Photochemistry and pharmacognosy

Edited by : John M. Pezzuto,

Collge of Pharmacy,University of Hawaii, Hawaii

Massuo Jorge Kato,

Instituto de Quimica ,University of Sao Paulo, Brasil

Photochemistry and Pharmacognosy

Massuo Jorge Kato and John M. Pezzuto

1. The Discovery of the New World's Plants

Angelo C. Pinto

2. Ethnobotany of Natural Products

Doel Soejarto

3. Occurrence and Function of Natural Products in Plants

Michael Wink

4. Alkaloids and their Biosynthesis

Geoffrey Cordell

5. Plant Terpenes

Harry Fong, Minghua Chiu and Hongjie Zhang

6. Phenylpropanoids and Phenolics

Norman G. Lewis

7. Natural Products from Marine Micoorganisms

William Fenical

8. Natural Products from Bacteria and Fungi

Leslie Gunatilanaka

9. Natural Products with Antimalarial Activity

Gheen T. Tan

10. Cancer Chemoprevention

John Pezzuto

11. Natural Products as a Source of Antitumor Agents

Gordon Cragg and D.J. Newman

12. Microbial Transformation of Natural Products

Mani Subramanian

13. Natural Products from Plants as Insecticides in Agriculture and Human Health

Thorn Arnason

14. Origin of Pharmaceuticals

Eliezer J. Barreiro

15. Cosmetics, Dyes and Flavoring Compounds

Paolo di Mascio, Lydia F. Yamaguchi

16. Medicinal Plants and Phytomedicine

Rosendo A. Yunes

17. Structural Determination of Natural Products

Raimundo Braz- Filho

18. Analysis and Quality Control of Herbal Products

Marina F.M. Taveres