EOLSS Participants


Vabishchevich, Petr N. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
Mathematical Modeling of Life Support Systems: Classification of Models
Vacante, Vincenzo Universita di Reggio Calabria ,Italy
Biological Control and Ecosystem Services
Vadasz, Peter Northern Arizona University ,USA
Compressed Air Energy Storage
Vaduva, Ion University of Bucharest ,Romania
Statistical Simulation and Numerical Procedures
Vafiadis, Dimitris City University ,UK
Canonical Forms for State Space Descriptions
Vagts, Detlev F. University of Harvard ,USA
Dispute Resolution and Development
Vahakangas, Kirsi University of Oulu ,Finland
Vajda, Igor Czech Academy of Sciences ,Czech Republic
Neural Networks
Vakili-Nezhaad, Gholam Reza University of Kasan ,Iran
Vakkuri, Olli University of Oulu ,Finland
Melatonin - The Hormone Of Darkness
Valdez-Fragoso, Aurora Instituto Tecnológico Agropecuario ,México
Thermodynamics in Food Engineering
Valdivia, Angharad N. University of Illinois ,USA
Popular Culture
Culture of Consumption
Valenti, JoAnn Myer Brigham Young University ,USA
Moving Sustainability onto the Media Agenda
Valentin, Klaus-Ulrich Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Reseach ,Germany
Molecular Tools for the Study of Marine Microbial Diversity
Valero Gutiérrez del Olmo, Enrique Vigo University ,Spain
Forest Land Resources
Valero, Alicia University of Zaragoza ,Spain
Global Exergy Accounting of Natural Resources
Valero, Antonio University of Zaragoza ,Spain
Thermoeconomic Analysis
The Thermodynamic Process of Cost Formation
Application of Thermoeconomics to Operation Diagnosis of Energy Plants
Global Exergy Accounting of Natural Resources
Vales-Alonso, Javier Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Spain
Models and Layered Protocol Organization
Valgma, Ingo Tallinn Technical University ,Estonia
Mining of Oil Shale
Valiente, A. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid ,Spain
Fundamental Applications: Solid Mechanics
Valkonen, Jari P.T. University of Helsinki ,Sweden
Plant Physiology and Environment : A Synopsis
Vallee, Robert Universite Paris-Nord ,France
History of Cybernetics
Vallega, Adalberto Universita di Genova ,Italy
The Ocean System
Vallejo, V. R. Centro de Estudios Ambientales del Mediterráneo ,Spain
Restoration Ecology
Vallin, Jacqui Institute National D'Etudes Demographiques (INED) ,France
Mortality patterns and their implications
Valstad, Tore Norwegian Geotechnical Institute ,Norway
Loads on Earth-Fill and Rock-Fill Dams Arising from Water and Wind
Valyasevi, Aree National Health Foundation ,Thailand
Food Sources
Vámos, Tibor Hungarian Academy of Sciences ,Hungary
System Basics
van Amerongen, Job University of Twente ,The Netherlands
Ship Steering
van Beelen, P. National Institute of Public Health and the Environment ,The Netherlands
Ecological Risk Assessment of Environmental Stress
van Beers, Cees Delft University of Technology ,The Netherlands
International Trade, the Environment, and Sustainable Development
van Biljon, Stefan Department of Water Affairs and Forestry ,South Africa
Hydrological Data Acquisition Systems
Surface Water Data Acquisition Systems
Van Calster, Geert Katholieke Universiteit Leuven ,Belgium
International Trade Law
International Law and Sovereignty in the Age of Globalization
International Trade Agreements
International Trade and the Environment
