EOLSS Participants


Gabaldon, Arnoldo Jose' Ecology & Environment, Inc. ,Venezuela
Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean:Perspectives and Future
Gabbard, David East Carolina University ,USA
Development,Education and GrassRoots Movements for Sustainability and Environmental Justice
Gabel, Medard World Game Institute ,USA
Global Recall and Networld Game: Global Access to Global Models
Gabr, Mamdouh WHO ,Egypt
Health Ethics, Equity and Human Dignity
Gabriele, Domenico University of Calabria ,Italy
Gabriella, Guarisco Politecnico di Milano ,Italy
Cultural Conservation in the Built Environment
Gabriels, Donald University of Gent ,Belgium
Human-Induced Land Degradation
Water Harvesting and Water-Saving Techniques
Monitoring the Desert Environment From Space:Examples from the Arab Region
Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Dynamics
Gadenin, Michail M. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Nonlinear Deformation and Fracture Mechanics for Engineering Approaches in Design of Structures
Gaffney, Jeffrey S. University of Arkansas at Little Rock ,USA
Formation and Effects of Smog
Gaillard, Anne-Marie International Freelance Consultant ,Sweden
Science and Technology Policies in the Context of International Scientific Migration
Gaillard, Jacques International Foundation for Science ,Sweden
Stakes and New Prospects for North-South Scientific Cooperation Policies
Science and Technology Policies in the Context of International Scientific Migration
Gaivoronsky, Alexander Ivanovich Bauman Moscow State Technical University ,Russia
Stirling Engine
Galal, Osman UCLA School of Public Health ,USA
Human Nutrition: An Overview
Galbraith, James K. University of Texas ,USA
The Evolving Economics of War and Peace
Galbraith, John M. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ,USA
Soils in Low Density Residential Areas
Galil, Bella S. National Institute of Oceanography ,Israel
Control and Eradication of Invasive Aquatic Invertebrates
Galindo, Enrique National University of Mexico ,México
Galitseyskiy, Boris M. Moscow Aviation Institute ,Russia
Heat Transfer in Engines
Fundamentals of the Heat Transfer Theory
Thermal Protection of Power Plants
Galizzi, Paolo Fordham University School of Law ,USA
International Law,Regulations and Environmental History
Gallaher, Raymond N. University of Florida ,USA
Multiple Cropping Systems
Gallegos, Crispulo Universidad de Huelva ,Spain
High-Pressure Rheology
Linear Viscoelasticity
Gallo, Maria Concetta University of Camerino ,Italy
Bioclimatic Architecture
Galloway, Tamara S. University of Plymouth ,UK
Chemical Disruption of Biological Phenomena
Enviromental Endocrine Disruption: Can the Endocrine Disruption Hypothesis be Validated in the Invertebrate Phyla?
Galtung, Johan Transcend: A network for Peace and Development ,Norway
What does Professionalization mean in Peace Research?
Gamage, Nimal P. D. Moratuwa University ,Sri Lanka
Dynamics, Threats, Responses, and Recovery of Riverine-Riparian Flora
Gamal El-Dine, Mona Universite de Paris ,France
The Culture of Peace in Egyptian Literature and Cinema
Gamati, Samia Concordia University ,Canada
Monitoring the Quality of Air
Gandelli, Alessandro Politecnico di Milano ,Italy
Power and Energy Measurements
Gandolfo, Giancarlo Sapienza University of Rome ,Italy
Models of International Economics
Ganesh, R. Central Leather Research Institute ,India
Wastewater Treatment Technology For Tanning Industry
Gangadharan, Lata University of Melbourne ,Australia
Growth and the Environment
Property Rights and the Environment
Ganguly, Prabir VSB-Technical University of Ostrava ,Czech Republic
Environmental Pollution Regulations
Local Regulations
National (Federal) Regulations
International Regulations
Regulations of Air Pollutants
Regulations of Water Pollutants
Regulations of Land Pollutants and Waste Disposal
Regulations on Fuel Extraction and Combustion
Ganz, Christopher ABB ,Switzerland
Gas Turbines
Gao, Jian Chinese Academy of Sciences ,P.R.China
Multi-scale Modeling
Gao, Shiqiu Chinese Academy of Sciences ,P.R.China
Multi-scale Modeling
Gao, Zhi.Gang Xinjiang Institute of Finance Economics ,China
Energy Supply and Demand
Gara, Robert I. University of Washington ,USA
Silviculture Around the World: Past, Present, and Future Trends
Garanin, I.V. Moscow State Aviation Institute ,Russia
The Hydroreacting Marine Solid Fuel Rocket Engines
Garasic, Ivica University of Zagreb ,Croatia
Underwater Welding
Garbesi, Karina California State University ,USA
The Implications of Global Warming for Energy Production and Consumption
Garbin, M.L. Instituto de Pestqisa Jardim Botanico do Rio de Janeiro, Directoria de PEsquisa Clientifica ,
Tropical Artificial Forests
Garcia Canal, Carlos A. Universidad Nacional de la Plata ,Argentina
Elementary and Fundamental Particles
García, Daniel F. University of Oviedo ,Spain
Digital Instruments
García, Javier University of Oviedo ,Spain
Digital Instruments
Garcia, Marcelo H. University of Illinois ,USA
River Navigation and Associated Structures
Garcia, S.Carreto Cuautitlan Izcalli,UNAM ,Mexico
Universality in Chaos, Evolution of Turbulence
