EOLSS Participants


Taavitsainen, Paivi University of Oulu, Finland
Role of Xenobiotic Metabolism in Drug Discovery and Development
Tabata, Satoshi Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Japan
Genome Analysis of Cyanobacteria
Tabayashi, Akira University of Tsukuba, Japan
Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
Tabilo-Munizaga, Gipsy Universidad del Bío Bío, Chile
Solid Foods
Tabor, Joseph A Univ. of Arizona, USA
Ethnopedology and Folk Soil Taxonomies
Tabuti, John Robert Stephen Makerere University, Uganda
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants(Uganda)
Tabutin, Dominique Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Systems of Information in Demography
Tachibana, Harukuni Hokkaido University, Japan
Water Quality Needs and Standards for Different Sectors and Uses
Evaluation of Water Quality in Aquatic Ecosystems
Tacon, Albert George Joseph The Oceanic Institute, USA
Trends in Aquaculture Production and Nutrient Supply
Taee, Ali Al UR EBSS Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de Tunis, Tunisia
Water Desalination by Humidification and Dehumidification of Air, Seawater Greenhouse Process
Taglialatela, Jared P. Emory University, USA
Ape Language Studies
Taguchi, Takahiko Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, Japan
DNA Repair
Taha, Walid Chalmers Technical University, Sweden
Imperative Programming
Tai, Meihua University of California, Berkeley, USA
Intelligent Control of Road Vehicles for Automated Driving: Path Architecture for Automated Highway Systems and Lateral Guidance
Tainter, Joseph A. Rocky Mountain Research Station, USA
Complexity, Collapse, and Sustainable Problem-Solving
A Framework for Archaeology and Sustainability
Takahashi, Kunihiro Nippon Hodo Co., Ltd., Japan
Hydrogen Storage
Pressurized Hydrogen Storage
Hydrogen Storage By Chemical Hydrides
Hydrogen Storage By Glass Microspheres and Others
Hydrogen Liquefaction
Liquid-Hydrogen Storage
Hydrogen Transportation
Transportation of Hydrogen by Pipeline
Batch-Systems of Hydrogen Transportation
Takahashi, Masahiro Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan
Education, Public Awareness and Training
Takahashi, Shigeo Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan
Coping with Urban Social Vulnerability to Hazards in Tokyo: Current Status of Disaster Mitigation Plans and its Implications
Takahashi, Tamotsu Kyoto University, Japan
Debris Flows and Pyroclastic Flows
Takahashi, Yasuo Osaka University, Japan
Solid State Welding
Takahashi, Yuichiro Okayama University, Japan
Genome Science of Cyanobacteria, Green Algae and Plants (Genome science of green algae)
Takahashi, Yukinori National Fisheries University, Japan
Diseases Caused By Bacterial Pathogens In Saltwater
Takahasi, Yutaka The University of Tokyo, Japan
Water Storage, Transportation and Distribution
Characteristics of River Systems
Takaiwa, Fumio National Institute of Agrobiological Resources, Japan
Development of Iron-Rich Crops by Genetic Engineering
Takami, Hideto Japan Marine Science and Technology Center, Japan
Enzymes from Deep-Sea Microorganisms
Takano, Tomokazu National Research Institute of Aquaculture, Fisheries Research Agency, Japan
Diseases Caused By Bacterial Pathogens In Saltwater
Takanohashi, Toshimasa National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) , Japan
Coal Structure and Properties
Takarada, Takayuki Gunma University, Japan
Environmental Problems Arising from Coal Handling and Processing
Takashi, Masahisa Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan
Mechanics of Time Dependent Materials based on Linear Viscoelasticity
Takasu, Shuji Independent Administrative Institution, Japan
Water Intake Structures for Surface and Subsurface Waters
Takayama, T. Kyoto University, Japan
Water Hazards Caused by Naturally-Occurring Hydrologic Extremes
Takeda, Gyo University of Tokyo, Japan
An Overview of the Development of Physics
Development of Fundamentals in Physics
Takeda, Gyo University of Tokyo, Japan
Physical Systems and Laws
Particles and Fields
Quantum Systems
Order and Disorder in Nature
Takeda, Harunobu The Japan Steel Works Ltd., Japan
Metal Hydride Air-Conditioning
Other Applications (Actuator, Hydrogen Purification and Isotope Separation)
Takeda, Shuji National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan
Exposure from Medical Use of Radionuclides
Takeuchi, Hiromu Toray Industries, Inc., Shiga, Japan
Plant Availability of Seawater Desalination on Membrane Technology and Biotechnology
