Petroleum: Chemistry, Refining, Fuels and Petrochemicals

Edited by : James G. Speight,

Western Research Institute, Laramie, WY, USA

Petroleum: Chemistry, Refining, Fuels and Petrochemicals


B.1 History and Terminology
       Definitions and Terminology
       Native Materials
       Manufactured Materials
       Derived Materials
B.2 Composition
       Elemental Composition
       Chemical Composition
       Composition by Distillation
       Fractional Composition
B.3 Properties
       Physical Properties
       Thermal Properties
       Electrical Properties
       Optical Properties
       Spectroscopic Properties
       Molecular Weight


R.1 Dewatering and Desalting
R.2 Distillation
R.3 Thermal Processes
R.4 Catalytic Processes
R.5 Hydroprocesses
R.6 Reforming Processes
R.7 Isomerization Processes
R.8 Alkylation Processes
R.9 Polymerization Processes

Product Treating

T.1 Caustic Processes
T.2 Acid Processes
T.3 Clay and Related Processes
T.4 Oxidative Processes
T.5 Solvent Processes

Petroleum Products

P.1  Gaseous Fuels
P.2  Gasoline
P.3  Solvents (Naphtha)
P.4  Kerosene
P.5  Fuel Oil
P.6  Lubricating Oil
P.7  White Oil, Insulating Oil, and Insecticides
P.8  Grease
P.9  Wax
P.10 Asphalt
P.11 Coke
P.12 Product Blending


C.1 Chemicals from Paraffins
C.2 Chemicals from Olefins
C.3 Chemicals from Aromatics
C.4 Chemicals from Acetylene
C.5 Chemicals from Natural Gas
C.6 Inorganic Petrochemicals
C.7 Chemicals from Synthesis Gas