EOLSS Participants


O’Dea, John Institute of Technology ,Ireland
Geostatistical Analysis of Monitoring data
Oakley, Steve University of Malaysia ,Malaysia
Tropical Marine Biodiversity of the World:A Treasure Worth Preserving
Oatley, Keith University of Toronto ,Canada
Emotions and Human Health
Obanya, Pai Independent Education Strategist ,Nigeria
Education as an Integral Aspect of Africa's Evolutionary Process
Obasi, Goodwin Olu Patrick World Meteorological Organization(WMO) ,Switzerland
Climate Change and Natural Resources Policy and Management
Oberthur, Radulf Christoph Labor Dr. Oberthür GmbH ,Germany
Processing and Marketing Non-Meat Products from Livestock
Obregon, Octavio University of Guanajuato ,Mexico
Laws of Physical Systems
Obser, Andreas University of Potsdam ,Germany
International Forest Resource Policy and Management
Oches, Eric A. University of South Florida ,USA
Quaternary History
Ochiai, Ei-Ichiro Juniata College ,USA
Biogeochemical Cycling of Macronutrients
Biogeochemical Cycling of Micronutrients and Other Elements
Ockerman, Herbert W. The Ohio State University ,USA
Farm Animal Science
Undomesticated Food Animals Hunted and Used For Food
Other Domesticated and Farmed Animals
The Role of Meat in the Human Diet
O'Connor, Judith Food Safety Authority of Ireland ,Ireland
Food Safety at the National Level - The Role of Governments
O'Connor, Martin Paul Universite de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines ,France
Resources for Sustainable Development
Intergenerational Equity, Human Rights, and Ethics Issues in Sustainable Development
Intragenerational Equity, Human Rights, and Ethics in Sustainable Development
Information Technology and Communication System Development: Information and Knowledge
Cultural Development Information and Knowledge
Ecosystem and Environment Development Information and Knowledge
Water-Based Life Support System Development Information and Knowledge
Science, Governance, Complexity, and Knowledge Assessment
Oda, Tadao Tohoku University ,Japan
Matrices, Vectors, Determinants and Linear Algebra
Groups and Applications
Rings and Modules
Fields and Algebraic Equations
Algebraic Geometry and Applications
Odada, Eric Onyango University of Nairobi ,Kenya
Science and Society:Africa's Perspective
O'Day, Peggy A. Arizona State University ,USA
Environmental Geochemistry
Odendaal, Pieter E. South African Water Research Commission ,South Africa
Unconventional Sources of Water Supply
Odendahl, Kerstin University of Trier ,Germany
Conservation and Utilization of Natural Resources and Common Spaces
O'Dor, Ronald Dalhousie University ,Canada
Squid, Octopus and the Living Cephalopods
OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ,France
Globalisation of Industrial R&D: Policy Issues
Oganessian, Kate S. International University of Moscow ,Russia
Environmental Education and Awareness
Ogasawara, Hisao Water Re-use Promotion Center ,Japan
Industrial Wastewater Systems
Ogawa, Naohiro Nihon University ,Japan
Demographic Dynamics in Japan
OGC, Open Geospatial Consortium Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.