Takeuchi, Yasuhiro National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan
Health Effects from Exposure to Chronic Levels of Industrial Chemicals
Takizawa, Kouichi Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan
Electrochemistry of Fuel Cell
Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells
Takizawa, Yukio National Institute for Minamata Disease, Japan
Minamata Disease in Japan
Mercury-Contaminated Grain in Iraq
Taktashov, Vadim A. All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute on Standardization, Russia
Water Quality Regulation and Standards
Codes of Practice and Standards
Perspectives on Water Quality
Talanov, G.A. Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Russia
Food Safety with Special Reference to Public Health
Talay, Ilkden Ankara University, Turkey
Environmental Curricula Development for Each Age Group
Curricula Development For Undergraduate University Students
Tallacchini, Mariachiara Catholic University of Piacenza, Italy
Organisations Involved in Ethics, Justice and Human Rights Issues
Tamaddon-Jahromi, Hanid Reza Institute of non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics -Wales, UK
Computational Rheology
Tamai, Nobuyuki Kanazawa University, Japan
Water Resources Engineering
Tamames, Ramon Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain
Financial Resources Policy and Management:World Economic Order
Tamsalu, Rein Estonian Marine Institute, Estonia
Mathematical Models in Water Sciences
Mathematical Models of Circulations in Oceans and Seas
Tamura, Hiroyuki Osaka University, Japan
Systems to Support Decisions for Urban Areas
Tamura, Yukio Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan
Wind Engineering
Tanaka, Norio Saitama University, Japan
Geographic Information Systems Applied to the Analysis of Riparian Buffer Zones and Lakes
Tanaka, Shoichi The University of Tokyo, Japan
Offshore Drilling and Production Equipment
Tandberg, Erik Norwegian Space Centre, Norway
Explorations in Space Astronomy in the Space Age
Tane, Haikai Watershed Systems Field Research Station, New Zealand
Habitat and Riparian Management in Rangeland Ecosystems
Tang, Jiaping Tsinghua University, China
Control Strategies to Reduce Emissions
Tang, Juming Washington State University, USA
An Overview of the Food System
Tanida, Kazumi Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
Biological Characteristics of Rivers
Tanimoto de Albuquerque, Yaico D. Universidade Federal de Uberlandia, Brazil
Effects of Pollution and Wildlife Toxicology in Tropical Ecosystems
Tanimoto, Keishi Tottori University, Japan
Cost Allocation
Tanner, Robert Vanderbilt University, USA
Downstream Processing of Proteins Using Foam Fractionation
Tao, Gang University of Virginia, USA
Control by Compensation of Nonlinearities
Tapia Uribe, Medardo Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Citizenship and Peace Education
Tapia, M.S. Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela
Colligative Properties of Foods
Tappeiner, Ulrike University of Innsbruck, Austria and European Academy of Bolzano/Bozen, Austria
Management of Mountainous Areas
Tarantino, Laura University of L'Aquila, Italy
Detail Filtering in Geographic Information Visualization
Tarasova, Natalia P. D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Russia
Global Resource System Challenge I : Education
Tarbeyev, Yury V. D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology, Russia
Measurements and Measurement Standards
Tarko, Alexander M. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Models of Biosphere Processes
Tarlock, A. Dan Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
Sustainable Development and National Governance: The Challenges Ahead
History of Environmental Law
Progress Towards Sustainable Development in the United States
Tartanac, Florence Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama, Guatemala
Economic Development, Food, and Nutrition
Tatarenkov, Victor M. The Gosstandart of Russia, Russia
Measurements and Standards of Time and Frequency
Tatnall, Arthur Victoria University, Australia
History of Computers Hardware and Software Development
Taware, Avinash GE Global Research Center, USA
Control by Compensation of Nonlinearities
Taylor, Ione L. United States Geological Survey, USA
Methods of Exploration and Production of Petroleum Resources
Taylor, Mary Bridget South Pacific Commission, Fiji
Plant Cell Culture
Taylor, Paul A. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Remediation of Groundwater Contaminated with Radioactive Compounds
