Ozone Science and Technology

Edited by : Rein Munter,

Department of Environmental Chemistry and Technology of the Institute of Chemistry at Tallinn Technical University, Estonia

Arthur John Cockfield,

Queen's University, Faculty of Law, Canada

1. Introduction. Atmospheric ozone and climate change. 21th century and role of ozone.

2. History of ozone synthesis and use for water treatment.

3. Physical and chemical properties

4. Ozone generation. Low-and high-pressure air-fed ozone systems. LOX-fed system

5. Ozone transfer from gas into water. Contact equipment. Ozone process safety, control and automation

6. Ozone reactions with inorganic and organic compounds in water

7. Ozone-based advanced oxidation systems (O3/H2O2, O3/UV, O3/H2O2/UV, O3/CAT etc.)

8. Ozone in drinking water treatment:

iron/manganese removal, color abatement, control of taste and odors, algae removal, THM control, Cryptosporidium, Giardia lamblia and viruses inactivation, elimination of synthetic organic chemicals (phenols, MTBE, PAH, pesticides, endocrnic disrupters etc.). Toxicology of ozonation by-products. Ozone in bottled water treatment.

9. Pre-, intermediate and postozone in drinking water treatment schemes. Case studies.

10. Ozone in wastewater treatment:

effluents from pulp & paper industry, oil shale industry, textile industry, landfill leachate etc. Combined treatment systems (O3-BIO-O3). Activated sludge treatment with ozone. Ozone for removal acute toxicity from runoffs and effluents.

11. Ozone for waste and malodorous gases treatment (H2S, mercaptane, dimethylsulfide, amines, NOX etc.)

12. Specific applications of ozone:

pulp, kaolin and textile bleaching, organics syntheses, semiconductor applications, catalyst regeneration, fumigation for buildings, ozone in agriculture and food processing and and storage etc.

13. Ozone in medicine: for infectious diseases, immune depression, vascular disorders, degenerative diseases etc.

14. Ozone for recreation purposes: ozonation of swimming pool and bath water

15. Water ozonation capital and O & M costs