EOLSS Participants


Pace, Gordon Chalmers Technical University, Sweden
Imperative Programming
Pacheco, F. Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brasil
Importance of Tropics to global carbon cycle
Pacini, Nic Via Burali d’Aresso, violence Italy
Dynamics and Cycling of Materials in River Systems
Paehlke, Robert Trent University, Canada
Globalization, Interdependence and Sustainability
Egalitarian Perspectives on Sustainability
Methods for Sustainability Assessment: Sustainability Indicators
Paerl, H.W. University of North Carolina, USA
Priority Parameters for Monitoring of FreshWater and Marine Systems, and Their Measurement
Paez, Antonio McMaster University, Canada
Urban and Community Planning
Page, Jane M. University of Melbourne, Australia
The Convention on the Rights of the Child: Creating a New Global Ethic for Children
Education and Childrens Rights: Challenges and Choices for the future
Pagliara, Stefano University of Pisa, Italy
Potable Water
Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions
Groundwater Use as Potable Water Supply
Paich, M. Colorado College, USA
Market Growth, Collapse and Failures to Learn from Interactive Simulation Games
Paige, Glenn Durland Center for Global Nonviolence, USA
NonKilling Global Society
Paisley, Richard Kyle University of British Colombia, Canada
Environmental Conflict Resolution: Suits
Pal, Joyojeet University of California at Berkeley, USA
Key Issues in Combating the Digital Divide
Review of Research on Rural PC kiosks
Palacios-Vélez, Enrique Post Graduate College in Agricultural Science, México
Distribution of Irrigated Lands and Water Consumption
Paleologos, Evan K. Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Desalination in The Arabian Gulf, Risks and Threats
Palma, Patricia Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama, Guatemala
Economic Development, Food, and Nutrition
Palma-Lopez, David Graduate College in Agricultural Science, Mexico
Sustainability of Agricultural Production Under Irrigation
Palmer, Andrew Clennel National University of Singapore, Singapore
Petroleum Development Offshore and Onshore
Palmer, C.G. University of Technology, Australia
Assessment methodologies for water reuse scheme and technology
Palmer, James D. George Mason University, USA
User Needs and Requirements, and Life Support System Specifications
Systems Integration of Systems for Life Support
Palmer, M.W. Oklahoma State University, USA
The Inventory and Estimation of Plant Species Richness
Palmieri, M. Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama, Guatemala
Economic Development, Food, and Nutrition
Palomares, Laura A. National Autonomous University of Mexico, México
Industrial Recombinant Protein Production
Palou, Enrique Universidad de las Americas-Puebla, México
Colligative Properties of Foods
Paluzzi, Joseph E. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA
Elemental Keys to Sustainable Waste Prevention
Pampaloni, Guido University of Pisa, Italy
Inorganic Synthesis
Pan, Jiahua Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
Hazard and Risk Assessment, and Risk Management
Pan, Kuo-Liang Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan
Ocean Energy
Pan, Ziqiang Science and Technology Commission, CNNC, China
Safe and Environmentally Sound Management of Radioactive Waste
Panche, Archana N. Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Classification and Functional Properties of Flavonoids (Phenols, Polyphenols, Flavonoids, Anthocyanin, Proanthocyanidins, Tannins, and Chalcones)
Pande, Chitra D. S. B. Campus, Kumaun University, Nainital, India
Therapeutic Potential and Phytochemistry of Natural Herbals of Family Lamiaceae: Ocimum Sanctum L. and Ocimum Basilicum
Pandey, Dileep Kumar Central Agricultural University, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Diversity in Shifting Cultivation System and Crop Species
Pandi, Ferenc Geza Gyor Distillery & Refinery Co. Ltd., Hungary
Plants Used for the Production of Beverages
Pandit, Madhukar University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Control of Intermittent Processes
Panerai, Ronney B. University of Leicester, UK
Health Information Systems
Pang, Grantham Kwok-Hung The University of Hong Kong, China
Blackboard Architecture for Intelligent Control
Pang, Tikki World Health Organization, Switzerland
Vaccination in Developing Countries: Problems, Challenges and Opportunities
Paniagua, Angel Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Spain
The Socioeconomics of Agriculture
Paniagua, Juan Carlos University of Barcelona, Spain
NMR Spectroscopy
Panichi, Constanzo International Institute of Geothermal Research, Italy
Thermal Springs
Panin, Gennady Nikolaevich Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Atmospheric Water
Properties of Atmospheric Water
The Physical Properties Of Atmospheric Water, Including Its Three Phases
Pankova, Yevgenia I. V.V.Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute, Russia
Chemical Amelioration of Soils
Amelioration of Alkali(Sodic/Solonetz) Soils
Amelioration of Alkali(Soda-Saline) Soils
Particular Forms of Land Amelioration Development of Coastal Marshlands and other Saline Soils
Panta, Ana International Potato Center(CIP), Peru
The Conservation and Utilization of Crop Genetic Resources in the Tropics
Papadakis, George Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