Taylor, Peter John Durban Natural Science Museum, South Africa
Evolution and the Species Concept
Speciation and Intraspecific Taxa
Taylor, R.E. University of California, USA
Dating and Chronology Building
Tcheremnykh, Iouri N. Moscow State University, Russia
Input-Output Models
Tchir, Tara L. University of Calgary, Canada
Deforestation in North America: Past, Present and Future
Te, Chen Chinese University of Hong Kong-Deceased, China
Ethics Fundamentals and Approaches to Ethics
Teague, W. Richard Texas A & M University System, USA
Economically Efficient Rangeland Management to Sustain Ecosystem Function and Livelihoods
Tecante, Alberto UNAM, México
Tecle, Aregai Northern Arizona University, USA
Multi-Criterion Analysis in Water Resources Management
Tee, Koh Ai National University of Singapore, Singapore
Technology Transfer: Vehicles, Conditions, Spillovers, and Policy Challenges
Teixeira, Art A. University of Florida, USA
Conventional Thermal Processing (Canning)
Teng, Chung-Chu University of Southern Mississippi, USA
Field Measurements
Teng, Qing Beijing Language and Culture University, China
Local, National, Regional, and Global Links in Ecological Environmental Management
Teng, Teng Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
Other Important Future Environmental Issues
Environment And Development - Overall Recommendations And Conclusions
Teo, Felicia Su Wei Singapore General Hospital, Singapore
Medical Biotechnology-Modern Development
Teodoriu, Catalin Texas A&M University, USA
Offshore Drilling and Production
Teodoro, Grazielle Sales Universidade Federal de Lavras, Brazil
Natural History and Ecology of Neotropical Mistletoes
ter Haar Romeny, Bart M. Eindhoven Technical University, The Netherlands
Terrenoire, Gwen National Center for Scientific Research, France
Public Health Ethics for Today and Tomorrow
Tesi, Alberto Universita' di Siena, Italy
Uncertainty Models for Robustness Analysis
Tessadri, Richard University of Innsbruck, Austria
Analytical Techniques for Elemental Analysis of Minerals
Teugels, Jef L. Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
Probability Theory
Tevzadze, Vakhtang I. Georgian Academy of Sciences, Georgia
Debris Flows and Anti-Debris-Flow Measures
Tewari, Geeta D. S. B. Campus, Kumaun University, Nainital, India
Therapeutic Potential and Phytochemistry of Natural Herbals of Family Lamiaceae: Ocimum Sanctum L. and Ocimum Basilicum
Tewari, J.C. Central Arid Zone Research Institute, India
Arid Zone Forestry with Special Reference to Indian Hot Arid Zone
Tewari, Jalpa P. University of Alberta, Canada
Veterinary Mycology
Tewari, Lalit M. D. S. B. Campus, Kumaun University, Nainital, India
Therapeutic Potential and Phytochemistry of Natural Herbals of Family Lamiaceae: Ocimum Sanctum L. and Ocimum Basilicum
Thalhammer, Oskar A. University of Leoben, Austria
Ore Mineralogy
Thangaraj, Andrew Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
Satellite Communications
Thangavelu, Shandre National University of Singapore, Singapore
Technology Transfer: Vehicles, Conditions, Spillovers, and Policy Challenges
Thapa, Gopal B. Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Integrated Watershed Management: Basic Concepts and Issues
Euro-REVES Group European Union
Health-Related Indicators
Thebaud, Christophe UMR CNRS Universite Paul Sabatier, France
Models of Biodiversity
Thelwell, Michael J. Consultant, UK
Financing of Energy Efficiency Improvement
Theodorakis, Christopher W. Southern Illinois University, USA
Theroux, Michael Theroux Environmental, USA
Integrated Thermo-Biorefinery
Thiel, Daniel Ambassade de France a Seoul, France
Simulated Annealing: From Statistical Thermodynamics to Combinatory Problems Solving
Thiel, I.M.E. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Water Contamination from Rural Production Systems
Thiele, Georg University of Bremen, Germany
Programmable Logic Controllers
Thiele-Bruhn, Soren University of Rostock, Germany
Agricultural Soils in Europe - Special Demands Related to Intensive Agriculture in an Industrialized Environment
Thierstein, Hans R. University of Zurich, Switzerland
Sustainable Development Futures:A Selection of Swiss Academic Perspectives
Thiessen, Kathleen M. SENES Oak Ridge, Inc.,Center for Risk Analysis, USA
Radiation Biology and Radiation Protection
Thingstad, Tron Frede University of Bergen, Norway
Models and Functioning of Marine Ecosystems
Thio, Hong Kie URS Corp., USA
Earthquake Mechanics
Thirion, Samuel INDE(Intercooperação e Desenvolvimento), Portugal
Transfer to and within Europe's Rural Areas