van de Kaa, Dirk J. Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute(NIDI) ,The Netherlands
Demographic Transitions
van de Wiele, T. Ghent University ,Belgium
Microbial Resource Management: The Road to Go for Environmental Biotechnology
van den Bergh, Jeroen C.J.M. Free University ,The Netherlands
Environmental Economics
van den Bosch, Rudolf Chemin de la Combe ,France
Dredging Technology
Dredging in Rivers and Estuaries
van den Haute, Peter Ghent University ,Belgium
Radiometric Dating and Tracing
van den Hof, J.M. Statistics Netherlands ,The Netherlands
Identification, Estimation and Resolution of Mathematical Models>
Van den Hof, Paul M.J. Delft University of Technology ,The Netherlands
Identification for Control
van der Beken, Andre Free University Brussels (VUB) ,Belgium
Water-Related Education, Training and Technology Transfer
van der Hoek, Willem International Water Management Institute(IWMI) ,Sri Lanka
Human Health in Water Resources Development
Multiple Uses of Water and Human Health
Irrigation, Domestic Water Supply and Human Health
van der Meer, Freek Delft University of Technology and International Institute for Aerospace Surveys and Earth Sciences ITC ,The Netherlands
Imaging Spectrometry
van der Meulen Rodgers, Yana College of William and Mary ,USA
Gender Dimensions of Sustainable Development
van der Putten, Peter W.H. Leiden University ,The Netherlands
Artificial Intelligence: Definition, Trends, Techniques, and Cases
van der Schaft, A. J. University of Twente ,The Netherlands
Well-posedness of Hybrid Systems
van der Velde, G. University of Nijmegen ,The Netherlands
Types of River Ecosystems
van der Wel, Frans J.M. Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute ,The Netherlands
Remote Sensing Systems
Geographical Information Systems
van der Zaag, Pieter WaterNet Interim ,Zimbabwe
Trans-Boundary Water Resources Management
Water Law and Institutions
van Diepen, Cees A. Wageningen University ,The Netherlands
Qualitative and Quantitative Land Evaluations
van Dijk, Meine Pieter Erasmus University ,The Netherlands
The Sociology and Economics of Labor in Developing Countries
van Dommelen, Peter University of Glasgow ,UK
The Mediterranean
van Gigch, John P. California State University ,USA
The Quantification of System Domains
van Hardeveld, Thomas Strategic Maintenance Solutions Inc. ,Canada
Pump and Compressor Operation
Van Haver, Ellen Institute of Public Health ,Belgium
Biosafety in Biotechnology
Van Herzele, Ann Free University of Brussels ,Belgium
Agreements: Forestry Principles: Focus on the Congo Basin Rainforests
van Hezewijk, Rene Open University of the Netherlands ,The Netherlands
van Ierland, Ekko C. Wageningen University ,The Netherlands
Economics of Potential Climate Change
Van Langenhove, Herman Ghent University ,Belgium
Hydrocarbons in the Atmosphere
van Londen, Selma Utrecht University ,The Netherlands
Sustainability: An Ecological and Sociocultural Necessity
van Marle, Hjalmar J. C. Afdeling forensische psychiatrie ,Netherlands
Forensic Psychiatry
van Naerssen, Ton University of Nijmegen ,The Netherlands
The Context of Urban Development Policy
Van Overwalle, Geertrui Katholieke Universiteit Leuven- University of Leuven ,Belgium
Compulsory License Regimes for Public Health in Europe
Van Ree, Jan M. Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience ,The Netherlands
van Robbroeck, Theo P.C.
