EOLSS Participants


W.S Chan, Vincent Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
Communication Satellites - Technologies and Systems
W. Sussman, Robert Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.
A History of Race in Europe and the United States
Waast, Roland Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), France
Science and Technology Policies in Africa
Wakabayashi, Hisatsugu University of Tokyo, Japan
Diseases Caused By Bacterial Pathogens In Saltwater
Wach, Dieter H. GRS-Institute for Safety Technology(ISTec), Germany
Experience with Knowledge-Based Systems for Maintenance Diagnosis
Wada, Akira Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Architectural Structure Engineering
Waddington, David J. University of York, UK
Europe: Introducing Chemical Concepts Using Environment Contexts
Wadhawan, Jay University of Hull, UK
Physical and Molecular Electrochemistry
Wadhwa, Lal C. James Cook University, Australia
Transportation and Urban Sustainability
Wagenbach, Dietmar University of Heidelberg, Germany
Ice Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Wagenhals, Lee W. George Mason University, USA
System Architectures for Life Support Systems
Wagner, Claus Albrecht Institute for Aerodynamics and Flow Technology, German Aerospace Center, Germany
Mathematical Models in Hydrodynamics
Wagner, Markus Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Hanover, Germany
Global Mineral Resources, Occurrence and Distribution
Wagner, Peter University of Trento, Italy
The Future of Sociology: Unerstanding the Transformations of the Social
Wagner, Thorsten The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Education in Hydrological Sciences
Wagner-Lotkowska, Iwona University of Lodz, Poland
River Ecosystems
Wahlqvist, Mark L. Monash University, Australia
Nutrition and Human Life Stages
Waincymer, Jeffrey Deakin University, Australia
Legal Issues in Trade and Investment
Waite, David A. CH2M HILL, Bellevue, Washington, USA
Safe and Environmentally Sound Management of Radioactive Wastes in Canada and the USA
Wald, Lucien Ecole de Mines de paris, France
Solar Radiation Energy (Fundamentals)
Waldmann, Karl-Heinz University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Inventory Models
Waldren, Steven University of Dublin, Ireland
Conservation of Island Plant Populations and Communities
Waldvogel, Jörg Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH, Switzerland
Regularization in Celestial Mechanics
Walker, Polly O. University of Queensland, Australia
Singing a New Song: The Role of Music in Indigenous Strategies of Nonviolent Social Change
Walker, Susan University of Aberdeen, UK
Protection of the Quality and Supply of Freshwater Resources
Wall, Goran Exergy Consultant, Sweden
The Use of Natural Resources in Society
National Exergy Accounting of Natural Resources
Wallace, William A. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Operational Sustainability Management for the Infrastructure: The Case of Emergency Response
Wallenius, Maria Institute for Transuanium Elements(ITU), Germany
Nuclear Forensics
Waller, Lance A. Emory University, USA
Spatial Disease Mapping
Wallerstein, Immanual Yale University, USA
World-Systems Analysis
Wallington, Timothy J. Ford Motor Company, USA
Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming
Wallis, F.J. Paul Ministry of Fisheries, New Zealand
Subsidies to Fishing
Walls, Michael Gerard Université Paris-Sud, France
Imaging and Characterizing - Trace Element Analysis
Optical and Electron Microscopy
Walmsley, Amanda M. Monash University, Australia
Plant-Made Vaccines- The Past, Present and Future
Wani, Sajad Ahmad Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology-Kashmir, India
Fenugreek Nutraceutical Properties and Utilization in Various Food Products
Wals, Arjen E.J. Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Exploring Pathways to Sustainable Living: Emancipatory Environmental Education
Walsh, Frank C. University of Southampton, UK
Electrochemical Approaches to Environmental Treatment and Recycling
Walsh, Frank S. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Pennsylvania, USA
Drug Discovery
Walski, Thomas M. Haestad Methods, Inc., USA
Aqueducts, Tunnels, Canals, Pipelines, Siphons, and Water Distribution
Walter, Eric Universitte Paris-Sud, France
Bound-based Identification
Walters, Kenneth University of Wales, Aberystwyth(UK), UK
History of Rheology
Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
Walton, Marsha New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, USA
