Edited by: Stephen R. Smith, Chris Cheeseman, Nick Blakey

Imperial College, UK

Classification of Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Agricultural and Construction Waste

Robert L. Pocock and Barbara Leach, M·E·L Research Ltd., UK
Steve Gibbs, WS Atkins Ltd, UK

Waste Composition and Analysis

P. C. Coggins, Waste Management and Technology Centre, University of Sheffield, UK

Solid Waste Streams: Regional & Cultural Variability

J E Olley, Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development (EPSD) Department, Environmental Resources Management (ERM), London, UK

Choosing Options for Waste Management

Philip Rushbrook, Regional Advisor - Waste Management, World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe, European Centre for Environment and Health, Rome, Italy

Waste Disposal Costs and Financial Incentives to Improve Waste Management

P. C. Coggins, Waste Management & Technology Centre, University of Sheffield, UK

Waste Management in Industry

C L Hand, Freelance writer and editor, London, UK

Integrated Waste Management

A. J. Nordone, P. R. White and F. McDougall, Procter and Gamble, Newcastle, UK
G. Parker, Procter and Gamble, Toronto, Canada
A. Garmendia, Procter and Gamble, Mexico City, Mexico
M. Franke, Procter and Gamble, Eschborn, Germany

Management, Use and Disposal of Sewage Sludge

Stephen R. Smith, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Imperial College, UK

Waste Minimisation and Recycling

Waste Minimisation in Industry

Barry David Crittenden, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bath, UK

Waste Minimisation & Recycling as Part of an Environmentally Sustainable Business Strategy

E. Bichard, National Centre for Business and Ecology, UK
M. Parkinson, National Centre for Business and Ecology, UK

Incineration and Energy from Wastes

Solid Wastes for Power Generation

Jim Swithenbank, Sheffield University Waste Incineration Centre, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, Sheffield University, UK
V. Nasserzadeh, Sheffield University, Waste Incineration Centre, UK
R. Goh, Sheffield University, Waste Incineration Centre, UK

Anaerobic Digestion, Gasification and Pyrolysis

Lee G. A. Potts, Biwater Treatrment, UK
Duncan J. Martin, School of Chemical, Environmental and Mining Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK

Hazardous Waste Management

Ecological & Public Health Risks-Analysis and Management

Simon J.T. Pollard, Environment Agency, National Centre for Risk Analysis and Options Appraisal, UK

Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies

Gev Eduljee, ERM, Eaton House, Wallbrook Court, North Hinksey Lane, Oxford, UK

The Management of Health Care Waste

W.K. Townend, Institute of Wastes Management, UK

Industrial Site Remediation

Michael Alan Smith, M A Smith Environmental Consultancy, UK

Industrial Metabolism

Andreas Windsperger, Institute for Industrial Ecology, St. Pölten, Austria

Waste Management and Minimization

Richard Ian Stessel, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida, USA

Elemental Keys to Sustainable Waste Prevention

Joseph E. Paluzzi, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Boston, Massachusetts, USA