Water Supply: Dams, Reservoirs and Water Transfers
van Rooyen, Carina Department of Anthropology and Development Studies ,South Africa
Water as a Factor in Socio-Economic Development: Future Trends
van Ruijven, Jasper Imperial College London ,UK
The Role of Above- and Belowground Linkages in biodiversity-functioning relationships
van Schuppen, Jan H. Vrije Universiteit ,The Netherlands
Identification, Estimation and Resolution of Mathematical Models
van Selm, Joanne University of Amsterdam ,The Netherlands
Global Movement of Labor
van Sittert, Lance University of Cape Town ,South Africa
Role of Human Societies in the History of The Biosphere
Role of Gender and Family Identities in Human History
Modern Approaches to the Teaching of History
Van Steen, Kristel Harvard School of Public Health ,USA
Multivariate and Multidimensional Analysis
Van Vaerenbergh, Bernadette Institute of Public Health ,Belgium
Biosafety in Biotechnology
van Velthuizen, Harrij Tonco International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis ( IIASA) ,Austria
Agro-Ecological Zones Assessments
Van Vorst, William D. University of California at Los Angeles ,USA
Hydrogen as a Transport Fuel: Past and Present Usage
van Weenen, Johannes Cornelis University of Amsterdam ,The Netherlands
Sustainable Development and Global Industry
Sustainable Development and Local Industry
van Wyk, Jo-Ansie K University of South Africa (UNISA) ,South Africa
Future Challenges of Providing High-Quality Water
Van Zimmeren, Esther University of Leuven ,Belgium
Compulsory License Regimes for Public Health in Europe
vande Meent, D. National Institute of Public Health and the Environment ,The Netherlands
Ecological Risk Assessment of Environmental Stress
Vande Wouwer, Alain Faculté Polytechnique de Mons ,Belgium
State Estimation in Distributed Parameter Systems
Modeling and Simulation of Distributed Parameter Systems
Vandebril, Steven Katholieke Universiteit Leuven ,Belgium
Interfacial Rheology
Vanden Berghe, Dirk University of Antwerp ,Belgium
Plants and Plant Substances Against AIDS and Other Viral Diseases
Vanderstraeten, Raf University of Bielefeld ,Germany
The Dynamics of Social and Cultural Change
Vangronsveld, Jaco Hasselt University ,Belgium
Land Revitalization
Vannatta, Rachel A. Bowling Green State University ,USA
Educating Children in the United States and Canada
Vanparys, B. Ghent University ,Belgium
Microbial Resource Management: The Road to Go for Environmental Biotechnology
Van't Klooster, Cees E. Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Engineering ,The Netherlands
Equipment for Pig Production
Varadi, Lazlo Fish Culture Research Institute ,Hungary
Engineering and Bio-Technologies in Aquaculture
Varfis, Catherine-Zoi Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL) ,Luxembourg
International Agreements
Nuclear Issues
Varfis, Catherine-Zoi Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL) ,Luxembourg
Marine Issues
Varga, Kálmán University of Pannonia ,Hungary
Radiochemical Techniques
Vargas, N.M. Illinois State University ,USA
Water Interactions with Energy, Environment, Food, And Agriculture
Varma, Astha B.V.Patel Pharmaceutical Education & Research Development(PERD) Centre ,India
The Role of Plant Genomics in Biotechnology
Vasalos, Iacovos A. The Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute(CPERI) ,Greece
Catalysis and Refinery
Vasil’chuk, Alla Konstantinovna. Lomonosov's Moscow State University ,Russia
Glaciers, Icebergs And Ground Ice
Vasil’chuk, Yurij Kirillovich Lomonosov's Moscow State University ,Russia
Glaciers, Icebergs And Ground Ice
Properties Of Glacial, Iceberg And Permafrost Water
Vasil’chuk, Yurij Kirillovich Lomonosov's Moscow State University ,Russia
Physical Properties Of Glacial And Ground Ice
Chemical Properties Of Glacial And Ground Ice
Vasil’chuk, Yurij Kirillovich Lomonosov's Moscow State University ,Russia
Biological Properties Of Glacial And Ground Ice
Vassilev, Andon Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Land Revitalization
