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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Biological, Physiological and Health Sciences
Tropical Biology and Conservation
Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Sciences
Social sciences and Humanities
Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Control Systems, Robotics and Automation

Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Water sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Energy Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Environmental and Ecological Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resource
Food and Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Human Resources Policy, Development and Management
Natural Resources Policy and Management
Development and Economic Sciences
Institutional and Infrastructural Resources
Technology, Information and Systems Management Resources
Area Studies(Regional Sustainable Development Reviews)

Natural Resources Policy and Management

Earth System: History and Natural Variability
The Universe As The Earth’s Environment
Historical Overview of the Universe
Early Earth
History of the Sun
Cosmic Influences on the Earth
Earth System: Structure, Dynamics, and Materials
The Geosphere
Internal Forces and Their Influence on the Earth’s Surface
Time in the Geological Past of the Earth
Volcanic and Magmatic Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks
Fluids in Geological Processes
Atmosphere and Climate
Non-renewable Resources
Processes that Shape the Surface of Earth
Plate Tectonics and Landform Evolution
Coastal and Marine Processes
Rivers and Lakes
Glacial and Periglacial Landforms, Processes and Environments
Wind Action
Weathering and Development of Chemically Mature Soils
History of the Earth
Proterozoic History
Paleozoic History
Mesozoic History
Tertiary History
Quaternary History
Life On Earth
Origin and Establishment of Life on Earth
Evolutionary Mechanisms and Processes
Global Biodiversity and its Variation in Space and Time
Past Global Crises
Evolution and Function of Earth's Biomes: Terrestrial Systems
Tropical Rain Forests
Evolution and Function of Earth’s Biomes: Temperate Forests
Boreal Forest, Tundra, and Peat Bogs
Arid Lands: Challenges and Hopes
Grasslands and Savannas
Evolution And Function Of Earth's Biomes: Aquatic Systems
Open Oceans
Shelf Seas
Major Coastal and Tidal Ecosystems
Evolution and Function of Coral Reef Ecosystems
Evolution and Function of Freshwater Ecosystems
Epeiric Seas: A Continental Extension of Shelf Biotas
Global Natural Cycles
Mass and Energy: Interactions of the Earth System
Biogeochemical Cycling of Macronutrients
Biogeochemical Cycling of Micronutrients and Other Elements
Trace Elements and Contaminants
Earth as a Self-Regulating System
Mineral Resources for Life Support
Environmental Structure and Function: Earth System
Vladimir Vernadsky:Cosmos, Earth, Life, Man, Reason - From Biosphere to Noosphere
Natural Resource System Challenge : Climate Change, Human Systems, and Policy
History, Status, and Prediction of Global Climate Change
Climate Changes and Their Influence on Human History
Anthropogenic Climate Influences
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Effects of Global Warming on Wetlands
The Effects of Global Warming on Mountains
Effects of Global Warming on Forests
Effects of Global Warming on Marine Ecosystems
Effects of Global Warming on Water Resources and Supplies
Effects of Global Warming on Environmental Pollution: An Area with many Knowledge Gaps
Global Warming, Poverty, and Ethical Issues
Effects of Global Warming on Human Cultural Diversity
Global Warming And Human Migration
The Implications of Global Warming for Energy Production and Consumption
Climate Change and Agriculture
Effects of Global Warming on Tourism
Effects of Sea-Level Rise on Coastal Cities and Residential Areas
Effects of Sea-Level Rise on Coral Reefs
Effects of Sea-Level Rise on Small Island States
Economics of Potential Climate Change
Economic Implications of Climate Change for Agriculture
Cost Implications for Forestry
The Cost Implications(of Potential Global Climate Change) for Industry
Cost Implications for Fisheries
Cost Implications of Storms, Floods, and Droughts
Sharing the Costs of Climate Change
Response Strategies for Stabilization of Atmospheric Composition
