Environmental Structure and Function: Earth System

Edited by : Nikita Glazovsky,

Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Nina Zaitseva,

Department of Earth Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

1. Atmosphere

Structure of the Atmosphere

Nina A. Zaitseva

Physics of the Atmosphere

Nina A. Zaitseva

Chemistry of the Atmosphere

Igor Carol

The Atmosphere as a Colloidal Medium

Anton Syroeshkin

Nature of Atmospheric Circulation

Alexander V. Kislov

Observed Frequency Variability of Atmospheric Processes

Konstantin Rubinstein

Modeling of Atmospheric Circulation

Gury Marchuk

2. Hydrosphere

Nikolay I. Koronkevich

Hydrological Cycle

Nikolay Koronkevich

Oceans and Seas Including Fluctuations in Sea Level

Sergey A. Dobrolyubov

Physical, Chemical, and Biological Oceanography

Sergey Dobrolyubov

Nature of Coastal Zones

Sury S. Dolotov

Surface Freshwater

Nikolay Koronkevich.

Groundwater and Geohydrology

Valentin Zverev

Interconnectedness of Surface Water and Groundwater

Igor Zektser

3. Cryosphere

Vladimir Kotlyakov.

Snow cover

Permafrost and Underground Ice

River, Lake, and Sea Ice

Mountain Glaciers

Ice Sheets

4. Lithosphere

5. Pedosphere

6. Natural Resources