Garcia, Serge Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) ,Italy
World Yields of Marine Organisms
Forecast of Yields
Garcia-Compean, Hugo CINVESTAV-IPN, Av. Instituto Politecnico Nacional ,Mexico
Laws of Physical Systems
Garcia-Espinosa, Roberto Colegio de Postgraduados en Ciencias Agricolas ,México
Conventional Plant Breeding for Higher Yields and Pest Resistance
Garcia-Quijano, Carlos G. University of Rhode Island Kingston ,
Aquatic Ethnobiology
Gard-Floc’h, Arielle Limonest ,France
Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessment of Chemicals
Gardner, Kevin H. University of New Hampshire ,USA
Influence of Colloids and Sediments on Water Quality
Gardossi, Lucia Universita degli Studi ,Italy
Biocatalytic Processes
Garelick, Hemda Middlesex University ,UK
Water Quality
Garfias, Jaime Autonomous University of the State of Mexico ,México
Groundwater in Mountain Regions
Garlaschelli, Diego Universitat di Siena ,Italy
The World Wide Web:Structure, Evolution and Modeling
Garmendia, Ana-Maria Procter and Gamble ,México
Integrated Waste Management
Garner, Eric L. URS (Australia) Pty. Ltd ,Australia
International Treaties Governing Mineral Exploration
Garnett, Corinne National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology ,Australia
Eutrophication and Algal Blooms
Garnovskii, Alexander D. Rostov State University ,Russia
Organic Reactions
Garrett, Claire The University of Melbourne ,Australia
Reproductive Pharmacology
Garrett-Jones, Samuel Edward University of Wollongong ,Australia
Transdisciplinarity and Disciplinarity in the University of the Future
Garrison, William L. University of California ,USA
Historical Transportation Development
Technological Changes and Transportation Development
Gartside, Don F. Southern Cross University ,Australia
A History of Fishing
Garulli, Andrea Universita' di Siena ,Italy
Uncertainty Models for Robustness Analysis
Garuti, Georgio Universita' di Modena e Reggio Emilia ,Italy
Chromite-Platinum Group Elements Magmatic Deposits
Garvin, Alexander Alex Garvin & Associates, inc ,USA
Zoning and Regulatory Policies
Garzon, Francisco Jose Morales International Center for Tropical Whitefly IPM Project(CIAT) ,Republic of Columbia
Introduction to tropical agriculture and Outlook for Tropical crops in a Globalized Economy
Gasol, Josep M. Institut de Ciències del Mar ,Spain
Role of Marine Microbes in Carbon and Nutrient Cycles
Gates, Richard S. University of Kentucky ,USA
Equipment for Poultry Production
Gatteschi, Dante University of Florence ,Italy
Magnetic and Optical Properties
Gattie, David K. University of Georgia ,USA
Ecology and Technology
Gattuso, Jean-Pierre CNRS-Université de Paris 6 ,France
Marine Biogeochemical Cycles: Effects on Climate and Response to Climate Change
Gaus, Gerald F. Tulane University ,USA
Justice Essentials
Gauthier, Michel A.P. The International OTEC/DOWA Association ,France
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion and the Utilization of Deep Ocean Water
Natural Temperature Differences as an Energy Source
Environmental Issues of Natural Temperature Differences Utilization
Gavara, Rafael Instituto de Agroquimica y Tecnologia de Alimentos. CSIC ,Spain
Food Packaging
Gawthrop, Peter J. The University of Glasgow ,UK
Self-Tuning Control
Minimum Variance Control
Ge, Shuzhi The National University of Singapore ,Singapore
Lyapunov Design
Ge, Wei Chinese Academy of Sciences ,P.R.China
Multi-scale Modeling
Geddes III, J. B Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Sculptured Thin Films
Gehringer, Michelle University of New South Wales ,Australia
Eukaryote Cell Biology
Cell Theory, Properties of Cells and their Diversity
Cell Morphology and Organization
Cell Nucleus and Chromatin Structure
Mitosis, Cytokinesis, Meiosis and Apoptosis
Cell Growth Regulation, Transformation and Metastases
Gehrmann, Susanne Humboldt University ,Germany
Africa and the Weltverkehr / World Traffic of Tongues, Books, and Scholars
Geist, Helmut J. University of Louvain ,Belgium
The Land-Use and Cover-Change (LUCC) Project
Gelbard, Alene Population Reference Bureau (PRB) ,USA
Population Transition
Gelfan, Alexander N. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Dynamic - Stochastic Models of River Runoff Generation
Gelin, Michaela N. University of British Columbia ,Canada
The Construction and Use of Psychological Tests and Measures
Geller, Michael R. University of Georgia ,USA
Quantum Phenomena in Low Dimensional Systems
Geller, Walter UFZ-Centre for Environmental Research ,Germany
Measurement Tools: Water Systems (Inland Waters)
Field Techniques: Inland Waters
Gellings, Clark W. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) ,USA
Efficient Use and Conservation of Energy
Efficient Use and Conservation of Energy in the Industrial Sector
Efficient Use of Electricity in Process Operation
Efficient Use of Fossil Fuels in Process Operation
Energy Efficiency in Specific Industrial Segments
Total Plant Energy Efficiency
Efficient Use and Conservation of Energy in Buildings
Efficient Use of Lighting in Buildings
Efficient Use of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems in Buildings