Geospatial Interoperability: The OGC Perspective
Ogden, Raymond W. University of Glasgow ,UK
Nonlinear Electro- and Magnetoelastic Interactions
Oglesby, Robert J. Purdue University ,USA
Assessing the Role of Climate in Environmental Systems Analysis and Modeling
Ogu, Vincent I. University of New South Wales ,Australia
Urban Infrastructure Development and Sustainability in Nigeria
Ogura, Norio Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology ,Japan
Biogeochemical Characteristics of River Systems
Oguz, I. Temel Middle East Technical University ,Turkey
Modeling Biogeochemical Processes in Marine Ecosystems
Oh, Se-Young Kyunghee University ,Korea
Regional and Cultural Differences in Nutrition
Ohlsson, Leif University of Göteborg ,Sweden
Water and Conflict
Ohnishi, Keizou The Japan Steel Works Ltd. ,Japan
Metal Hydrides
Kinds and Characteristics of Hydrogen Storage Alloy
Metal Hydride Air-Conditioning
Other Applications (Actuator, Hydrogen Purification and Isotope Separation)
Ohta, Tokio Frontier Information and Learning Organization(FILO) ,Japan
Energy Carriers and Conversion Systems with Emphasis on Hydrogen
Preliminaries of Hydrogen Energy Systems
International Programs
Cultural Development and the Key Technologies of Hydrogen Energy Systems- An Introductory review for the Beginners
Innovative Hydrogen Production from Water
Some Information on the Hydrogen Combustion Process and Rocket Propulsion Systems
Energy Science: Conversion and Systems
Ohtsuka, Yasuo Tohoku University ,Japan
Desulfurization of Coal
Oishi, Meeko Stanford University ,USA
Verification of Hybrid Systems
Oja, Simo S. Tampere University Hospital ,Finland
Structural Neurobiology>
Neurons, Action Potentials and Synapses
Neurotransmitters and Modulators
Ojasti, Juhani Universidad Central de Venezuela ,Venezuela
The Capybara, its Biology and Management
Ojha, C.S.P. University of Roorkee ,India
Storm Water Drainage and Effluent Disposal
Ojo, Adeolu Triple ‘E’ Systems Associates Ltd. ,Nigeria
International Issues In Hazardous Waste Management
Okada, Norio Kyoto University ,Japan
Cost Allocation
Water Hazards Caused by Naturally-Occurring Hydrologic Extremes
Okada, Yo Japan Oil Engineering Co. ,Japan
Offshore Drilling and Production Equipment
Okafor, Nduka Nnamdi Azikiwe University ,Nigeria
Production of Alcoholic Beverages
Fermented Foods and Their Processing
Okandan, Ender Middle East Technical University ,Turkey
Storage of Fossil Fuels (Gaseous and Liquid)
Okawara, Nobuo Kyushu University ,Japan
Government and Politics
Political Aspects of Government
Oki, Shoichi Land Bureau, National Land Agency ,Japan
Control Point Surveying and Topographic Mapping
Okólski, Marek University of Warsaw ,Poland
Okoye, Michael A. Earth Satellite Corporation ,USA
Remote Sensing (Satellite) System Technologies
Oksanen, Elina J. University of Kuopio ,Finland
Environmental Pollution and Function of Plant Leaves
Okten, Gunduz Istanbul Technical University ,Turkey
Storage of Coal: Problems and Precautions
Okubo, Seisuke The University of Tokyo ,Japan
Surface Mining Methods and Equipment
Underground Mining Methods and Equipment
Okura, Izumi Yokohama National University ,Japan
Transportation Engineering
Okutani, Takashi Nihon University ,Japan
Squid, Octopus and the Living Cephalopods
Oladiran, A. University of Alberta ,Canada
Biology of select zoonotic protozoan infections of domestic animals
Olariu, Stephan Old Dominion University ,USA
Wireless Networks: Opportunities for Infrastructure-Related Optimization
Olchev, Alexander A.N.Severtsov' Institute of Ecology and Evolution Problems of the Russian Academy of Science ,Russia
Coupled Modeling Water Vapour and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in the Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere System
Oldfield, Sophie University of Cape Town ,South Africa
Missing Links: Neighborhood and State Initiatives Against Crime in Cape Town, South Africa
Olenev, Nicholas N. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Modeling and Simulation Techniques
Oleszek, Sylwia Tohuku University ,Japan
Control of Gaseous Emissions
Fundamentals of Transport Phenomena in Combustion
Olive, Leon National Autonomous University of Mexico(UNAM) ,Mexico
Introduction to Ethics of Science and Technology
Oliver, Chadwick D. University of Washington ,USA
Management of Forestry Enterprises
Oliver, Margaret Ann The University of Reading ,UK