Sustainability Concepts in Ecological Economics
Walton, William University of Aberdeen, UK
Sustainable Transport in Europe
Wan Ibrahim, Wan Hashim Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
A Case Study of Mitigating Air Pollution Emissions at Traffic Light Junctions
Wandiga, Shem Oyoo Kenya National Academy of Sciences, Kenya
Science and Society:Africa's Perspective
Wang, Bin Nexia Biotechnologies, Inc., Canada
Transgenic Technologies for Animals as Bioreactors
Wang, Bing The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Nanotoxicology: Toxicological and Biological Activities of Nanomaterials
Wang, Bing-Zhong University of Electronic Science and Technology of China(UESTC), China
Antenna System in Telecommunications
Wang, Can Tsinghua University, China
International Coordination of Scientific Efforts in Support of Environmental and Ecological Sustainable Development
Wang, Chengsung National Taiwan Ocean University, China
Morphology of Ocean Floor and Plate Tectonics
Wang, D.X. Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China
Water Supply and Demand Status and Water Environment Protection in China
Wang, Guixin Fudan University, China
Shanghai: Population Planning and Urban Sustainability
Wang, Han University of Oklahoma, USA
Embryology,Differentiation, Morphogenesis and Growth
Wang, Hao Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China
Water Supply and Demand Status and Water Environment Protection in China
Wang, Hsiu Hwa (Cathy) National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Cellulose and Pulp
Wang, Jeng-Yu University of California, Berkeley, USA
Intelligent Control of Road Vehicles for Automated Driving: Path Architecture for Automated Highway Systems and Lateral Guidance
Wang, Jia NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
Great Lakes Ice And Climate: From Research To Forecast
Wang, Jianlong Tsinghua University, China
Technologies for Water Pollution Control
Technologies that Transform Pollutants into Innocuous Components: Biological Methods
Technologies that Transform Pollutants into Innocuous Components: Combined Biological/Chemical Methods
Wang, Jianqiu University of Petroleum, China
Environmental Impacts of Oil Shale and Pollution Control Technologies
Wang, Jie Tohoku University(Contact address: Keyaki-kan 201,Higashi 1-1-1,Ibaragi,Tsukuba 305-8569, Japan), Japan
Environmental Problems Arising from Coal Handling and Processing
Wang, Lan Old Dominion University, USA
Wireless Networks: Opportunities for Infrastructure-Related Optimization
Wang, Lawrence K. United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Austria
Hazardous Waste Management: A United States Perspective
Site Remediation and Groundwater Decontamination in USA
Industrial Ecology
Wang, Lei Powertech Labs Inc., Surrey,B.C., Canada
Mathematical Models in Electric Power Systems
Wang, Linna Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R.China
Multi-scale Modeling
Wang, Muhong Saint Mary's University, Canada
Misperceptions and Hypergame Models of Conflict
Wang, Qinxue National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
Desertification in China
Wang, Rusong Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development in China: Social-Economic-Natural Complex Ecosystem and Ecopolis Development
Wang, Shuxiao Tsinghua University, China
Technologies for Air Pollution Control
Control Techniques for Particles
Wang, Sung Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Biodiversity in China - Status, Threats and Recommendations
CITES Implementation in China: Success and Challenges
Wang, Tan K. National Taiwan Ocean University, China
Seismic Imaging in the Oceans
Wang, Wei Columbia University, USA
Multi-scale Modeling
Wang, Wei-Chyung State University of New York, USA
Anthropogenic Causes of Global Environmental Change
Wang, Weijin CRC for Greenhouse Accounting, Australia
Soil Organic Matter Decline and Management
Wang, Wenqi Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Protection of Oceans and their Living Resources-China
Wang, Xiaobin Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Capacity of Soils for Sustaining Agricultural Production in Asia
Wang, Yaoxiong Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R.China
Optimal Control With Femtopulses: Theory And Experiments
Wang, Yiduan Beijing Technical and Business University, China
Other Important Future Environmental Issues
Wang, Zhongguang Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Mechanical Properties of Crystalline Materials
Wangchuk, Phurpa James Cook University, Cairns campus, Smithfield, Australia.