Building Envelope Efficiency Measures
Efficient Use and Conservation of Energy in the Transportation Sector
Energy Efficiency in Freight Transportation
Energy Efficiency in Mass Transit Systems
Energy Efficiency in Passenger Cars and Light Trucks
Efficient Use and Conservation of Energy in the Agricultural Sector
Energy Efficiency in Pumping and Irrigation Systems
Energy Efficiency in Agricultural Equipment
Energy Efficiency in Fertilizer Production and Use
Using Demand-Side Management to Select Energy Efficient Technologies and Programs
Efficient Use of Electricity Through Demand-Side Management
Deciding Which Demand-Side Management Activities to Pursue
Market Implementation Methods
Evaluation and Selection of Demand-Side Management Programs in the Commercial Sector
Gelman, Len Cranfield University ,UK
Vibro-Acoustic Monitoring of Complex Mechanical Systems
Gelosa, Davino Politecnico di Milano ,Italy
Chemical Laboratory Techniques
Gas and Liquid Chromatography
Gemelli, Ralph ashington, D.C., USA
Developmental Psychology: Main Problems and Modern Tendencies
Developmental Psychodynamics
Geneve, Robert L. University of Kentucky ,USA
Plant Propagation
Genov, Nikolai Bulgarian Academy of Sciences ,Bulgaria
Perspectives on Contemporary Socioeconomic Development
Genshaft, Yuri S. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Volcanism: Historical and Human Perspectives
Genske, Dieter D. On-line Network of Independent Environmental Geo-Scientists EGS ,Switzerland
Culture and the Environment
Georgiou, George A. Jacobi Consulting Limited ,UK
Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation of Metals
Georgiou, Polyxeni P. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens ,Greece
Oxides of Carbon
Gepts, Paul University of California ,USA
Origins of Plant Agriculture and Major Crop Plants
Ger, Geiz Bilkent University ,Turkey
Consumption in Affluent Societies
Gerber, Rod University of New England ,Australia
Geographical Education
Gerday, Charles University of Liege ,Belgium
Extremophiles-Basic Concepts
Catalysis and Low Temperature: Molecular Adaptations
Gerendas, Joska University of Kiel ,Germany
Influence of Mineral Fertilizers on Nutritional Quality of Staple Food Crops
Gerhardt, Almut LimCo International ,Germany
Bioindicator Species and Their Use in Biomonitoring
German, Randall M. Pennsylvania State University ,USA
Powder Methods
Gerrard, Juliet A. University of Canterbury ,New Zealand
Lysine Biosynthesis in Bacteria: An unchartered pathway for Novel Antibiotic Design
Gerrits, Mirjam A.F.M. Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience ,The Netherlands
Gertler, Len University of Waterloo ,Canada
Early Localized Issues Affecting Regional Sustainability - The Case of Ontario, Canada's Niagara Escarpment
Getov, Ilko N. Medical University-Sofia Bulgaria ,Bulgaria
Abzymes - A Challenge for the Medical Biotechnology and Public Health
Geys, Helena Limburgs Universitair Centrum ,Belgium
Generalized Linear Modeling
Ghabbour, Samir I. Cairo University ,Egypt
Overview of Animal Resources and Diversity in Africa
Ghazanfar, Shahina A. Temperate Regional Team, Herbarium, Library, Art & Archives, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew ,UK
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants(Arabia and Iran)
Gherardi, Francesca Universita di Firenze ,Italy
Biodiversity Conservation and Habitat Management
Eradication and Control of Invasive Species
Ghionis, G. Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics,Foundation for Research and Technology,Herakion,Crete,Hellas ,
An Assessment of the Vulnerability to Erosion of the Coastal Zone Due To a Potential Rise of Sea Level: The Case of the Hellenic Aegean Coast
Ghosh, Suman Mission Geoscience, Inc., Irvine ,USA
Sanitary Landfill
Giacometti, Achille Universita' Ca' Foscari ,Italy
River Networks
Giaglis, George M. Athens University of Economics and Business ,Greece
Mobile and Wireless Positioning Technologies
Giampietro, Mario Penn State University ,USA
Mathematical Models of Society and Development: Dealing with the Complexity of Multiple-Scales and the semiotic process associated with development
Giannini, Rafaello University of Firenze ,Italy
Retention of Old Forest Stands and Individual old Trees
Natural Regeneration in Woodland Management
Gibbs, David University of Hull ,UK
Urban Sustainability: Theoretical Perspectives on Integrating Economic Development and the Environment
Gibbs, Steve WS Atkins Consultants Ltd. ,UK
Classification of Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Agricultural and Construction Waste
Gibson, Rosalind S. University of Otago ,New Zealand
Nutritional Assessment: Methods for Selected Micronutrients and Calcium
Global Importance of Zinc Deficiency in Humans: Its Relations to Malnutrition and Strategies for Its Prevention
Giesecke, Jurgen University of Stuttgart ,Germany
Sustainable Industrial Water Use in Southern Germany
Gilbert, Benjamin FarManguinhos-FIOCRUZ ,Brazil
Traditional Medicinal Plants for the Treatment and Prevention of Human Parasitic Diseases
Gilboy, Walter Bernard University of Surrey ,UK
