Edited by : John Richard Stepp,

Department of Anthropology, University of Florida, USA

1. History of Ethnobiology,

David Casagrande

2. Biocultural Diversity,

Luisa Maffi

3. Ethnobiological Classification,

Brent Berlin

4. Cognitive Ethnobiology,

Justin Nolan

5. Transmission, Loss and Persistence of Traditional Ecological Knowledge,

Stanford Zent

6. Ethnobiology, Ritual and Belief Systems,

Gene Anderson

7. Quantitative methods in Ethnobiology,

Gary Martin

8. Ethnobiology and Historical Ecology,

Bill Balée

9. Ethnoentomology,

J. Ramos-Elorduy

10. Ethnozoology,

Gene Hunn

11. Zooarchaeology,

Kitty Emery

12. Ethnoichthyology,

Ana Pitchon and Carlos Garcia

13. Intellectual Property Rights and Benefits Sharing,

Michael Brown

14. Future Perspectives,

Rick Stepp