EOLSS Participants


Caberizo, Amelia Sanz Unviersidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Comparative Literature in the Age of Global Change
Technologies and Literatures
Cabral, Benedito Jose Costa Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Cacchi, Sandro Universita delgi Studi La Sapienza, Italy
Organometallic Chemistry
Biochemical Methods of Synthesis
Cacot, Philippe Can Tho University, France
Overview of the Catfishes Aquaculture
Cai, Dianxiong Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Capacity of Soils for Sustaining Agricultural Production in Asia
Caiden, Gerald E. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
Measuring Performance in Public Sector Programs
Caiden, Naomi J. California State University, Los Angeles, USA
Measuring Performance in Public Sector Programs
Caillart, Benoît Cofrepeche, France
The Problem of Discards in Fisheries
Cajz, Vladimír Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Volcanic and Magmatic Rocks
Cakmak, Ismail Sabanci University, Turkey
Agricultural and Molecular Genetic Approaches to Improving Nutrition and Preventing Micronutrient Malnutrition Globally
Calabretta, Raffaele Institute for Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, Italy
Genetic Algorithms
Calbet, Albert Institut de Ciències del Mar-CMIMA, CSIC, Spain
Zooplankton Ecology
Microzooplankton, key organisms in the pelagic food web
Larger Zooplankton, its Role in the Pelagic Food Webs
Caldarelli, Guido Universita Sapienza, Italy
The Science of Complex Networks
Perspectives of Complex Networks
Calderazzo, Fausto University of Pisa, Italy
Inorganic and Metal-Organic Synthesis
Calderon, Rebecca L. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA
Epidemiologic Studies of Disinfectants and Disinfectant By-Products
Caldwell, Lynton K. Indiana University, USA
Principles of Sustainable Development
Cali, Michele Politecnico di Torino, Italy
District Heating Networks Calculation and Optimization
Caliman, A. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Aquatic Macrophytes in the Tropics:Ecology of Populations And Communities,Impacts of Invasions and Use by Man
Calixto, Joao B. Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil
Botanical Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Callejo Pérez, David M. West Virginia University, USA
A Comparative Study of Cultural Conservation Among Minority Groups: The Basques and Sustainable Ethnicity in an Age of Globalization
Callies, David L. School of Law, USA
Town And Country Planning In The United Kingdom
Calvo, C. IATA-CSIC, Spain
Optical Properties of Foods
Calvo, María Isabel University of Navarra, Spain
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants – Iberian Peninsula
Calzolari, Nicoletta Instituto di Linguistica Computazionale, Italy
Computational Linguistics
Calzone, Carlo Child Psyiatry Unit, National Health Service Hospital, Matera, Italy
Psycho-genetics and Genetic Influences on Behavior
Cam, Gurel Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey
Joining of Advanced Materials
Camacho, Luis A. University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Changing Patterns of Consumption
Cambiasso, Norberto Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Criticism and Media
Cambridge, Vibert Compton Ohio University, USA
Evolution of Mass Communication: Mass Communication and Sustainable Futures
Cameron, Ian Thomas The University of Queensland, Australia
Solution of Model Equations
Camlibel, M. Kanat Dogus University, Turkey
Well-posedness of Hybrid Systems
Campa, III, Henry Michigan State University, USA
Other Large Domesticated Regional Mammals
Interactions between Biodiversity and Agriculture
Diversity of Plants
Diversity of Vertebrates
Campanella, Osvaldo H. Purdue University, USA
Squeezing and Elongational Flow
Campbell, Celina Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, Canada
Effects of Global Warming on Forests
Campbell, Donald E. The College of William and Mary, USA
Public Goods
Campbell, E.M. General Atomics, USA
The Gas-Turbine Modular Helium Reactor
Campbell, Ian D. Natural Resources Canada, Canada
Effects of Global Warming on Forests
Campbell, Jackie Montana State University, USA
Plant Genomics
Campos Brites, Vera Lucia de Universidade Federal de Uberlandia, Brazil
The Herpetofauna of the Neotropical Savannas
Campos, Javier Montavista Software Inc., USA
Neural Control Systems
Campos, Maria Martha Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil
Botanical Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Canaparo, Claudio The University of Exeter, UK
Science and Empires: The Geo-epistemic Location of Knowledge
Cancello, Eliana Marques Zoology Museum of Sao Paulo University, Brazil
Termites and Ecosystem Function
Candau, Joël University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, LAPCOS
The Theuth Effect- What Does Culture Do To Our Brains? -
Candela, Lucila Technological University of Catalonia, Spain
Basic Chemical Principles of Groundwater
Cannarsa, Piermarco Universita' di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy
Dynamic Programming and Bellman's Principle
Cannicci, Stefano Universita degli Studi di Firenze, Italy
Management of Wetlands for Biodiversity
Management of Grazing in Wetlands
Cano, Enio B. Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala
Beetles as Indicators for Forest Conservation in Central America
Cantone, Marie Claire University of Milan, Italy
Radiactivation Analysis and Isotopic Tracers
Canudas-Romo, Vladimir John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA
Mathematical Demography
Cao, Dewen Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R.China
Optimal Control With Femtopulses: Theory And Experiments
Cao, Xi-Ren Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
Sample Path Analysis of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems (DEDS)
Capek, Ignac Polymer Institute, Slovakia
Nanosensors - Based On Metal And Composite Nanoparticles And Nanomaterials
Capellán-Pérez, Iñigo University of Valladolid, Spain
Review and Assessment of Sustainable Limits to The Global Solar Electric Potential
Capeloa Gil, Isabel Maria De Oliveira Catholic University of Portugal, Portugal
Literature,Exact and Biophysical Sciences
Capossoli, D.J. Universidade Federal do Rio de janeiro, Brasil
Tropical Artificial Forests
Caramori, Stefano University of Ferrara, Italy
Energy and Inorganic Chemistry
Cardis, Dick JLA Limited, UK
Ozone in the Laundry Industry - Practical Experiences in the United Kingdom
