EOLSS Participants


La Ferla, Barbara University of Milano Bicocca ,Italy
Chemistry of Nutraceutics, Flavors, Dyes and Additives
la Rovere, Emilio Lebre Institute de Ecologia e Desenvolvimento ,Brazil
Environmental Impacts of the Oil Industry
La Ruffa, Giorgia International Institute of Geothermal Research ,Italy
Thermal Springs
La Scala, Barbara University of Melbourne ,Australia
Measurements in Mathematical Modeling and Data Processing
LaBar, M.P. General Atomics ,USA
The Gas-Turbine Modular Helium Reactor
Laca, Emilio A. University of California ,USA
Livestock Production Systems
Lacetera, Nicola Via San Camillo De Lllis ,Italy
Animal Biometeorology
Lacey, Hugh Swarthmore Collage ,USA
The Ethics of Science and Technology
Lackmann, Gary M. North Carolina State University ,USA
Tropical Synoptic Meteorology
Ladonin, Vadim F. All - Russia Research Institute of Fertilizers and Agricultural Soil Science ,Russia
Agrotechnical Melioration and Fertilizer
Laffaille, P. Universite de Rennes 1 ,France
Commercially Important Catadromous Fish
Lafortune, Stephane University of Michigan ,USA
Modeling of Discrete Event Systems
Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems
Lagowski, Joe J. University of Texas ,USA
Methodological Knowledge
Chemistry Past, Present, and Future
Laguna, Manuel University of Colorado ,USA
Global Optimization and Meta-Heuristics
Laherrére, Jean H. Les Pres Haut Boussay ,France
The Reliability of Oil and Gas Reserves Data
Lai, Lawrence Wai-chung The University of Hong Kong ,Hong Kong
Implementing Sustainable Development: Institutional Features
Hedonic Price Modelling of Environmental Attributes: A Review of the Literature and a Hong Kong Case Study
Economic Indicators of Sustainable Development in Fish Culture
Lai, Loi Lei City University ,UK
Electric and Magnetic Circuits and Fields
Laird, Sarah University College London ,UK
Medicinal Plants in International Trade: Conservation and Equity Issues
Laitinen, Jarmo T. University of Kuopio ,Finland
Biological Rhythms
Laitinen, Tomi Kuopio University Hospital ,Finland
Autonomous Neural Regulation
Lakamraju, Vijaya R. University of Massachusetts ,USA
Network Software: From NCP to Ubiquitous Computing
Laker, Michiel C. University of Pretoria ,South Africa
Urban Soils
Lakhtakia, Akhlesh The Pennsylvania State University ,USA
Sculptured Thin Films
Lakshmanan, T.R. Boston University ,USA
Transportation in the 21st Century: Technological Innovation
Lal, Rattan Ohio State University ,USA
Soil and Its Life Support Systems
Lam, Ann C. W. Ecocosm Dynamics Ltd. ,USA
The ECOCOSM Paradox
Lam, Khee Poh Center for Building Performance & Diagnostics Carnegie Mellon University ,USA
Computational Building Performance Modeling and Simulation
Lam, Paul K.S. City University of Hong Kong ,China
Chemistry of Organic Pollutants Including Agrochemicals
Lam, Richard California Environmental Protection Agency ,USA
Impacts of Socioeconomic Factors on Residential Indoor Air Quality and Human Health
Lamarche, Luc University of Montreal ,Canada
Environmental Social Psychology
Lamb, David The University of Queensland ,Australia
Tropical Forest Restoration Experiences
Lambin, Eric F. Universite Catholique de Louvain ,Belgium
Environmental Change and Vector-Borne Diseases: The Contribution of Remote Sensing and Spatial Analyses
Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue, Francoise Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Supelec ,France
Parametric Identification using Sliding Modes
Volterra and Fliess Series Expansion
Lanbo, Liu University of Connecticut ,USA
Saline Water Intrusion
Land, Kenneth C. Duke University ,USA
Mathematical Demography
Landeros-Sanchez, Cesareo Graduate College in Agricultural Science ,Mexico
Sustainability of Agricultural Production Under Irrigation
Landolt, Dieter Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne ,Switzerland
Corrosion and Surface Treatment
Landorf, Hillary Florida International University, College of Education ,USA
Secondary Education and Sustainable Development
Lang, Robert California Polytechnic State University ,USA
