Democratic Global Governance

Edited by : Irene Lyons Murphy,

Consultant, USA

1. International Issues and IGO Goals in the Post-World War II Period

Chadwick F. Alger, Mershon Center and Department of Political Science, The Ohio State University, USA

The UN and Human Rights on the Eve of the 21st Century

David P. Forsythe, Department of Political Science , University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA

F. John Mehrtens III, Department of Political Science , University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, USA

The Role of the United Nations in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Hilary French, Worldwatch Institute, USA

The Preservation of Nature and Natural Resources: The Uncertain Future

Jacqueline Vaughn Switzer, Department of Political Science, Northern Arizona University, USA

The UN Impact on Gender issues

Irene Lyons Murphy, Consultant, USA

The Need for Effective PeaceKeeping

Courtney B. Smith, School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Seton Hall University, USA

A Global Approach to Disease: Coordinating Through the World Health Organization

Irene Lyons Murphy, Consultant, USA

UN Reform: On Track for the Twenty-First Century

James S. Sutterlin, United States Studies, Yale University, USA

2. INGOs: Gaining a Role in Global Governance

Irene Lyons Murphy, Consultant, USA

Developing an Effective Role for INGOs in Democratic Global Governance

Judith Grummon Nelson, National Center for Nonprofit Boards, USA

Contributing to An International Civil Society - a Eurasian Example

Eliza Kellogg Klose, Initiative for Social Action and Renewal (ISAR), USA

Human Rights: the Struggle for International Justice

Irene Lyons Murphy, Consultant, USA

The Major Religions and the Status of Women: a Comparative Overview

Sharifa Alkhateeb

Combating Infectious Disease as a Global Security Goal: Emerging Trends and "Strange Bedfellows"

Dorothy Braddock Preslar, Federation of American Scientists, USA

Gender Equality: A Women in Development Case Study

Carolyn M. Elliott, Department of Political Science, University of Vermont, USA