Desalination and renewable energy sources
Papadopoulos, Agis M. Aristotele University Thessaloniki, Greece
Refrigeration and Cryogenic Systems
Systems to Support Decisions on Electric Power Generation
Papagiannis, George Florida State University, USA
Education for Sustainability
Papagni, Antonio University of Milano Bicocca, Italy
Organic Photochemistry
Papazoglou, Theodore G. Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser(I.E.S.L.), Greece
Applications of Laser Spectroscopy in Biomedicine and Preservation of Cultural Heritage
Pappas, Efstathios University of Nevada, USA
World Cultural Heritage
Pappas, George J. University of Pennsylvania, USA
Bisimulations of Discrete, Continuous, and Hybrid Systems
Paranko, Jorma University of Turku, Finland
General Features of Hormonal Coordination
Paraskevopoulos, P.N. National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Digital Control Systems
Discrete-Time, Sampled-Data, Digital Control Systems, and Quantization Effects
Design Methods for Digital Controllers, Sample-Rate
Pardini, Andrea University of Florence, Italy
Rangeland Management
Pardo, Mercedes University Carlos III, Madrid, Spain
Transportation, Mobility, and Women in Cities of Developed Countries
Urban Development and its Forms: Origins and New Challenges for the Twenty-First Century
Parekh, Sunil J. Hematology Laboratory, India
Blood: The Essence of Humanity
Parena, Renato Gruppo Societa Metropolitana Acque Torino Spa, Italy
Economics and Financing in the Water Sector
Parente, Mariano Università Federico II, Italy
Sedimentary Geology and Paleontology
Parfenov, Viktor I. Institute of Experimental Botany of NASB, Belarus
Effects of Drainage on Flora and Fauna
Parisi, Domenico National Research Council, Italy
Artificial Life and Human Societies
Park, Bae Kyung Saitama University, Japan
Problems, Restoration and Conservation of Lakes and Rivers
Park, Chang-Ho Seoul National University, Korea
Airport Design and Development
Park, Ock Jin Hannam University, Korea
Regional and Cultural Differences in Nutrition
Park, Sam Ock Seoul National University, Korea
Geography of Economic Activities
Park, Walter G. American University, USA
Innovation and Economic Dynamics
Park, Woo-Soon Dong-A University, Korea
The Role of Culture in Knowledge Management
Parker, G. Glenn Procter & Gamble Inc., Canada
Integrated Waste Management
Parker, John Swansea University, UK
Structuration Theories
Parker, Lea Jane Northern Arizona University, USA
Communication Strategies for Sustainable Societies
Communication Campaigns Advocating Sustainable Development
Parkinson, Mary National Centre for Business and Ecology, UK
Waste Minimization and Recycling as Part of an Environmentally Sustainable Business Strategy
Parks, Craig D. Washington State University, USA
The Social Psychology of Small Groups
Parlange, Jean-Yves Cornell University, College of Engineering, USA
Infiltration and Ponding
Mathematical Equations of the Spread of Pollution in Soils
Mathematical Soil Erosion Modeling
Parlange, Marc B. Ecological Engineering Laboratory, Switzerland
Infiltration and Ponding
Parmenter, Kelly E. Global Energy Partners, LLC, USA
Efficient Use and Conservation of Energy in the Industrial Sector
Efficient Use of Electricity in Process Operation
Efficient Use of Fossil Fuels in Process Operation
Energy Efficiency in Specific Industrial Segments
Total Plant Energy Efficiency
Building Envelope Efficiency Measures
Efficient Use and Conservation of Energy in the Transportation Sector
Energy Efficiency in Freight Transportation
Energy Efficiency in Mass Transit Systems
Energy Efficiency in Passenger Cars and Light Trucks
Efficient Use and Conservation of Energy in the Agricultural Sector
Energy Efficiency in Fertilizer Production and Use
Parnell, Susan University of Cape Town, South Africa
Victims, Villains, and Fixers: the Urban Environment and Johannesburg's Poor
Parnreiter, Christof Austrian Academy of Sciences and The University of Vienna, Austria
Free-Trade and Changing Patterns of Cityward Migration: The Case of Mexico
Parra-Luna, Francisco Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Systems Science and Cybernetics: The Long Road to World Sociosystemicity
Axiological Systems Theory
Parrish, David J. Virginia Tech, USA
Growth and Production of Herbaceous Energy Crops
Partal, Pedro University of Huelva, Spain
The Newtonian Fluid
Non-Newtonian Fluids
Paschoa, Anselmo Salles Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Brazil
Environmental Effects of Nuclear Power Production
Environmental Effects of Nuclear Power Generation
Pashtan, Ariel Aware Networks,Inc., USA
Wireless Terrestrial Communications: Cellular Telephony
Paskoff, Roland P. Lumiere University, France
Effects of Sea-Level Rise on Coastal Cities and Residential Areas
Passaglia, Elisa Universita di Pisa, Italy
Polymers and their Synthesis
Passarella, A. CNR-IIT Institute, Italy
Power Management
Passekov, Vladimir P. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Population Models
Passino, Roberto Water Research Institute, Italy
Government Agencies and Institutions
Pasta, Salvatore University of Palermo, Italy
Alien Plants Management
Pastinen, Ossi Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Industrial Use of Enzymes
Patel, D.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Strengthening the Global Treaty-Making System
Patel, Sujata University of Pune, India