Aqueducts, Tunnels, Canals, Pipelines, Siphons, and Water Distribution
Lang, William W. International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences(CAETS) ,
Acoustics and Noice Control
Lang, Winfried Oostenrijkse Ambassade ,Belgium
Treaties as a Source of International Environmental Law
Lang, Yi.Huang Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China
Energy Supply and Demand
Langanke, K. University of Aarhus ,Denmark
Nuclear Synthesis in Nature
Lange, Sven University of Amsterdam ,The Netherlands
Arthropods other than Insects
Langergraber, Gunter Institute of Sanitary Engineering and Water Pollution Control,University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences ,Austria
Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater treatment
Langholz, Jeffrey A. Monterey Institute of International Studies ,USA
Forest Recreation on Private Lands
Langton, Marcia Northern Territory University ,Australia
Emerging Environmental Issues for Indigenous Peoples in Northern Australia
Lanna, Dante Pazzanese Sao Paulo University ,Brazil
Livestock Production in Feedlots/Landless Systems
Lannigan, Robert University of Western Ontario ,Canada
Ecosystem Health:Definitions,Assessment, and Case Studies
Lanzerath, Dirk University of Bonn ,Germany
The Value of Biodiversity
Economic Relevance of Biodiversity
Ethical Relevance of Biodiversity
Lapicque, Francois Laboratoire des Sciences du Genie Chimique,CNRS-ENSIC-LSGC ,France
Electrochemical Reactors
Lapinska, Malgorzata University of Lodz ,Poland
River Ecosystems
Ecotones of River Systems
River Ecosystems Rehabilitation
Lappalainen, Eino Ropsit. 4 ,Finland
Cutting and Processing of Peat
Environmentally-Friendly Alternatives to Peat
Environmental and Ecological Aspects of Peat Cutting and Removal
Lappalainen, Jani University of Kuopio ,Finland
Protection Against Oxidative Stress
Lappas, Angelos A. Center for Research and Technology Hellas ,Greece
Catalysis and Refinery
Lardy, Greg North Dakota State University ,USA
Beef Cattle Nutrition In Commercial Ranching Systems
Larichev, Oleg Ivanovich Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Imitation of Expert Judgement
Measurements in Decision-Making
Larin, Igor K. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Protection of the Atmosphere in the Russian Federation
Lark, Richard Murray Rothamstead Research Station ,UK
Soil Properties and Pedometrics
Larson, Janelle B. Montaner Pennsylvania State University ,USA
Land Ownership and Property Rights
Last, John M. University of Ottawa ,Canada
Implications of Atmospheric and Climate Change for Human Health
Lastovicka, Jan Academy of Sciences ,Czech Republic
Geophysics and Geochemistry
Foundations of Geophysics and Geochemistry
Geophysical Systems
Laszlo, Alexander Syntony Quest ,USA
The Systems Sciences in Service of Humanity
Laszlo, Ervin International Society for the Systems Sciences ,Italy
The Systems Sciences in Service of Humanity
Lasztity, Demeter Eötvös Lóránd University ,Hungary
Quality Control of Plant Growth, Plant Protection, and Quarantine
Lasztity, Radomir Budapest University of Technology and Economics ,Hungary
Food Quality and Standards
Systems of Food Quality Standards
History of Food Quality Standards
Basic Concepts of Food Standards
National Standards
Regional Standards
International System of Food Quality Standards
Food Chain Management
Food Laws and Regulation
Meat and Meat Products
Milk and Milk Products
Grains, Pulses, and OilSeeds
Coffee, Tea, and Spices
Locations and Tasks of the Main Institutions and Organizations for Food Control Systems
Food Microbiology
Micro-Organisms Important in Food Microbiology
Food Chemistry
Food Proteins and Enzymes
Minerals and Other Microcomponents
Latham, John Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) ,Italy
Africover Land Cover Classification and Mapping Project
Latouche, Serge Universite de Paris–Sud ,France
Cultural Development Information and Knowledge
Latrouite, Daniel IFREMER ,France
Crabs and Lobsters
Latshaw, J.David The Ohio State University ,USA
Poultry Products as Food
Latta, P. Alexander York University ,Canada
