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Historical Developments and Theoretical Approaches in Sociology/Social Theory

Edited by : Charles Crothers,

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Historical Developments and Theoretical Approaches in Sociology/Social Theory

Charles Crothers, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

1. Historical Developments in Social Research Methods

Charles Crothers, Auckland University Of Technology, New Zealand + Coauthor TBA

2. The Deep Questions:Agency/Structure,Micro/Macro And Time/Space

Anthony King, Department Of Sociology, University Of Exeter, UK

3. Philosophies of the Social Sciences

Piet Strydom, Department Of Sociology, University College Cork, Ireland

4. Interaction of Theory and Method in Social Science

Peter T. Manicas, Interdisciplinary Studies,University Of Hawaii At Manoa, Hawaii

5. Varieties of Sociological Theorizing

Jonathan H. Turner, Department Of Sociology, University Of California, USA

6. Branches of Sociology

Charles Crothers, Auckland University Of Technology, New Zealand

7. Future Sociological Developments

Peter Wagner, University Trento, Italy

8. Life Course Dynamics

Walter R. Heinz, Graduate School Of Social Sciences,University Of Bremen, Germany

9. Indigenous Sociologies:History And Development

Sujata Patel,, University Of Pune, India

10. Psychological (And Psychiatric) Sociology

Philip Elliott, University Flinders, South Australia

11. Economic Sociology: Its History and Development

Richard Swedberg, Department Of Sociology,Cornell University, USA

12. Cultural Sociology, History And Development

Jacquelyne Luce, Zeppelin University, Germany

13. Symbolic Interactionism,Social Action Theories, Verstehen,Pragmatism

David Knottnerus, State University Oklahoma, USA

14. Beyond Evolution And Historicism: Cultural Forms Of Modernity

John Mandalios, , Australia

15. Sociobiology and Sociology

Richard S. Machalek, Department Of Sociology, Dept. 3293, University Of Wyoming,1000 E., USA

16. Phenomenological Sociology, Dramaturgical Sociology

Barry King, AUT, NZ

17. Rational Choice Theory, Exchange Theory, Game Theory

Alberto Martinelli, University Of Milan. Italy

18. Social Network Analysis

Wouter De Nooy, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

19. Power and the State

John Scott, Department Of Sociology, University Of Essex, UK

20. Organizational Sociology

David Alexander (Lex) Donaldson, Australian School Of Business, University Of New South Wales, Australia

21. Feminist Sociological Theory

Celia Winkler, Department Of Sociology, The University Of Montana,

22. Rational Choice and Sociology

Alberto Martinelli, Department Of Political Science, University of Milan, Italy

23 Sociology of Emotions

Jack Barbalet, University Of West Sydney, Australia

25. Dependency and World System Theories

Alvin Y. So, Division Of Social Science, Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology, Hong Kong

26. Functionalism and Its Critics

John Holmwood, Department Of Sociology, University Of Birmingham, UK

27. Structuration Theories

John Parker, Department Of Sociology And Anthropology,School Of The Environment And Society, Swansea University, UK

28. Historical Sociology:Development And Reorientation Gerard Delanty, Department Of Sociology / School of Social and Cultural Studies, University Of Sussex, UK
Engin F. Isin Open University

29. Sociological Marxism

Burawoy and Eric O Wright

30. Consumer Society

Barry Smart, School Of Social,Historical And Literary Studies, University Of Portsmouth, UK

31. Social Movements

Chris Rootes, University Of Kent, Canterbury, UK

32. Technology

Steve Matthewman, Department Of Sociology, University Of Auckland, New Zealand

33. Post-Structural Theories

Nicos Mouzelis, LSE, UK

34. Institutional Analysis

Elinor Ostrom, University. Indiana, USA

36. The Dependency and World-Systems Perspectives on Development

Alvin Y. So, Division Of Social Science, ,Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology, Hong Kong

37. Global Finance Crisis

Saskia Sassen, Columbia University, NY, USA

42. Theories of the Information Age

Nico Stehr, Zeppelin University, Germany


Last Update May 10,  2010.


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