EOLSS Contributions

EOLSS Contributions are written at different levels of hierarchy:

  • Theme Level Writings
  • Topic Level Writings
  • Article Level Writings

Theme-level Writings

The Theme-level chapter represents an overview that is addressed to a broad readership. The length of Theme-level contributions is about 30 pages on average.

Topic-level Writings

A Topic-level chapter provides a broad summary and evaluation of the subjects covered by the Articles under the topic. The contributions are rendered accessible to advanced students who want to begin or advance their knowledge in a particular subject. The length of a Topic-level chapter is about 20 pages.

Article-level Writings

Most of the chapters in the EOLSS are written at this level. Articles cover a subject in depth and contain relevant and necessary details of the established knowledge for the specialists. They contain the latest advances and results in the subject area with indications of future trends.

A Theme usually has three distinctive levels of writings: Theme Level, Topic level and Article Level, with an increasing depth of specialization. A few themes have only two levels of writings: Theme Level and Topic level. Each Theme with its Topics and Articles may be regarded as a collection of about thirty chapters. There are some Themes which are so large that each may be regarded as an encyclopedia in its own right.