"The Tragedy of the Commons" by Garrett Hardin, 1968
Lattanzi, Pierfranco Università di Cagliari ,Italy
Economic Minerals: A Review of their Characteristics and Occurrence
Lau, Buon Kiong Blekinge Institute of Technology ,Sweden
Signals and Systems
Lau, Stephen S.Y. The University of Hong Kong ,Hong Kong
Urban Sustainable Indicators - A Case Study from Hong Kong
Laubier, Lucien Claude University of the Mediterranean ,France
Deep Sea Benthos, Contrasting Ecosystems
Laukkanen, Mikko University of Kuopio ,Finland
Gene Therapy
Laurance, William F. Smithsonian Institution/INPA ,Brazil
Deforestation and Forest Fragmentation in the Amazon
Laurence, Dominique Electricité de France (EDF) ,France
Turbulent Flow Modeling
Laurence, Monnais University of Montreal ,Canada
History of Tropical Medicine
Lauridsen, Torben L. National Environmental Research Institute ,Denmark
Shallow Lakes: Effects of Nutrient Loading and How to Remedy Eutrophication
Laurini, Robert Claude Bernard University of Lyon - INSA ,France
Conceptual Modeling of Geographic Applications
GIS Interoperability, from Problems to Solutions
Lave, Roy E. SYSTAN, Inc. ,USA
Paratransit Systems
Laverov, Nicolay Pavlovich Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Regional Sustainable Development Review: Russia
Safe and Environmentally Sound Management of Radioactive Wastes in Russia
Lavoipierre, Guy J. World Health Organization ,Australia
Modern Medical Practices:A Commentary
Lawrence, Craig Western Australian Department of Fisheries ,Australia
Translocations of Aquatic Organisms in Western Australia-History and Associated Impacts
Lawrence, Roderick John University of Geneva ,Switzerland
Human Ecology
Lawson Smith, Kennedy National Trust for Historic Preservation ,USA
Case Studies Evaluation: Toward Development of a Transferable Model
Lawson, Andrew B. University of South Carolina ,USA
The Analysis of Putative Sources of Health Hazard
Lay, Maxwell G. Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Ltd ,Australia
Highways and Private Modes of Transportation
Lazard, Jerome CIRAD-EMVT/GAMET ,France
Environmental Impact of Introduced Alien Species
Freshwater Aquaculture and Polyculture
Le Houerou, Henri Noel International Consultant:Ecology,Management & Development of Arid Lands ,France
Rangeland Improvements
Le Moullac, Gilles IFREMER ,French Polynesia
Marine Shrimp Farming
Leach, Barbara MEL Research Ltd. ,UK
Classification of Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Agricultural and Construction Waste
Lebboroni, Marco University of Florence ,Italy
Captive Breeding of Birds
Lebot, Vincent Centre de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Development(CIRAT),Montpellier ,France
Tropical Root And Tuber Crops
Ledent, Jacques Institut national de la recherche scientifique ,Canada
Multistate Demography
Leder, Iren Central Food Research Institute ,Hungary
Sorghum and Millets
Buckwheat, Amaranth and Other Pseudocereal Plants
Lederman, Leon Max Illinois Institute of Technology ,USA
Physics and Development
Leduc, Celine ,Canada
IFLAC Paves the Way to Peace
LeDuc, Danika California State University ,USA
Potential of Plant Genetic Engineering for Phytoremediation of Toxic trace Elements
Lee, Chao-Shine National Taiwan Ocean University ,China
Mining and Oil Exploration in the Oceans and Seas
Lee, Fiona National University of Singapore ,Singapore
Geographical Information Applications Over the Net
Lee, John Chi-kin The Chinese University of Hong Kong ,China
Knowledge Foundation: Education for Sustainable Development
Lee, Joseph Hun-wei University of Hong Kong ,China
Fluid Mechanics
Hydraulics and Sustainable Wastewater Disposal in Rural Coastal Communities
Lee, Keuk-ki Yokkaichi University ,Japan
Energy Interaction with Food and Agriculture
Harvesting of Bio-Energy Source in Support of Energy for Agriculture
Competition for Land and Water Between Bio-Energy and Food Crops
Competition among Combustion, Biogas Production and Agricultural Composting
Control of Acid Rain and Industrial Pollution in Support of Food
Energy Saving by Nitrogen Fixation in Support of Food Production