Sociology's 'Other': The Debates on European Universals
Patel, Zarina University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
Technical Process, Political Realties: Sustainable Development and the South Durban Strategic Environmental Assessment
Patella, Pietro Ameglio Humanities Department in the Christian Brothers University of Cuernavaca, Mexico
Civil Resistance and Nonviolence
Paterson, David M. University of St Anrews, UK
Biodiversity and Functionality of Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems
Pathak, Khanindra Indian Institute of Technology, India
Noise Level Monitoring
Patil, Ganapati P. The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Statistical Ecology and Environmental Statistics
Ecosystem Health:Definitions,Assessment, and Case Studies
Patomaki, Heikki Unv of Helsinki, Australia
Political Economy of International Security
Patra, Amit Indian Institute of Technology, India
Parameter Estimation for Differential Equations
Patrick B. Eriksson Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
National Ice Service Operations And Products Around The World
Adaptive and Neural Approaches to Fault-tolerant Control
Patterson, Andrew Greece
Plant Genome Mapping and Strategy
Patterson, Jr., Floyd G. George Mason University, USA
Life Cycles for Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
Life Cycles for System Acquisition
The Planning and Marketing Life Cycle
Patterson, Miles L. University of Missouri, USA
Psychology of Nonverbal Communication and Interpersonal Interaction
Pattipati, Krishna R. University of Connecticut, USA
Decision Networks and Command Organizations
Patton, Ronald John University of Hull, UK
Eigenstructure Assignment for Control
Fault-Tolerant Control Using LMI Design
Design Methods for Robust Fault Diagnosis
Pauer, James J. Welso Federal Services, USA
Biochemical Oxygen Demand
Paugy, Didier IRD, UMR Borea, France
Freshwater Fishes In Africa
Paul, Jan Technical University of Vienna, Austria
Biological Waste Gas Cleaning in a Pilot-Scale Biofilter with Different Filter Material and Modeling a Hybrid Process of Adsorption and Biofiltration
Paule, Ladislav Technical University, Slovakia
Retention of Old Forest Stands and Individual old Trees
Pauly, Daniel University of British Columbia, Canada
Fisheries Management: Sustainability vs. Reality
Pavlenko, Vladimir Ilich Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Recognizing and Strengthening the Role of Indigenous Peoples and Their Communities
Pavlov, Dmitrii S. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Biodiversity Conservation in Russia
Pavlovsky, Yury N. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Fundamentals of Mathematical Modeling for Complex Systems
Life Circle Processes for Model Definition and Deployment
Pavon-Marino, Pablo Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Spain
Models and Layered Protocol Organization
Pawelec, B. Instituto de Cataisis y Petroleoquimica.CSIC,, Spain
Characterization of Catalysts: Bulk and Texture
Paya, Victor Climent Universidad de Alicante, Spain
Payment, Pierre Universite du Quebec, Canada
Goals of Water Treatment and Disinfection: Reduction in Morbidity and Mortality
Diseases Associated with Drinking Water Supplies that Meet Treatment and Indicator Specifications
Pázman, Andrej Comenius University, Slovak Republic
Statistical Experiment and Optimal Design
Pchelkin, Yuri M. Bauman Moscow State University, Russia
Combustion Process and Production for Different Organic Fuels. Emission Problem
Pearce, Neil Massey University, New Zealand
Interactions of Environmental Change and Human Health
Pearson d’Estrée, Tamra George Mason University, USA
Interpersonal Conflict
Pearson, Ronald K. Thomas Jefferson University, USA
Identification of Block-Oriented Models
Pease, Laura Whitefield Schools and Centre, UK
Special Environmental Education for the Learning Disabled
Peccerillo, Angelo University of Perugia, Italy
Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Pedersen, Morten Lauge National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark
Ecological Effects of River Rehabilitation Methodologies Applied in Europe
Pedroche, Francisco F. Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa, México
Peeters, Jozef Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
Gas-Phase (Photo) Chemical Processes in the Troposphere
Peevor, S. University of Adelaide, Australia
Effects of Sea-Level Rise on Coral Reefs
Pegram, Geoff G. S. University of Natal, South Africa
Hydraulics of Two Phase Flow: Air and Water
Probabilistic Methods and Stochastic Hydrology
Hydrological Data Acquisition Systems
Pei Loo, Tok National University of Singapore, Singapore
Poisons, Venoms and Toxins
Peijnenburg, Willie J.G.M. National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands
Ecological Risk Assessment of Environmental Stress
Ecological Chemistry
Peirce, Kate Department of Mass Communication, USA
The Evolution of Television in the USA
Peiser, Peter Consultant, Italy
Renewable Energy Forecasting
Costs of Conserved Energy
Energy Management through Secondary Energy Storage
Peleg, Micha University of Massachusetts, USA
Engineering Properties of Foods
Physical Properties of Food Powders
Pelkonen, Olavi University of Oulu, Finland
Role of Xenobiotic Metabolism in Drug Discovery and Development
Pharmacokinetics:How Does The Body Handle Drugs?
