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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Biological, Physiological and Health Sciences
Tropical Biology and Conservation
Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Sciences
Social sciences and Humanities
Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Control Systems, Robotics and Automation
Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Water sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Energy Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Environmental and Ecological Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resource
Food and Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Human Resources Policy, Development and Management
Natural Resources Policy and Management
Development and Economic Sciences
Institutional and Infrastructural Resources
Technology, Information and Systems Management Resources
Area Studies(Regional Sustainable Development Reviews)

Development and Economic Sciences

Socioeconomic Developmental Social Work
Perspectives on Contemporary Socioeconomic Development
The Socioeconomics of Agriculture
Communications and Information
Housing: Object and Subject of Sustainable Development
The Socio-Economic Aspects of Technology
Transportation, Mobility, and Women in Cities of Developed Countries
Urban Development and its Forms: Origins and New Challenges for the Twenty-First Century
Older People and Sustainable Development
Ethnic, Racial and Religious Minorities
The Poor
The Consumer Society
Historical Development of Consumer Societies
Consumption in Affluent Societies of Industrialized Nations
Consumption in Developing Nations
Family, Gender, and Socialization Issues in Consumption
Economic Theories of Consumption
Globalization and Consumer Cultures
Internal Sustainability and Economic Growth in the Arab States
The Economics of Conflict and Peace
Welfare Economics and Sustainable Development
Economics Of Sustainable Development: Reconciling Diverse Intertemporal Perspectives
Natural Resources, Eonomic Growth and Sustainability: A Neoclassical Perspective
Perspectives on Discounting The Future
Essential Components of Future Ethics
Sustainability and National Accounting
Progress in the Measurement of Sustainable Development
The Misalignment of Standard National Accounting Aggregates With Sustainability Objectives
On “Green National Product”: Theories and A Comparison Among Different Approaches
The Evolving System of Integrated Economic and Environmental Accounts
Economics of Sustainable Development: International Perspectives
International Trade, The Environment and Sustainable Development
North-South Trade, Capital Flows and the Environment
International Cooperation to Resolve International Pollution Problems
International Environmental Agreements and the Case of Global Warming
Environmental Conflicts and Regional Conflict Management
Implementing Sustainable Development: Institutional Features
The Role Of Institutions In Sustainable Development
Free Market Environmentalism Versus Environmental Market Socialism: An Austrian Perspective on Institutional Choice
Sustainable Urban Planning: Models and Institutions
Hedonic Price Modelling of Environmental Attributes: A Review of the Literature and a Hong Kong Case Study
Economic Indicators Of Sustainable Development In Fish Culture
Sustainability and Resilience in Natural Resource Systems: Policy Directions and Management Institutions
International Economics, Finance, and Trade
International Economics
Comparative Advantage and Trade Policy
Resources, Trade, and Integration
Economics of Scale and Imperfect Competition
International Factor Mobility
The Balance of Payments and the Exchange Rate
Evolution Of The International Monetary System
Exchange Rate Regimes
Determinants of the Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates
Macroeconomic Policy and the External Sector
The International Architecture (Institutions and Policy)
The Banks: The IMF, The World Bank, The Bank For International Settlements
The Currency Blocks: The Euro Zone and the CFA Franc Zone
The Clubs: Their Roles in the Management of International Debt
The Accords
Emerging Capital Markets
Multinational Banking And Global Capital Market
The Globalization of the International Financial System
The Evolution of Global Financial Markets and New Financial Instruments
The Future of Multinational Banking
The Regulation of International Banking and Capital Markets
Strategic Developments in International Trade
Trends in International Trade Institutions
Globalization and the Evolution of Trade
Strategic Interaction, Trade Policy, and National Welfare
Legal Issues in Trade and Investment
Sustainable Development, Environmental Regulation, and International Trade
Growth and the Environment
Property Rights and the Environment
Environmental Regulation, International Trade, and Transboundary Pollution
Environmental Policy
Global Tranformations and World Futures: Knowledge, Economy, and Society
Global Transformations in Knowledge – Social and Cultural Issues
Global Science
Non-Western Science—Mining Civilizational Knowledge
Global Management of Knowledge Systems
Transformations of Information Society
From the Information Era to the Communicative Era
Building “Real” and “Virtual” Human Communities in the Twenty-First Century
Navigating Globalization Through Info-Design, an Alternative Approach to Understanding CyberCulture
The Global Economy
Multinational Corporations
Global Movement of Labour
The Internet and Political Economy
Economies of Transition
Global Business Ethics
Globalization as if the Entire Globe Mattered: The Situation of Minority Groups
Strategies to Eradicate Poverty: an Integral Approach to Development
North-North, North-South and South-South Relations