Replacement of Solar Energy for Fossil Thermal Power in Food Production
Maximizing Energy Capture by Crops and Energy Use Cascading
Lee, Kwang Y. The Pennsylvania State University ,USA
Electric and Magnetic Fields
Lee, Laurie Thomas University of Nebraska ,USA
History and Development of Mass Communications
Lee, Leo-Felix Former Assistant, German Advisory Council on Global Change ,Germany
Sovereignty Over, Ownership of, and Access to Natural Resources
Lee, Sunggyu University of Missouri ,USA
Energy Transportation
Lee, Yeong Heok Hankuk Aviation University ,Korea
Airport Design and Development
Leeds, Christopher A. University of Nancy 2 ,France
Peace Humor
Leewis, Keith Process Performance Improvement Consultants, USA
Steel and Pipe Mill Technology
Leffler, William L. Venus Consulting ,USA
Legendre, Louis Laboratoire d'Oceanographie de Villefranche ,France
Biological Oceanography
LeGrand, Thomas K. University of Montreal ,Canada
World Population Growth and the Environment
Lehmann, Steffen The University of South Australia ,Australia
Energy Efficient Building Design
Lehtolainen, Pauliina University of Kuopio ,Finland
Gene Therapy
Lei, Yi Tsinghua University ,China
Environmental Values and Ethics
Ethical Dimensions of the Environmental Crisis
Anthropocentric Ethical Theories: Relations with Non-Human Beings
Biocentric Ethical Theories
Deep Ecology: from Duty to Ecological Consciousness
Ecofeminism: Intra-Generational and Intergenerational Equity
Leidl, Reiner Institute for Health Economics and Health Care Management, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munich ,Germany
An Economic View Upon the Determinants of Health
Leiner, Natalia Oliveira Universidade Federal de Uberlandia ,Brazil
Plant Strategies for Seed Dispersal in Tropical Habitats: Patterns and Implications
Leinonen, Ville Kuopio University Hospital ,Finland
Sensory-motor Posture Control in Lumbar Disorders
Leis, Brian N. Battelle Memorial National Laboratory ,USA
Pipeline Systems and Structural Integrity Management
Leisola, Matti Helsinki University of Technology ,Finland
Industrial Use of Enzymes
Leistner, Lothar Federal Centre for Meat Research ,Germany
Hurdle Technology
Leith, Douglas J. National University of Ireland Maynooth ,Ireland
Leithead, William E. National University of Ireland Maynooth/University of Strathclyde ,Ireland
Leithner, Reinhard Technische Universität Braunschweig ,Germany
Automation and Control of Thermal Processes
Steam Generators and Steam Distribution Networks
Leitzmann, Claus University of Giessen ,Germany
Adequate Diet of Essential Nutrients for Healthy People
Leland, Suzanne Marie University of North Carolina at Charlotte ,USA
Organizational Culture: Understanding Theoretical and Practical Applications
Lemaire, Patrick Universite' de Provence ,France
Cognitive Psychology
Lemarechal, Claude INRIA ,France
Nonsmooth Optimization
Lemeni, Nicolae Adrian University of Bucarest ,Romania
Scientific Knowledge and Religious Knowledge. Significant Epistemological Reference Points
Lemmens, Trudo University of Toronto ,Canada
Human Genetic Data Banks: From Consent to Commercialization - An Overview of Current Concerns and Coundrums
The Challenges of Genetic Information
Lemonidou, Angeliki A. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ,Greece
Catalysis and Refinery
Lemos, Joao Miranda INESC ,Portugal
Optimal Linear Quadratic Control
LQ-stochastic Control
Lempérière, François HydroCoop ,France
Design and Construction of Dams, Reservoirs, and Balancing Lakes
Len’shin, V.N. Ministry of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation ,Russia
Technological Progress for Sustainable Development in Russia
Lengel, Laura Richmond American International University ,UK
The Information Economy and the Internet
Lenke, Hiltrud Chemgineering Business Design AG, Switzerland
Lennard, Donald Edward Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Systems Limited ,UK
Economics of Natural Temperature Differences Utilization
Lenton, Timothy Michael Center for Ecology and Hydrology-Edinburgh ,UK
Earth as a Self-Regulating System