Important Medicinal Plants-Bhutan
Wanner, Philippe Universite de Neuchatel, Switzerland
Demographic Models
Waple, Anne University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
History, Status, and Prediction of Global Climate Change
Ward, Colin R. University of New South Wales, Australia
Coal Exploration and Mining Geology
Warren, Bruce BCT Group and Yoon Consulting
Pipeline System Automation and Control
Warren, Catherine E. University of Calgary, Canada
Global Action for Women Towards Sustainable and Equitable Development: A Canada-US Perspective
Warren, Lorraine University of Lincolnshire and Humberside, UK
Total Systems Intervention
Warwick, Peter D. United States Geological Survey, USA
Coal Geology and Resources
Wasantwisut, Emorn U. Mahidol University, Thailand
Nutritional Assessment: Methods for Selected Micronutrients and Calcium
Washington-Allen, Robert Texas A&M University, USA
Dryland Analysis and Monitoring
Wasley, James University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
Homes for People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
Watanabe, Akira Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan
Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Watanabe, Hideshi Furukawa Co. Ltd., Japan
Drilling Machines
Watanabe, Hisoa Kyushu University, Japan
Measure and Probability
Watanabe, Morio Kyushu International University, Japan
Public Opinion and Mass Media
Watanabe, Osamu Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Computational Complexity
Wate, S. Environmental Impact Risk Assessment Division, NEERI, India
Water Safety Plans for Water Technologies
Waterman, Sue The Johns Hopkins University, UK
Literary Journals
Waters, Jody The University of Texas, USA
International Coverage of Environmental Issues
Watlington, Roy A. University of the Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands
Thermal Impact on Water Systems
Watson, Patty Jo University of Washington, USA
Theory in Archaeology
Watt, Muriel E. University of NSW, Australia
Strategies for the Adoption of Renewable Energy Technologies
Wattanapenpaiboon, N. Monash University, Australia
Nutrition and Human Life Stages
Wattiaux, Michel A. University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
The Dairy Industry
Watve, Aparna Agharkar Research Institute, India
Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Biodiversity Dynamics
Weatherly, John W. Cold Regions research and Engineering Laboratory, USA
Polar Meteorology and Climate
Webb, Patrick UN World Food Programme, Italy
Cultivated Capital: Agriculture, Food Systems, and Sustainable Development
Webb. Jr., James L.A. Colby College, USA
Health, Disease and Environmental History
Weber, Jan Erik University of Oslo, Norway
Sea-Ice Interactions
Weber, Marcel University of Hannover, Germany
Holism in the Sciences
Webster, Douglas Stanford University, USA
Peri-Urbanization: Zones of Rural - Urban Transition
Webster, Lucy L. Economists Allied for Arms Reduction (ECAAR), USA
Economics of Military Expenditures
Economics of Peace Processes
Economics of Global Threats
Economics of Arms and Development
Webster, Michael Francis University of Wales-Swansea, UK
Computational Rheology
Weckhuysen, Bert M. Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Characterization of Catalysts: Surface and in-situ Methods
Wee Hin, Leo Tan Singapore National Academy of Sciences, Singapore
Some Issues in the Sustainable Development of the Global Environment
Weerasekara, Lalinda University of British Columbia, Canada
Pipeline Geotechnical Engineering
Wegelin, Emiel A. Urb Act - International Advisory Services for Urban Action, The Netherlands
Informal Settlements and their Upgrading: Building on the Lessons of Three Decades of Experience
Wegenstein, Bernadette The Johns Hopkins University, USA
The Impact of Media on Literature
Weichselberger, Kurt University of Munich, Germany
Alternative Probabilistic Systems
Weih, Martin Swedish Univ of Agric. Sci., Sweden
Perennial Energy Crops:Growth and Management
Weimer, David L. University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Price and Income Elasticities of Demand for Energy
Weinbauer, Markus G. Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, The Netherlands