Pellegrini Filho, Alberto Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Social Participation in R&D: The Citizens Consensus Conferences
Pellegrino, Jose M. Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, Argentina
World Beef Cattle Production
Pels, Eric Free University, The Netherlands
Network Developments in Aviation
Pelto, Gretel H. Cornell University, USA
Ethnographic Aspects of Human Nutrition
Peluso, Marilia L. Departamento de Geografia, Universidade de Brasília, Brasil
Territorial Settlement, Regional Development and Environmental Problems in the Brazilian Midwest
Peng, Jun State Environmental Protection Administration, China
Scientific Justification for Environmental and Ecological Sustainable Development
Peng, Xizhe Fudan University, China
Urbanization and its Consequences
Penn, Michael R. University of Wisconsin-Platteville, USA
Biochemical Oxygen Demand
Pennefather (O’Neil), Jocelyn Monash University, Australia
Reproductive Pharmacology
Pennell, William Malaspina University College, Canada
Salmonid Fish: Biology, Conservation Status, and Economic Importance of Wild and Cultured Stocks
Pennington, Mark Queen Mary, University of London, UK
Free Market Environmentalism Versus Environmental Market Socialism: An Austrian Perspective on Institutional Choice
Penny, Roben Environmental and Developmental Practitioner/Consultant, South Africa
Desertification and Deforestation in Africa
Pensel, Norma ITA-INTA, Argentina
The Role of Meat in the Human Diet
Peralta Fabi, Ramon Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, México
Mechanics of Solids
Peredi Vasarhelyi, Katalin Central Food Research Institute, Hungary
Plants as Sources of Oil
Peredi, Jozsef Szent Istvan University, Hungary
Plants as Sources of Oil
Peregrine, Peter Neal Lawrence University, Appleton, USA
World Prehistory
Pereira Remelhe, Manuel A. University of Dortmund, Germany
Modeling and Simulation of Large-Scale Hybrid Systems
Pereira, Miriam Cristina Alvarez Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, Brazil
Sandy Coastal Vegetation
Perelet, Renat A. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Economic Reform and Integration of Environmental Priorities into Economic and Sectoral Policies in Russia and the Newly Independent States
Management Responses to the Challenge of Sustainable Development in Russia
Perez, Rene IFREMER, France
Marine Plants: Production and Utilization
Marine Plant Aquaculture
Perez-Correa, Ricardo Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile
Instrumentation and Control of Bioprocesses
Perez-Garcia, John M. University of Washington, USA
Trends in Resources Provided by Forests
Perez-Mellado, Valentin University of Salamanca, Spain
Eradication of Rodents and Feral Cats on Islands
Pergola, Mariano S. The Genetic Unit of the Child Outpatient Service of ASL RM/E in Rome, Italy
Psycho-genetics and Genetic Influences on Behavior
Perkins, Patricia E. York University, Canada
Feminist Ecological Economics
Perman, Roger University of Strathclyde, UK
Sustainable Development, Growth Theory, Environmental Kuznets Curves, and Discounting
Permyakov, Rudolf Sergeyevich Russian Academy for Public Service, Russia
Development of Industrial Ecology in Russia
Perona, Ralph Neptune and Company, Inc, USA
Assessment of Contaminated Soils
Perovich, Don Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, New Hampshire
Field Techniques In Sea-Ice Research
Persson, Magnus Lund University, Sweden
Water and Solute Transport in the Vadose Zone
Perugini, Matthew A. University of Melbourne, Australia
Lysine Biosynthesis in Bacteria: An unchartered pathway for Novel Antibiotic Design
Pervozvansky, Anatoli A. St - Petersburg'sTechnical University, Russia
System Analysis of Financial Markets: An Overview
Pescod, David Northern Hospital, Australia
Pestman, Wiebe R. University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Mathematical Foundations and Interpretations of Probability
Random Variables and Their Distributions
Pestov, Leonid F. Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering, Russia
Drainage of Irrigated Land
Amelioration of Alkali(Sodic/Solonetz) Soils
Amelioration of Alkali(Soda-Saline) Soils
Pete, Andras University of Connecticut, USA
Decision Networks and Command Organizations
Petela, Ryszard (Richard) Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Thermodynamic Analysis of Processes
Exergy of Solar Radiation
Peter, Laurence M. University of Bath, UK
Semiconductor Electrochemistry
Peters, Hans J.M. University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
Peters, Manfred DLR - German Aerospace Center, Germany
Aerospace and Space Materials
Peters, Thomas Membrane Technology and Environmental Engineering, Germany
Seawater Intake and Pretreatment Equipment for Power and Desalination Plants
Petersen, Kenneth Lee University of Utah, USA
Reconstructing Environments
Peterson, Charles L. University of Idaho, USA
Technology and Power in Agriculture
Peterson, E. Wesley F. University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
Food Security and Government Intervention
Food Security in Developing Countries: A Case Study for India
Peterson, Mark University of Calgary, Canada
Protection of Fresh Water Resources - Canada and the United States of America
Peterson, Mark Allen Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA
Anthropology of Media
Petrilli, Susan University of Bari, Italy
Criticism and Education
Petrosyan, Valery S. M.V.Lomonosov University, Russia
Organic Pollution from Agrochemicals
Petro-Turza, Marta Hungarian Standards Institution, Hungary
History of Food Quality Standards
Basic Concepts of Food Standards
National Standards
Regional Standards
International System of Food Quality Standards
Locations and Tasks of the Main Institutions and Organizations for Food Control Systems
Petrov, Alexandr A. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Models of Socioeconomic Development
Petrov, Rem V. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Fundamentals of Biological Science: An Evolutionary Approach
Petrovskii, Sergei V. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Mathematical Models of Marine Ecosystems
Petrovsky, Vladimir United Nations Office at Geneva, Switzerland
Peace Operations as an Integrated Part of the UN Strategy for a More Secure Twenty-First Century
Petschel-Held, Gerhard Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany
Systems Analysis and Modeling in Transdisciplinary Research
Pettapiece, W.W. Cranfield University, UK
Land Classifications, Sustainable Land Management, and Ecosystem Health
Petter, Tamara TERA Environmental Consultants, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Environmentals Conservation Practices for Pipelines
Pettersen, Silje Vatne Division for Social and Demographic Research, Norway
Water and Development: Some Select Aspects
Pettersson, Anders Umea University, Sweden
Historical And Theoretical Perspectives Of Literature
Pezzuto, John M. University of Hawaii at Hilo, College of Pharmacy, Hilo, Hawaii, USA
Cancer Chemoprevention
Pfaendtner, Jim The University of Washington, USA
Chemical and Biochemical Kinetics and Macrokinetics
Pfahl, Andreas German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
Heliostat Development
Philips, Ruth B. Thomas Jefferson School of Law, USA
Criminal Law: Substantive Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
Phillips, David R. Lingnan University, China
Medical Geography
The Geography of Health Care Systems
Phillips, Ronald L. University of Minnesota, USA
Molecular Genetic Improvement of Protein Quality of Maize
Phillips, Vaughan T. J. University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Physical Meteorology
Phuntsho, S. University of Technology Sydney , Australia
Wastewater stabilization ponds (WSP)for wastewater treatment
Physico-chemical processes for Organic removal from wastewater effluent
Pichat, Pierre Ecole Centrale de Lyon.UMR, France
Solar Irradiation and TiO2 render materials self-cleaning
Pick, Milos Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Earth's Gravity Field
Pico-Marco, Enric Technical University of Valencia (UPV), Spain
Microbial Dynamic Transformation
Pico-Marco, Jesus Technical University of Valencia (UPV), Spain
Microbial Dynamic Transformation
Picos, Juan Vigo University, Spain
Forest Land Resources
Piehler, M.F. University of North Carolina, USA
Priority Parameters for Monitoring of FreshWater and Marine Systems, and Their Measurement
Piel, Anthony International Conference on Primary Health Care, USA
Primary Health Care: The Key to Health for All
Piel, Gerard Scientific American, USA
Economic Assistance to Developing Countries and Sustainable World Population
Pier, Jean-Paul Center Universitaire de Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Measure Theories and Ergodicity Problems
Bourbaki: An epiphenomenon in the History of Mathematics
Pierce, Sammy Mayfield EnerGenetics International, Inc., USA
The Next Generation of Biofuels - A New Approach to the Production of Biofuels
Pieri, Christian World Bank, USA
Land Quality Indicators (LQI) : Monitoring and Evaluation
Pierron, Fabrice Centre de Chalons-en-Champagne, France
Inverse Problems In Experimental Solid Mechanics
Pietilä, Hilkka University of Helsinki, Finland
Cultivation and Households: The Basics for Nurturing Human Life
Equality - Development - Peace Women 60 Years with the United Nations
Piglowski, Jacek Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Pignatti, Johannes S. Università di Roma La Sapienza, Italy
Evolutionary Paleontology
Pikulik, Mikhail M. Institute of Zoology, Belarus
Effects of Drainage on Flora and Fauna
Pilarczyk, Jan Pawel Instytut Spawalnictwa, Poland
Welding Metallurgy
Fundamental of Welding-Related Metal Science and Weldability of Materials
Pilgrim, Keri California Natural Resources, USA
Large Mammals and their Products
Principal Large Domesticated Mammals and their Products
Pilkey, Orrin H. Duke University, USA
Coastal Erosion
Pillai, Suresh D. Texas A & M University , USA
Subsurface Hydrobiology
Pimentel, David Cornell University, USA
World Natural Resource Policy and Management
Pest Control in World Agriculture
Mathematical Models of Society and Development: Dealing with the Complexity of Multiple-Scales and the semiotic process associated with development
Pingarron, Jose Manuel University Complutense of Madrid, Spain
Sensors (Bio and Non-bio Sensors)
Pinho, Fernando T. University of Porto, Portugal
Non-Newtonian Heat Transfer
Pintassilgo, Pedro University of Algarve, Portugal
Management of Straddling Fish Stocks: A Bioeconomic Approach
Game Theory and Fisheries