Cardoso, Silvana University of Cambridge, UK
Fluid Mechanics
Carey, James R. University of California-Davis, University of California-Berkeley, USA
Biological Demography
Carey, Jan E. The University of Adelaide, Australia
Effects of Sea-Level Rise on Coral Reefs
Carey, Paul Francis Badley Aston & Associates Ltd, UK
Field Geology
Carleton Ray, G. University of Virginia, USA
Biodiversity of Coastal-Realm Waters
Carling, Paul A. Southampton University, UK
River Flow
Carlson, Elwood D. Florida State University, USA
Sexual Behavior and Reproductive Health
Carlson, Matthew ALCES Landscape Ecology Group, Canada
Integrated Resource Management And Planning
Carlsson, Bo Case Western Reserve University, USA
Biotechnology and Implications for Technological Capability Building in Developing Countries
Carmona, Marisa I. Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
The Cities, the State and the Markets: In Search of Sustainability
Carol, Igor Main Geophyscial Observatory, Russia
Chemistry of the Atmosphere
Carollo, Victoria Montana State University, USA
Plant Genomics
Carr, Indira University of Surrey, UK
Combating Global Corruption in International Business
Carra, Sergio Politecnico di Milano, Italy
The World of Chemistry
Statistical Approach to Thermodynamics
Dynamic Behavior of Complex Reacting Systems: Role of Non-Linearity
Carraro, Carlo University of Venice, Italy
International Environmental Negotiations
Carreras, Carles University of Barcelona, Spain
Human Geography
Carta, Stefano University of Cagliari, Italy
Carter, Claudia University of Cambridge, UK
The Valuation Problem and Non-Market Valuation Theories
Carter, Terry Executive Learning Strategies, USA
Diversity and Multiculturalism
Cartes, Joan E. Institut de Ciències del Mar de Barcelona (C.S.I.C.), Spain
Adaptations to Life in the Oceans. Pelagic macrofauna
Carty, Anthony University of Aberdeen, UK
The Concept of International Development Law
Carvajal, Magda National Autonomous University of Mexico(UNAM), Mexico
Effects of aflatoxins contaminating food on human health
Carvalho, Alexandra Florida Institute of Technology, USA
Decision Support Systems for Urban and Regional Planning
Carvalho, Lucelia Nobre National Institute for Research in Amazonian(INPA), Brazil
Natural History of Amazon Fishes
Carver, Geoff SUNY buffalo, USA
Archaeological Fieldwork
Casamajor, M.N. IFREMER, France
Commercially Important Catadromous Fish
Caselles, Antonio Universidad de Valencia, Spain
Formal Approaches to Systems
Casique Rodriguez, Irene Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico,Av,Universidad, Mexico
Gender and Violence. Diversity and Difference
Casqueiro, Francisco Javier University of Leon, Spain
Production of Antibiotics
Cassandras, Christos G. Boston University, USA
Discrete Event Systems
Cassidy, John Jack Committee of Hydraulics, USA
Multi-Dam Systems and Their Operation
Castanheira Morais, Helena Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil
Classification and ecology of major tropical insect groups
Castanos, Octavio Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares,
Quantum Systems
Castell-Perez, Elena Texas A&M University, USA
Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Flow
Castillo, Maria Luisa Instituto de Ecologia, Mexico
Passalidae,Insects which live in Decaying Logs
Castro, Carlos de University of Valladolid, Spain
Review and Assessment of Sustainable Limits to The Global Solar Electric Potential
Castro, Jaime Tupiassu Pinho de PUC-Rio, Brazil
Fracture Mechanics and Toughness Measurements
Caswell, Julie A. University of Massachusetts, USA
International Food Inspection
Catala, Ramon Instituto de Agroquimica y Tecnologia de Alimentos. CSIC, Spain
Food Packaging
Catarci, Tiziana Universita' degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy
Interacting with GIS- From Paper Cartography to Virtual Environments
Caton, Joel North Dakota State University, USA
Beef Cattle Nutrition In Commercial Ranching Systems
Cattaneo, Marco Universita degli Studi Milano, Italy
Automation and Electronic Equipment
Cavalieri, R.P. Washington State University, USA
Kinetics of Chemical Reactions in Foods
Cavallotti, Carlo Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Synthesis of Nanophases
Cavazza, Samuele University of Pisa, Italy
Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions
Groundwater Use as Potable Water Supply
Cavero, Rita Yolanda University of Navarra, Spain
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants – Iberian Peninsula
Cavicchioli, Ricardo University of New South Wales, Australia
Cold-Shock Response in Microorganisms
Cawsey, David C. Environmental Training Consultancy, UK
Constraints and Opportunities for the Work of the Environmental Manager
Preparation for Environmental Managers
Continuing Education
The Voluntary Sector and Initiatives in Environmental Education
Other International NGOs
National and Local NGOs
Initiatives for Environmental Education in Underdeveloped Countries
Ceccanti, Brunello Italian National Research Council (ICT-CNR), Italy
Processes Causing Attenuation in the Unsaturated and Saturated Zone
Organic Compounds in the Vadose Zone
Cegnar, Tanja Hydrometeorological Institute of Slovenia, Slovenia
Effects of Global Warming on Tourism
Cekirge, Huseyin Murat New York University, Brooklyn, USA
Critical Review of Solar Power Systems (CSP): Solar Tower (ST) Systems Versus Parabolic Trough (PT) Systems
Celler, Branko G University of New South Wales, Australia
Physiological Measurement
Celletti, Alessandra Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy
Celestial Mechanics: From Antiquity to Modern Times
Cercignani, Carlo Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Irreversible Processes: Phenomenological and Statistical Approach
Cermak, Vladimir Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Terrestrial Heat Flow
Cervella, Piero Universita di Torino, Italy
Natural Selection and the Effects of Ecological Interaction on Populations
Ceserani, Remo University of Bologna, Italy
Languages and Cultural Dialogues
Cetindamar, Dilek Sabanci University, Turkey
Biotechnology and Implications for Technological Capability Building in Developing Countries
Cha, Young-Jin Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
Semi-Active Control of Structural Systems
Chabard, Jean-Paul Electricité de France (EDF), France
Turbulent Flow Modeling
Chai, Douglas Edith Cowan University, Australia
Analog Signal Processing
Chai, Y.H. University of California, Davis, U.S.A.