Virus and Heterotrophic Microplankton
Weis, Anthony J. Queen's University, Canada
Sustainable Development In Canada And The USA: Implications, Actors, And Responses
Weisenstein, Wolfgang ABB, Switzerland
Gas Turbines
Weiss, Thomas G. City University of New York, USA
The Evolution of Global Governance:Theory and Practice
Weitzmann, Boris DEPANA, Spain
Marine Reptiles: Adaptations, Taxonomy, Distribution and Life Cycles
Welch, Ross M. Cornell University, USA
Agricultural and Molecular Genetic Approaches to Improving Nutrition and Preventing Micronutrient Malnutrition Globally
Welcomme, Robin L. Imperial College, UK
Inland Fisheries
Trends in World Yields for Inland Waters
Freshwater Fish: Harvest Technology
Weldemariam, Dawit G. Hazhaz Hospital, Department of Pharmacy, Asmara Eritrea
Important Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (Maps) - Eritrea
Wellmer, Friedrich-Wilhelm Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Germany
World Natural Resources Policy (With Focus on Mineral Resources)
Global Mineral Resources, Occurrence and Distribution
Wellstead, P.E. UMIST, UK
Industrial Applications of 2D Control Systems
Welsh, Alan Hepburn Australian National University, Australia
Estimating Species Abundance
Statistical Graphics
Welti-Chanes, Jorge Universidad de las Americas-Puebla, México
Thermodynamics in Food Engineering
Colligative Properties of Foods
Food Fermentation
Welzl, Gerhard Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry(IBB), Germany
Wen, Show-Ling Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
Intelligent Buildings
Wen, Xianghua Tsinghua University, China
Environmental Sound Management of Wastewater
Industrial Pollution
Industrial Pollution Prevention Strategy-Cleaner Production
Environmental Standards Concerning Industrial Pollution Discharge
Wen, Zhou City University of Hong Kong, China
South China Seas Metrology
Wendt, Tania Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rain Forests:Floristics
Wenzel, Peter Profibus International, Germany
Bus Systems
Werner, Herbert Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
Controller Design Using Linear Matrix Inequalities
Wernstedt, Jürgen Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany
Optimization of Fuzzy Controllers
Modeling and Control of Complex River and Water Reservoir Systems
Werthes, Heribert Siemens AG, Germany
Automation and Control of Electric Power Generation and Distribution Systems: Steam Turbines
Wesche-Ebeling, Pedro Univ. de Las Américas-Puebla, México
Food Fermentation
Wesseler, Justus Agricultural and Environmental Resource Economist, The Netherlands
The Economics of Agrobiotechnology
Wessels, Pieter Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, South Africa
Surface Water Data Acquisition Systems
West, Bruce J. Army Research Center, USA
Formal Tools for Exploring Complexity
Hierarchy and Complexity in Physical Systems
West, Philip Wallace SciWest Consulting, Australia
Multipurpose Sustainable Forest Management
Westing, Arthur H. Westing Associates in Environment, Security and Education, USA
Environmental and Ecological Consequences of War
Peace,Culture,and Ethics:Recent History of Conservation Values in Peace and War
Wetzel, Erna S. Consultant, South Africa
Water Supply: Dams, Reservoirs and Water Transfers
Guidelines for Sustainable Development of Water Resources
Water Consumption, Fisheries and Water-Related Recreational Facilities
Weyens, Nele Hasselt University, Belgium
Land Revitalization
Whisson, Glen Curtin University of Technology, Australia
Translocations of Aquatic Organisms in Western Australia-History and Associated Impacts
Whiston, Thomas George University of Roskilde, Denmark
Global Sustainability:Rhetoric and Reality, Analysis and Action - The Need for Removal of a Knowledge - Apartheid World
Whitaker, Robert Cambridge, USA
Psychotropic Medications, Health Hazards and Risks
White, David H. ASIT Consulting, Australia
Climate and Its Effects on Crop Productivity and Management
White, Laura M. The Ohio State University, USA
Wound Healing and Regeneration
White, Peter R. Procter and Gamble Technical Centres Limited, UK
Integrated Waste Management
