Knowledge For Sustainable Development (KSD)

An Insight Into The Encyclopedia Of Life Support Systems

This publication presents overviews and perspectives of the theme subjects of the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems. The three volumes present a selection of articles, written for a broad readership by outstanding specialists, together providing an overview of the present-day knowledge on the main issues covered by the Encyclopedia. Beyond this introductory insight, which is essential to grasp the global relevance of each main theme, each article provides a listing of its specialized in-depth treatment on-line.

Volume 1 focuses on the earth and atmospheric sciences, mathematical sciences, biological and medical sciences, social sciences, and humanities as well as physical sciences, engineering, and technology resources.

Volume 2 covers chemical sciences, water science and water engineering, energy science and energy engineering, as well as main issues related to environmental and ecological sciences and resources.

Volume 3 offers a comprehensive view of food and agricultural engineering resources, policy and management of human and natural resources, development and economic resources, institutional and infrastructural resources, as well as technology, information and systems management resources, completed by an overview of sustainable development in different parts of the world.

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