Leonini, Luisa University of Milan ,Italy
The Consumer Society
Family, Gender, and Socialization Issues in Consumption
Leontief, Wassily New York University ,USA
The World Input-Output Model (WIOM)
Leppakases, Tuomo Sakari University of Helsinki ,Finland
The Functions of Chlorophylls in Photosynthesis
Leppaluoto, Juhani University of Oulu ,Finland
Hormones and Cold: Integration of Endocrinology, Morphology, Physiology and Behaviour
Lepparanta, Matti University of Helsinki ,Finland
Ice Growth on Sea Surface and Drift of Ice
Lerman, Zvi The Hebrew University ,Israel
International Agricultural Cooperatives
Letcher, R.A. The Australian National University ,Australia
Types of Environmental Models
Leung, PingSun University of Hawaii at Manoa ,USA
Economic Indicators of Sustainable Development in Fish Culture
Leung, Yee Hong Curtin University of Technology ,Australia
Signals and Systems
Leuven, R.S.E.W. University of Nijmegen ,The Netherlands
Types of River Ecosystems
Levashov, Victor K. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Levchuk, Georgiy M. University of Connecticut ,USA
Decision Networks and Command Organizations
Levendis, Yiannis A Northeastern University ,USA
Emission Purification Technologies
Leverenz, Harold L. University of California at Davis ,USA
Water Reclamation and Reuse
Levi, Lucio University of Torino ,Italy
Global Governance and its Limitations
Levi, Scott University of Louisville ,USA
The Silk Roads: Afro-Eurasian Connectivity Across the Ages
Levin, Boris W. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Tsunamis: Causes, Consequences, Prediction, and Response
Levine, Audrey D. National Program Director for Drinking Water Research, US Environmental Protection Agency - Office of Research and Development, ,USA
Water Reclamation and Reuse
Levins, Richard Harvard School of Public Health ,USA
Mathematical Models of Public Health Policy
Levinson, Nanette S. American University ,USA
Management of Information, Communication and Media Resources
Levis, Alexander H. George Mason University ,USA
System Architectures for Life Support Systems
Levitt, Alexandra M. National Center for Infectious Diseases ,USA
Case History: Ebola Hermorrhagic Fever in Zaire, 1995
Lew, Ala Emerging Technologies, Murdoch University ,Australia
Molecular Biotechnology : Application in Livestock System
Lew, Debra J. National Renewable Energy Laboratory ,USA
Environmental Impacts of Wind Power
Lewicki, Piotr Pawel Warsaw University of Life Sciences ,Poland
Engineering Aspects of Food Processing
Lewis, Andrew University of Nottingham ,UK
Tissue Engineering: Advances in Organ Replacement
Lewis, Barbara-Ann G. Northwestern University ,USA
Soil Chemistry
Lewis, Frank L. The University of Texas at Arlington ,USA
Neural Control Systems
Lewis, Gillian D. University of Auckland ,New Zealand
Aquaculture and Mariculture
Lewis, Nathan S. California Institute of Technology(caltech) ,USA
Frontiers of Renewable Energy Sciences
Lewis, Owen T. University of Oxford ,UK
Effects of Climate change and Habitat Fragmentation on Trophic Interactions
Lewis, Paul University of Birmingham ,UK
The Global Financial Crisis, 2007-08: Origins, Nature and Consequences
Lex Engel, Vera São Paulo State University (UNESP) ,Brazil
Tropical Forest Restoration Experiences
Leydesdorff, Loet A. Amsterdam School of Communications Research(ASCoR) ,The Netherlands
Complexity and Technology
Leyens, Christoph DLR - German Aerospace Center ,Germany
Aerospace and Space Materials
Leyer, Ilona University Halle-Wittenberg ,Germany
Management of Seasonally Flooded Grasslands
Ley-Koo, Eugenio Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico ,México
Electricity and Magnetism
Li, Chongyin Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China
South China Seas Metrology
Li, Chun-Qing The University of Greenwich ,UK
Durability of Building Materials and Components
Li, Guowen Tsinghua University ,China
Air Pollution Caused by Industries
Li, Hon-Lam The Chinese University of Hong Kong ,China
Economic Justice
Li, Jinghai Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China