Whitehead, Anthony J. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), USA
Food Control and International Food Trade
Whitehead, Mark University of Wales, UK
Interpreting the Regulatory Geography of Sustainable Development: The Rise of the Sustainable City in the UK
Technical Process, Political Realties: Sustainable Development and the South Durban Strategic Environmental Assessment
Whiteley, Chris G. Rhodes University, South Africa
Glycogen Metabolism
Amino Acid Metabolism
Lipid Metabolism
Biochemistry of Vitamins, Hormones and Other Messenger Molecules
Whitford, Walter G. New Mexico State University, USA
Ecosystem Health:Definitions,Assessment, and Case Studies
Whitmarsh, David University of Portsmouth, UK
Economics of Aquaculture
The Situation in World Fisheries
Whittle, Kevin John Torry Research Ltd, UK
Marine Organisms as Food, Forage, Industrial, and Medical Products
Wibowo, Christianto ClearWaterBay Technology,Inc., USA
Product Centered Process Design
Widom, Elisabeth Miami University, USA
Applications of Isotopes to Igneous Petrogenesis
Wiebe, Keith D. USDA Economic Research Service, USA
Crop Production Capacity: A Global Perspective
Wielgolaski, Frans-Emil University of Oslo, Norway
Phenology and Climate Change
wieloch, Alfredo Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil
Diversity of Prokaryotes,fungi, protozoa, Bryophytes and Pteridophytes in tropical ecosystems
Wiener, Jarrod University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
International Relations
Wiescher, Michael University of Notre Dame, USA
Nuclear Synthesis in Nature
Wiesler, Franz LUFA Speyer, Germany
Influence of Mineral Fertilizers on Nutritional Quality of Staple Food Crops
Wiesmann, Urs Centre for Development and Environment(CDE), Switzerland
Transdisciplinary Research in Developmental Cooperation: Origins and Paradigms
Wiig, Karl M. Knowledge Research Institute, Inc., USA
The Intelligent Enterprise and Knowledge Management
Wijewickreme, Dharma University of British Columbia, Canada
Pipeline Geotechnical Engineering
Wikle, Christopher K. University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
Spatio-temporal Methods in Climatology
Spatial Statistical Modeling in Biology
Wilby, Andrew University of Reading, UK
Biodiversity and the Functioning of Selected Terrestrial Ecosystems: Agricultural Systems
Wilby, Andy J. British Energy Ltd, UK
Defects Introduced into Metals During Fabrication and Service
Wilk, Richard R. Indiana University, USA
Consumption and the Environment
Wilkie, Nancy C. Carleton College, USA
Text-Aided Archaeology
Wilkins, Karin The University of Texas, USA
International Coverage of Environmental Issues
Wilkinson, Barry University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
Wilkinson, David University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA), USA
States Systems and Universal Empires
Global Civilization - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Wilkinson, Monica MIRCEN-Biotechnology Brisbane and Pacific Regional Network, Australia
Microbial Chemistry
Willcox, Merlin L. Research Initiative on Traditional Antimalarial Methods, UK
Traditional Medicinal Plants for the Treatment and Prevention of Human Parasitic Diseases
Wille, Anton University of Innsbruck, Austria
Ice Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Willekens, Frans J. Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), The Netherlands
Family and Households Demography
Willems, Willem J.H. Rijksinspectie voor de Archeologie (RIA), State Inspectorate for Archaeology, The Netherlands
The Role of Archaeological Societies in Preserving Cultural Memorials
Willers, Hans C. Wageningen-UR, The Netherlands
Storage, Handling and Disposal of Animal Slurries
Willetts, Peter City University, UK
The International Monetary Fund
NonGovernmental Organizations
Williams, A.J. University of Birmingham, UK
Magnetic Materials
Williams, Allan M. University of Exeter, UK
Resort Europe: The Limits of Mass Tourism and the Rise of Sustainable Practices
Williams, Andrew J. University of Kent, UK
Diplomatic, International and Global-World History
Williams, Barry Bond University, Australia
Multinational Banking and Global Capital Markets
Williams, Billy M. North Carolina State University, USA
