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History of Mathematics

Edited by : Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen,

Department of Mathematics, Technical University of Denmark

Jeremy Gray,

Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Open University, UK

The development of mathematics in a historical perspective.

1. The origins of mathematics: Speculations.

2. The roots of mathematics in Africa.

3. Mathematical Practices in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

4. The Changes in Mathematics Mediated by the Greeks: Classical and Alexandrian.

5. The Changes in Mathematics Mediated by the Greeks: Late Antiquity and Transmission.

6. Mathematics in India.

7. Mathematics of the Islamic world.

8. History of Trigonometry.

9. Mathematics in China.

10. Mathematics in Japan.

11. Mathematics in pre-Columbian America.

12. Mathematics as a multicultural endeavor.

13. Geometry in the 19th century.

14. From geometry to topology.

15. Number theory through the ages.

16. History of algebra: Group theory.

17. History of algebra: Rings, fields and vector spaces.

18. Geometry and calculus in the 17th century.

19. Gravity: From Newton to spiral galaxies.

20. The Mathematisation of the Physical Sciences. Differential Equations of Nature.

21. Dynamical Systems from Poincaré to Yesterday.

22. Geometrical physics.

23. The rigorisation of the calculus.

24. Measure Theories and Applications to Ergodicity Problems.

25. History of probability and stochastics.

26. Statistics and the biological sciences.

27. History of discrete mathematics.

28. History of mathematical modelling.

29. Number Systems

30. Mathematics and computing

31. History of Operations Research

32. Elementary mathematics from an advanced standpoint.

33. History of the teaching of mathematics.

34. Philosophy of mathematics in a historical perspective.

35. The foundations of mathematics in a historical perspective.

36. The world of mathematicians.

37. The Essence and History of Mathematical Proof.

38. Algorithms

39. Geometry in the 20th century.

40. Bourbaki: An Epiphenomenon.

41. Mathematics and physics in the 20th century.

42. History of algebraic geometry.


Updated  March  11,  2007.

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