Contributions of Chemistry to Sustainability in China
Multi-scale Modeling
Li, Jinhui Tsinghua University ,China
Types, Amounts and Effects of Industrial Solid Wastes
Li, K. K. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University ,China
Electromagnetic Devices and Magnetic Circuits
Li, Lifeng Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China
Research and Theories in Sustainable Development in China
Li, Lin Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) ,UK
Lasers in Technology
Li, Ling University of Queensland ,Australia
Infiltration and Ponding
Li, Linpu Dalian University of Technology ,China
Marine Structures and Materials
Li, Lukang Chinese Academy of Forestry ,China
Forest Principles in Action
Li, Ruirui Tsinghua University ,China
Industrial Pollution Prevention Strategy-Cleaner Production
Li, Shuyuan University of Petroleum ,China
Oil Shale
Extraction of Oil Shale: Surface and In-situ Retorting
Li, Wenhua Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China
Promoting Sustainable Forestry
Li, Youchu Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China
Contributions of Chemistry to Sustainability in China
Li, Yucheng Dalian University of Technology ,China
Marine Structures and Materials
Liamzon, Cristina M. People-Centered Development Forum ,Italy
Food Security Issues
Liauw, Winston Spencer St.George Hospital ,Australia
Clinical Pharmacology
Liberatore, Angela European Commision ,Belgium
International Cooperation and Sustainable Development
Lieberman, Leslie Sue University of Central Florida ,USA
Human Biology within the Framework of Physical Anthropology
Lieberman, Stephen Todd College of Business ,USA
Human Biology within the Framework of Physical Anthropology
Liebling, Thomas M. Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne ,Switzerland
Advanced Deterministic Optimization
Liechti, Pierre-Andre Degremont Technologies Ltd ,Switzerland
Water Wastewater Ozonation Capital and Operation&Maintenance Costs
Lifanov, Ivan K. Russian Academy of Science ,Russia
Numerical Methods for Integral Equations
Light, John D. Ontario Service Centre ,Canada
Industrial Archaeology
Lightfoot, Simon Liverpool John Moores University ,UK
European Union
Lillo, Fabrizio University of Palermo ,Italy
Networks in Finance
Lima, Marcos Robalinho Universidade de Brasilia ,Brazil
Terrestrial Vertebrate Diversity and Demography in Tropical Ecosystems
Limaye, Shrikant Daji Ground Water Institute ,India
GroundWater Development in Hard Rocks
Limbach, Charles Big Sur Health Center ,USA
The Search for Plants to Manage Diabetes
Limongi, Marco Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma ,Italy
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Lin, Bao Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences ,China
Capacity of Soils for Sustaining Agricultural Production in Asia
Lin, Xihong University of Michigan ,USA
Biostatistical Methods and Research Designs
Lind, William S. The Free Congress Foundation ,USA
The Fate of the State
Lindaman, Kara University of Kansas ,USA
Elusive Nexus: Basic Needs and Fiscal Decentralization
Lindemann, John W. CPG; Consulting Geologist ,USA
Forensic Geology
Linden, James C. University of Colorado ,USA
Secondary Products from Plant Tissue Cultures
Lindner, Evelin Gerda Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, USA
Humiliation and Global Terrorism: How to Overcome it Nonviolently
Lindroos, Marko University of Helsinki ,Finland
Management of Straddling Fish Stocks: A Bioeconomic Approach
Game Theory and Fisheries
Lindsay, Geoff University of Warwick ,UK
Ethical and Legal Matters
Lindstrom, Kristina University of Helsinki ,Finland
Biological Nitrogen Fixation with Emphasis on Legumes
Ling, Wen Hua Zhongshan University ,China
Intestinal Microflora
Lingireddy, Srinivasa University of Kentucky ,USA
Shock and Water Hammer Loading
Linsenmair, K. Eduard Universität Würzburg ,Germany
Biodiversity: Structure and Function
Lipman, Timothy E. University of California ,USA
Renewable Energy Sources
Lipsitz, Stuart R. Medical University of South Carolina ,USA
Categorical Data Analysis