Seismic Response and Design of Pile Found ations
Chaibi, Mohamed Thameur UR EBSS Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de Tunis, Tunisia
Water Desalination by Humidification and Dehumidification of Air, Seawater Greenhouse Process
Chainov, N.D. Moscow State Technical University after Bauman, Russia
Piston Groups
Chakina, Natalia Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Russia
Airmasses and Fronts
Extratropical Cyclones and Anticyclones
Chakraborty, Dipanjan BM India Research Lab, India
Session Management in Advanced Telecommunication Services
Chakraborty, Ranajit University of Cincinnati Medical Center, USA
DNA Forensics: A Population Genetic and Biological Anthropological Perspective
Chakravarthy, Srinivasa IIT Madras, India
Multimodal Interfaces to the Computer
Chakravartty, Paula University of California, San Diego, USA
Telecommunications Policy
Chakravarty-Kaul, Minoti 6 Denny Crescent, Langford, Biggleswade, Beds. SG18 9QG, UK
Asian Woodland and Fauna History
Challa, O. National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning, India
Dynamics of Land Use in Relation to the Green Revolution in India
Chalmers, Rachel M. Singleton Hospital, UK
Zoonoses Acquired through Drinking Water
Chalofsky, Neal George Washington University, USA
Spirituality in the Workplace
Chalov, Vladimir I. All-Russian Academy for State Administration under the President of Russian Federation, Russia
Institutional Incentives and Opportunities for, and Barriers to, Industrial Ecology
Business and Financial Incentives, Opportunities, and Barriers
Chambers, Valérie University of Geneva, Switzerland
Bangkok: Are Industries Generating a Sustainable City?
Chan, C.C. University of Hong Kong, China
Electric Vehicles
Chan, Eric W.C. UCSI University, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Botany, Uses, Phytochemistry and Medicinal Properties of Selected Apocynaceae Species
Chan, Fuk Cheung CLP Engineering Limited, China
Electric Power Distribution Systems
Chan, Hung Tuck University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan
Botany, Uses, Phytochemistry and Medicinal Properties of Selected Apocynaceae Species
Chan, Jonathan Baptist University of Hong Kong, China
Institutional Global Ethics: Applications
Chan, Pick Kuen The University of Queensland, Australia
Roles of Plant Hormones in Legume Nodulation
Chan, Tze-Fun Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
Synchronous Machines
Induction Motor and Self-Excited Induction Generator
Chan, W. L. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
Electromagnetic Devices and Magnetic Circuits
Chanan, A. State Water Corporation, Australia
Urban Wastewater Treatment: Past, Present and Future
Water Mining: Planning and Implementation Issues for a successful project
Chanasyk, David S. University of Alberta, Canada
Water Management
Chanda, Sayantani Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India
Phytochemistry and Therapeutic Potential of Turmeric (Curcumalonga)
Chandler, Graham M. Archaeologist & Freelance Writer, Canada
The Archaeology of Western Asia
Chandra, Ranjit Kumar Memorial University of Newfoundland, Switzerland
Food Allergies and Intolerance: Role of Dietary Interventions in Early Childhood
Chandrasekaran, M. Cochin University of Science and Technology, India
Marine Microbial Enzymes
Chang, John B Director, Long Island Vascular Center, Roslyn, New York, U.S.A
Carotid Endarterectomy
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Management of Chronic Ischemia of the Lower Limbs
Chang, Robert The Permanente Medical Group, South San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Carotid Endarterectomy
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Management of Chronic Ischemia of the Lower Limbs
Chang, Shu-Ting Chinese University of Hong Kong, Australia
Microbiological Resources Centre (MIRCEN) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong(1991-2003)
Nutriceuticals from Mushrooms
Mushroom Production
Chang, Timothy New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
Servo Control Design
Chanmala, Adriana University of Central Florida, USA
Inequality Among Women and Its Impact on Economic Growth: The Case of Mena
Channing, Alan University of Western Cape, South Africa
Chantler, Ronald A. Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, South Africa
Flow Measurement in Closed Conduits
Sustainable Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Equipment in Water Supply Projects
Corrosion and the Protection of Metals
Guidelines for Sustainable Community Water Supply and Sanitation Projects
Chaplin, Robin Anthony University of New Brunswick, Canada
Thermal Power Plants
Power Plant Technology
Power Plant Combustion Theory
Nuclear Fission Theory
Thermal Fluid Theory
Thermodynamic Theory
Power Plant Steam Cycle Theory
Exergy Analysis
Condition Assessment and Life Extension
Production of Steam
Fossil Fuel Fired Boiler Plant Configuration
Nuclear Reactor Steam Generation
Fossil Fuel Handling
Fossil Fuel Combustion Systems
Fossil Fuel Fired Boiler Water-Steam System
Fossil Fuel Fired Boiler Air and Gas Path
Fossil Fuel Waste Product Handling
Nuclear Reactor Configuration
Nuclear Reactor Heat Removal
Production of Power
Steam Turbine Configuration
Steam Turbine Impulse and Reaction Blading
Steam Turbine Components and Systems
Steam Turbine Steam System
Steam Turbine Operational Aspects
Fundamentals of Electric Power Generation
Fundamentals of Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Physics
Nuclear Interactions
Nuclear Reactor Theory
Nuclear Reactor Design
Nuclear Reactor Kinetics
Reactivity Changes
Nuclear Power Plants
Boiling Water Reactors
Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors
Heavy Water Light Water Reactors
Light Water Graphite Reactors
High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors
Chapman, Niels Whitefield Schools and Centre, UK
Special Environmental Education for the Learning Disabled
Chapman, Reginald Frederick University of Arizona, USA
Foraging and Food Choice in Phytophagous Insects
Charles, Anthony T. Saint Mary's University, Canada
Sustainability And Resilience In Natural Resource Systems: Policy Directions And Management Institutions
Charpentier, Jean-Claude Nancy-Universite France, France
Chemical Engineering in 2010,QUO VAMUS?