Vassiliev, Victor Anatolievich Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Mathematical Models and Control of Catastrophic Processes
Vaupel, James Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research ,Germany
Biological Demography
Vázquez, G. Instituto de Ecología, A.C. Veracruz ,México
Coastal Sand Dunes and Barrier Islands
Vazquez, Jose Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ,USA
The Economics of Land-Use Change
Vecka, Marek Charles University ,Czech Republic
Fatty Acids in Human Metabolism
Sterols, Especially Cholesterol and Phytosterols, in Human Metabolism
Vedaprajinananda Avadhuta, Acarya New Renaissance: A Journal for Social and Spiritual Awakening ,Albania
Neo-Humanism, Globalization, and World Futures
Veeman, Michele University of Alberta ,Canada
Marketing Boards: An International Overview
Agricultural Economics
Veeman, Terrence University of Alberta ,Canada
Agricultural Economics
Veeraraghavan, Rajesh Microsoft Research India ,INDIA
Review of Research on Rural PC kiosks
Vega, Louis A. PICHTR ,USA
Schemes and Cycles for Ocean Temperature Differences Utilization
Vega-Mercado, Humberto Bio Sterile Validation, Merck & Co., Inc. ,USA
Vega-Redondo, Fernando Universidad de Alicante ,Spain
Evolution and Learning in Games
Vegh, Krisztina R. Hungarian Academy of Sciences ,Hungary
Vegetables and Plants for Edible Starch, Oil, Sugar and Beverage Production
Vegetables; Root Crops
Vegetables II(Others)
Starch Bearing Crops as Food Sources
Vejre, Henrik Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University ,Denmark
Land Use Planning and Management in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas
Veldkamp, Antonie Wageningen Agriculture University ,The Netherlands
Pedogenesis and Soil Forming Factors
Vellidis, George University of Georgia ,USA
Ecology and Technology
Venables, John D. Consultant on Advanced Materials ,USA
High Temperature Structural Materials
Vendramin, Giovanni G. Keio University ,Italy
Retention of Old Forest Stands and Individual old Trees
Venkatachalam, P. IIT Mumbai ,India
Goeographic Information System (GIS) as a Tool for Development
Venkatraman, Padma T. College of William and Mary ,USA
Pathways of Organic Chemical Contamination in Ecosystems
Vennix, Jac A.M. Nijmegen University ,The Netherlands
Knowledge Elicitation
Group Model-Building
Venojarvi, Mika Turku University of Applied Sciences ,Turku
Metabolism of Oxygen
Ventosa, Antonio University of Sevilla ,Spain
Halophily(Halophilism and Halophilic Microorganisms)
Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Hypersaline Environments and Their Biodiversity
Venugopalan, M. V. National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning ,India
Dynamics of Land Use in Relation to the Green Revolution in India
Verbeek, Jos World Bank ,USA
The Revised Minimum Standard Model Extended (RMSM-X)
Verbeke, Geert Katholieke Universiteit Leuven ,Belgium
Repeated Measures and Multilevel Modeling
Verbruggen, Harmen Free University of Amsterdam ,The Netherlands
Indicators for Sustainable Development
Verbruggen, Nathalie Universite Libre de Bruxelles ,Belgium
Potential of Plant Genetic Engineering for Phytoremediation of Toxic trace Elements
Verdonschot, P.F.M. Alterra Green World Research ,The Netherlands
River Ecosystems Rehabilitation
Verdum, Roberto Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul(UFRGS) ,Brazil
Desertification in the Tropics
Vereshchaka, Alexander L. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Properties Of Oceans, Inland Seas, Coastal Zones And Estuaries: Biological Properties
Vergara-Balderas, Fidel T. Universidad de las Americas-Puebla ,México
Thermodynamics in Food Engineering
Colligative Properties of Foods
Vergnes, Jean A. Universite d'Aix-Marseille ,France
Production and Recycling Resources for Nuclear Fission
Verhagen, Franc C. Earth and Peace Education Associates International (EPE) ,USA
Humankind and Consumption of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources: Limits of Growth as a Challenge or Unlimited Growth as a Solution?
