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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Biological, Physiological and Health Sciences
Tropical Biology and Conservation
Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Sciences
Social sciences and Humanities
Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Control Systems, Robotics and Automation
Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Water sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Energy Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Environmental and Ecological Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resource
Food and Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Human Resources Policy, Development and Management
Natural Resources Policy and Management
Development and Economic Sciences
Institutional and Infrastructural Resources
Technology, Information and Systems Management Resources
Area Studies(Regional Sustainable Development Reviews)

Social Sciences and Humanities

Peace Culture Required for Sustainable Global Development
Women in Pursuit of Peace
Universal Obstacles To Peace Education
Peace Education: Definition, Approaches, and Future Directions
Importance of a Literature and a Culture of Peace
Peace Through Literature And Culture--- An Oriental Perspective
Hungering for Peace
Creating Partnership Organizations
A Hero for the Twenty-First Century
Regenerating, Renewing, Reviving the Heart of Human Society
Peace Education Through Literature
Promoting a Culture of Peace
Peace Humor
Dignity: Cornerstone of the Culture of Peace
Hungering for Peace Part II: The Ongoing War Against Hunger
Conflict Care: Preventive-Curative-Recuperative Dimensions
Nonkilling Global Society
Using Peaceful Language: From Principles to Practices
Valuing Peace
Equality – Development – Peace: Women 60 Years With the United Nations
Resolution of Family Conflicts Through Literature
Understanding Nonviolence in Theory and Practice
Towards a Definition of Intercultural Dialogue
Education and Peace Culture Through Television
Global Security
Global Security and the International System
The Regional Dimension of Global Security
The National Dimension of Global Security
The Societal Dimension of Global Security
The Human Security Agenda in World Politics
History Of Empires And Conflicts
The Myth of the Clash of Civilizations in Dialogical-Historical Context
Causes And Prevention Of Armed Conflict
International Development Policies And Global Security
The Environment and Global Security
Political Economy of International Securit
The Global Financial Crisis, 2007-08: Origins, Nature and Consequences
Sustainable Development and National Governance: The Challenges Ahead
History of Environmental Law
Constitutional Law
Sovereignty, Ownership of, and Access to Natural Resources
Conservation and Utilizaton of Natural Resources and Common Spaces
Laws Governing Freshwater and Ground Water Pollution
Town and Country Planning in the United Kingdom
Laws Governing Forestry
Biodiversity Conservation and Endangered Species Protection
Environmental Conflict Resoulution: Suits
Countering with Nonviolence the Pervasive Structural Violene of Everyday Life – The Case of Three Small Italian Townships
Nonviolent Struggle in West Papua: “We Have a Hope”
Media Myopia And The Power Of Nonviolent Social Change
Singing A New Song: The Role of Music in Indigenous Strategies of Nonviolent Social Change
Paths to Social Change: Conventional Politics, Violence and Nonviolence
Defending and Reclaiming the Commons Through Nonviolent Struggle
Nonviolent Methods and Effects of the World Nuclear Disarmament Movement
Humiliation And Global Terrorism: How To Overcome It Nonviolently
Ethics And Nonviolence
Demography: The Past, Present And Future
Historical Demography
Demographic Transitions
Fertility Trends and Implications
Sexual Behavior And Reproductive Health
Family Planning And Reproductive Health
Mortality Patterns And Their Implications
Sex and Sex Structure
Anthropological Demography
Health and Demography
Economic Demography
Applied Demogaphy: Its Business and Public Sector Components
Demography of Aging
Biological Demography
Family And Household Demography
Demographic Models and Actuarial Science
Multistate Demography
Mathematical Demography
Urbanization and its Consequences
Population Geography
Population, Natural Resources and Environment
Population Policy
Population Projections and World Population Trends
Non-Human Primates and Communication
Ape Language Studies
Comparative and Historical Linguistics
Languages in Contact
Language Socialization
Language and Culture
Gesture as Cultural and Linguistic Practice
Language, Cognition And Thought
Linguistic Relativity And Spatial Language
Social Use of Language (Sociolinguistics)
Language And Gender
Language Shift And Maintenance
History Of Linguistic Anthropology
Multilingualism and Language Planning
Language and Education
Documenting Endangered Languages And Maintaining Language Diversity
Foundations of Archaeology
The History of Archaeology
Theory in Archaeology
Archaeological Fieldwork
Dating and Chronology Building
Classification and Typology
Reconstructing Environments
The Analysis of Archaeological Materials
Text-Aided Archeology
Landscape Archaeology
Underwater Archaeology
