Our Fragile World (OFW)

Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development

This publication presents integrated knowledge and worldviews related to the state of: Earth’s natural resources, human and cultural resources, institutional resources, and economic, financial and technological resources. It presents the vision and thinking of over 200 authors in support of efforts to solve the complex problems connected with peace, equity, justice, world stability and global sustainable development, and to secure perennial life support on ‘The Blue Planet’. The presentations are holistic, informative, and forward-looking, and will be of interest to a broad readership. It also features a “Series of Interviews with Outstanding Personalities”, conducted by Patricia Morales. Interviews with Maurice Strong, Mikhail Gorbachev, Steven Rockefeller, Maritta Koch-Weser, Shridath Ramphal, Ingvar Carlsson, Ruud Lubbers, Richard Goldstone, and Gro Harlem Bruntland are included. . The authors include P. Obasi from WMO, K. Toepfer from UNEP, K. Matsuura from UNESCO, V. Petrovsky from UN, N. Sadik from UNFPA, G. Speth from UNDP; Presidents of National Academies of Sciences: Yu. Osipov from Russia, Teng Teng from China, O. Wandiga from Kenya; Member of Parliament: E. von Weizsacker from Germany; eminent scientists: F. El Baz from Egypt, M. S. Swaminathan from India, Sir J.T. Houghton from UK, Sir M. Holdgate from UK, K. Fukuoka from Japan, N. Goodwin from USA, A.Henderson-Sellers from Australia, M.Falkenmark from Sweden, Carlos Aguirre B. from Bolivia, Gurdev Khush from Philippines,L.T. Wee Hin from Singapore and many other distinguished personalities.

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Our Fragile World Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development

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