Environmental and Ecological Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources

Available Themes under the Category Outlines Of The Component Encyclopedias

Biodiversity: Structure and Function

Editors: Wilhelm Barthlott, K. Eduard Linsenmair, Stefan Porembski


Editors : Antonio Bodini, Stefan Klotz

Marine Ecology

Editors : Carlos M. Duarte, Antonio Lot Helgueras

Environmental Toxicology and Human Health

Editor : Tetsuo Satoh

Environmental Systems

Editor : Achim Sydow


Editor:John Richard Stepp

Coastal Zones and Estuaries

Editors : Federico Ignacio Isla, Oscar Iribarne

Anthropogenic Causes of Global Environmental Change

Editor : Wei-Chyung Wang

Interactions: Energy/Environment

Editor : Jose' Goldemberg

Point Sources of Pollution: Local Effects and It's Control

Editor : Qian Yi

Environmental Monitoring

Editors : Hilary I. Inyang and John L. Daniels

Air, Water, Sediment and Soil Pollution Modelling

Editor: Bhaskar Nath

Engineering Geology, Environmental Geology & Mineral Economics

Editors : Syed E. Hasan & Syed M. Hasan,

Hazardous Waste Management

Editors: Domenico Grasso, Timothy M. Vogel and Barth Smets

Waste Management and Minimization

Editors: Stephen R. Smith, Chris Cheeseman, and Nick Blakey

Environmental Regulations and Standard Setting

Editor : Bhaskar Nath

Pollution Control Technologies

Editors: Georgi Stefanov Cholakov, Bhaskar Nath

Animal Resources and Diversity in Africa

Editor: Samir Ghabbour

Phytotechnologies Solutions for Sustainable Land Management

Editor: Tomas Vanek

World Environmental History

Editors: Mauro Agnoletti, Elizabeth Johann, Simone Neri Serneri

Occupational Health and safety

Editor: David Snashall

Interactions: Food and Agriculture/Environment

Editors: G. Lysenko, Victor Squires, Willy H. Verheye

Economic Botany

Editor: Brad Bennett