Lira-Galera, Irma E. Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapala ,México
Lisle, I.G. University of Canberra ,Australia
Mathematical Soil Erosion Modeling
Lister, Derek H. University of New Brunswick ,Canada
Power Plant Materials
Nuclear Reactor Materials and Chemistry
Fossil Fuel Plant Materials and Chemistry
Listowski, A. University of Technology ,Australia
Assessment methodologies for water reuse scheme and technology
Liu, Antony K. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center ,USA
Polar Ice by Satellite Remote Sensing
Liu, Bingjiang Tsinghua University ,China
Clean Coal Technologies
Liu, Guo Ping University of Glamorgan ,UK
Eigenstructure Assignment for Control
Liu, Guosheng Florida State University ,USA
Satellite Meteorology
Liu, I-Shih Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil
Constitutive Theories:Basic Principles
Liu, Meng-Chia Cornell University ,USA
Infiltration and Ponding
Liu, Xiaoxing Chinese Academy of Sciences ,P.R.China
Multi-scale Modeling
Liu, Yanpeng Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China
Social Security System in China
Liu, Yilu Virginia Tech. ,USA
Energy Storage Systems
Liu, Zin-Huang National Sun Yat-sen University ,Taiwan
Roles of Plant Growth Regulating Substances
Livchits, Veniamin N. Russian Academy of Sciences ,Russia
Systems Analysis and Modeling of Integrated World Systems
Systems Analysis of Investment Project Efficiency Evaluation
Livens, Francis R. University of Manchester ,UK
Speciation of Heavy Metals and Radioisotopes
Lizunov, S.D. Electrozavod ,Russia
Components and Substations for Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems
Ljung, Lennart Linköping University ,Sweden
Practical Issues of System Identification
Llamas, Manuel Ramon Complutense University ,Spain
Sustainable Groundwater Use and Overexploitation
LLorca, J. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid ,Spain
Fundamental Applications: Solid Mechanics
Lloyd, Bruce South Bank University ,UK
Corporate Social Responsibility:Managing and Minimizing the Abuse of Power
Lloyd, Christopher David Queen’s University ,UK
Landform and Earth Surface
Lloyd, H. R. Vista University ,South Africa
Developmental Issues and Environmental Policy in South Africa
Lloyd, John W. University of Birmingham ,UK
Groundwater in Arid and SemiArid Regions
Lluch-Cota, Salvador E. Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas del Noroeste (CIBNOR) ,Mexico
Climate Change and Fisheries
Loaiciga, Hugo A. University of California ,USA
Global Variations in the Chemistry of Soil Water and Groundwater
Climate Change and Hydrogeologic Processes
Loan, Peter Brown and Loan Associates, USA
Human Development and Causes of Global Change
Lobanov, V.A. State Hydrological Institute ,Russia
Space Characters of Runoff Formation
Lobo, J.A. Universidad de Costa Rica
Evolutionary Ecology of Pollination and Reproduction of Tropical Plants
Lobry, Claude Elysee Universite' de Nice ,France
Basic Principles of Mathematical Modeling
Chaos and Cellular Automata
Lockington, David A. The University of Queensland ,Australia
Infiltration and Ponding
Mathematical Equations of the Spread of Pollution in Soils
Loeb, Abraham (Avi) Institute for Theory and Computation(ITC),USA
"Let There be Light":The Emergence of Structures out of the Dark Ages in the Early Universe
Loffredo, Maria I. Universita di Siena ,Italy
The World Wide Web:Structure, Evolution and Modeling
Lofgren, Karl-Gustaf Umea University ,Sweden
Welfare Theory:History and Modern Results
Logan, Robert K. University of Toronto ,Canada
Sustainability, Knowledge Management and the Internet
Lognonne, Philippe Institute de Physique du Globe de Paris ,France
Comparative Planetology
Lohmann, Boris Universitat Bremen ,Germany
Design of State Space Controllers (Pole Placement) for SISO Systems
Description and Analysis of Dynamic Systems in State Space
Controller Design
Observer Design
Extended Control Structures
Lohr, Sharon L. Arizona State University ,USA
Sample Surveys
Lohrenz, John Louisiana Tech University ,USA
The Limits of Energy Policy Making
