EOLSS Participants


Qi, Zhiwen Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems and Process Systems Engineering ,Germany
Multifunctional Reactors
Qian, Jialin University of Petroleum ,China
Oil Shale
Mining of Oil Shale
Qian, Yingqian Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China
Environmentally Sound Management of Biotechnology
Qiang, Zhang Tsinghua University ,China
Vehicular Emissions
Types and Amounts of Vehicular Emissions
Health Effects
Qing-xian, Gao Center for Climate Impact Research ,China
Protecting the Atmosphere: China
Qiu, Tong Tsinghua University ,China
Strategies for Rational Use of Natural Resources
Improved By-Product Recovery, Recycling, and Reuse
Raw Materials Use Reduction, Replacement, and Recycling
Qu, Weishuang Millennium Institute ,USA
The Threshold 21: National Sustainable Development Model
Qu, Zhimin Everclean Environmental Engineering Co. ,China
Safe and Environmentally Sound Management of Radioactive Waste
Quah, Jon S. T. National University of Singapore ,Singapore
Corruption in Asian Countries: Can It Be Minimized?
Quattrochi, Dale Anthony National Aeronautics and Space Administration ,USA
Geographic Information Systems in Biogeography and Landscape Ecology
Quegan, Shaun University of Sheffield ,UK
Radar Remote Sensing
Queiroz, Emerson Ferreira University of Geneva ,Switzerland
Contemporary Methodological Approaches in the Search for New Lead Compounds from Higher Plants
Quero, Jean-Claude IFREMER ,France
Schooling Finfish (Cods, Herrings, Sardines, Mackerels, and Others)
Orange Roughy and Other Deepwater Benthic Fishes
Flatfishes and Skates
Quesada, Mauricio Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico ,Mexico
Introduction to Tropical Ecology
Evolutionary Ecology of Pollination and Reproduction of Tropical Plants
Quick, Robert E. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ,USA
Transmission and Prevention of Water-Related Diseases
Quinet, Emile M. Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees ,France
Systems Analysis of Planning Processes
Quinn, Norman J. University of West Indies ,Jamaica
Traditional Methods of Fishing(SouthWest Pacific)
Quintanilla Aguirre, Jorge Universidad Mayor de San Andres ,Bolivia
Water Quality and the Environment
Quintanilla, Ramon ETSEIT-UPC ,Spain
Introductory Topics in the Mathematical Theory of Continuum Mechanics
Quirke, James Martin E. Florida International ,USA
Chemistry of Natural Products
Quynh, Le Xuan Vrije Universiteit Brussel ,Belgium
Conservation of Biological Diversity in Africa
Qvale, Bjorn Technical University of Denmark ,Denmark
Rationale of Energy Storage and Supply/Demand Matching