Medical and Industrial Tomography
Gilbrich, Wilfried H. Consultant ,France
Water Resources Education and Training
Continuing Education and Training (CET)
Gilioli, Gianni Universita di Reggio Calabria ,Italy
Biological Control and Ecosystem Services
Gillespie, Susan D. University of Florida ,USA
The Archaeology of Meaning
Gilley, Jerry W. Colorado State University ,USA
Major Issues in Human Resource Development
Gillmor, Desmond A. Trinity College ,Ireland
Agricultural and Rural Geography
Gills, Barry K. University of Newcastle Upon Tyne ,UK
One World System or Many: Continuity Thesis in World System History
Gilmartin, Thomas J. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ,USA
The Policy Implications of Industrial Ecology
Gintzburger, Gustave Range ecologist, Mariginiup, WA 6065, Australia
From Inventory to Monitoring in Semi-Arid and Arid Rangelands
Ginzburg, Anna Ivanovna Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Fronts and Mixing Processes
Gioia, Luca De University of Milano Bicocca ,Italy
Computational Organic Chemistry
Giordano, Andrea Università di Torino ,Italy
The Corine Project on Soil Erosion Risk and Land Quality
Giorgetti, Andrea University of Bologna ,Italy
Wireless Terrestrial Communications: Non-Telephony-Oriented Technologies
Giorgi, Piero P. The University of Queensland ,Australia
Countering with Nonviolence the Pervasive Structural Violence of Everyday Life- The Case of three Small Italian Townships
Girard, Nicole C. University of Alberta ,Canada
Comparative Immunology-Based Approaches to Veterinary Diseases
Giridhar, K. IIT Madras ,India
Packet Switched Data Network and its evolution
Giske, Jarl University of Bergen ,Norway
Models and Functioning of Marine Ecosystems
Gismondi, Ronaldo C. State University of Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil
Digital Signal Processing - Applications in Medicine>
Gissel-Nielsen, Gunnar Risoe National Laboratory ,Denmark
Agronomic Approaches to Increase Selenium Concentration in Livestock Feed and Food Crops
Giudici, Doriana (Teodora) National Committee of Economy and Labour ,Italy
Environment and New Generations: An Opportunity for a New Social and Economic Development
Giuliani, Alessandro Istituto Superiore di Sanita ,Roma
Microarray Data Analysis: Acquiring a Systemic View in Biology
Giussani, A. University of Milan ,Italy
Radiactivation Analysis and Isotopic Tracers
Givskov, Michael The Technical University of Denmark ,Denmark
The Ecological and Physiological Roles of Bacterial Cell-Cell Signalling
Biofilm of Medical Importance
Gladwell, John S. Hydro Tech International ,USA
Sustainable Development/Water Interactions
Glansdorff, Nicolas Vrjie Universiteit Brussel ,Belgium
Phylogeny of Extremophiles
Glanville, Ranulph CybernEthics Research ,UK
Second Order Cybernetics
Glattfelder, Adolf Hermann ETH Zürich ,Switzerland
Automatic Control for Hydroelectric Power Plants
Anti Windup and Override Control
Glavitsch, Hans Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ,Switzerland
Automation and Control of Electrical Power Generation and Transmission Systems
Glazovsky, Nikita Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Environmental Structure and Function: Earth System
Local Authorities' Initiatives in Support of Agenda 21 - Russia
Combat Desertification, Deforestation and Drought
Glebov, Igor Alekseevich Research Institute for Electric Machinary ,Russia
Electrical Power Generation
Electrodynamic Modeling (Simulation) of Power Systems
Gleiser, Raquel M. Louisiana State University ,USA
Chemical Ecology in Relation to Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
Glenn, Edward P. University of Arizona ,USA
Salination, Desertification, and Soil Erosion
Rangelands as a sink for carbon
Glouberman, Sholom Canadian Policy Research Networks ,Canada
Emotions and Human Health
Glumoff, Tuomo University of Oulu ,Finland
On the Determination of Enzyme Structure, Function and Mechanism
Gnanakan, Ken ACTS Academy of Higher Education ,India
Environmental Determinants of Health
Gnecco, Enrico University of Basel ,Switzerland
Gochfeld, Deborah J. The University of Mississippi ,USA
Chemical Ecology of Marine Bacteria and Algae
Gochfeld, Michael Rutgers University ,USA
Use of Monitoring data in Human/Ecological Exposure Assessment
Gocht, Werner Aachen University of Technology ,Germany
International Commodity Policy:A New Concept for Sustainable Development
Goda, Yoshimi Yokohama National University ,Japan
Fields within Civil Engineering - Ports and Canals as Waterborne Transport Facilities
Goddard, Ellen W. University of Alberta ,Canada
Agricultural Economics
Godfrey, John University of Edinburgh ,UK
Functionalism Versus Consumerism Development Information and Knowledge
Godfrey, Samuel UNICEF ,INDIA
Water Safety Plans for Water Technologies
Godhe, Anna University of Göteborg ,Sweden
Genetic Engineering of Algal Species
Goeb, Rainer Universitat Wurzburg ,Germany
Sample Method and Quality Control
Goes Neto, Aristoteles Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana(UEFS) ,Brazil
Diversity of Prokaryotes,fungi, protozoa, Bryophytes and Pteridophytes in tropical ecosystems.