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Williams, Eric United Nations University, Japan
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment and Municipal Solid Waste Management
Williams, Gregory J. National Aeronautics & Space Administration(NASA) Headquarters, Code Y, USA
NASA Earth Science Enterprise: A New Window on our World
Williams, Iwan P. University of London, UK
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Williams, James H. International Education Program, The George Washington University, USA
The Consequences of Global Social Change for Human Development
Williams, Marc A. University of New South Wales, Australia
The World Bank
The World Trade Organisation
Williams, Paige L. Harvard School of Public Health, USA
Statistical Methods for Toxicology
Williams, Paul D. George Washington University, USA
Global Security
Global Security and the International System
Williams, S. Jeffress U.S. Geological Survey, USA
Coastal and Marine Processes
Willis, K.G. University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Economic Valuation and Cost-Benefit Analysis
Willis, Katherine Jane University of Oxford, UK
Evolution and Function of Earth's Biomes: Temperate Forests
Wills, Ian Monash University, Australia
Welfare Economics and Sustainable Development
Wilson, Geoffrey Eric Urban Agriculture Online, Australia
Urban Rooftop Microfarms
Wilson, James G. Trinity College, Ireland
Adaptations to Life in Estuaries
Wilson, Jeremy S. USDA Forest Service and University of Marine, USA
Silviculture Around the World: Past, Present, and Future Trends
Wilson, Kathleen University of Toronto at Mississauga, Canada
Medical Geography
The Geography of Health Care Systems
Wilson, Lester A. Iowa State University, USA
An Overview of the Food System
Wilson, Lorna M. University of Aberdeen, UK
International Agreements
Wilson, Matthew D. University of Bristol, UK
Global Data Networks in the Environmental and Life Sciences
Wilson, Susan R. Australian National University, Australia
Modern Biometry
Bioinformatics: Past, Present and Future
Wilting, Saskia M. VU University Medical Center, The Netherlands
Human Pappilomavirus-meditated transformation of the anogenital tract
Wilts, Arnold Free University, The Netherlands
Management of Transdisciplinary Research
Wiman, Bo L. B. Kalmar University, Sweden
Effects of Global Warming on Environmental Pollution: An Area with many Knowledge Gaps
Climate Engineering : Concepts, Examples, and Risks
Windsperger, Andreas Institute for Industrial Ecology, Austria
Industrial Metabolism
Wineman, Alan University of Michigan, USA
Nonlinear Elasticity and Its Role in Continuum Theories
Wingens, Matthais University of Bremen, Germany
Integrating Knowledge in Technology Development
Winichagoon, Pattanee Mahidol University, Thailand
Food Sources
Winiwarter, Verena Vienna University, Austria
Environmental History of Soils
Wink, Rudiger Ruhr -Universitaet Bochum, Germany
Environmental Economics and Sustainability in the Age of Global Change
Winkler, Celia The university of Montana, USA
Feminist Sociological Theory
Winn, J. Emmett Auburn University, USA
Motion Pictures
Winograd, Manuel International Center for Tropical Agriculture(CIAT), Colombia
Sustainable Development Indicators for Decision Making: Concepts, Methods, Definition and Use
Wipfli, Heather Institute for Global Tobacco Control and a faculty member at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA
Health Security Issues
Wirl, Franz University of Vienna, Austria
Mathematical Models of Environmental Economics
Wisenden, B.W. Minnesota State University, Moorhead, USA
Chemical Communication in Fish
Wisner, Ben G. California State University, USA
Urban Social Vulnerability to Disaster in Greater Los Angeles
Sustainable Cities: A Minimum Agenda
Wissenburg, Marcel L.J. Raboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Withagen, Cees A. Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Weak and Strong Sustainability
An Economic Theoretical Perspective on Green and Sustainable National Income
Withers, Suzanne Davies University of Washington, USA
Population Geography
Witt, Werner Brandenburgische Technische Universitat Cottbus, Germany