Verhasselt, Yola L. G. Vrije Universiteit Brussels ,Belgium
Urban Growth and Health
Geographic Medicine
Verheye, Willy H. University of Gent ,Belgium
Land Use,Land Cover and Soil Sciences
Land Cover, Land Use and the Global Change
Land Evaluation
The FAO Guidelines for Land Evaluation
Land Evaluation Systems Other Than The FAO System
Agro-Climate-Based Land Evaluation Systems
Land Use Planning
Land Use Planning for Sustainable Development
The Value and Price of Land
The ILUS Integrated Land Use Planning Concept
Land Use Management
Management of Agricultural Land: Climatic and Water Aspects
Management of Agricultural Land: Chemical and Fertility Aspects
Dry Lands and Desertification
Soils and Soil Sciences
Soils of Arid and Semi-Arid Areas
Mediterranean Soils
Soils of the Humid and Sub-humid Tropics
Soils and General Agronomy
Growth and Production of Maize: Traditional Low-input Cultivation
Growth and Production of Sugarcane
Growth and Production of Rubber
Growth and Production of Oil Palm
Verhoef, Erik Free University ,The Netherlands
Sustainable Mobility
Verkhovtseva, Nadezhda Vladimirovna Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov ,Russia
Biological Properties of Soil and Ground Waters
Vermant, Jan University of Leuven ,Belgium
Rheo-Physical and Imaging Techniques
Interfacial Rheology
Vermillion, Douglas Lynn International Water Management Institute(IWMI) ,Sri Lanka
Institutional Requirements for Effective Water Management
Vernon, Richard University of Western Ontario ,Canada
Ideas and Ideologies in Politics
Vero, Jozsef Hungarian Academy of Sciences ,Hungary
Electric Field of the Earth
Vershinin, Anatoliy P. St. Petersburg State University ,Russia
Evaporation from Land, Evapotranspiration
Versieren, Johan Joveco ,Belgium
Emission Sampling and Analysis
Effluent Gas Monitoring
Verstraete, Willy Ghent University ,Belgium
Microbial Resource Management: The Road to Go for Environmental Biotechnology
Veselov, Evgenil Petrovich Hydrometeorological Center of Russia ,Russia
Principal Weather Systems in Temperate and Continental Zones
Principal Weather Systems in Polar Zones
Veseth, Michael University of Puget Sound ,USA
International Political Economy
Vespignani, Alessandro ISI Foundation ,Italy
Epidemic Spreading and Complex Networks
Veziroglu, Turhan Nejat University of Miami ,USA
Energy Carriers and Conversion Systems with Emphasis on Hydrogen
International Programs
Vicente, Kim J. University of Toronto ,Canada
Human Factors and Global Problems: A Systems Approach
Vicino, Antonio Universita' di Siena ,Italy
Uncertainty Models for Robustness Analysis
Vidali, Maurizio Universita di Padova Via Loredan ,Italy
Bioremediation: an Overview
Vidal-Madjar, Alfred Universite Pierre & Marie Curie ,France
Extra-Solar Planetary Systems
Vidyashankar, Anand N. University of Georgia ,USA
Response Adaptive Randomization in Clinical Trials
Viederman, Stephen Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation ,USA
Viertl, Reinhard Technische Universitat Wien ,Austria
Probability and Statistics
Foundations of Statistics
Preliminary Data Analysis
Statistical Inference
Statistical Parameter Estimation
Statistical Inference with Non-Precise Data
Vigants, Armands University of Latvia ,Latvia
Production of Alcohol for Fuel and Organic Solvent
Vigasin, Andrei Alexeevich Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Molecular Structure And Chemical Properties Of Atmospheric Water
Vignes-Lebbe, Régine Université Pierre et Marie Curie ,France
Biodiversity Information Management
Vigneswaran, Saravanamuthu (Vigi) University of Technology ,Australia
Wastewater Recycle, Reuse, and Reclamation
Recycle and Reuse of Domestic Wastewater
Advanced Treatment Technologies for Recycle/Reuse of Domestic Wastewater
Water Reuse for Agriculture
Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
Industrial Waste Minimization
Raw Materials and Process Chemical Recovery in Industrial Wastewater Pollution Control
By-product Recovery in Industrial Wastewater Pollution Control
Process/Technology Modifications in Water Pollution Control
Waste Minimization in Metal Finishing Industries
Small and Rural Community Water Supply
Quantity and Quality of Drinking Water Supplies
Conventional Water Treatment Technologies
Rural Water Supply Systems