Goetze, Dethardt University of Rostock ,Germany
Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Biodiversity Dynamics
Goff, Fraser Los Alamos National Laboratory ,USA
Environmental Effects of Geothermal Power
Goff, Sue J. Los Alamos National Laboratory ,USA
Environmental Effects of Geothermal Power
Gogus, Yalcin Abdullah Middle East Technical University ,Turkey
Energy Storage
Mechanical Energy Storage
Pumped Water Energy Storage
Spinning Reserves
Goh, Kwang-il Korea University ,Korea
Diseasome and Genetic Networks
Goh, R. University of Sheffield ,UK
Solid Wastes for Power Generation
Gohner, Peter University of Stuttgart ,Germany
Architectures and Methods for Computer-based Automation
Goicoechea, Maria ,
Comparative Literature in the Age of Global Change
Gojda, Martin Czech Academy of Sciences ,Czech Republic
Landscape Archaeology
Goldammer, Johann G. Max Planck Institute for Chemistry ,Germany
Goldemberg, Jose University of Sao Paulo ,Brazil
Interactions: Energy/Environment
Greenhouse Gases from Fossil Fuels and Their Impact on Global Change
Golding, Peter Univ. of Texas at El Paso ,USA
Solar Ponds
Goldman, Ian Khanya-Managing Rural Change cc ,South Africa
Improving Institutional Support to Promote Sustainable Livelihoods in Southern Africa
Local, Regional, and National Decentralized, Multistage Planning Processes and Sustainable Development
Political Parties: Principal Arenas of Policymaking Conflict
Goldstein, Jeffrey Adelphi University ,USA
The Implications of Complexity
Gollasch, Stephan University of Kiel ,Germany
Transfer of Non-Indigenous Aquatic Species Concern to Aquatic Resource Users
Golovanov, A.I. Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering ,Russia
Hindrances and Restrictions to Farming
Golovina, Nina Aleksandrovna Russia
Environment Impact on Aquaculture Production
Parasite Infestation of Fishes and Sea Products
Golub, Aaron Institute of Transportation Studies ,USA
Sustainable Transportation Balances Economic Viability, Environmental Impacts and Social Equity: The Case of Bogotá Columbia
Gomez, Rene International Potato Center(CIP) ,Peru
The Conservation and Utilization of Crop Genetic Resources in the Tropics
Gomez, Ricardo Juan California State University ,USA
What is that Thing Called Philosophy of Technology?
Gomez, Sergi Communities in Complex Networks: Identification at different levels
Gon, Ofer South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity ,South Africa
Gong, Wooi Khoon Universiti Sains Malaysia ,Malaysia
The Vegetated Littoral: Mangroves and Salt Marshes
Gongora-Nieto, M. Marcela Washington State University ,USA
Nonthermal Processing of Foods and Emerging Technologies
Gonsalves, Kenneth Anna University ,INDIA
Free - Open Source Software for Development
Gonzaga, Marcelo Oliveira Universidade Federal de Uberlandia ,Brazil
Natural History of Tropical Parasitoid Wasps
González Arias, Maria Lorenza European Patent Organization, DG1 ,The Netherlands
The Patent System: A Driving Force to Promote Innovation
Gonzalez, Alfonso University of Calgary ,Canada
Canada and USA: Demographic Dynamics and Sustainability
Gonzalez, R.M. Complutense University of Madrid ,Spain
Data Integration into Environmental Models and Sensitivity to Input Data
Gonzalez-Villarreal, Fernando Global Water Partnership ,Chile
The Dublin Principles: Institutional and Legal Arrangements for Integrated Water Resource Management
Good, Allen G. University of Alberta ,Canada
Sustainable Crop Production:Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Good, Tatjana C. University of Virginia ,USA
Ecology, Biological Conservation and Policy
Goodall, Roger M. Loughborough University ,UK
Control for Railway Vehicles
Goodland, Robert J. A. The World Bank ,USA
The Future of Big Dams
Goodwin, Mark University of Wales ,UK
Interpreting the Regulatory Geography of Sustainable Development: The Rise of the Sustainable City in the UK
Goodwin, Neva R. Tufts University ,USA
Civil Economy and Civilized Economics:Essentials for Sustainable Development
Goonatilake, Susantha Center for Studies of Social Change ,Sri Lanka
Non-Western Science - Mining Civilizational Knowledge
Goosen-de Roo, L. Leiden University ,The Netherlands
Cell and Tissue Structure in Animals and Plants
Goovaerts, Pierre University of Michigan ,USA
Geostatistical Analysis of Spatial Data
Gopalkrishnan, Narayan University of the Sunshine Coast ,Australia
Human Resource Development: Ethics and Justice Needs for Sustainable Development
Goranvic, Dusan Biotechnological Applications of Acetic Acid Bacteria in Food Production
Gorban, Alexander N. Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Methods of Nonlinear Kinetics
Gordillo, Francisco Universidad de Sevilla ,Spain
Equilibrium and Stability Analysis
Gordillo, Gayle M. The Ohio State University ,USA
Wound Healing and Regeneration
Gordillo, Silvia University of la Plata ,Argentina
Conceptual Modeling of Geographic Applications
Gordin, Vladimir A. Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia and Independent Moscow University ,Russia
Homogeneous Random Fields and Their Evaluation
Time Series Analysis
Gordon, John C. Ohio State University ,USA
Veterinary Medicine : Preventing LiveStock Diseases, With Emphasis on the USA