Sample Data and Survey
Olley, Jane E. Environmental Resources Management ,UK
Solid Waste Streams Regional and Cultural Variability
Olsen, Michael S. Wilson Genetics, L.L.C. ,USA
Molecular Genetic Improvement of Protein Quality of Maize
Olsen, Yngvar Norwegian University of Science and Technology ,Norway
Harvesting the Ocean
Olsson, E. Gunilla Almered Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU ,Norway
Forests and Grasslands as Cradles for Agriculture
Olsson, Gustaf Lund University ,Sweden
Automation in Wastewater Treatment
Olsson, John Gabriel Forensic Linguistics Institute International consultant to law enforcement agencies and legal professionals,UK
Forensic Linguistics
Olsthoorn, Alexander A. Vrije University ,The Netherlands
Cost Implications of Storms, Floods, and Droughts
Omagari, Hisako Japan Environmental Sanitation Center ,Japan
National Mechanisms and International Cooperation for Capacity Building - Japan
Omann, Ines University of Graz ,Austria
Science Policy for Transdisciplinary Research
Ometto, J.P. Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora ,Brasil
Importance of Tropics to carbon cycle
Ominski, Kim University of Manitoba ,Canada
Sustainable Animal Production
Omodeo, Pietro University of Siena ,Italy
Characteristics of Living Beings
Biological Homeostasis
Ondieki, Christopher Misati Kenyatta University ,Kenya
Applications of Geographic Information Systems
Ong, J.E. Universiti Sains Malaysia ,Malaysia
The Vegetated Littoral: Mangroves and Salt Marshes
Onishi, Akira Soka University ,japan
Futures of Global Interdependence Modeling System: Integrated Global Model for Sustainable Development
Refugees and Social Justice: The GEWS (Global Early Warning System) Model
The World Input-Output Model (WIOM)
The FUGI Global Model 9.0 M200
Methodologies of Modeling and Simulations of Global Systems
The Futures of Global Interdependence (FUGI) Model
Onishi, Masahiro University of Tokyo ,Japan
Futures of Global Interdependence Modeling System: Integrated Global Model for Sustainable Development
Onofri, Silvano University of Tuscia in Viterbo ,Italy
Diversity of Form, Function and Adaptation in Fungi
Systematics of Fungi
Onsrud, Harlan J. University of Maine ,USA
Geographic Information Legal Issues
Onyeiwu, Stephen Allegheny College ,USA
Issues in Resource Allocation to Health Care
Health Economics in Developing Countries
Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Health: A Review of the Contending Issues
Ooi, Beng Chin National University of Singapore ,Singapore
Geographical Information Applications Over the Net
Ooi, Goik-Ling Institute of Policy Studies ,Singapore
Settlements as Socio-Technological Systems: Study of Singapore as an Urban Eco-system
Ooka, Rozo University of Tokyo ,Japan
Architectural Engineering and Sustainable Buildings
Ordonez, Rogelio Macias Instituto de Ecologia A.C. ,Mexico
Mating Strategies of Tropical Insects
Ordonez-Garcia, Salvador Universidad de Oviedo ,Espana
Mass Transfer Operations - Absorption and Extraction
Ordyan, Natalia E. Pavlov Institute of Physiology ,Russia
Glucocorticoids and Brain
Ordys, Andrzej W. Kingston University in London ,UK
Models of Stochastic Systems
Combined Cycle and Combined Heat and Power Processes
Oren, Aharon The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ,Israel
Metabolic Diversity in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
Diversity of Form, Function and Adaptation in Microorganisms
Systematics of Archaea and Bacteria
Orlandelli, Ermes Catholic University ,Italy
Orlandi, Lisa RIE Srl, Energrtic and Industrial Research ,Italy
Petroleum Economics
Orlandini, Simone University of Florence ,Italy
Agricultural Meteorology
Orlando, Alcir de Faro University of Rio de Jane ,Brazil
Uncertainty Analysis in Experimental Mechanics
Orlin, James B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ,USA
Graph and Network Optimization
Orlov, Sergei N. Université de Montréal ,Canada
Mechanisms of Cell Volume Regulation
Orlova, Elena R. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Natural Resources as an Element of the Society-Nature System
Ormeling, Ferjan J. Utrecht University ,The Netherlands
Technical Geography. Core Concepts in the Mapping Sciences
Mapping and Atlas Production
Oro, Daniel IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) ,Spain
Ecology and Behavior of Seabirds:An Introduction
Orskov, Robert E. Macaulay Institute ,UK