Pintelon, Rik Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Frequency Domain System Identification
Measurements of Frequency Response Functions
Estimation with known Noise Model
Frequency Domain Subspace Algorithms
Estimation with Unknown Noise Model
Pior, Myoung-Young University of Meikai, Japan
Geographic Information System
Pioro, Igor L. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), Canada
Supercritical Water-Cooled Nuclear Reactors: Review and Status
Pipenbring, Meike University of Frankfurt am main, Germany
Diversity,Ecology and Systematics of Smut Fungi
Piracha, Awais L. University of Western Sydney, Australia
Regional Rural Development in Punjab Province: an Environment-Based Approach for Guiding Decisions on Industrial Location
Pirolli, Peter Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, USA
Human-Information Interaction: Technology and Theory
Pitchon, Ana California State University, Domínguez Hills
Aquatic Ethnobiology
Pitot, Hanns-Andre AT-Association, Germany
Social Factors in the Treatment and Reuse of Organic Wastes in Developing Countries
Pitt, David La Cure Switzerland, Switzerland
Anthropology of Aids
Pitz-Paal, Robert Institut für Technische Thermodynamik Solarforschung, Germany
High temperature solar concentrators
Placido de Almeida, Marco Antonio The University of Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil
Environmental Sanitation Indicators For Upgraded Slums: The Case of Jardim Floresta Slum (Favela) in the City of São Paulo
Pla-Lopez, Rafael University of Valencia, Spain
Adaptive Systems
Planas, J. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Fundamental Applications: Solid Mechanics
Plasienka, Dusan Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic
Internal Forces And Their Influence on The Earth's Surface
Plate Tectonics and Landform Evolution
Plaza Pust, Carolina University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Sign Languages
Pletschke, Brett I. Rhodes University, South Africa
Microbiological Water Quality Assessment (catchment to tap)
Organic Chemicals Involved in Life Processes
Carbon Fixation
Anaerobic and Aerobic Respiration
Ploetz, Randy Christopher University of Florida- IFAS Tropical REC, Florida
Tropical Fruit Crops and the Diseases that Affect their Production
Pluciennick, Mark University of Wales, UK
Historical Origins of Agriculture
Plumwood, Val University of Sydney, Australia
Environmental Justice
Pocock, Robert L. MEL Research Ltd., UK
Classification of Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Agricultural and Construction Waste
Podar, Mircea Portland State University, Portland, USA
New opportunities revealed by biotechnological Exploration of Extremophiles
Podio, Augusto L. University of Texas at Austin, USA
Artificial Lift
Poel, Mannes University of Twente, The Netherlands
Artificial Intelligence: Definition, Trends, Techniques, and Cases
Pohl, Christian Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, Switzerland
Methodology of Transdisciplinary Research
Pohlan, Hermann A. Jurgen Consultant, Nordpromenade 11, Germany
Growth and Production of Coffee
Growth and Production of Cacao
Pokorny, Jan Institute of Chemical Technology, Czech Republic
Food Lipids
Pokorny, Petr Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Evolution and Function of Freshwater Ecosystems
Pol, Louis G. University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA
Applied Demography: Its Business And Public Sector Components
Polajnar, Ivan University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Fundamentals of Resistance Welding Processes
Polenov, Sergey A. I.P. Pavlov Institute of Physiology RAS, Russia
Pollard, Simon J.T. Cranfield University, UK
Ecological and Public Health Risks:Analysis and Management
Pollatsek, Alexander University of Massachusetts, USA
Attention, Perception and Memory
Pollet, Jean-Francois Henogen sa, Belgium
From Gene to Clinical Product: An Overview of GMP Requirements Associated to the Development of New Biotherapeutics, in a Multiprocess/Multiproduct Facility
Polley, Lydden University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Veterinary Helminthology
Polyaev, V.M. Moscow Bauman State Technical University, Russia
Thermodynamic Cycles of Rocket Engines
Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines
Solid Propellant Rocket Engines
Pompelli, Greg K. U.S. Department of Agriculture, USA
Crop Production Capacity in North America
Pomposiello, María Cristina Instituto de Geocronologia y Geologia Isotopica, Argentina
Tectonic and Surface Processes Interaction
Ponce, Andrés Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina
Important Medicinal Plants of Argentina
Ponce de Leon-Albarr, Carlos University of Southampton, UK
Electrochemical Approaches to Environmental Treatment and Recycling
Ponder, Winston F. Australian Museum, Australia
Pongpauk, Janit University of NewBrunswick, Canada
Pressurized Water Reactors
Pons, Miquel University of Barcelona, Spain
NMR Spectroscopy
Ponzio, Augusto University of Bari, Italy
Criticism and Education
Poot, Jacques University of Waikato, New Zealand
Mathematical Models in Regional Economics
Ecological and Socio-Ecological Economic Models
Popescu, Aurel University of Bucharest, Romania
Education in Biophysics
Popkov, Yuri S. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Macrosystem Modeling in System Analysis