Goreau, Thomas J. Global Coral Reef Alliance ,USA
Effects of Rising Seawater Temperature on Coral Reefs
Reef Restoration as a Fisheries Management Tool
Gorecki, Henry Wroclaw University of Technology ,Poland
Ammonia and Fertilizers
Gorlov, Alexander A. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Temperature Differences in the Ocean at Low Latitude and Between Sea or River Water and Air at High Latitudes
Gorshkov, Victor Georgievich Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Knowledge of the Environment
Goryanin, Igor The University of Edinburgh ,Scotland
Computational Systems Biology
Goshima, J. Hokkaido University ,Japan
Protection and Promotion of Human Health in Japan
Gössling, Stefan Lund University ,Sweden
Wildlife and Tourism in Forest Ecosystems
Goto, Fumiyuki Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry ,Japan
Development of Iron-Rich Crops by Genetic Engineering
Goto, Totaro Water Re-use Promotion Center ,Japan
Industrial Wastewater Systems
Gottlieb, Agnes Hooper Seton Hall University ,USA
Gottlieb, Otto Richard Universidade Federal Fluminense ,Brazil
Insights into Evolutionary Systems Via Chemobiological Data
Gottsberger, Gerhard Universitat Ulm ,Germany
Tropical Savannas - Introduction
Gough, Steven University of Bath ,UK
The Politics of Learning and Sustainable Development
Goujon, Anne Valia Austrian Academy of Sciences ,Austria
Demographic Transition and Education in Developing Countries
Goulletquer, Philippe IFREMER ,France
Shelled Molluscs
Gourbesville, Philippe University of Nice Sophia - Antipolis ,France
Education and Training for the Decision Makers
Gouveia, Fabricio Carvalho de FOKUS Fraunhofer-Institute ,Germany
Quality of Service in Telecommunication Networks
Gouze, Jean-Luc COMORE, INRIA ,France
Classification of Models
Basic Methods of the Development and Analysis of Mathematical Models
Govina Nava, Juan Jose CINVESTAV-IPN ,Mexico
Universality in Chaos, Evolution of Turbulence
Govindaraj, T. Georgia Institute of Technology ,USA
Manufacturing and Networked Information Systems for Life Support
Gowdy, John M. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ,USA
Economics Interactions with Other Disciplines
Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Health: A Review of the Contending Issues
Sustainability Concepts in Ecological Economics
Graber, Bruno W. BWG Hydro Power Development ,South Africa
Hydroelectric Structures and the Design of Surge Chambers
Graber, Werner K. Paul Scherrer Institute ,Switzerland
Measurement Tools for Atmospheric Systems
Field Techniques for Atmospheric Systems
Grabow, Willie O.K. University of Pretoria ,South Africa
Water and Health
Grace, Patrick M. University College Dublin ,Ireland
Agricultural Mechanization and Automation
Gradon, Leon Warsaw University of Technology ,Poland
Principles of Momentum,Mass and Energy Balances
Graeber, Peter-Wolfgang Dresden University of Technology ,Germany
System to Support Decisions on Clean-Up of Polluted Lands
Graedel, Thomas E. Yale University ,USA
The Policy Implications of Industrial Ecology
Graf, Walter H. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale ,Switzerland
Transport of Sediments
Graham, Robin D. University of Adelaide ,Australia
Agricultural and Molecular Genetic Approaches to Improving Nutrition and Preventing Micronutrient Malnutrition Globally
Improving Micronutrient Value of Rice Through Breeding
Grainger, Richard J. R. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) ,Italy
World Yields of Marine Organisms
Forecast of Yields
Grandin, Temple University of Colorado ,USA
Animal Welfare and Humane Slaughter
Grandjean, Frederic Universite de Poitiers ,France
Conservation Strategies, Species Action Plans, and Translocation
Populations Translocation Events and Impact on Natural Habitats
Granja, Helena Maria University of Minho ,Portugal
Rocky Coasts
Granjon, Denis University of Montreal ,Canada
Rural Sustainability
Grant, Robert University of Aberdeen ,UK
Informal Social Movements
Grant, Wiliam D. University of Leicester ,UK
Alkaline Environments and Biodiversity
Grasemann, Bernhard University of Vienna ,Austria
Tectonics and Geodynamics
Graser, Axel Universität Bremen ,Germany
Robotic Applications to Life Support Systems
Grass, Gregor University of Arizona ,USA
Efflux Systems in Metallophiles
Grasso, Domenico Smith College ,USA
Hazardous Waste
Grasswitz, Tessa R. Harper Adams University College ,UK
Chemical Ecology and Pest Management
Graves, Jefferson University of St Andrews ,UK
Evolution of Sociality and cooperation in tropical animals
Graw, Kai-Uwe University of Leipzig ,Germany
Applied Hydraulics and Hydraulics Instrumentation
Gray, Harry B. California Institute of Technology ,USA
Structure and Bonding in Inorganic Chemistry
Gray, Lesley AMEC NNC Limited ,UK
Speciation of Heavy Metals and Radioisotopes
Grayling, Robert A. The Procter & Gamble Company ,USA
Protein Engineering
Gray-Molina, George Nuffield College ,UK
Social Capital Research: A Contested State-of the-Art
Graziani, Salvatore Università degli Studi di Catania ,Italy
Sensors and Transducers
Greco, Francesco Instituto de Ricerche sulla Cumbustione,CNR ,Italy
Suspensions Emulsions, and Foams
Greco, Michele NGO ,Italy