Appropriate and Inappropriate Biotechnology for Developing Countries
Ortega-Perez, Fernando Universidad San Francisco de Quito ,Ecuador
"Medicinal Plants in the Evolution of Therapeutics" A Case of Applied Ethnopharmacology
Ortega-Rivas, Enrique University of Chihuahua ,México
Food Powder Processing
Ortigueira, Salvador Cornell University ,USA
Ortiz-Monasterio Rosas, Jose Ivan CIMMYT-HQ ,México
Improving the Nutritional Quality of Maize and Wheat for Human Consumption
Ortiz-Villafuerte, Javier Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares ,Mexico
Safety of Boiling Water Reactors
Osako, Masahiro National Institute for Environmental Studies ,Japan
Wastewater Management Engineering
Osato, Naoki The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) ,Japan
Genome Science of Vertebrate
Osborne, Stefan U. S. Department of Agriculture ,USA
Crop Production Capacity in Europe
Oshiba, Ryo Hitotsubashi University ,Japan
International Regimes
Osipov, Anatolij Agrophisical Research Institute ,Russia
Reclamation of Acid Soils
Osipov, Yuri S. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Mathematical Modeling and Global Processes
Ososkov, Gennadii A. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research ,Russia
Limits and Accuracy in Measurements
Ostergaard, Poul Alberg Aalborg University ,Denmark
Energy-Based Life Support System Development Information and Knowledge
Osterheld, M. University of Buenos Aires ,Argentina
Extensive Livestock Production: Grazing Management on Rangelands
Ostrom, Elinor Indiana University ,USA
Ecological Systems and Multi-tier Human Organization
Institutional Analysis and Development: Elements of the Framework in Historical Perspective
Ostrovsky, Gennady University of Connecticut ,USA
Process Analysis and Optimization
Oswald Spring, Ursula National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) ,México
Sustainable Development with Peace Building and Human Security
Processes of Peace and Security
International Security, Peace, Development, And Environment
Gender and Environmental Security: A Huge Challenge
Oszlanyi, Julius Slovak Academy of Sciences ,Slovak Republic
Reflection on the Concept of Sustainable Development:Progress in the Slovak Republic
Otani, Shunsuke The University of Tokyo ,Japan
Earthquake-Resistant Building Construction
Otsubo, Kuninori National Institute for Environmental Studies ,Japan
Desertification in China
Ott, Konrad Universität Greifswald ,Germany
Essential Components of Future Ethics
Ouseph, Roshan Yale University ,USA
Health Security Issues
Oustry, Francois RaisePartner ,France
Nonsmooth Optimization
Outhred, Hugh University of NSW ,Australia
Strategies for the Adoption of Renewable Energy Technologies
Ouyang, Zhiyuan Renmin University of China ,China
China's Traditional Eco-Culture and Its Modern Implication
Overby, John M. Ozone Water Systems Inc ,USA
Ozone for Recreation Purposes (Ozonation of Swimming Pools and Aquarium Water)
Overend, Ralph P. National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL) ,USA
Energy from Biomass
Direct Combustion of Biomass
Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass
Oviatt, Vinson R. Crail, Scotland, UK
Determinants on Health and Their Interactions Genetic Factors
Owen, Anthony David University of New South Wales ,Australia
Energy Policy
Energy-Economy Interactions
Energy Resources Assessment
Economic Instruments
Owende, Philip M. O. University College Dublin ,Ireland
Human and Animal Powered Machinery
Owens, David H. The University of Sheffield ,UK
Description and Classification in Mimo Design
Owens, John N. University of Victoria ,Canada
Forests and Forest Plants
Structure, Growth, Development and Reproduction of Forest Trees
Owusu Apenten, Richard W. Pennsylvania State University ,USA
Antinutritional Factors in Food Legumes and Effects of processing
Ozag, David Gettysburg College ,USA
Information System Response Model: An Extension of the Tam Model
Ozawa, Tetsuya Meijo University ,Japan
Basic Notions of Geometry and Euclidean Geometry
Ozerin, Alexander N. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Protection of Intellectual Property and Commercialization of Technology
Ozgercin, Kevin V. SUNY College at Old Westbury ,USA
The Evolution of Global Governance:Theory and Practice
Ozturk, Munir Ecology & Environmental Sciences, Ege University ,Turkey
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants(Turkey)