Traditional and Household Water Purification Methods of Rural Communities in Developing Countries
Treatment Options for Removal of Specific Impurities from Water
Small Community and Rural Sanitation Systems
On-Site Sanitation Technologies for Cold and Temperate Climates
Non-Conventional Sewerage
Public Health Aspects of On-Site Sanitation
Urban Wastewater Treatment: Past, Present and Future
Characteristics of Effluent Organic Matter in Wastewater
Sequencing Batch Reactors:Principles, Design/Operation And Case Studies
Wastewater stabilization ponds (WSP)for wastewater treatment
Stormwater treatment technologies>
Sludge Treatment Technologies
Filtration Technologies in wastewater treatment
Assessment methodologies for water reuse scheme and technology
Nanotechnology for Wastewater Treatment: In Brief
Urban Wastewater Treatment: Past,Present and Future
Membrane Technology for Organic Removal in Wastewater
Adsorption and Biological Filtration in Wastewater Treatment
Physico-chemical processes for Organic removal from wastewater effluent
Deep Bed Filtration: Modelling Theory And Practice
Vihinen, Mauno University of Tampere ,Finland
Bioinformatics on Post Genomic Era-> From Genomes to Systems Biology
Vijaya Sherry Chand, P. G. Indian Institute of Management ,India
Social and Cultural Information Supporting Sustainability and Sustainable Institutional Structures
Vilas Martin, Federico Universidade de Vigo ,Spain
Rias and Tidal-Sea Estuaries
Vilensky, Pyotr Lvovich Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
System Analysis of Financial Markets: An Overview
Vilfand, Roman Mendelevich Hydrometeorological Center of Russia ,Russia
Long-Range Weather Forecasting
Villa, Igor Maria University of Bern ,Switzerland
Villadsen, John Technical University of Denmark ,Denmark
Principles of Metabolic Engineering
Villafane, Virginia. E. Estacion de Fotobiologia Playa Union & Consejo Nacional de Investigationes Cientificas y Tecnicas(CONICET) ,Argentina
Phytoplankton and Primary Production
Villagran, Juan Carlos Institute for Environment and Human Security, United Nations University ,Germany
Natural Disasters and Early Warning in the Context of Human Security
Villanueva F., S. UNAM ,México
Primary Production in Coastal Lagoons
Villarnovo, Gloria Carrion Department of Biodiversity and Systematic, Instituto de Ecología A.C., Mexico
Introduction to Neotropical Entomology and Phytopathology
Villela, D.M. Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense ,Brazil
Rain Forests:Floristics
Vilquin, Eric Universite Catholique de Louvain ,Belgium
Demographic Analysis
Vincent, John A. University of Exeter ,UK
Older People and Sustainable Development
Viniegra-Gonzalez, Gustavo Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana - Iztapalapa ,México
Biotechnology Education
Vinnik, Lev Pavlovich Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Mantle and Core of the Earth
Vinogradov, Mikhail Evgenievich Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Properties Of Oceans, Inland Seas, Coastal Zones And Estuaries: Biological Properties
Vinogradov, Yury B. State Hydrological Institute ,Russia
Surface Water Runoff
Runoff Generation and Storage in Watershed
Hydrology of Sloping Terrain
River Runoff Modeling
Viollaz, Pascual E. University of Buenos Aires ,Argentina
Food Dehydration
Viotti, M.R. Photonita Ltda ,Brazil
Holographic and Speckle Methods
Viraraghavan, Thiruvenkatachari University of Regina ,Canada
Small Community and Rural Sanitation Systems
Public Health Aspects of On-Site Sanitation
Air Stripping in Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Dissolved air flotation in industrial wastewater treatment
Viras, L. Ministry of Environment ,Greece
Preparation for Environmental Monitoring Careers Including Analysis and Statistical Assessment of Data
Visintin, Antonella
Urban Quality for Towns without Quality
Vissarionov, Vladimir I. Moscow Power Engineering Institute ,Russia
Wave Energy
Visser, Bert Centre for Genetic Resources ,The Netherlands
Biotechnology and Agrobiodiversity
Visvanathan, Chettiyappan Asian Institute of Technology ,Thailand
Industrial Waste Minimization
The Potential for Industrial Wastewater Reuse
Waste Minimization in Metal Finishing Industries
Quantity and Quality of Drinking Water Supplies
Conventional Water Treatment Technologies
