Education for Sustainability

Editors : Robert V. Farrell,

College of Education, Florida International University(FIU), USA

George Papagiannis,

College of Education, Florida State University, USA

Education for Sustainability

Robert V. Farrell, Florida International University(FIU), Dept. of Ed. Leadership and Policy Studies, USA

George Papagiannis, College of Education, Florida State University, USA

The Aims of Education In An Age of Stasis and Change

Stephen M. Fain, College of Education, Florida International University, USA

Martha Barantovich, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, USA

Raquel Martin, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, USA

Education, Sustainability and Environmental Economics

Douglas E. Booth, Economics Department, Marquette University, USA

The Politics of Learning and Sustainable Development

Steven Gough, Centre for Research in Education and the Environment, University of Bath, UK

William Scott, Centre for Research in Education and the Environment, Department of Education, University of Bath, UK

Social and Cultural Issues in Education

Theresa R. Richardson, Ball State University, USA

Policy, Planning and Management in Educational Systems : Essential Elements in the Achievement of Education for Sustainability

Richard Sack, Educational Consultant, France

Education, Tradition, Historical Knowledge and Sustainability

Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr., Department of Teaching and Learning ,School of Education, University of Miami, USA

Knowledge of the Future and the Role of Institutions in Creating Ecological Sustainability

William H. Boyer, University of Hawaii, USA

Cultural Knowledge for the Present and the Future

Judith J. Slater, College of Education, Florida International University, USA

Essential Earth Learning Concepts for Teachers and Students

Mario Yanez, USA

Earth Ethics, Earth Literacy, and the Community College

Bradford R. Stocker, USA

Sustainability and Universities

Ian Thomas, Australia

The Red Queen Effect: Roles for Adult Education in Social Sustainability

Peter Easton, Dept of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, ,Florida State University, USA

Education, Lifelong Learning and Leisure

Gerald S. Fain, School of Education, Boston University, USA

Holistic Education: Learning for an Interconnected World

Jack Miller, OISE, University of Toronto, Canada

The Ecological and Environmental Dimensions of The Holistic Curriculum

Stephen Sterling, Centre for Cross-Curriculum Initiatives, London South Bank University, UK

Educational Policy and Practice for Sustainable Development

John F. Fien, Griffith University EcoCentre, Australian School of Environmental Studies, Griffith University, Australia

Development,Education and GrassRoots Movements for Sustainability and Environmental Justice

David Gabbard, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education,East Carolina University, USA

Education Policy and Gender Issues: A Sustainability Perspective

Rosalyn McKeown, University of Tennessee, USA

A Comparative Study of Cultural Conservation Among Minority Groups: The Basques and Sustainable Ethnicity in an Age of Globalization

David M. Callejo PĂ©rez, West Virginia University, USA

Indigenous and Neotraditional Knowledge Systems and their Role in Creating and Maintaining Ecological Sustainability

Margaret L. Roland, College of Education, Center for Educational Research and Policy Studies, Florida State University, USA

Education, The Individual, and Consumerism

Chet A. Bowers, University of Oregon, USA

Mass Media and Information Technology in Education

Stephen D. McDowell, Department of Communication, Florida State University, USA