Landslides, and Tsunamis
Case Studies of Natural Disasters
Juedes, Ulrich University of Kiel, Germany
Sustainable Development, Education and Globalization
Juan A. de la Fuente Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias- Water Department. Playa de Pozo Izquierdo s/n, Spain
Evolution of Energy Optimization in Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants Using Energy Recovery Devices
Juergens, Norbert University of Hamburg, Germany
Monitoring of Biodiversity
Combating Degradation in Arid Systems
Juillet, Luc University of Ottawa, Canada
Local Authorities Initiatives in Support of Agenda 21 - Canada and USA
Juliano, Pablo Washington State University, USA
Food Engineering
Engineering Properties of Foods
Juliano, Rafael de Freitas Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil
Birds in the Tropical Savannas
Jun, Soojin University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii
Food Processing Models
Jung, Tae-Sung Gyeongsang National University, Jinju, South Korea.
Diseases Caused By Bacterial Pathogens In Saltwater
Junger, Michael University of Cologne, Germany
Combinatorial Optimization and Integer Programming
Junior, L.A. Ferraro Department of Technology - Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana; Brazil
Education, Public Awareness and Training Processes for Sustainability in Brazil: from history to perspectives
Junior, Oswaldo Marcal Universidade Federal de Uberlandia, Brazil
Impact of Humanity on Tropical Ecosystems:An Overview
Birds in the Tropical Savannas
Jurkiewicz, Julie George Washington University, USA
Information System Response Model: An Extension of the Tam Model
Jurkina, Marija I. Central Scientific Research Institute of Geodesy, Aerofotogrammetry and Cartography, Russia
Earth's Gravity Field
Just, Richard E. University of Maryland, USA
Mathematical Modeling in Agricultural Economics
Juvonen, Rristo University of Kuopio, Finland
Role of Xenobiotic Metabolism in Drug Discovery and Development
Juybari, Hamid Fattahi Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA.
Wetting Phenomena in Membrane Distillation for Seawater Desalination