Loibl, Marie Celine Austrian Institute for Applied Ecology ,Austria
Management of Transdisciplinary Research
Long, Jennifer Kathleen Cornell University ,USA
Improving the Nutritional Quality of Maize and Wheat for Human Consumption
Long, Ngo Van McGill University ,Canada
Mathematical Models of Resource and Energy Economics
Long, Ruijun Lanzhou University ,China
Rangelands as a sink for carbon
Longair, Malcolm Sim University of Cambridge ,UK
A History of Astronomy,Astrophysics and Cosmology
Longhurst, Alan R. place de l’Eglise, Cajarc, France
Productivity of the Oceans
Longino, John T. The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, USA
Tropical Insect Diversity-How to Sample it
Longoni, G. Universita di Bologna ,Italy
Clusters and Polynuclear Compounds
Longxi, Zhang City University of Hong Kong ,Hong Kong
Comparative Literature and the Plural Vision of Discourse
Loo, Judy A. Canadian Forest Service ,Canada
The Role of Forests in the Preservation of Biodiversity
Lopatin, Valery N. The Russian Academy of State Service under President of the Russian Federation ,Russia
Regulatory Incentives, Opportunities and Barriers
Standards and Industrial Ecology, with Particular Regard to the Russian Federation
Lopez de Haro, M. UNAM ,Mexico
Non-Equilibrium Processes
Lopez de Luchi, Monica G. Instituto de Geocronologia y Geologia Isotopica ,Argentina
Tectonic and Surface Processes Interaction
Lopez Pelaez, Antonio Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia ,Spain
The Socio-Economic Aspects of Technology
Lopez, Dolores Romero Universidad Complutense de Madrid ,Spain
Comparative Literature in the Age of Global Change
Impacts of Contemporary Developments on General and Comparative Literature
Lopez, J. Technical University of Madrid ,Spain
Data Integration into Environmental Models and Sensitivity to Input Data
López, Wilson Fandacion Universitaria Konrad Lorenz ,Colombia
Political Psychology
Lopez-Hernandez, Danilo Universidad Central de Venezuela ,Venezuela
Nutritional Aspects in Trachypogon Savannas as Related to Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycling
Lopez-Malo, Aurelio Universidad de las Americas-Puebla ,México
Colligative Properties of Foods
Lopez-Martinez, Roberto E. National University of Mexico ,México
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Water Resources Planning
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Socialism and Communism
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China's Activities and Contributions in Protecting the Ozone Layer
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Temporal and Spatial Continuity in Forest Ecosystems
Maintenance of Diversity in Forest Habitats
Management of Savannas and Mammalian Populations in African Protected Areas
Progress with Conservation Strategies of Selected Threatened Animals
Captive Breeding of Amphibians and Reptiles
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Housing: Object and Subject of Sustainable Development
Communications and Information
Transdisciplinary Unifying Theory: Its Formal Aspects
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Forests and Forest Plants
National Forest Inventories and Global Resource Assessments
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Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
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Qualitative Methods for Fault Diagnosis
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Food Control and International Food Trade
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Measurement Tools: Soil Systems
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Human Genetic Data Banks: From Consent to Commercialization - An Overview of Current Concerns and Coundrums
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Journalism and Mass Communication: The Making of Meaning
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The Mathematization of the Physical Sciences-Differential equations of nature
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Modeling of Hybrid Systems
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