Treatment Options for Removal of Specific Impurities from Water
Treatment of industrial wastewater by membrane bioreactors
Vitanyi, Paul CWI ,The Netherlands
Quantum Computing
Vitazkova, Sylvia K. University of the Virgin Islands ,USA
Primates,Plants,and Parasites:The Evolution of Animal Self-Medication and Ethnomedicine
Vitolo, Michele University of Sao Paulo ,Brazil
Industrial Uses of Enzymes
Vladimirski, Boris M. Rostov State University ,Russia
Existing Cybernetics Foundations
Vladychenskiy, Alexander S. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Soil Science, Russia
Genesis of Soils and Factors of the Soil Formation
Vlassov, Vlad Royal Institute for Technology ,Switzerland
Network Software: From NCP to Ubiquitous Computing
Vlavianos-Arvanitis, Agni Biopolitics International Organisation ,Greece
Bio-Policy, Bio-Culture:Global Priorities for Environmental Protection
Vlietinck, Arnold J University of Antwerp ,Belgium
Plants and Plant Substances Against AIDS and Other Viral Diseases
VoB, Anja University Kassel ,Germany
Water Quality Modeling in Mesoscale and Large River basins
Vogel, Herbert Technische University ,Germany
Development of Chemical Processes
Voigt, Kristina Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry ,Germany
Non-Spatial Environmental Data
Voisard, Agne's Freie Universitat ,Germany
Spatial Query Languages
Volkman, John K. CSIRO Marine Research ,Australia
Oil Pollution and Microbial Regulation
Volodin, Victor M. All-Russian Research Institute of Agronomy and Soil Erosion Control ,Russia
Conservational Soil Treatment
Erosion and Deflation Control
Voloshin, Arkady Lehigh University ,USA
Experimental Mechanics of Biological systems
Volshanik, Valeri V. Moscow State University of Civil Engineering ,Russia
Wave Energy
Principles of Wind Wave Energy Extraction
Proposed Systems for Wave Energy Conversion
Economics of Wave Power Production
von der Pfordten, Dietmar Universität Göttingen ,Germany
Perspectives on Ethics
von Glasersfeld, Ernst University of Massachusetts, Amherst ,USA
Cybernetics: Cybernetics and the Theory of Knowledge
Von Pischke, J. D. Frontier Finance International, Inc. ,USA
Finance and Human Development
von Spakovsky, Michael R. Verginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ,USA
Design and Synthesis Optimization of Energy Systems
Sustainability Considerations in the Modeling of Energy Systems
Analysis and Optimization of Energy Systems with Sustainability Considerations
von Sperling, Marcos Federal University of Minas Gerais ,Brazil
Constraints to Improving Water and Sanitation Services
von Tuempling, Wolf UFZ-Centre for Environmental Research ,Germany
Measurement Tools: Water Systems (Inland Waters)
Field Techniques: Inland Waters
von Weizsaecker, Ernst Ulrich Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy ,Germany
Natural Resources and Ecological Tax Reform
Vonk, M. National Institute of Public Health and the Environment ,The Netherlands
Ecological Risk Assessment of Environmental Stress
Vonortas, Nicholas S. George Washington University ,USA
Strategic Innovation Alliances
Voortman, Roelf L. Free University ,The Netherlands
Economic Models of Land Eveluation: Local Decision-Making
Vorob'eva, L.A. Moscow State University ,Russia
Chemical Amelioration of Soils
Vorobyeva, Emilia I. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Fundamentals of Biological Science: An Evolutionary Approach
Vrolijk, Christiaan The Royal Institute of International Affairs ,UK
Sharing the Costs of Climate Change
Vsevolozhsky, Vladimir A. Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov ,Russia
Surface and Groundwater Interaction
Groundwater of Loose (Unconsolidated) Rocks
Groundwater in Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Volcanic Rocks
Vuchic, Vukan R. University of Pennsylvania ,USA
Urban Public Transportation Systems
Vuglinsky, Valery S. State Hydrological Institute ,Russia
Hydrosphere Structure and its Relationship to the Global Hydrological Cycle
Evaporation from Open Water Surface and Groundwater
Vujatovic, Davor EDF Energy Services Ltd. ,UK
Active Networks
Vul, Alexander Ya. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Detonation Nanodiamonds: Technology, Properties and Applications
Vuolteenaho, Olli University of Oulu ,Finland
Heart as an Endocrine Organ