Organisations Involved in Ethics, Justice and Human Rights Issues
Green, Daniel M. University of Delaware ,USA
Democratization:The world-wide spread of democracy in the modern era
Green, David Geoffrey Charles Sturt University ,Australia
Hierarchy, Complexity, and Agent-Based Models
Green, Martin The University of New South Wales ,Australia
Physics of Solar Cells and Energy
Greenberg, Harvey J. University of Colorado at Denver ,USA
The Role of Software in Optimization and Operations Reseach
Greene, David F. Concordia University ,Canada
Tropical dry Forest Structure, Distribution and Dynamics
Greening, Gail E. Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd. ,New Zealand
Aquaculture and Mariculture
Greenwood, Brian University of Toronto ,Canada
Waves and Sediment Transport in the Nearshore Zone
Greger, Maria Stochholm University ,Sweden
Phytotechnology for Forestry
Grégoire, Marilaure University of Liege ,Belgium
Modeling Biogeochemical Processes in Marine Ecosystems
Gregoire, Timothy G. Yale University ,USA
Statistical Methodology in Forestry
Gregori, E. CNR-IIT Institute ,Italy
Power Management
Gregori, Giovanni P. CNR ,Italy
Branches of Geophysics
Geophysical Phenomena and Processes
Gregorio, Glenn B. IRRI ,Philippines
Improving Micronutrient Value of Rice Through Breeding
Greinacher, Udo University of Cincinnati ,USA
Urban Renewal
Greiner, Alfred Bielefeld University ,Germany
Models of Economic Growth
Greiner, Walter J.-W. von Goethe University ,Germany
Nuclear Models: Shell Structure and the Extension of the Periodic System
Grenier, Jean University of Ottawa ,Canada
Branches of Psychology
Gresshoff, Peter M. The University of Queensland ,Australia
Roles of Plant Hormones in Legume Nodulation
Grewal, Mohinder Singh California State University ,USA
Kalman Filters
Grichuk, Dmitry Vladimirovich Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov ,Russia
Chemical Properties Of Soil And Ground Waters
Grieco y Bavio, Alfredo Buenos Aires, Argentina
Criticism and Media
Griffith, Christopher J. University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) ,UK
Home Food Safety and Consumer Responsibility
Grigera, J. Raul UNLP ,Argentina
Education in Biophysics, South American Perspective
Grigolini, Paolo University of North Texas ,USA
Formal Tools for Exploring Complexity
Grill, Karl Technical University of Vienna ,Austria
Stochastic Processes and Random Fields
Markov Processes
Stationary Processes
Ergodic Properties of Stationary, Markov, and Regenerative Processes
Grim, Jiri Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic ,Czech Republic
Neural Networks
Grimble, Michael J. University of Strathclyde ,UK
Combined Cycle and Combined Heat and Power Processes
Grimes, Robin W. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine ,UK
Bonding in Solids, Structural and Chemical Properties
Grimm, Herwig Interdisciplinary Institute of Technology ,Germany
Ethical Issues in Agriculture
Grimsehl, Heinrich W. BKS Pty Ltd. ,South Africa
The Construction of Small Earth-Fill Dams
Gritsenko, Nicolai N. The Academy of Labor and Social Relations ,Russia
Strengthening the Role of Workers and Their Trade Unions - Russia
Groben, Rene Lancaster Environment Center, Lake Ecosystem Group ,United Kingdom
Molecular Tools for the Study of Marine Microbial Diversity
Grodal, Birgit University of Copenhagen ,Denmark
The Equivalence Principle
Groenbech, Mimi Louise Girardin United Nations Industrial Development Organization ,Denmark
Technology Transfer Through Foreign Direct Investment to Developing Countries - The Role of Home Country Measures
Groisman, Pavel Ya. National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) ,USA
Groom, Ben University College London ,UK
Groundwater Management: An Overview of Hydro-geology, Economic Values and Principles of Management
Gross, Michael Oxford Center for Molecular Sciences ,UK
Extremophiles: Overview of the Biotopes
Grossmann, I. Carnegie-Mellon Univ. ,USA
Process Analysis and Optimization
Grossmann, Volker University of Fribourg ,Switzerland
Growth, Development and Technological Change
Groten, Erwin Darmstadt University of Technology ,Germany
Applications of Gravimetry and Methods of Survey
Grubb, Michael Imperial College ,UK
Sharing the Costs of Climate Change
Grucza, Ryszard Institute of Sport ,Poland
Gruenewald, David University of New Mexico ,USA
Children, Youth and Sustainable Development
Grunsky, Eric Christopher Natural Resources Canada ,Canada
Statistical Analysis in the Geosciences
Grunz, Horst University GH Essen ,Germany
Gene Expression and Embryogenesis in Amphibians
Grussendorf, Jeannie University of Texas ,USA
Economic Dimensions of Peace Agreements
Gruter, Michael Universitat des Saarlandes ,Germany
The Principles of the Calculus of Variations
Gruza, George Vadimovich Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Environmental Structure and Function: Climate System
Gu, Shulin United Nations University ,The Netherlands
Science and Technology Policy in China
Gu, Shuzhong Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China
Food Security in China
Combating Poverty in China
Guagliardi, Annamaria Universita ,Italy
Heat-Shock Response in Thermophilic Microorganisms
Gualtieri, Fulvio Universita di Firenze Polo Scientifico ,Italy