Thomas, Christopher Morton University of Birmingham, UK
Genetical Engineering of Bacteria
Thomas, Hernan National University of Quilmes, Argentina
Social Appropriability of Scientific and Technological Knowledge
Thomas, Ian RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Sustainability and Universities
Thomas, Matt B. Imperial College London, UK
Biodiversity and the Functioning of Selected Terrestrial Ecosystems: Agricultural Systems
Thomas, Michael B. Univeristy of Hawaii, USA
Managing Ethnopharmacological Data: Herbaria, Relational Databases, Literature
Thomas, Sean C. University of Toronto, Canada
Boreal and Temperate Forests
Thomas, Torsten University of New South Wales, Australia
Cold-Shock Response in Microorganisms
Thomasson, A.J. CIAgrE, FLSoil Sci., UK
Land Classifications, Sustainable Land Management, and Ecosystem Health
Thomaz, Sidinei Magela Universidade Estadual de Maringa, Brazil
Aquatic Macrophytes in the Tropics:Ecology of Populations And Communities,Impacts of Invasions and Use by Man
Thompson, Brian Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Italy
Community-Centered Food-Based Strategies for Alleviating and Preventing Malnutrition
Thompson, Euan Curtin University, Western Australia
Health, Work and Wellbeing
Thompson, Gregory L. Florida State University, USA
Transportation Development and Institutional Change
Thompson, Kim D. University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland, UK
Diseases Caused By Bacterial Pathogens In Saltwater
Thompson, Michael Norwegian Centre for Research in Organisation and Management, Norway
Information Technology and Communication System Development: Information and Knowledge
Thompson, Paul B. Purdue University, USA
Justice, Human Rights and Ethics Issues in Science and Technology Policy
Thompson, Peter A. University of Tasmania, Australia
Algal Cell Culture
Thompson, William R. Indiana University, USA
The Kondratieff Waves as Global Social Processes
Thomson, Jennifer Ann University of Cape Town, South Africa
Genetic Engineering of Plants
Thornton, Mitchell A. Mississippi State University, USA
Microprocessor Systems
Thorpe, Andy CEMARE, University of Portsmouth, UK
The Situation in World Fisheries
Thorpe, Kathleen University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Protection of Cultural Heritage as Social, Political, and Economic Issues
Culture in Contemporary Civilization
Cultural Exchange
Thorsen, Richard Stanley New York University, Brooklyn, USA
Critical Review of Solar Power Systems (CSP): Solar Tower (ST) Systems Versus Parabolic Trough (PT) Systems
Thurmaier, Kurt Iowa State University, USA
Elusive Nexus: Basic Needs and Fiscal Decentralization
Thurnham, David Ian University of Ulster, UK
Global Importance of Vitamin A Deficiency in Humans and its Relationship to Malnutrition
Thybaut, Joris W. Ghent University, Belgium
Testing of Catalytic Properties
Tibaldi, Fabian Limburgs Universitair Centrum, Belgium
Linear Regression Models
Tibary, Ahmed Washington State University, USA
Tickner, Joel A. The University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
The Precautionary Principal in Sustainable Environmental Management
Ticktin, Tamara University of Hawaii, USA
Ethnobiology and Conservation
Integrating Ethnographic and Ecological Perspectives for Ethnopharmacology Field Research
Tiefenbrun, Susan Thomas Jefferson School of Law, USA
Business and Trade Law
Tien, James M. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Evaluation of Programs and Policies for Life Support Systems
Tiessen, Holm University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Capacity of Soils for Sustaining Agricultural Production - A Global Overview
Tiezzi, Enzo University of Siena, Italy
Epistemological Aspects of Systems Theory Related to Biological Evolution
Tikhodeev, Nikolay Nikolaevich HVDC Power Transmission Research Institute(NIIPT), Russia
History of Electric Energy Systems and New Evolution
Components and Substations for Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems
Electric Power Transmission
Timofeev, Valery St. Petersburg State University, Russia
Cultural Change Phenomena
Tind, Jorgen University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Duality Theory
Tingchen, Li East China University of Science and Technology, China
Liquefaction of Coal
Tingley, Diana MacAlister Elliott and Partners Ltd., UK
The Problem of Discards in Fisheries
Tischew, Sabine University of Applied Science, Germany
Alternative Restoration Strategies in Former Lignite Mining areas of Eastern Germany
