The Unesco-Eolss Joint Committee

A UNESCO-EOLSS Joint Committee was established with the objectives of (a) seeking, selecting, inviting and appointing Honorary Theme Editors (HTEs) for each Theme, (b) providing assistance to the HTEs, (c) obtaining appropriate contributions for the different levels of the Encyclopedia, and (d) monitoring the text development.

The membership of the Committee is as follows:

Badran A. President, Arab Academy of Sciences, (Co-Chairman)
Al Gobaisi D. EOLSS Editor-in-Chief (Co-Chairman) 
El Tayeb M. Secretary General, Former Director, Division for Science Policy & Sustainable Development, UNESCO,( Secretary )
Brito Lidia Former Director, Division for Science Policy & Capacity-Building, UNESCO
Sage A.P.. George Mason University, USA (Chairman, EOLSS Configuration Control Board)
Szollosi-Nagy A. Rector, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education
Johns A.T. University of Bath UK
Younes T. International Union of Biological Sciences, France
Prabhu N.P.Singh United Kingdom
Al-Radif A. Canada
Makkawi B. Sudan
Rao G. P. India
Woldai A. Eritrea
Damak S.. Canada
Watt H.M. USA
Kotchetkov V. UNESCO, Paris, France
El-Nashar A. USA
H. Yusuf Canada
Andreas C. Boris Information Analyst
Bruk S. Consultant UNESCO


Huynh H. Assistant Project Coordinator, SC/PSB, UNESCO
Barbash Ali Systems Manager