Energy Policies for Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction
Energy Savings Through Changes in Lifestyles and Economics
Methane Emission Reduction and World Food Supply
Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction and Agriculture
Chlorofluorocarbons and their Substitutes
Policy Framework and Systems Management of Global Climate Change
Climate Change Assessments
Decision Making and Policy Frameworks for Addressing Climate Change
Climate Engineering : Concepts, Examples, and Risks
Using Emissions Trading to Regulate Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Definition, Development, and Deployment of Tradable Permits
What Do We Know About Carbon Taxes? An Inquiry into their Impacts on Competitiveness and Distribution of Income
Equity and Social Considerations of Anthropogenic Climate Change
Discounting, Equity, and Cost-Benefit Analysis
Generic Assessment of the Costs of Response Strategies
Integrated Assessment of Policy Instruments to Combat Climate Change
The Climate System
Global Climate and Human Activities
Climate Change and Natural Resources Policy and Management
Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Sciences
Land Cover, Land Use and the Global Change
Land Use and Land Cover, Including their Classification
Land-Cover and Land-Use Mapping
Factors Influencing Land-Use and Land-Cover Change
Land Use Changes During the Past 300 Years
Land-Use Changes Affected by Urban and Industrial Development
Land-Use, Land-Cover Changes and Biodiversity Loss
Land-Use, Land-Cover Changes and Global Aggregate Impacts
The Land-Use and Cover-Change (LUCC) Project
AFRICOVER Land Cover Classification and Mapping Project
Land Evaluation
Soil Survey as a Basis for Land Evaluation
Qualitative and Quantitative Land Evaluations
The FAO Guidelines for Land Evaluation
Land Evaluation Systems Other than the FAO System
Agro-Climate-Based Land Evaluation Systems
Land Quality Indicators (LQI): Monitoring and Evaluation
Biophysical Models in Land Evaluation
Economic Models of Land Evaluation: Local Decision-Making
Economic Models of Land Evaluation: Regional and Global Decision-Making
Land Use Planning
Land Use Planning for Sustainable Development
Agro-Ecological Zones Assessments
The Value and Price of Land
Impact of Ethno-Cultural Factors and Land Tenure on Land Use and Land Use Planning
Human-Induced Land Degradation
The Corine Project on Soil Erosion Risk and Land Quality
The Ilus Integrated Land Use Planning Concept
The Impact of the Participative Approach to Land-Use Planning
Land Use Management
Management of Agricultural Land: Climatic and Water Aspects
Management of Agricultural Land: Chemical and Fertility Aspects
Management of Non-Arable Rural Land, Including Forests, Grasslands, and Shrub-Lands
Management of Dryland and Desert Areas
Management of Mountainous Areas
Soil Conservation
Land Rehabilitation
Land Use Planning and Managment in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas
Deforestation in the Amazon: Past, Present and Future
Dynamics of Land Use in Relation to Green Revolution in India
The Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on Land Use in Europe
Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Russia
Dry Lands and Desertification
Desertification and Ancient Desert Farming Systems
Desertification and Pastoralism: A Historical Review of Pastoral Nomadism in the Negev Region
The Use of Shrubs in Livestock Feeding in Low Rainfall Areas
The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification: Policies and Programs for Implementation
Desert Reclamation and Management of Dry Lands: Fertility Aspects
Desert Reclamation and Management of Dry Lands: Water Aspects
The Salinity and Alkalinity Status of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands
Desertification in China
Desertification and Deforestation in Africa
Water Harvesting and Water-Saving Techniques
Combating Desertification and Drought
Climate Impacts of Land Degradation in the World’s Drylands
Monitoring the Desert Environment from Space: Examples from the Arab Region
Soils and Soil Sciences
A Brief History of Soil Science
Pedogenesis and Soil Forming Factors
Soil Properties and Pedometrics
Soil Geography and Classification
Soil Physics
Soil Chemistry and Soil Fertility
Soil Biology and Microbiology
Soil Biochemistry