World Futures: Trends and Transformations in State, Education and Cultural Ecology
Epistemology and Methodology in the Study of the Future
The Grand Patterns of Change and the Future
Multilayered Scenarios, the Scientific Method and Global Models
The Futures of the United Nations and the World System
Globalization and Information Society - Increasing Complexity and Potential Choas
Globalisation, Gender and World Futures
Neo-Humanism, Globalization, and World Futures
Sustainable Education: Imperatives for a Viable Future
Financial Resources Policy and Management: World Economic Order
International Commodity Policy: A New Concept for Sustainable Development
Global Sustainability: Rhetoric and Reality, Analysis and Action—The Need for Removal of a Knowledge-Apartheid World
Economic Assistance to Developing Countries and Sustainable World Population
Capacity Development and Sustainable Human Development
Introduction to Sustainable Development
Early Localized Issues Affecting Regional Sustainability - The Case of Ontario, Canada's Niagara Escarpment
Malthus' Essay on the Principle of Population
The Tragedy of the Commons by Garrett Hardin, 1968
Beyond Brundtland: The Evolution of Sustainable Development in the 1990s
Moving Towards Sustainable Development: the Chinese conundrum
World Conservation Strategy of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN)
Globalization, Interdependence and Sustainability
Natural Resource Perspectives on Sustainability
Sustainability, Knowledge Management and the Internet
The Politics of Sustainable Development
Cultural Perspectives and Sustainability
Sustainability in International Law
Law and Sustainability: The Canadian Case
Carrying Capacity And Sustainability: Waking Malthus’ Ghost
Egalitarian Perspectives on Sustainability
Bioregion, Eco-polis, and Eco(nomic)-Federation: Left - Libertarian Models of Sustainability
Feminist Perspectives on Sustainability
Summary Principles for Sustainable Development
Principles of Sustainable Development
Hierarchical Levels For Sustainable Development Principles
Economic Management Principles for Sustainable Development
Sustainable Economic Systems
Sustainable Development and Global Industry
Sustainable Development and Local Industry
Indicators for Sustainable Development
Resources for Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development of Natural Resource Capital
Sustainable Development of Human Resource Capital
Sustainable Development of Technological Resource Capital
Sustainable Development of Financial Resource Capital
Sustainable Development of Institutional and Infrastructure Resource Capital
Distributive Justice and Sustainable Development
Intergenerational Equity, Human Rights, and Ethics Issues in Sustainable Development
Intragenerational Equity, Human Rights, and Ethics in Sustainable Development
Sustainability, Risk, and Protection
Assessing Health and Environmental Risk
Human and Technological Response to Endogenous Environmental Risk
Managing Financial and Institutional Risk, and its Implications for Sustainable Development
Intellectual and Knowledge Capital for Sustainable Development at Local, National, Regional, and Global Levels
Social Development Information and Knowledge
Cultural Development Information and Knowledge
Functionalism Versus Consumerism Development Information and Knowledge
Ecosystem and Environment Developmet Information and Knowledge
Natural Nonrenewable Resource Development Information and Knowledge
Water-Based Life Support System Development Information and Knowledge
Energy-Based Life Support System Development Information and Knowledge
Food and Agricultural System Development Information and Knowledge
Human Settlement Development Information and Knowledge
Science and Technology Development Information and Knowledge
Economic and Financial System Development Information and Knowledge
Information Technology and Communication System Development: Information and Knowledge
Institutional and Infrastructure System Development Information and Knowledge
International Standards (ISO 9000 and ISO 14000) Development Information and Knowledge
Role of Performance Engineering in Sustainable Development
Weak and Strong Sustainability
Endogenous Growth and Sustainable Development: A Critical Assessment
International Competitiveness, Technological Change and Sustainability
Legal Issues and Incentives for Sustainability
The Future of Sustainable Development
Dimensions of Sustainable Development
Basic Principles of Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development Indicators for Decision Making: Concepts, Methods, Definition and Use
Human Capital For Sustainable Economic Development
Social Capital Research: A Contested State-of-The-Art
Institutional and Human Resources for Sustainability
Social and Cultural Information Supporting Sustainability and Sustainable Institutional Structures
Sustainable Cities: A Minimum Agenda
Trade And Sustainable Development
International Competitiveness and Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development: Legal Issues and Incentives
The Future of Sustainable Develpment
Biophysical Constraints to Economic Growth
The Limits of Capital Substitution: Strong vs Weak Sustainability
Adaptive Management: Strategies for Coping with Change and Uncertainty
Management of Technological Resources for Sustainable Development
The Precautionary Principal in Sustainable Environmental Management
Cultivated Capital: Agriculture, Food Systems, and Sustainable Development
Global Warning, Climate Change, and Sustainability
Advanced Sustainability Analysis
Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development
Environmental Economics And Sustainability In The Age Of Global Change
Civil Economy and Civilized Economics: Essential for Sustainable Development
The Economics of Ecology and Circulation for Coexistance Between Humanity and Nature