Tisdell, Clement Allan The University of Queensland, Australia
Sustainable Development of Human Resource Capital
Tishkov, Arkady A. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Sub-surface Peat Fires
Forest Fires and Dynamic of Forest Cover
Fires in Steppes and Savannas
Titus Msoka, Colman University of Minnesota, USA
Survival Strategies and Urban Development: The Case of Kiosks in Moshi, Tanzania
Tiwana, Gagan Griffith University, Southport, Queensland, Australia
Phytochemistry, Medicinal Properties, Bioactive Compounds and Therapeutic Potential of The Genus Combretum (Combretaceae)
Tiwari, A. P. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India
Control of Large Nuclear Reactors by State and Output Feedback Techniques
Tiwari, Gopal Nath Indian Institute of Technology, India
Solar Distillation
Tiwari, Jaya Old Dominion University, USA
Nuclear Energy Impacts on Health
Tiwari, Vinod Crop Improvement Division, India
Growth and Production of Barley
Growth and Production of Wheat
Growth and Production of Oat and Rye
Tizo-Pedroso, Everton Fedral University of Uberlandia, Brazil
Natural History and Social Behavior in Neotropical Pseudoscorpions
Tjernstrom, Michael Stockholm University, Sweden
Boundary Layer Meteorology
Tkaczyk, Bart Josef Catholic University of Lublin(KUL) & Teacher-Training College(KUL), Poland
Morph-o-logic-al-ly Engin-eer-ed Word-s
Tleimat, Badawi W. Water Reuse Technology, USA
Mechanical Vapor Compression Distillation
To, N.M. University of Calgary, Canada
Hazardous Waste Management
Tobias, Ignacio Universidad Politecnia de Madrid(UPM), Spain
Tobin, Mark E. U. S. Department of Agriculture, USA
Pest Control: Rodents
Tockner, Klement Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology(EAWAG) Dubendorf, Switzerland
Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Biodiversity Dynamics
Toepfer, Klaus United Nations Office at Nairobi(UNON), Kenya
Implementing Sustainable Development in a Changing World
Togawa, Yoshio Tokyo University of Science, Japan
Differential and Integral Calculus
Toguyeni, Aboubacar Université Polytechnique de Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
The Tilapiini Tribe: Environmental, and Social Aspects of Reproduction and Growth
Tokarev, Vladislav V. Moscow State University, Russia
Systems Analysis and Modeling of Integrated World Systems
Fundamentals of Simulation for Complex Systems
Tokatly, Ehud HopeWays Org., Israel
Peace and Identity
Tokimatsu, Kohji Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Earthquake Resistant Bases and Foundations
Tokuyama, Takeshi Tohoku University, Japan
Tol, Richard S.J. Vrije and Canegie Mellon Universities ZMK, Germany
Cost Implications of Storms, Floods, and Droughts
Economic Analysis of Climate Change
Toledo Silva, Ricardo University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Cities, the State and the Markets: In Search of Sustainability
Toledo, Romeo T. University of Georgia, USA
Food Process Engineering
Tomaska, Luba Health and Ageing, Australia
Reproductive Pharmacology
Tomiuk, Juergen University of Tubingen, Germany
Population, Species and Communities
Tomizuka, Masayoshi University of California, Berkeley, USA
Intelligent Control of Road Vehicles for Automated Driving: Path Architecture for Automated Highway Systems and Lateral Guidance
Tomlin, Claire J. Stanford University, USA
Verification of Hybrid Systems
Case Study : Air Traffic Management Systems
Tomlinson, Elena University of California, USA
Traditional Environments in a Post-Traditional World: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
History of World Architecture
Tomono, Katsuyoshi Tokyo Engineering Consultants, Co., Ltd., Japan
Health Problems and their Resolution
Health Implications of Some Major Water Development Projects
Development of Water Resources
Design of Water Treatment Facilities
Alternative Sewage Disposal Systems
Tong, Philip S. Cal Poly State University, USA
Dairy Science and Technology
Tonkopii, Valerii Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Biomonitoring of Environmental Pollution
Toossi, Reza California State University, USA
Power Plant Design
Torezan-Silingardi, Helena Maura Sao Paulo University (USP), Brazil
The danger of introducing Bee Species,A case Study on Brazilian Tropical Savanna
The Importance of Natural History Studies to the Knowledge of Tropical Plants
Reproductive Biology of Tropical Plants
Torraco, Richard J. University of Nebraska, USA
A History of Human Resource Development
