Range and Animal Sciences and Resources Management

Edited by : Victor R. Squires,

Dry Land Management Consultant, Australia

Range and Animal Sciences and Resources Management

Hudson and Singh, University of Alberta, Canada

1. People in Rangelands:Their role and Influence on Rangeland Utilization and Sustainable Development

Victor R. Squires, University of Adelaide, Australia

2. Rangeland grazing in North American Commercial Ranching

Lynn Huntsinger, Environmental Science, Policy and Managemant, University of California, USA

3 Grazing Management and Ecology:Traditional Grazing Systems

Daniel Miller, USAID, USA

4. Range Livestock Production Systems in the Near East

Mahgoub G. Zaroug, Natural Resources Consultant, Egypt Mohamed M. Mirreh, FAO Regional Range Management and Fodder Production Officer for the Near East, Egypt

5. Rangeland Plants(Grasses,forbs,shrubs and trees):Role and Function

Gail Berg, Mountain Research Consulting, Canada

6. Rangeland Communities: Classification, Structure and Function

Kurt Reinhart, United States Department of Agriculture-ARS,Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Laboratory, USA

7. Rangelands as a sink for carbon

Victor R. Squires, University of Adelaide, Australia Edward P. Glenn, Environmental Research Laboratory, University of Arizona, USA R. Long, China

8. Range Improvements

Henri Noel Le Houerou, International Consultant:Ecology,Management & Development of Arid Lands, France

9. Range Ecophysiology

Mark Thorne, USA Jenesio Kinyamario, Kenya

10. Habitat and Riparian Management in Rangeland Ecosystems

Haikai Tane, Professor Sustainable Development,Watershed Systems Field Research Station, Aotearoa NZ, New Zealand

11. Environmental Soil Management

Jeff Herrick, United States Department of Agriculture-ARS,Jornada Exp Range, USA

12. Behavior -The keystone in Optimizing Free-ranging ungulate Production

Dean M. Anderson, Joranda Experimental Range,US Department of Agriculture-ARS, USA

Rick E. Estell, Jornada Experimental Range,US Department of Agriculture-ARS, USA

13. Nutrient Metabolism of Ruminant in Commercial Ranching Systems

G. Lardy, USA and Joel Caton, USA

14. Nutrient Metabolism of Ruminants in Traditional Grazing Systems

Salvador Fernandez-Rivera, Mexico

15. Nutrient Metabolism of Non Ruminants(equines) in Rangeland Systems

Tanja Hess, Colorado State University, USA

16. Matching Nutrition to Genetic in Animal Production Systems

Mike Brown, United States Department of Agriculture-ARS, USA

17. Catchment Management:a framework for managing rangelands

Hugh Milner, Thailand

18. Fire Effects and Management in African Grasslands And Savannas

Winston S.W. Trollope, South Africa Lynn A. Trollope, Working on Fire International, South Africa

19. Fire in Rangelands and its Role in Management

Eddie J. B. Van Etten, Centre for Ecosystem Menagement, Scool of Natural Sciences, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia

21. Invasive Rangeland Plants

Jane Mangold, Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences,Montana State University, USA

Tony Svejcar, United States Department of Agriculture-ARS, USA

Roger Sheley, United States Department of Agriculture-ARS, USA

Thomas Monaco, United States Department of Agriculture-ARS Forage And Range Research Lab,Utah State University, USA

Ronald Sosebee, Department of Natural Resources Management,Texas Tech University, USA

22. Mixed Domestic and Wild Ungulate Systems in South Africa

Mike T. Mentis, South Africa

23. From Inventory to Monitoring in Semi-Arid and Arid Rangelands

Gustave Gintzburger, Australia

Slim Saidi, France

24. Monitoring Rangelands

Robert Washington-Allen, USA

25. Ranch Economics

Paul Box, Australia

26. Economically Efficient Rangeland Management to Sustain Ecosystem Functionand Livelihoods

W.R. Teague and U.P.Kreuter, USA

27. Integrated Range Management

Tidiane Ngaido, Senegal

28. New Thinking in Range Ecology

Ga Heshmati, Gorgan Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences University, IranVictor R. Squires, University of Adelaide, Australia