Medicinal Chemistry
Gualtieri, Manuela Universita di Firenze ,Italy
Biodiversity Conservation and Habitat Management
Guariento, R.D. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil
Aquatic Macrophytes in the Tropics:Ecology of Populations And Communities,Impacts of Invasions and Use by Man
Guarino, Luigi International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI) ,Italy
Domestication and Development of Plant Cultivars
Conservation of Plant Genetic Diversity
Guastello, Stephen J. Marquette University ,USA
Coping with Complexity and Uncertainty
Complexity and Organizations
Guerin, Bernard University of South Austrailia ,South Austrailia
Structural Sources of Conflict
Alliances: Sanctioning and Monitoring
Political Facets of Conflict
Institutional Facets of Conflict
The Language of Conflict
Small Groups and Conflict
Conflict and Change Across Generations
The Person and Conflict
Guerrero III, Rafael D. Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development(PCAMRD) ,Philippines
Fish Farming in the Tropics
Guerrero, Angel Department of Biological Organic Chemistry, IIQAB (CSIC) ,Spain
Inter and Intraspecificity of Chemical Communication
Gueye, Mamadou Laboratory of Microbiology ,Senegal
Biological Nitrogen Fixation
Guidelli, Rolando Universita degli Studi di Firenze ,Italy
Guidotti, Matteo Instituto di Scienze e Technologie Molecolari ,Italy
Guillaume, Patrick Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) ,Belgium
Modal Analysis
Guinea, G. V. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid ,Spain
Fundamental Applications: Solid Mechanics
Gul, Mustafa Ataturk University ,Turkey
Physiological Basis of Exercise
Gullotta, Concetto Associazione Italiana di Psicologia Analitica (AIPA) ,Italy
Analytical Psychology
Gulmann, Christian Beaumont Hospital and Royal College of surgeons ,Ireland
Antibody based Protein Research in Human Pathology
Gulotta, Guglielmo University of Turin ,Italy
Juridical Psychology
Gulyaev, Yuri Vasilyevich Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Telecommunications Infrastructure Changes for Sustainable Development of Russia
Gumbo, B. University of Zimbabwe ,Zimbabwe
Non-Waterborne Sanitation and Water Conservation
Gunasekaran, Sundaram University of Wisconsin-Madison ,USA
Automation of Food Processing
Gunasekera, Hettiarachchige Dayananda University of Aukland ,New Zealand
Groundwater Monitoring
Günay, Gultekin Hocettepe University ,Turkey
Groundwater in Karst Regions
Gunduz, Gungor Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi ,Turkey
Storage of Radioactive Materials
Gunn, S.W.A. International Association for Humanitarian Medicine ,Switzerland
Disasters and Conflicts
Guo, Fei Macquarie University ,Australia
A Rural Migrant Community in Urban Beijing
Guo, Shaohui University of Petroleum ,China
Chemistry of Shale Oil and Its Refining
Guo, Wenshan University of Technology Sydney ,Australia
Applied technologies in municipal solid waste land fill leachate treatment
Assessment methodologies for water reuse scheme and technology
Specific options in biological wastewater treatment for reclamation and reuse
Guo, Y.F. Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China
CITES Implementation in China: Success and Challenges
Gupta, Anurag India
Balance Laws
Gupta, Divender Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry ,India
Pest Control: Insects and Other Arthropods
Gupta, Harsh K. The Government of India ,India
Nature of Earthquakes
Gupta, Mahabir Makerere University ,Uganda
Latin American and Caribbean-Medicinal Plants
Gupta, Sanjeev International Monetary Fund(IMF) ,USA
Patterns of Military Spending after the Cold War
Gupta, Umesh C. Crops and Livestock Research Centre ,Canada
Agronomic Approaches to Increase Selenium Concentration in Livestock Feed and Food Crops
Gupta, Yogesh National Productivity Council ,India
Environmentally Sound Management of Hazardous Wastes
Gupte, Manjusha Purdue University ,USA
Accomodating Marginalized Groups in the Planning Process
Gurker, Werner Vienna University of Technology ,Austria
Preliminary Data Analysis
Statistical Parameter Estimation
Gurman, Vladimir I. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Regional Socio-Ecology-Economic Models
Gusev, Evgeny Mikhailovich Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Models of Vertical Energy and Water Transfer within the “Soil -Vegetation -Atmosphere” System
Physical Properties Of Soil And Ground Waters
Guseva, Maria Il’inichna Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" ,Russia
Plasma Processing and Ion Implantation
Gusmão, Regina FAPESP ,Brazil
European Science and Technology Policy
Gutberlet, Jutta University of Victoria ,Canada
The Impacts of Industrial Development in Brazil
Guth, Werner Max Planck Institute for Research into Economic Systems ,Germany
Experimental Game Theory
Gutierrez, J. Universidad Europea de Madrid ,Spain
Systems Approaches: A Technology for Theory Production
Gutierrez, Santiago University of Leon ,Spain
Production of Antibiotics
Gutzmer, Jens Rand Afrikaans University ,South Africa
Iron and Manganese Ore Deposits: Mineralogy Geochemistry, and Economic Geology
Guy, Richard Concordia University ,Canada
Acoustics in the Built Environment