Individuals (Disadvantaged)
Including Individual Members Of GUS/UNESCO/UNITWIN, Minority Colleges And Universities & Engineers Without Borders / Engineers Without Frontiers

Plan Features License Fee
3 months (Renewable) Single User
Recommendation required*
Free of charge

* Access to EOLSS will be provided to individuals, once a recommendation letter from an organization that is committed to community welfare or NGO registered with UNESCO, is sent by registrant to EOLSS Contact together with the identity of the registrant.

*To get EOLSS Free Access, mount this information on your website(e-Resources) and send your website's URL link to: EOLSS Contact

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Access is normally given within 15 days after receipt of the signed License Agreement endorsed/ recommended by a Charity Organization

Due to uploading operations, the website may not be available on alternate weekends (Saturdays and Sundays with reference to (GMT-06:00) Central Time, USA and Canada).

The EOLSS is an integrated compendium of Twenty One Encyclopedias, regarded as the largest on-line publication carrying knowledge for our times. It is a virtual dynamic library equivalent to about 600 volumes , peer reviewed body of state-of-the-art archival knowledge edited by over 395 subject experts with contributions from over 8000 reputed authors from more than 100 countries.