Popov, Viktor Vasilyevich St. Petersburg State Technical University, Russia
Electrical Power Generation
Popovic, D. University Of Bremen, Germany
Automation and Control in Production Processes
Machine Tool
Automation and Control in Electronic Industries
Porembski, Stefan Universität Rostock, Germany
Biodiversity: Structure and Function
Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Biodiversity Dynamics
Porkka-Heiskanen, Tarja University of Helsinki, Finland
Biological Rhythms
Portch, Sam China Program, Canada
Fertilizer Use in China: Types and Amounts
Porter, Maureen K. University of Pittsburgh, USA
Reciprocity: A Keystone of Organizational Learning
Portjanskaja, Elina Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
Ozone Reactions with Inorganic and Organic Compounds in Water
Possamai, Adam University of Western Sidney, Australia
Risk Society, Sustainable Development and Religion
Possamai-Inesedy, Alphia University of Western Sydney, Australia
Risk Society, Sustainable Development and Religion
Posthuma, L. National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands
Ecological Risk Assessment of Environmental Stress
Postill, John RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Anthropology of Media
Poston, Dudley L. Texas A&M University, U.S.A
Sex and Sex Structure
Poteete, Amy R. Indiana University, USA
Management of Non-Arable Rural Land, Including Forests, Grasslands, and Shrub-lands
Potlovskiy, K. Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia
Nano- and Microsystem Engineering
Potrykus, Ingo Swiss Federal Institute of Technology(ETH), Switzerland
GMO-Technology and Malnutrition-Public Sector Responsibility and Failure
Pott, Arnildo Brazilian Agency of Agricultural Research (Embrapa Gado de Corte -CNPGC), Brazil
Fragile Ecosystem: The Brazilian Pantanal Wetland
Potts, Lee Earthtech Engineering, UK
Anaerobic Digestion, Gasification, and Pyrolysis
Poulos, S. Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics, Foundation for Research and Technology, Greece
An Assessment of the Vulnerability to Erosion of the Coastal Zone Due To a Potential Rise of Sea Level: The Case of the Hellenic Aegean Coast
Pousa, Jorge L. Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina
Episodic Processes(Storm Surges and Tsunamis)
Poutiers, Jean-Maurice Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, France
Shelled Molluscs
Powelson, John P. University of Colorado, USA
Human Resources and Economic Growth
Pownall, Ian A. University of Hull, UK
Some Social, Educational and Political Aspects of Biotechnology
Pozamantir, Elmar Ilja Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Systems Analysis of Transport Performance and Development
Prabhakar, Anil IIT Madras, India
Fibre Optic Communications: Techno-Economics
Prabhu, Narahari Uma Cornell University, USA
Inventories, Water Storage and Queues
Prabhudesai, Amit Indian Institute of Technology, India
Computer Vision and Information Technology
Prado, Italo University of Kent, UK
Urban Anthropology
Prado, Joel Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Italy
Fisheries Engineering and Technology; Fishing Fleet Operation and Economical Considerations
Prakash, Dhan Amity University UP, India
Herbal Plants Used in Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals and Their Advantages Over The Synthetic Counterparts
Prasad, P.V.Vara Kansaa State Unv, USA
Growth and Production of Sorghum and Millets
Growth and Production of Groundnuts
Prasertsan, Poonsuk Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
Environmental Biotechnology - Socio-Economic Strategies for Sustainability
Recycling of Agro-Industrial Wastes Through Cleaner Technology
Prasertsan, Suteera Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
Recycling of Agro-Industrial Wastes Through Cleaner Technology
Prato, Giuliana B. University of Kent, UK
Urban Anthropology
Prato, Tony University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
Nexus of Ecological Economics and Ecosystem Management
Pravec, Petr Astronomical Institute, Czech Republic
Cosmic Influences on The Earth
Preis, Sergei Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
History of Ozone Synthesis and Use for Water Treatment
Prell, David Cameron Indiana University, USA
Arbitration of Environmental Disputes that Cross National Boundaries
Premchand, A. National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, India
Financial Management and Life Support Programs
Prentice, Ross L. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA
Nutritional Epidemiology
Preslar, Dorothy Braddock Federation of American Scientists, USA
Combating Infectious Disease as a Global Security Goal: Emerging Trends and "Strange Bedfellows"
Preston, Thomas Reginald Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia
A carbon-negative model for production of feed and fuel from biomass
Recycling Livestock Excreta in Integrated Farming Systems
Pretorius, Joelien University of Pretoria, South Africa
The Ethical Considerations of Global Climate Change and Water Resources
International Protocols Regarding Global Climate Change and the Impact on Water Resources
Pretty, Jules J. University of Essex, UK
Food For The Future: Developing Strategies for Sustainability