Charpentier, Ronald R. United States Geological Survey, USA
Petroleum (Oil and Gas) Geology and Resources
Chase-Dunn, Christopher University of California, USA
World Urbanization: The Role Of Settlement Systems In Human Social Evolution
Chattopadhyay, Sajal National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion , USA
Maximizing Health Impact Through Resource Allocation
Chau, Kwong Wing The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Hedonic Price Modelling of Environmental Attributes: A Review of the Literature and a Hong Kong Case Study
Chaudhary, D.S. University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Sequencing Batch Reactors:Principles, Design/Operation And Case Studies
Chaudhary, Durgananda Maunsell Australia Pty Ltd, Australia
Adsorption and Biological Filtration in Wastewater Treatment
Chaudhuri, Buddhadeb Calcutta University, India
The Context for Rural Development Policy
Chaudhuri, Subhasis IIT Bombay, India
Computer Vision and Information Technology
Chauvet, Gilbert A. Universite Paris V, France
Biological Intelligence and Computational Intelligence
Chavasit, Visith Mahidol University, Thailand
Food Sources
Chave, Jerome UMR CNRS Universite Paul Sabatier, France
Models of Biodiversity
Chavez-Barcenas, Ana Tztzqui Centro de Investigacion y Estudios Avanzados del I.P.N (CINVESTAV), México
Molecular Genetic Approaches to Improve the Nutritional Quality of Staple Food Crops
Chaytor, Beatrice C. University of London, UK
International Institutional Arrangements
International Legal Instruments and Mechanisms
Cheesman, Matthew J Griffith University, Southport, Queensland, Australia
Phytochemistry, Medicinal Properties, Bioactive Compounds and Therapeutic Potential of The Genus Combretum (Combretaceae)
Chelibanov, Vladimir OPTEC Inc., Russia
Ozone in Medicine
Chen, Chen University of Queensland, Australia
Endocrine Pharmacology
Chen, Chen-Tung Arthur National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan
The Oceans
The Open Oceans
Continental Margins and Marginal Seas
Role of the Oceans in Global Cycles of Carbon and Nutrients
Role of the Oceans in the Global Climate System
Chemistry of the Oceans
General Chemistry of Seawater
Nutrient Cycling in the Oceans
Carbonate Chemistry of the Oceans
Natural and Anthropogenic Radionuclides
Human Perturbations
Non-Radioactive Ocean Pollution
Human Uses of the Oceans
Management Options for Ocean Conservation
Chen, Ching-Tzu Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
Intelligent Buildings
Chen, Feiguo Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R.China
Multi-scale Modeling
Chen, Guanrong City University of HongKong, China
Control of Chaos and Bifurcations
Control of Bifurcations
Chen, Han-Fu Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Recursive Algorithms
Chen, Jiayong Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Contributions of Chemistry to Sustainability in China
Chen, Jie Brunel University, UK
Fault-Tolerant Control Using LMI Design
Design Methods for Robust Fault Diagnosis
Chen, Jining Tsinghua University, China
Point Sources of Pollution: Local Effects and It's Control
Domestic Pollution
Concentrations and Compositions of Domestic Wastewater
Municipal Effluent Disposal Standards
Municipal Wastewater Reuse
Chen, Lingzhi Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Biodiversity in China - Status, Threats and Recommendations
Implementation of Convention on Biological Diversity in China
Chen, Lingzhi Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Forest Resource Management
Chen, Lujun Tsinghua University, China
Concentrations and Compositions of Domestic Wastewater
Chen, Min-Te National Taiwan Ocean University, China
Geological Oceanography: Introduction and Historical Perspective
Chen, Peng Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry, China
Classification of Coal
Chen, Shulin Washington State University, USA
Food Waste
Chen, Wen-Shaw Fortune Institute of Technology, Taiwan
Roles of Plant Growth Regulating Substances
Chen, Xiangming Trinity College, USA
Urbanization and its Consequences
Chen, Yang Tsinghua University, China
Regional Distribution of Vehicular Emissions
Air Pollution Dynamics and Modeling
Chen, Yang-Yih National Yat-Sen University, Taiwan
Mariculture Engineering (Sea Farming Systems)
Chen, Ying Chinese Academy of Social Scinces, China
Responses to the Challenges of Disparities and Unsustainable Use of Natural Resources
Development of Early Warning Systems to Alert Governments to Major Changes in Resource Use
Capacity for Developing Innovative Production Technologies
Narrowing Disparities Using Taxation and Other Economic Incentives and Disincentives
Minimizing Disparities by Changing Public Attitudes and Perceptions, and by Improving Education and Public Awareness
Chen, Yona The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Agronomic Approaches for Increasing Iron Availability to Food Crops
Chen, Z.Zh. Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Development and Conservation of Grasslands
Cheng, Chi-Hing Christina University of Illinois, USA
Freezing Avoidance in Polar Fishes
Cheng, Eric The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
Switched Reluctance Machines and Permanent Magnet DC Brushless Machines
Intelligent Control of Motors
Cheng, Jixin Purdue University, Indiana, USA
Optimal Control With Femtopulses: Theory And Experiments
Cheng, Shengkui Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Regional Sustainable Development Review: China
Research and Theories in Sustainable Development in China
Cheng, Yuan Fudan University, China
Urbanization and its Consequences
Cheng, Yueming West Virginia University, USA
Mathematical Modeling of Petroleum Extraction Process
Reservoir Simulation
Cheng, Yufeng (Frank) University of Calgary, Canada
Pipeline Engineering
Cherepansky, Michail Michailovich Central Scientific Institute of Water Resources Complex Management , Belarus
Interconnectedness of Surface Water and Groundwater
Cherkasov, Grigoriy N. All-Russian Research Institute of Agronomy and Soil Erosion Control, Russia
Conservational Soil Treatment
Erosion and Deflation Control
Cherni, Judith A. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, UK
Patterns of Economic Affluence and Environmental Degradation in Houston, Texas
Chernikov, Albert A. Central Aerological Observatory, Roshydromet, Russia
Artificial Rainfall
Scientific Weather Modification
Chernov, Yu. Ivan. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Soil Biota
Chernyi, A.I. VINITI, Russia
Information Resources for Sustainable Development of Society