Torres Cuadra, Cesar Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
Thermoeconomic Analysis
Symbolic Thermoeconomic Analysis of Energy Systems
Structural Theory of Thermoeconomics
Application of Thermoeconomics to Operation Diagnosis of Energy Plants
Torto, Baldwyn International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology, Kenya
Chemical Signals as Attractants, Repellents and Aggregation Stimulants
Toschenko, Jan T. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Toth, Jozsef University of Alberta, Canada
Origin, Distribution, Formation, and Effects
Groundwater in Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks
Totosy de Zepetnek, Steven Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
Audience in the Arts
Toure, Youssoufi Uiversité d’Orléans-IUT de Bourges, France
Controller Design for Distributed Parameter Systems
Townend, William K. Institute of Wastes Management, UK
The Management of HealthCare Waste
Townsend, James Skeoch SEATAB Consulting Services, Canada
Energy Resources for Agriculture
Toyama, Kentaro Microsoft Research India, INDIA
Review of Research on Rural PC kiosks
Trace, Keith Monash University, Australia
Evolution of the International Monetary System
Trapido, Marina Tallinn Univ. of Technology, Estonia
Ozone-based Advanced Oxidation Process
Traut, Thomas University of Southern California, USA
Trees, Wayne Scott Siena College, USA
Mental Models of Dynamic Systems
Trent, Tiffany L. Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, China
Minor Domesticated Animals
Tretiach, Mauro University of Trieste, Italy
Tretyakov, Yuri D. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Tertiary or Post-Secondary Education
Graduate Level Education
Treuer, David The University of Minnesota, USA
Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Ethnic Literature, and Cultural Diversity
Treur, Jan Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Intelligent Agents
Trevisiol, Erich Roberto University Institute of Architecture Venice (IUAV), Planning Department, Cà Tron,, Italy
Self-Sustainability for the Management of Water Cycles at the Local Level
Trevor, Jonathan Yahoo Inc., USA
Context Aware Telecommunication Services
Trifiro, Fabrizio University of Bologna, Italy
A History of Chemistry
Trifiro, Ferrucci University of Bologna, Italy
A History of Chemistry
The Contribution of Nobel Laureates to Chemistry
Tripathi, Pankaj Kumar Institute of Plant Sciences, Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), Israel
Biochemistry and Phytochemistry of Triphala, Three Medicinal Fruits, Medicinal Properties, Bioactive Compounds and Therapeutic Potential
Triska, Frank John United States Geological Survey, USA
Biogeochemical Processes in River Systems
Tristao, Martha Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo; Brazil
Education, Public Awareness and Training Processes for Sustainability in Brazil: from history to perspectives
Troadec, Jean-Paul Menez Perroz, France
Harvesting the Seas
Rational Exploitation and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems
Allocation of Use Rights and Adjustment of Institutions
Troch, Inge Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems
Simulation Software - Development and Trends
Trockel, Walter University of Bielefeld, Germany
Game Theory
Troelstra, Anne S. University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Proof Theory and Constructive Mathematics
Troitsky, Nick I. Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia
Gas Turbine Engines for Marine and Road Transport
Troller, John A. Protecter & Gamble Co., USA
The Sanitary Design and Construction of Food Production Facilities
Trollope, Lynn A. Fire International, South Africa
Fire Effects and Management in African Grasslands & Savannas
Trollope, Winston S.W. Fire International, South Africa
Fire Effects and Management in African Grasslands & Savannas
Tropper, Peter Innsbruck University, Austria
Introduction to the Mineralogical Sciences
Trotter, Leslie E. Jr. Cornell University, USA
Advanced Deterministic Optimization
Trovatti Uetananbaro, Ana Paula Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana(UEFS), Brazil
Diversity of Prokaryotes,fungi, protozoa, Bryophytes and Pteridophytes in tropical ecosystems
Trubetskoy, K.N. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Technology of Exploration and Management of Natural Resources
Tryk, Donald A. University of Tokyo, Japan
Photochemical and Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
Tsang, Eric W.K. Wayne State University, USA
The Nature of Organizational Unlearning
