Sample Chapters - Tropical Biology and Conservation

Tropical Biology and Conservation Management - Eds. Kleber Del Claro, Paulo S. Oliveira, Victor Rico-Gray

Tropical Biology and Natural Resources: Historical Pathways and Perspectives

Mangroves of the Reef Domain: A Case Study in Belize

Tropical Insect Diversity - How to Sample it

The Impact of Forest Fragmentation on Populations of New World Primates

Life in the Treetops - A Concise Summary of Forest Canopy Ecology

Natural History of Amazon Fishes

The danger of introducing bee species, A case study on Brazilian Tropical Savanna

Diversity of Tropical Spiders - Ground-Dwelling Species of Brazilian Savannas

Natural History and Social Behavior in Neotropical Pseudoscorpions

Natural History Of Tropical Parasitoid Wasps

Termites and Ecosystem Function

Desert Ecosystems: An Introduction

Geomorphology and Biogeography of Tropical Deserts

Desertification in the Tropics

Desert Ecosystems in India

Desert ecosystems and global climate change

Ecology of Tropical DEserts in Special Reference to Biogeography & Evolution of Desert Animals

Archaeo-Historical Environment and Significance of Ancient Agriculture in Tropical Deserts

Ecology of Tropical Deserts in Special Reference to Arid Plant Physiology

Impact Of Humanity On Tropical Ecosystems: An Overview

Deforestation and Forest Fragmentation In The Amazon

Human impact on tropical freshwater environments

Effects of Pollution and Wildlife Toxicology in Tropical Ecosystems

Contributions of Human Ecology to Conciliate People and Biodiversity with a Focus on Fishing Communities

The Importance Of Natural History Studies To The Knowledge Of Tropical Plants

Seasonally Dry Deciduous Forests: Diversity And Soils In Arboreal Communities

Morphology and Anatomy of Tropical Flowers

Tropical Aquatic Plants: Morphoanayomical Adaptations

Natural History And Ecology Of Neotropical Mistletoes

Plant Strategies For Seed Dispersal In Tropical Habitats: Patterns and Implications

Nutritional Aspects in Trachypogon Savannas as Related to Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycling

Plant Adaptations to Rainfall Seasonality in the Savannas of Central Brazil

Fire in NeoTropical Savannas

Reproductive Biology Of Tropical Plants

Pollination Ecology of Neotropical Savannas Vegetation

Are there Germination Patterns for CerradoSpecies?

Birds In The Tropical Savannas

The Herpetofauna Of The Neotropical Savannas

Diptera of Tropical Savannas

Bees of the Brazilian Savanna

The Capybara, its Biology and Management

Tropical Savannas - Introduction

Introduction to tropical agriculture and Outlook for Tropical Crops in a Globalized Economy

Biological Control Of Insect Pests In The Tropics

Tropical Fruit Crops and the Diseases that Affect their Production

Tropical Livestock: Production and Management

The Conservation and Utilization of Crop Genetic Resources in the Tropics

Tropical Botany: A Brief Introduction

Flooded Forests

Aquatic Macrophytes in the Tropics: Ecology of Populations and Communities, Impacts of Invasions and Use by Man

Inselbergs: Vegetation, Diversity And Ecology

Moist Tropical Forests: Structure, Function and Management

Neotropical Mangroves

Tropical Artificial Forests

Sandy Coastal Vegetation

Marine Algae and Plants

Rain Forests:Floristics



Symbiotic Bacteria And Fungi

Introduction To Tropical Ecology

Diversity of Prokaryotes,fungi, protozoa, Bryophytes and Pteridophytes in tropical ecosystems

Rainforest Structure And Dynamics

Tropical Communities

Tropical Dry Forest Structure, Distribution and Dynamics

Habitat fragmentation, Edge effects and Biological Corridors in Tropical Ecosystems


Evolutionary Ecology of Pollination and Reproduction of Tropical Plants

Seed Dispersal and Frugivory in Tropical Ecosystems

Importance Of Tropics To Global Carbon Cycle

Origins And Maintenance Of Tropical Biodiversity

Introduction To Neotropical Entomology And Phytopathology

Effects of Climate change and Habitat Fragmentation on Tropic Interactions

Chafers,Rhinoceros and Fruit Beetles of the Canopy in Tropical Forests

Tropical Plant and Soil Nematodes:Diversity and Interactions

Beetles as Indicators for Forest Conservation in Central America

Sexual Selection in Tropical Insects

Diversity,Ecology and Systematics of Smut Fungi

Insect Vectors of Tropical Diseases

Insect Viruses:Diversity,Biology and Use as Bioinsecticides

Phylogeny,Biology,Behavior and Management of Tephritid fruit Flies:An Overview

Insect vectors of phytoplasmas

Effects of Aflatoxins Contaminating Food On Human Health

Tropical Insect Chemical Ecology

Passalidae, Insects which live in Decaying Logs

Insects As Plant Virus Vectors

Insect Conservation

Parasitoids Wasps, Natural Enemies Of Insects

Introduction To Tropical Zoology

Classification and ecology of major tropical insect groups

Terrestrial Vertebrate Diversity and Demography in Tropical Ecosystems

Threats to Amphibians in Tropical Regions

Reptile Diversity in an Amazing Tropical Environment:The West Indies

Tropical Bird Communities

Ecology and Behavior of Tropical Primates

The Foraging Strategies Of Primates

Communication Systems in Tropical Terrestrial Vertebrates: An Overview

Evolution of Sociality and cooperation in tropical animals

Mating Strategies of Tropical Insects

Mating Systems and Strategies of Tropical Fishes

Breeding Strategies of Tropical Birds

Extinction of Species in the Tropics

Postharvest Quality of Ornamental Plants