Chesnais, Jean-Claude Institut National D'Etudes Demographiques(INED), France
Population, Economic and Social Development
The Demographic Transition Theory
Economic Modernization and Demographic Modernization
Population and Economic Inequality
Economic Consequences of Demographic Changes
Population, Urbanization and Migration
Chesters, Gordon University of Wisconsin, USA
On Controlling the Chemical Contamination of Groundwater
Cheung, Norbert The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
Switched Reluctance Machines and Permanent Magnet DC Brushless Machines
Cheung, Victoria V. University of Plymouth, UK
Chemical Disruption of Biological Phenomena
Cheung, Yuk-kuen Annie Canada Institute of Planners, Canada
Introduction to Sustainable Development
Moving Towards Sustainable Development: the Chinese conundrum
Chew, Sing C. Humboldt State University, USA
Dark Ages in World System History
Chheda, Saurabh University of Massachusetts, USA
Memory Systems: Overview and Trends
Chialvo, Dante R. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas (CONICET), Buenos Aires, Argentina
Functional Collectivity of Brain Networks
Chiani, Marco University of Bologna, Italy
Wireless Terrestrial Communications: Non-Telephony-Oriented Technologies
Chiarelli, Brunetto University of Florence, Italy
The Biological and Evolutionalist Bases of Ethics
Chiarucci, Alessandro Università di Siena, Italy
The Inventory and Estimation of Plant Species Richness
Chiau, Wen-Yan National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan
Human Uses of the Oceans
Human Use and Ocean Circulation
Ocean Regeneration
Management Options for Ocean Conservation
Management Options for Coral Reef Conservation
Chierchia, Luigi Università“Roma Tre” Largo S. L. Murialdo 1, Italy
The Planetary N-Body Problem
Chikatsu, Hirofumi Tokyo Denki University, Japan
Childers, Vicki A. Naval Research Laboratory, USA
Gravimetric Measurement Techniques
Chilingar, George V. University of Southern California, USA
Environmental Aspects of Oil and Gas Production
Chim, Liet IFREMER, French Polynesia
Marine Shrimp Farming
Chin, Tan Min National University Hospital, Singapore
Medical Biotechnology-Modern Development
Ching, Chai Siaw National University of Singapore, Singapore
Poisons, Venoms and Toxins
Chipot, Michel Universität Zürich, Switzerland
Nonconvex Variational Problems
Chiralt, Amparo Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
Food Emulsions
Chisholm, John M.R. Scientific Centre of Monaco, Monaco
Coral Reef Ecosystems: An Overview of their Structure and Function
Chittamuru, Jeevan Kumar University of Massachusetts, USA
Memory Systems: Overview and Trends
Chiusoli, Gian Paolo University of Parma, Italy
Organic Synthesis
Chlupac, Ivo Charles University, Czech Republic
Paleozoic History
Chmielewski, Andrzej Grzeorgz Institute Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Poland
Environmental Effects of Fossil Fuel Combustion
Environmental Effects of Suspended and Toxic Materials from Coal and Peat Combustion
Environmental Significance of Fuel-Derived Organic Compounds
Chmura, Gail L. McGill University, Canada
Tidal Salt Marshes and Mangrove Swamps
Cho, J. GIST, Korea
Characteristics of Effluent Organic Matter in Wastewater
Membrane Technology for Organic Removal in Wastewater
Physico-chemical processes for Organic removal from wastewater effluent
Choi, Chang-Hyeon Kwandong University, Korea
Exploratory Simulation and Modeling of Complex Social Systems
Choi, Jihwan (Patrick) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
Communication Satellites - Technologies and Systems
Chojnacka, Katarzyna Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Fermentation Products
Cholakov, Georgi St. University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Bulgaria
Pollution Control Technologies
Control of Pollution in Power Generation
Control of Pollution in the Petroleum Industry
Pollution Control in Transportation
Control of Exhaust Emissions from Internal Combustion Engined Vehicles
Catalytic Converters and Other Emission Control Devices
Zero Emission Vehicles
Electric Vehicles
Hybrid Vehicles
Choplin, Lionel Institut National Polytechnoque de Lorraine(INPL), France
Mixer-Type Rheometry
Choppin, Gregory R. Florida State University, USA
Nuclear Waste Management and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Chopyak, Jill The Loka Institute, USA
Community-Based Participatory Research: Implications for Science and Technology Decision-Making in the United States
Chou, Chang-Hung National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Roles of Plant Growth Regulating Substances
Biochemical Interactions among Plants: Allelopathy as Ecosystem Regulator
Chouhan, T.S. University of Rajasthan, India
Ecology of Tropical Deserts in Special Reference to Arid Plant Physiology
Desert Ecosystems in India
Ecology of Tropical Deserts in Special Reference to Biogeography & Evolution of Desert Animals
Chow, Siu L. University of Regina, Canada
Methods in Psychological Research
Experimentation in Psychology-Rationale, Concepts and Issues
Statistics and Its Role in Psychological Research
Chowdhury, Pankaj University of Regina, Canada
Air Stripping in Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Choy, Maria Land Transport Authority, Singapore
Land Transport Policies and Strategies for a Sustainable Transport System
Christakos, George University of North Carolina, USA
Stochastic Modeling in Life Support Systems
Christen, Olaf University of Halle, Germany
Development Issues in Food and Agriculture
Waste Management Issues, Including Recovery, and Sustainable Food and Agriculture
Sustainable Development of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Christensen, Deborah L. Emory University, USA
Survival Analysis
Christensen, Paul Newcastle University, UK
Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage. Batteries, Fuel cells and Electrochemical capacitors
Christian, David San Diego State University, USA
Big History
Christian, Robert R. East Carolina University, USA
Concepts of Ecosystem, Level and Scale
Christin, Anne-Marie Universite Paris, France
Plastic Arts and Literature
Christolis, M. N. National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Environmental Quality Standards
Objectives of and Procedures for Setting Standards
Science of Environmental Quality Standard Setting
Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Quality Standards
Adoption of Standards
Implementation and Enforcement
Source-Oriented Control of Pollution
Licensing and Permitting of Discharges