Soil Mineralogy
Soil Microscopy and Micromorphology
Forest, Range and Wildland Soils
Urban Soils
Volcanic Soils
Soils of Cold and Temperate Regions
Soils of Arid and Semi-Arid Areas
Mediterranean Soils
Soils of the Humid and Sub-Humid Tropics
Stresses Caused by Edaphic Factors
Soil Organic Matter Decline and Management
Soil Acidification
Natural Resource System Challenge: Oceans and Aquatic
Freshwater Wetland Resources and Biology
Problems, Restoration, and Conservation of Lakes and Rivers
Shallow Lakes: Effects of Nutrient Loading and How to Remedy Eutrophication
Ecological Effects of River Rehabilitation Methodologies Applied in Europe
Geographic Information Systems Applied to the Analysis of Riparian Buffer Zones and Lakes
Pre-Reservoirs for Reducing Nutrient Inputs from Diffuse Sources—A Case Study
Development of Decision-Making Tools for Eutrophic Lakes
Environmental and Social Impacts of Reservoirs: Issues and Mitigation
Dynamics, Threats, Responses, and Recovery of Riverine-Riparian Flora
Biodiversity of Coastal-Realm Waters
The Vegetated Littoral: Mangroves and Salt Marshes
Coastal Erosion and Defenses Against Erosion
Resolving Resource use Conflicts in Coastal Zones
Marine Biodiversity : Research and Consevation
Fish Stocks and Fisheries in Relation to Climate Variability and Exploitation
Transfer Of Non-Indigenous Aquatic Species Concern Aquatic Resource Users
Cultivation of Marine Algae
Oceanic Islands: Introduction
History of Insular Ecology and Biogeography
Patterns of Species Richness, Endemism, and Diversification in Oceanic Island Floras
Patterns of Geographical Distribution: Animals
Alien Species and their Control
Dispersal of Plants and Animals to Oceanic Islands
Conservation of Island and Plant Populations and Communities
Natural and Human Induced Hazards
Natural Hazards - Internal and External Processes
Earth's Interior
Surface Process
Natural Weather-Induced Hazards: Floods, Storms, Fires and Drought
Geological Hazards: Earthquakes, Landslides and Tsunamis
Case Studies of Natural Disasters
Nature of Earthquakes
Geography of Volcanic Zones and Distribution of Active Volcanoes
Environmental Impacts of Volcanic Eruptions
Snow Avalanches, Ice Avalanches And Glacier Surges
Precipitation and Lighting
Tropical Cyclones
Tropical Cyclones
Radon Hazards
Saline Water Intrusion
Biodiversity Conservation And Habitat Management
Selection, Categorization, Size, and Zoning in the World’s Protected Areas
Protected Areas and Endemic Species
Research, Management, And Monitoring In Protected Areas
Management (For Biodiversity) Of Forest And Other Wooded Habitats
Retention of Old Forest Stands and Individual Old Trees
Temporal And Spatial Continuity In Forest Ecosystems
Maintenance of Diversity in Forest Habitats
Natural Regeneration in Woodland Management
Influence and Management of Herbivores in Forests
Management (For Biodiversity) of Savannahs and Other Open Habitats
Rangeland Management
Grazing and Cutting Regimes for Old Grassland in Temperate Zones
Management of Savannas and Mammalian Populations in African Protected Areas
Management of Seasonally Flooded Grasslands
Management of Wetlands for Biodiversity
Management of Grazing in Wetlands
Control and Regulation of Freshwater Fisheries
Harvesting of Crops in Inland Wetlands
Management of Tourism and Human Recreation Pressure
Control of Poaching and the Market for Products such as Ivory, Rhino Horn, Tiger and Bear Body Products
Impact of Tourist Resorts on Rare Phytocoenosis
Conservation Strategies, Species Action Plans, and Translocation
Progress with Conservation Strategies of Selected Threatened Animals
Initiatives For The Conservation Of Marine Turtles
Progress in Species Action Plans
Populations Translocation Events and Impact on Natural Habitats
Amphibians : Threats and Conservation Measures
Translocation of Aquatic Organisms in Western Australia-History and Impacts
Captive Breeding And Gene Banks
Captive Breeding of Mammals
Captive Breeding of Birds
Captive Breeding Of Amphibians And Reptiles
Reintroduction Schemes for Captive-Bred Animals
Eradication And Control Of Invasive Species
Eradication of Rodents and Feral Cats on Islands
Eradication of Goats and Other Feral Herbivores
Control and Eradication of Invasive Aquatic Invertebrates
Alien Plant Management

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