Process Risk Analysis
Witte, Hartmut Friedrich Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany
Functional Morphological and Physiological Aspects of Human Locomotion and Posture
Wittebolle, L. Ghent University, Belgium
Microbial Resource Management: The Road to Go for Environmental Biotechnology
Wittenberg, Karin University of Manitoba, Canada
Sustainable Animal Production
Wittenmark, Bjorn Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
Adaptive Dual Control
Wittner, Lawrence S. State University of New York, USA
Nonviolent Methods and Effects of the World Nuclear Disarmament Movement
Wognum, A.A.M. University of Twente, The Netherlands
Essential Elements of Strategic Planning for HRD
Wojnarovits, Laszlo Institute of Isotopes, Hungary
Radiation Chemistry
Wojtczak, Andrzej M. Institute for International Medical Education, USA
Health Care Systems
Wolanski, Eric Australian Institute of Marine Science, Australia
Natural Resource System Challenge: Oceans and Aquatic
Wolanski, Napoleon Centro de Investigacion y de Estudioz Avanzados del IPN, Mexico
A Model for Human Ecology
Woldai, A. International Center for Water and Energy Systems (ICWES) Abu Dhabi, UAE
Assessment of Desalination Technologies: Correction to The Tunnel Vision Basis of Energy Efficiency To A Holistic View of Sustainability
Woldai, Samrawit A. University of Waterloo, Canada
Important Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (Maps) - Eritrea
Wolff, Werner Karl-Franzens-Universitat Graz, Austria
Relations between Literature and Music in the Context of a general Typology of Intermediality
Wong, David B. Duke University, USA
Cultural Relativism
Wong, Kit Po The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
Electrical Engineering
Wong, Loong University of Newcastle, Australia
The Internet, Governments and the Issue of Governance: A New Cartography of Power?
Wong, Rebeca University of Maryland, USA
Global Population Aging
Wong, Siu Kei The University of Hong Kong, China
Hedonic Price Modelling of Environmental Attributes: A Review of the Literature and a Hong Kong Case Study
Wong, Siu Kuin Xiamen University Malaysia, Malaysia
Botany, Uses, Phytochemistry and Medicinal Properties of Selected Apocynaceae Species
Wood, Don J. University of Kentucky, USA
Shock and Water Hammer Loading
Wood, Jeffrey Thomas Australian National University, Australia
Selected Topics in Biometry
Wood, Stepan York University, Canada
Sustainability in International Law
Woodward, Dennis Frank Monash University, Australia
Federal System
Woodward, Wayne D. University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA
Media Globalization and Localization
Worchel, Steven University of Hawai'i, USA
The Psychology of The Relationship Between Groups
Worner, Gerhard University Goettingen, Germany
Processes of Magma Evolution and Magmatic Suites
Wright, Erik Olin University of Wisconsin, USA
Sociological Marxism: History and Development
Wu, Jisong Beihang University, China
Current Views of Global Carrying Capacity
Wu, Rudolf S.S. City University of Hong Kong, China
Chemistry of Organic Pollutants Including Agrochemicals
Wu, Weiping Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Temporary Migrants in Shanghai, China: Housing Choices and Patterns
Wu, Weiwen Chinese Association for Sciences and Technology, China
Strengthening the Role of NGOs: Partners for Sustainable Development
Wu, Ye Tsinghua University, China
Technologies for Air Pollution Control
Wu, Xingren Environmental Modeling Center, NCEP/NWS/NOAA, USA
Sea Ice In The NCEP Forecast System
Wüest, Alfred Johny Swiss Federal Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (EAWAG) , Switzerland
Human-Made Lakes and Reservoirs: The Impact of Physical Alterations
Wuisman, Jan J.J.M. Leiden University, The Netherlands
Social Development Trends
Urban-Rural Dimensions of Social Development
Wuketits, Franz M. University of Vienna, Austria
Culture as a Manifestation of Human Activity
Wuketits, Maria University of Vienna, Austria
Global Information Fluxes and National Cultural Values
Cultural Integration and National Originality of Cultures
Ecology of Culture
Wurts, William A. Kentucky State University, USA
Sustainable Aquaculture: Concept or Practice