Effluent Limits for Discharges
Performance Standards: Establishing Discharge Zones
Facility Design Requirements
Trading of Pollution Discharge Rights
Best Management Practices
Christoph, Gerd Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburge, Germany
Limit Theorems of Probability Theory
Christopherson, R.J. University of Alberta, Canada
Physiology of Growth and Reproduction in Livestock
Christoskov, Ludmil Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Seismology and Volcanology
Chriyaa, Abdelouahid Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique du Maroc (INRA), Morocoo
The Use of Shrubs in Livestock Feeding in Low Rainfall Areas
Chu, Cyrus Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Economic Demography
Chu, Junying Tsinghua University, China
Municipal Effluent Disposal Standards
Municipal Wastewater Reuse
Chu, Pak Lim City University of Hong Kong, China
Fiber Optic Devices and Systems
Chu, Yun-Peng National Central University, Taiwan
On "Green National Product": Theories and a Comparison Among Different Approaches
Chubraeva, Lidia Igorevna Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Electric Power Transmission
Chudhuri, Sumita Calcutta University, India
Social Development and The Family
Chull Jo, Jong korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, Korea
Fluid-Structure Interactions
Chung, Yu-Chia National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan
Natural and Anthropogenic Radionuclides
Chung, Yue-ping The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Knowledge Foundation: Education for Sustainable Development
Ci, Longjun Chinese Academy of Forestry, China
Combating Desertification
China's Implementation of the Convention to Combat Desertification
Ciardelli, Francesco Universita di Pisa, Italy
Polymers and their Synthesis
Cicic-Lasztity, Natalija National Institute of Nutrition, Hungary
Food Quality Assurance for Children and Specific Dietary Purposes
Additives and Contaminants
Ciesla, William M. Forest Health Management International, USA
Products of Resin Processing
Cilek, Vaclav Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Earth System: History and Natural Variability
Atmosphere and Climate
Cindio, Bruno de University of Calabria, Italy
Cinnella, Paola Universita del Salento, Italy
Cinnirella, Sergio Institute for Atmospheric Pollution (CNR-IIA), Division of Rende, Italy
Classification and Distribution of Forest by Geography
Cioppa, Thomas Brookdale Community College, USA
Polar Regions
Cipolla, Laura University of Milano Bicocca, Italy
Chemistry of Natural Compounds
Cipriani, Roberto University of Rome 3, Via del Mascherino 75, 00185 Roma, Italy
Religion, Values and Sustainable Development
Clark, Ian D. University of Ottawa, Canada
Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Clark, J. Peter Oak Park, Illinois, USA
Food Plant Design
Food Process Design
Clark, John R. Mote Marine Laboratory, USA
Resolving Resource Use Conflicts in Coastal Zones
Clark, Malcolm R. National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA), New Zealand
Orange Roughy and Other Deepwater Benthic Fishes
Clark, Michael Jeremy University of Southampton, UK
International Cooperation for Data Acquisition and Use
Clarke, Brian Cranfield University, UK
Equipment for Post-Harvest Preservation and Treatment of Produce
Clarke, David William University of Oxford, UK
Adaptive Predictive Control
Clarke, Geoffrey L. University of Sydney, Australia
The Geology of Australia
Clarke, Matthew Deakin University, Australia
The Misalignment of Standard National Accounting Aggregates with Sustainability Objectives
Clasen, Christian K.U. Leuven,Department of Chemical Engineering, Belgium
Rheo-Physical and Imaging Techniques
Clasen, Thomas F. London School of Hygeine & Tropical Medicine, UK
Treatment and Safe Storage of Water in Households without Piped Supplies of Treated Water
Claval, Paul Universite de Paris-Sorbonne, France
Cultural and Social Geography
Clayton, George W. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada
Plant Management Systems
Cleere, Henry International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), France
Preserving Archaeological Sites and Monuments
Cleveland, Cutler J. Boston University, USA
Biophysical Constraints to Economic Growth
Clites, Anne NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Michigan, USA
Great Lakes Ice And Climate: From Research To Forecast
Clo, Alberto Uniersity of Bologna-DSE, Italy
Petroleum Economics
Cloherty, Shaun L Australian National University, Australia
Physiological Measurement
Clothier, Brent E. Palmerston North Research Center, HortResearch, New Zealand
Water Uptake by Plants
Coady, Margaret M. University of Melbourne, Australia
International Regulation of Children's Rights
Coates, Breena E. San Diego State University, USA
Toward Sustainable Development of Electronic Teaching in Universities: Challenges and Concerns
Coca, Daniel University of Sheffield, UK
Identification of NARMAX and Related Models
System Identification Using Wavelets
Coca, J. University of Oviedo, Spain
Mass Transfer Operations - Absorption and Extraction
Cochrane, Regina University of Calgary, Canada
Bioregion, Eco-polis, and Eco(nomic)-Federation: Left - Libertarian Models of Sustainability
Cock, Ian E. Griffith University, Australia.
Medicinal And Aromatic Plant –Australia
Cockfield, Arthur John Queen's University, Canada
The Role of International Law and Institutions
International Legal and Economic Issues: Globalization and the Struggle for Local Control
Tax Law
Tax Policy, Electronic Commerce, and Developing Countries
Coelho, Karen University of Arizona, USA
Infrastructure Investment as "Sustainable Development": A Bangladesh Case Study
Coelho, Paulo University of Porto, Portugal
Non-Newtonian Heat Transfer
Coenen, Reinhard Forschungsznetrum Karlsruhe GmbH, Germany
System to Support Decisions on Sustainable Development: Integrated Assessment
Coey, Michael Trinity College, Ireland
Permanent Magnets
Cogan, Charles University of Harvard, USA
American and European Foreign Relations
Cogger, Harold G. University of Newcastle, Australia
Coggins, P. Chris University of Sheffield, UK
Waste Composition and Analysis
Waste Disposal Costs and Financial Incentives to Improve Waste Management
Cogoy, Mario University of Trieste, Italy
Economics of Sustainable Development: International Perspectives
Cohall, Damian The University of the West Indies, Barbados
Important Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Barbados
Cohen, G. A. Oxford University, UK
Why Not Socialism?