Priazhinskaya, Valentina G. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Mathematical Models for Water Resources Management
Price, Andrew USDA -ARS National Soil Dynamics Laboratory, USA
Weed Science and Management
Price, Colin The University of Wales, UK
Economics of Sustainable Development: Reconciling Diverse Intertemporal Perspectives
Perspectives on Discounting the Future
Price, Martin Francis University of the Highlands and Islands, UK
Sustainable Mountain Development in Europe
Price, Mick University of Alberta, Canada
Meat Science
Priemus, Hugo OTB, Research Institute for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies, The Netherlands
The Long Road Towards Sustainable Cities: The Dutch case
Prieto, Jose M. Copmlutense University, Spain
Tendencies and Perspectives of Psychology as a Science and as a Technology
Cyberpsychology Just a Testing Ground
Prieur, Daniel Universite de Bretagne Occidentale, France
Piezophily: Prokaryotes Exposed to Elevated Hydrostatic Pressure
Prilipko, Ludmila A. All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute on Standardization, Russia
Drinking Water Supply
Prinz, Armin Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Ethnopharmacology and Health Care in the Developing World
Priscu, John C. Montana State University, USA
Ice Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Priyadarshana, Tilak Saitama University, Japan
Problems, Restoration and Conservation of Lakes and Rivers
Environmental and Social Impacts of Reservoirs: Issues and Mitigation
Dynamics, Threats, Responses, and Recovery of Riverine-Riparian Flora
Prodon, Alain Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne, Switzerland
Advanced Deterministic Optimization
Prokofieva, Tatiana V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Diversity and Systematization of Soils
Proops, John Keele University, UK
Identification of Ecological Economics Issues
Prothero, Donald R. Occidental College, USA
Tertiary History
Systematic Paleontology
Protti, Denis J. University of Victoria, Canada
The Past and Future Impacts of Health/Medical Informatics on HealthCare Delivery
Prouzet, Patrick IFREMER – Laboratoire Halieutique d’Aquitaine, France
Salmonid Fish: Biology, Conservation Status, and Economic Importance of Wild and Cultured Stocks
Provenza, Frederick D. Utah State University, USA
Chemical Defense and Mammalian Herbivores
Provenzo, Jr., Eugene F. University of Miami, USA
Education, Tradition, Historical Knowledge and Sustainability
Provost, Serge B. University of Western Ontario, Canada
Multivariate Data Analysis
Pruss-Ustun, Annette World Health Organization, Switzerland
Burden of Disease: Current Situation and Trends
Psaro, Rinaldo CNR Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie Molecolari(ISTM), Italy
Psenner, Roland University of Innsbruck, Austria
Ice Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Puddu, Luisa University of Florence, Italy
The Psychological Problems of Communication
Pugh, Alexander L. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Simulation Software and Numerical Issues
Pugh, Michael C. University of Plymouth, UK
International Intervention
Pugh, Stefan University of St. Andrews, UK
Language and Identity
Puig, J.E. Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico
Rheology of Surfactants:Wormlike Micelles and Lamellar Liquid Crystalline Phases
Pulkkinen, Tuija I. Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
Magnetosphere and Its Coupling to Lower Layers
Pullen, J. Mark George Mason University, USA
Telecommunications Systems Engineering for Life Support
Pullin, Jorge Louisiana State Universtity, USA
Special and General Relativity
Punja, Zamir K. Simon Fraser University, Canada
Transgenic Vegetable Crops For Managing Insect Pests and Fungal and Viral Diseases
Punetha, Deepshekha Delma Laboratory for Soil & Construction Material Inspection L. L. C. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Therapeutic Potential and Phytochemistry of Natural Herbals of Family Lamiaceae: Ocimum Sanctum L. and Ocimum Basilicum
Pupavac, Vanessa University of Nottingham, UK
International Development Policies and Global Security
Purmal, Anatoly Pavlovich Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Global Variations in the Chemistry of Atmospheric Water
Purschwitz, Mark A. University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Health and Safety of Personnel in Agriculture
Purshouse, Robin Charles University of Sheffield, UK
Genetic Algorithms in Control Systems Engineering
Pursiheimo, Juha-Pekka Turku Center for Biotechnology, Finland
Physiological Regulation of Gene Activity by Oxygen(O2)
Puschenreiter, Markus Austria
Trace Elements
Puskar, Frank J. Energo Engineering, USA
Life Cycle Of Ships And Offshore Structures Decommissioning Of Fixed Offshore Platforms
Puszynski, Andrej Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Pigments and Dyestuffs
Puttonen, Pasi University of Helsinki, Finland
Silvicultural Systems for Boreal and Temperate Forests
Puu, Tonu Umea University, Sweden
Introduction to Mathematical Economics
Puyana, Monica Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
Chemical Signals in Coral Reefs
Puyvelde, Peter Van K.U. Leuven, Belgium
Rheo-Physical and Imaging Techniques
Pykhtin, Ivan G. All-Russian Research Institute of Agronomy and Soil Erosion Control, Russia
Conservational Soil Treatment