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Human Resources management

Edited by : Michael J. Marquardt,

Human Resource Development Faculty, The George Washington University, USA

1. Major Issues in Human Resource Development

Jerry W. Gilley, Colorado State University, USA

Ann Maycunich Gilley, Colorado State University, USA

A History of Human Resource Development

Richard J. Torraco, Vocational and Adult Education Department, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA

Sociological Issues in Human Resource Development

D. Christopher Kayes, Human and Organization Studies, George Washington University, USA

Political Issues in Human Resource Development

Tim Hatcher, Department of Leadership and Human Resource Education, University of Louisville, USA

Global Environment for Human Resources Development

Somsri Siriwaiprapan, Chulalonghorn University

Financial Aspects of Human Resource Development

Richard A. Swanson, University of Minnesota, USA

Economic Foundation of Human Resource Development

Oscar A. Aliaga, University of Minnesota, USA

Richard A. Swanson, University of Minnesota, USA

Cultural Research in Human Resource Development

Carol D. Hansen, Georgia State University, USA

Lori Fancher, Human Resource Development Consultant, USA

2. Elements of Planning Strategies for HRD

Nancy O. Berger, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Needs Assessment in Human Resource Development

Nancy O. Berger, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Human Resource Development Objectives

Reid A. Bates, School of Human Resource Education and Workforce Development, Louisiana State University, USA

Human Resource Development Activities

Francesco Sofo, School of Professional and Community Education, University of Canberra, Australia

Alastair Rylatt, Australia

Human Resource Development Plans

Francesco Sofo, School of Professional and Community Education, University of Canberra, Australia

Resource Requirements for Human Resource Development

T. V. Rao, Academy of India Human Resource Development, India

Essential Elements of Strategic Planning for HRD

A.A.M. Wognum, Faculty of Educational Science and Technology, University of Twente, The Netherlands

3. Human Life Systems, Diversity and Human Development

Margaret Wheatley, Brigham Young University, USA

Global Interdependence and Biosocial Systems

Clyde Croswell, Community-L, Inc.

Tony Sablo, National Geographic Society

Ecological Diversity and Modern Human Diversity

Sara Stinson, Department of Anthropology, Queens College, City University of New York, USA

Diversity and Multiculturalism

Terry Carter, Executive Learning Strategies, USA

Human Development and Equity

Gary Kline, Tao Thought Organization, USA

Spirituality, Meaning of Work and Human Resource Development

Jery Darling, Mercer Delta Consulting

Neal Chalofsky, George Washington University, USA

4. Human Development and Causes of Global Change

Peter Loan, Brown and Loan Associates, USA

World Population Growth and the Environment

Thomas LeGrand, Department of Demography/CIED, University of Montreal, Canada

Human Resources and Economic Growth

John P. Powelson, University of Colorado, USA

Web-Based Training

Badrul H. Khan, Alexandria Graduate Education Center and Educational Technology Leadership (ETL) at the George Washington University, USA

Human Resource Development and Environmental Change

Nick Nissley, School of Education, University of St. Thomas, USA

Peace and Security

Larissa A. Fast, Conrad Gebrel University College, University of Waterloo, USA

Finance and Human Development

J. D. Von Pischke, Frontier Finance International, Inc., USA

5. Consequences of Global Change for Human Resource Development

Frank Sofo, University of Canberra, Australia

Consequences of Market Change for Human Development and Global Life Support Systems

Wayne Nelles, Sustainable Development Research Institute, University of British Columbia, Canada

The Consequences of Global Social Change for Human Development

James H. Williams, School of Education, George Washington University, USA

Information System Response Model: An Extension of Tam Model

David Ozag, Department of Management, Gettysburg College, USA

Julie Jurkiewicz, Graduate School of Education and Human Resource Development, George Washington University, USA

Virtual Work: Implications for Human and Organization Development

Andrea Hornett, Department of Business, Penn State University, USA

Consequences of Global Change on Tourism and Human Resource Development

Chandana Jayawardena, University of West Indies, Jamaica



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