Cohen, Michael New School University, USA
The Five Cities of Buenos Aires: Poverty and Inequality in Urban Argentina
Cohn, Marjorie Thomas Jefferson School of Law, USA
Criminal Law: Substantive Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
Cock, Ian E Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Phytochemistry, Medicinal Properties, Bioactive Compounds and Therapeutic Potential of The Genus Combretum (Combretaceae)
Colas, Alejandro University of London, UK
History of Empires and Conflicts
Cole, Raymond J. University of British Columbia, Canada
Emerging Issues in Building Design
Coleman, William University of Tasmania, Australia
The International Architecture (Institutions and Policy)
Colizza, Vittoria ISI Foundation, Italy
Epidemic Spreading and Complex Networks
Collard, Guy The Belgian Nuclear Research Center (CEN/SCK), Belgium
Nuclear Waste Management
Collard, Jean-Marc Institute of Public Health, Belgium
Biosafety in Biotechnology
Colle, Renato University of Bologna, Italy
Schrödinger Equation and Quantum Chemistry
Molecular Energetics: Valence Bond and Molecular Orbital Methods. Density Functional Theory of Atoms and Molecules
Coller, Janet K. University of Adelaide, Australia
Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics
Colli, Guarino Rinaldi Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil
The Herpetofauna of the Neotropical Savannas
Collin, Suzy Universite Paris Dederot, France
Active Galactic Nuclei
Collins, John Daniel University College Dublin, Ireland
Slaughtering and Processing of Livestock
Collins, R. Eric University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska
Field Techniques In Sea-Ice Research
Collos, Y. Université Montpellier II, France
Nitrogen Metabolism in Phytoplankton
Colman, Tim British Geological Survey, UK
Types of NonMetallic Ore-Mineral Resources
Colombo, Umberto Ministero dell' Universita e della Riverca, Scientifica e Tecnologica, Italy
Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development
Colwell, Douglas D. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada
Veterinary Ectoparasitology
Colwell, Rita R. University of Maryland, USA
Viable But NonCulturable Bacteria in the Marine Environment and the Biotechnological Tools to Detect Them
Combs Jr., Gerald F. Cornell University, USA
Global Importance of Selenium and Its Relation to Human Health
Comfort, Louise K. University of Pittsburgh, USA
Organizational Learning and Change: Evolving Systems in a Global Community>
Conacher, Arthur University of Western Australia, Australia
Land Degradation and Desertification: History, Nature, Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
Conand, Chantal Universite de la Reunion, France
Commercial Sea Cucumbers and Trepang Markets
Conceicao, Pedro Instituto Superior Technico, Portugal
Techno-Economic Paradigms and Latecomer Industrialization
Condron, Leo M. Lincoln University, New Zealand
Capacity of Soils to Sustain or Extend Current Crop and Animal Production: New Zealand and South Pacific Islands Perspectives
Connell, Desley W. Griffith University, Australia
Chemistry of Organic Pollutants Including Agrochemicals
Connell, Raewyn University of Sydney, Australia
Gender, Men, and Masculinities
Connes, Alain Institute des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, France
A View of Mathematics
Conrad, Jon M. Cornell University, USA
Renewable Resource Management
Constantinou, Michael C. University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA
Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Base Isolated Structures: An Overview
Contaxis, George C. National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece
Electrical Network Optimization
Conti, M. CNR-IIT Institute, Italy
Power Management
Conti, Sergio Universita e Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Geography of Industry and Transport
Contin, Adriana Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil
Methods in Biotechnology
Continenza, Barbara Universita di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy
History of Evolutionary Theory
The Darwinian View of Life
Contini, Caterina Universita degli Studi di Firenze, Italy
Management of Wetlands for Biodiversity
Management of Grazing in Wetlands
Contrafatto, Giancarlo University of KwaZulu-Natal Howard College, South Africa
Biological Science Fundamentals (Systematics)
Speciation and Intraspecific Taxa
Classification and Diversity of Life Forms
Contreras, Andres Porta Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), México
Principles of Acoustics
Contreras-Espinosa, Francesco UAM-Iztapalapa, México
Primary Production in Coastal Lagoons
Conway, Howard University of Washington, USA
Snow Avalanches, Ice Avalanches and Glacier Surges
Cook, Peter Alistair UMIST, UK
Stability of 2D Systems
Cooper, James Andrew Graham University of Ulser, UK
Anthropogenic Impacts on Estuaries
Cooper, Malcolm John University of Warwick, UK
Synchrotron Radiation
Coppock, Bob (Robert) University of Alberta, Canada
Veterinary Toxicology
Corman, Steve Arizona State University, USA
Agent-Based Genetic and Emergent Computational Models of Complex Systems
Cornelis, Wim Ghent University, Belgium
Cornelis, Wim M. University of Gent, Belgium
Human-Induced Land Degradation
Water Harvesting and Water-Saving Techniques
Monitoring the Desert Environment From Space:Examples from the Arab Region
Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Dynamics
Cornell, Richard A. University of Central Florida, USA
Going the Distance in Education : Twenty-First Century Imperatives
Corniello, Alfonso University "Federico II" of Naples, Italy
Ground Water: Planning and Protection
Corral, Thais Rede de Desenvolvimiento Humano, REDEH, Brazil
Gender Dimensions to Life Sustainable Systems
Women's Perspectives On Sustainable Development In Brazil
Correa Dias, Raphael Igor da Silva Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil
Breeding Strategies of Tropical Birds
Terrestrial Vertebrate Diversity and Demography in Tropical Ecosystems
Cortez, Luis Augusto Barbosa University of Campinas, Brazil
Relation Between Biofuels versus Fossil Fuels
Corti, Claudia University of Florence, Italy
Biodiversity Conservation and Habitat Management
Captive Breeding of Amphibians and Reptiles
Cortina, Jordi Universidad de Alicante, Spain
Restoration Ecology
