Animal Resources and diversity in africa

Edited by : Samir Ghabbour

Emeritus Dept of Natural Resources, Inst of Africa Research & Studies, Cairo University, Egypt

A - Animal Groups

1. Earthworms

Ghabbour, S., IARS, Egypt

2. Collembola

Thibaud, J.-M. MNHN, France

3. Termites

Guedegbe, H., NNM, Kenya

4. Hymenoptera (Bees)

Gikungu, M., NNM, Kenya

5. Spiders

El-Hennawy, H., SMoEA, Egypt

6. Fish (Freshwater)

Lévêque, MNHN, France

7. Mammals

Saleh, M., Al-Azhar University, Egypt

8. Animal Domestication*

Ghabbour, S.I., IARS, Egypt

9. Diseases and Parasites

Ghabbour, S.I., IARS, Egypt

B - Animal Habitats

10. Aquatic Habitats

El-Shabrawy, G.,NIOF, Egypt

11. Coral Reefs

Abdel-Hamid, M., NIOF, Egypt

12. Soil Fauna

Mikhail, W.,IARS, Egypt

13. Nile Limnology

El-Shabrawy, G., NIOF, Egypt

14. Domestic Animals*

Mikhail, W., IARS, Egypt