Tsatsaronis, George Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Exergy and Thermodynamic Analysis
Basic Exergy Concepts
Exergy Balance and Exergetic Efficiency
Exergy Analysis of Simple Processes
Strengths and Limitations of Exergy Analysis
Energetic and Exergetic Analysis of Complex Systems
Application of Thermoeconomics to the Design and Synthesis of Energy Plants
Tsipenyuk, Dmitry Yu. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Vacuum Technology
Physical Methods, Instruments and Measurements
Particle Detectors
Tsipenyuk, Yuri M. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Sources of Nuclear Particles
Imaging and Characterizing - Trace Element Analysis
Applications of Measurements and Instrumentation
Tsitsipis, Lukas D. Aristotle Universtity of Thessaloniki, Greece
Language Shift and Maintenance
Tsoneva-Mathewson, Snezha University of St. Andrews, UK
Cognitive Linguistics
Tsuboi, Takashi University of Tokyo, Japan
Tsubone, Hirokazu The University of Tokyo, Japan
Animal Production
Tsuchiya, Yoshiteru Kogakuin University, Japan
Water Quality and Standards
Natural Waters
Water Supply and Health Care
Water supply for Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fisheries
Groundwater Degradation by Human Activities
Organical Chemicals as Contaminants of Water Bodies and Drinking Water
Inorganic Chemicals Including Radioactive Materials in WaterBodies
Tsujinaka, Yutaka University of Tsukuba, Japan
Interest Groups
Tsutsumi, Atsushi University of Tokyo, Japan
Thermodynamics of Water Splitting
Thermochemical Cycles
Tsutsumibayashi, Ken Keio University, Japan
Tsyban, Alla V. Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring , Russia
Protection of the Oceans and Their Living Resources
Tubbs, C.W. The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Molecular Aspects of Steroid Action in marine fishes
Tulloch, Gail Griffith University, Australia
Ethics and Nonviolence
Tully, Claus Deutsches Jugend Institut, Germany
Transitions from function-oriented to effect-oriented technologies. Some thought on the nature of modern technology
Tumanovsky, Anatoly G. All-Russian Engineering Institute, Russia
Combustor Chambers
Tummala, Krishna K. Kansas State University, USA
Public Administration and Policy: An Introduction
Politics of Preference: Lessons from India, The United States and South Africa
Tundisi, Jose Galizia Centro de Recursos Hidricos e Ecologia Aplicada Biblioteca, Brazil
Brazil-Limnology of Rivers and Lakes
Tuohy, Kieran University of Reading, UK
Metabolic and Health Effects of Prebiotics
Turano, Paola University of Florence, Italy
Inorganic Biochemistry
Turchinovich, Irina Y. State Hydrological Institute, Russia
History of Atmospheric Composition
Changes in Biogeochemical Cycles
Turnbull, John W. CSIRO Division of Forestry and Forest Products, Australia
Tree Domestication and the History of Plantations
Turner, Jonathan H. University of California, USA
Varieties of Sociological Theorizing
Turner, Nancy J. University of Victoria, Canada
Food, Forage and Medicinal Resources of Forests
Turner, Sarah E. University of Victoria, Canada
Food, Forage and Medicinal Resources of Forests
Turok, Ivan University of Glasgow, UK
Cities, Competitiveness and Cohesion: Evidence from Central Scotland
Turon, Catherine Observatoire de Paris, France
Observatories in Space
Turton, Anthony R. University of Pretoria, South Africa
Water and Sustainable Development: A Southern Perspective
Turunen, Ossi Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Industrial Use of Enzymes
Turunen, Seppo University of Kuopio, Finland
Autotrophic, Heterotrophic and other Nutritional Patterns
Tutino, Maria Luisa Universita di Napoli Federico II, Italy
Heterologous Gene Expression in Cold-Adapted Micro-Organisms
Tvrzicka, Eva Charles University, Czech Republic
Fatty Acids in Human Metabolism
Sterols, Especially Cholesterol and Phytosterols, in Human Metabolism
Tweeten, Luther Ohio State University, USA
Social and Policy Issues of Agriculture and Food
Public Regulation of Food and Agricultural Markets
Farm Price and Income Support Mechanisms
Institutions, Organizations, and Policies Affecting Agriculture: Preserving Farmland
Institutions, Organizations, and Policies Affecting Agriculture: Protecting Family Farms, Species, and Food and Water Safety
Twinomuhwezi, Hannington Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda
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Expert Control Systems
Expert Control Systems: An Introduction with Case Studies