Corvalan, Carlos M. University of Entre Rios, Argentina
Squeezing and Elongational Flow
Cos, Paul University of Antwerp, Belgium
Plants and Plant Substances Against AIDS and Other Viral Diseases
Cosivi, Ottorino Communicable Disease World Health Organization, Switzerland
Health Security Issues
Costanza, Adam F. Environmental Business Division at International paper in Memphis, USA
Impacts of Diversification of Energy Source
Impacts of Reducing Use of Carbon Fuels
Costanza, Robert University of Maryland, USA
Ecosystem Health:Definitions,Assessment, and Case Studies
Costell, Elvira IATA-CSIC, Spain
Food Texture: Sensory Evaluation
Cotruvo, Joseph A. Joseph Cotruvo & Associates LLC, USA
Point-of-Use Water Treatment for Home and Travel
Desalination: Technology, Health and Environment
Coulomb, Fanny Universite Pierre Mendes France of Grenoble, France
War, Peace, and Economists
Coutinho Quintino, Luisa Lisbon Technical University, Portugal
Education and Certification in Welding
Coutino, Vazquez Area de Quimica Analitica, Mexico
Universality in Chaos, Evolution of Turbulence
Cowan, Nelson University of Missouri, USA
Experimental Psychology and Its Implications for Human Development
Cowx, Ian G. University of Hull, UK
Recreational Sport Fishing in Fresh Waters
Coyle, R. Geoff Cranfield University, UK
Qualitative and Quantitative Modeling in System Dynamics
Coyula-Cowley, Mario Faculty of Architecture, Cuba
Urban Sustainability, Built Heritage, and Globalization in the Cuban Capital
Cozzens, Susan E. Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Science and Technology Policy Professionals: Jobs, Work, Knowledge, and Values
Cozzi, Franco Universita delgi Studi di Milano, Italy
Cracknell, Arthur P. University of Dundee, UK
Satellite Remote Sensing
Craenen, B.C. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Computational Intelligence
Crage, Suzanna M. Brigham Young University, USA
Moving Sustainability onto the Media Agenda
Cragg, Gordon M. National Cancer Institute, USA
Plants as a Source of Anti-Cancer Agents
Natural Products as a Source of Antitumor Agents
Craig, John F. International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM), Abassa, Egypt
Warm Water Fish: the Perch, Pike, and Bass Families
Craig, William J. University of Minnesota, USA
GIS and Society
Crankshaw, Owen University of Cape Town, South Africa
Victims, Villains, and Fixers: the Urban Environment and Johannesburg's Poor
Craun, Gunther F. Gunther F. Craun & Associates, USA
Epidemiologic Studies of Disinfectants and Disinfectant By-Products
Crawford, Colin Thomas Jefferson School of Law, USA
Environmental Law: The US Model
Crawford, David F. Wellmark International, USA
Ecotoxicity, Genotoxicity, and Cytotoxicity of Pesticides and their Degradation Products
Crawford, Roy Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland
Mechanical Working of Materials
Creed, Joel C. Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Marine Algae and Plants
Cremonini, Mauro Andrea University of Bologna, Italy
Organic Spectroscopy
Crescenzi, Pierluigi University of Florence, Italy
Approximation Algorithms
Crespo, Francisco Leon Cordoba University, Spain
Sheep Production
Overview of World Swine and Pork Production
Criscuoli, Alessandra University of Calabria, Italy
Membrane Distillation
Crittenden, Barry David University of Bath, UK
Waste Minimization in Industry
Crocker, David A. University of Maryland, USA
Rectificatory Justice: Righting Past Wrongs
Crocker, Thomas D. University of Wyoming, USA
Sustainability, Risk, and Protection
Human and Technological Response to Endogenous Environmental Risk
Crosson, Pierre R. Resources of the Future, USA
Crop Production Capacity: A Global Perspective
Croswell, Clyde V. Community-L, Inc., USA
Global Interdependence and Biosocial Systems
Crothers, Charles Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
The Historical Development of Sociology: Sociological Traditions
The History and Development of Sociological Social Research Methods
Branches of Sociology
Crow, Mariesa University of Missouri-Rolla, USA
Energy Storage Systems
Cruden, David M. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Canada
Engineering Geology
Csernoch, Laszlo University of Debrecen, Hungary
Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Skeletal Muscle
Csikasz-Nagy, Attila University of Trento, Italy
Modeling the Cell cycle
Cuenca, Luis Mendonza Universidad Michoaca na San Nicolas de Hidalgo, Mexico
Mating Strategies of Tropical Insects
Cuijpers, Willemijn Johanna Maria Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Gender Relations in Local Plant Genetic Resource-Mangement and Conservation
Cukor, Peter Tufts University, USA
Knowledge Networks and the Internet
Cullen, Peter University of Canberra, Australia
Quality and Quantity of Water for Agriculture
Cullet, Philippe University of London, UK
Cullinan, Paul Imperial College, UK
Case Study of the BHOPAL Incident
Culshaw, Brian Strathclyde University, UK
Smart Materials
Cultu, Mehmet Gannon University, USA
Batteries and Their Chemistry
Cumming, Jonathan R. West Virginia University, USA
Nature of Mineral Nutrient Uptake by Plants
Cummins, Robert Beaumont Hospital and Royal College of surgeons, Ireland
Antibody based Protein Research in Human Pathology
Curci, Antonietta University of Bari, Italy
Juridical Psychology
Curcio, Edgardo AIEE, Italy
Mass Transfer Operations: Hybride Membrane Processes
Curcio, Efrem University of Calabria, Italy
Mass Transfer Operation - Membrane Separations
Curto, Rocco Polytechnic of Turin, Italy
The Built Environment: Economics and Management Strategies
Cussler, Edward L. University of Minnesota, USA
Chemical Product Design
Cutler, Robert M. Carleton University, Canada
Complexity Science and Knowledge-creation in International Relations Theory
Czech, Brian Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, USA
Ecological Economics
Czernuszenko, Wlodzimierz Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Transport Processes in River Systems
Thermodynamics of Rivers
Cziesla, Frank Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Exergy and Thermodynamic Analysis
Basic Exergy Concepts
Exergy Balance and Exergetic Efficiency
Exergy Analysis of Simple Processes
Strengths and Limitations of Exergy Analysis
Energetic and Exergetic Analysis of Complex Systems