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Sustainable Human Development in the Twenty-First Century: An Evolutionary Perspective

Edited by : Ismail Sirageldin,

The Johns Hopkins University, USA

1. Major Issues in Human Development

John Kantner, The Johns Hopkins University, USA

Anthorpology and Human Development

Joan P. Mencher, Graduate Program in Anthropology, Lehman College, CUNY, USA

Historical Issues in Human Development


Moral Development and Moral Education

Michael H. Mitias, College of Arts, Department of Philosophy, Kuwait University, Kuwait

Sociological Issues in Human Development

Bruce Lawrence, Duke University, USA

Sustainable Human Development: Connecting The Scientific and Moral Dimensions

George W. Fisher, The Morton K. Blaustein Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, The Johns Hopkins

University, USA

Economic and Political Issues in Human Development

Hakim Ben Hammouda, UNECA, United Nations, Cameron

Political Issues in Human Development

Francis Fukuyama, George Mason University, USA

Human Development Environment


2. Diversity and Historical Processes in Human Development

Ismail Sirageldin, The Johns Hopkins University, USA

Human Evolution and Bio-social System


Ecological Diversity and Human Adaptation


Impact of Neuroscience in Human Development

Xiaoqun Zhang, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA

Equity, Growth and Human Development

Lyn Squire, The Global Development Network, MC4-363, The World Bank, USA

Human Development Indicators

Samir Radwan, International Labor Organization (ILO), Switzerland

Global Interdependence, Privatisation of Risk, and Human Insecurity

Ismail Sirageldin, The Johns Hopkins University, USA

Samia Serageldin, Duke University, USA

3. Globalization and Human Development: An Overview

Sayed Nawab Haider Naqvi, Institute for Development Research, Pakistan

Population Transition

Mary M. Kent, Population Reference Bureau (PRB), USA

Alene Gelbard, Population Reference Bureau (PRB), USA

Population Transition

Carl Haub, Population Reference Bureau (PRB), USA

Farzaneh Roudi, Population Reference Bureau (PRB), USA

Health Transition

Kenneth Hill, The Johns Hopkins University, USA

Technological Change

Antoine Zahlan

Ecological and Environmental Change

Mohamed A. Serageldin, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, US. Environmental Protection Agency,

Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

Health, Sanitation, Nutrition and Human Development

Alan Sorkin, Department of Economics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA

Political Change

E. Mine Cinar, Loyola University of Chicago, USA

Belief and Attitude Change in the Context of Human Development

Carol Underwood, Center for Communication Programs and the Department of Population and Family Health

Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University, USA

Demographic Transition and Education in Developing Countries

Ann Valia Goujon, Institute of Demography, Academy of Science, Austria

4. Consequences of Global Change to Human Development

Mohamad M. El-Imam, Economic Consultant, Egypt

Market Change

Eddy Lee, International Labor Organization (ILO), Switzerland

National Policy Change


Policy-Making in a Globalizing World Economy

Raed Safadi, Outreach and Analysis Division, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),


Inequalities in Education: International Experience

Deon Filmer, Development Research Group, The World Bank, USA

Natural Resource Availability

Salah El Serafy, USA

Poverty: Dimensions and Prospects

Ali Abdel Gadir Ali, Arab Planning Institute, Kuwait

Global Population Aging

Rebeca Wong, Maryland Population Research Center, University of Maryland, USA

5. Planning Strategies for Human Development


Human Development Objectives

William (Bill) A. Reinke, The Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, USA

Inequality Among Women and Its Impact on Economic Growth: The Case of Mena

Djehane E. Hosni, Department of Economics, University of Central Florida, USA

M. Sandberg, Department of Economics, University of Central Florida, USA

Inequality Among Women and Its Impact on Economic Growth: The Case of Mena

A. Chanmala, Department of Economics, University of Central Florida, USA



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