Natural Resources and Ecological Tax Reform
Accounting for Sustainability: Greening the National Accounts
Growth, Sustainability, and the Power of Scale
Sustainable Consumption Indicators
Environment And Development
Approaching Sustainable Development From Different Angles
Scientific Justification for Environmental and Ecological Sustainable Development
Biological and Biogeochemical Approaches to Environmental and Ecological Sustainable Development
Environmental , Econimic and Ecological Sustainable Developmen
Social Aspects of Environmental and Ecological Sustainable Development
International Coordination of Scientific Efforts in Support of Environmental and Ecological Sustainable Development
Multidisciplinary Approaches to New Pathways to Sustainable Development
Hazard and Risk Assessment, and Risk Management
Current Views Of Global Carrying Capacity
Social and Economic Disparities
The International Poverty Trap
Impacts of Poverty and an Inability to Manage the Environment
Impact of Affluence and overexploitation of natural resources
Mechanisms For Improving Economic And Industrial Growth In Developing Countries
Responses to the Challenges of Disparities and Unsustainable Use of Natural Resources
Strategies for Rational use of Natural Resources
Improved By-Product Recovery, Recycling, And Reuse
Development Of Early Warning Systems To Alert Governments To Major Changes In Resource Use
Raw Materials Use Reduction, Replacement, and Recycling
Capacity For Developing Innovative Production Technologies
Narrowing Disparities Using Taxation and Other Economic Incentives and Disincentives
Minimizing Disparities By Changing Public Attitudes And Perceptions, And By Improving Education And Public Awareness
Environmental Economics And Ecobusiness
Conceptual Issues Including Environmental, Natural Resources, And Ecological Accounting
Physical and Monetary Environmental Accounting
Environmental Accounting by Satellite Accounting
Integrated National and Environmental Economic Accounting
Environmental Globalism and Green Consumers
Ecobusiness Management and Globalization of Ecobusiness
Need for Ecoenterprise and Ecotechnologies
Environmental Values And Ethics
Ethical Dimensions of the Environmental Crisis
Anthropocentric Ethical Theories: Relations With Nonhuman Beings
Biocentric Ethical Theories
Deep Ecology: From Duty to Ecological Consciousness
Ecofeminism: Intra-Generational And Intergenerational Equity
Other Important Future Environmental Issues
Local, National, Regional, and Global Links in Ecological Environmental Management
The Urbanizing World
Environment And Development - Overall Recommendations And Conclusions
The Evolving Economics of War and Peace
War, Peace, and Economists
Economics Of Military Expenditures
Determinants Of Military Expenditure
The Defense Budget Process
Military Procurement and Technological Change
The Concept of a Peace Dividend
Patterns of Military Spending after the Cold War
The Fate of the State
Economics of Peace Processes
The Effect of Ending Hostilities on Output and Employment
Economic Dimensions Of Peace Agreements
Economic Conversion, Demobilization and Reintegration
Building Institutions for Peacemaking and Peacekeeping
Peace-Keeping Operations
Economics as an Instrument of Peace or Cause of War
Economics Of Global Threats
The Logic of Threat and Deterrence Today
The Economics of Chemical and Biological Weapons
Global and Regional Security Alliances
Economics of Arms and Development
The Military Dimension of North-South Trade
Effects of Arms Races and War on Development
Arms Industry And The Globalisation Process
Economics Interactions with Other Disciplines
Issues in Resource Allocation to Health Care
Costs of Health Care Throughout the World
Sources of Health Care Funding Throughout the Globe
Health Economics in Developing countries
Maximizing Health Impact Through Resource Allocation
Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Health: A Review of the Contending Issues
Environmental Economics
Externalities, Efficiency and Equity
Designing Instruments for Resource and Environmental Policy
International Trade and Policy Co-Ordination
Sustainable Development, Growth Theory, Environmental Kuznets Curves, and Discounting
Economic Analysis of Climate Change
Economic Valuation and Cost-Benefit Analysis
An Economic Theoretical Perspective On Green And Sustainable National Income
On The Economics of Non-Renewable Resources
Economics Of Renewable Natural Resources
The Economics Of Land-Use Change
Environmental Stocks and Flows
The Valuation Problem and Non-Market Valuation Theories
Energy And The Macroeconomy
Sustainability Concepts In Ecological Economics
Nexus of Ecological Economics and Ecosystem Management
Identification of Ecological Economics Issues
Participatory Development Model for Sustainable Resource Management
Indicators of Human Consequences for Ecological Economic Planning and Policy
Feminist Ecological Economics
Political Arithmetick: Problems with GDP as an Indicator of Economic Progress
Natural Resource Economics
Differing Conceptions Of Development And The Content Of International Development Law
The Nature And Sources Of International Development Law
The Concept Of International Development Law
Participants And Their Role In The Development Of International Development Law
International Development Law And Public International Law
The Principle Of Sustainable Development In International Development Law
Regulation Of Foreign Investment
The Generalised System of Preferences in International Trade
Controlling Corruption In International Business: The International Legal Framework
Development Law Capacity Building: Training Legal Professionals For Development
Dispute Resolution And Development

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