Industrial Archaeology
Social Archaeology
The Archaeology of Meaning
The Archaeology of Life Support Systems
The Archaeology of Foragers
The Archaeology of Farming Systems
The Archaeology of Ancient Civlizations
Archaeology of the Modern World
The Archaeology of Eurasian Nomads
Physical and Cultural Properties of Ancient Water Management
A Framework for Archaeology and Sustainability
World Cultural Heritage
The Archaeology of Africa
Archaeology of South America
Archaeology of North America
The Mediterranean
Archaeology of Europe
The Archaeology of East Asia
The Archaeology of Western Asia
The Archaeology of Oceania
Preserving Archaeological Sites and Monuments
The Role of Archaeological Societies in Preserving Cultural Memorials
The Role of Museums
Preservation Laws and Policies
Rescue Archaeology
Palaeopathology: Studying the Origin, Evolution and Frequency od Disease in Human Remains from Archaeological sites
History: The Meaning and Role of History in Human Development
Role of Human Societies in The History of The Biosphere
Role of Gender and Family identites in Human History
Modern Approaches to the Teaching of History
Developing Dialogues: The Value of Oral History
Culture, Civilization, and Human Society
Theory and History of Cutlure
Foundations and Characteristics of Culture
Culture as a Manifestation of Human Activity
Sorting out Culture by Type or Otherwise – Towards a Better Understanding of Culture and Intercultural Relations
Interpretation of Symbols
Cultural Heritage
Diversity and Unity in the Cultural Heritage of Peoples, States and Humanity
Traditions, Innovations and Discontinuations in the Development of Culture
Protection of Cultural Heritage as Social, Political and Economic Issues
Mass Culture, Popular Culture and Cultural Identity
Culture in Contemporary Civilization
Modern and Traditional Cultures
Imperialism, Resistance, and Culture
Structure of Culture and Communication Forms
Kinds, Forms and Attributes of Cultural Activity
Cultural Interactions
Local Cultures and Global Dynamics
Cultural Exchange
West/East and North/South Dialogue of Cultures Interculturality and Communication
Global Informational Fluxes and National Cultural Values
Cultural Integration and National Originality of Cultures
Twentieth-Century Perspectives on Culture
Culture and Sustainable Development
Ecology of Culture
Culture and the Environment
Cultural Change Phenomena
Human Ecology
Sustainability: An Ecological and Sociocultural Necessity
Bio-Policy, Bio-Culture: Global Priorities for Environmental Protection
Literature and the Fine Arts
Audience In The Arts
Typology of Audiences
Influences of Audiences on the Arts
Distributors and Organizers
Communication Forms
Direct Communication
Mass Communication
Markets And Art Processes
Art-Centres and Transnational Processes
The Arts and Globalization
Philosophy and World Problems
The Global Crisis of Values
The Transcultural Idea: Good as Happiness and Bad as Pain
Moral Philosophy In Question:
Natural Good And Evil: Beyond Fitness To Survive
Traditions as Moral Anchor In an Age of Criterion less Relativism
The Primary Axiom and the Life-Value Compass
Good and Evil Within: Opening the Terra Incognita of the Felt Side of Being
The Value Field of Action: Reconciling Humanity and the Beast
The Lost Social Subject: Evaluating the Rules by Which We Live
Deep Principles Of Justice Grounding in Life- Value Meaning
The Unseen Global War of Rights Systems and Its Principles of Resolution
Reclaiming Rationality and Scientific Method :: The Life -Coherence Principle as Global System Imperative
Human Identity and the Meaning of Life
Western Philosophy and the Life-Ground
Life Responsibility Versus Mechanical Reductionism: Western World-Views of Nature From Pantheism to Positivism
The Embodied Good Life: From Aristotle to Life-Ground Ethics
Vision of Universal Identity in World Religions: From Life-Incoherent to Life-Grounded Spirituality
Logic, Philosophy of Science and the Quality Of Life
Paradigm Wars: Competing Models of Understanding
The Logic of Natural Language
Why Not Socialism
Philosophy, Human Nature, and Society
Human Nature from a Life-Grounded Perspective
Life-Blind Liberalism and Life Grounded Democracy
Environmental Philosophy and Its Onto-Ethical Problems: Ancient, Medieval and Contemporary World-Views
Human Rights and Global Life-Support Systems
The Global Crises of Values: The Poverty of Moral Philosophy
Branches of Psychology
Clinical Psychology: A National Perspective on Origins, Contemporary Practice, and Future Prospects
Health Psychology: Prevention of Disease and Illness, Maintenance of Health
Cognitive Psychology
Counseling Psychology: From Industrial Societies to Sustainable Development
Developmental Psychology
Educational and School Psychology: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
Work And Organizational Psychology
Environmental Social Psychology
Dynamic Psychology
Analytical Psychology
Systemic Psychology
Psychodynamics of Group Relationships
Psychology of Religion and Culture
Psychoanalytic Approaches to Art and Esthetics
Methods in Psychological Research
Interviewing and Observation
Experimentation in Psychology-Rationale, Concepts and Issues
The Construction and Use of Psychological Tests and Measures
Statistics and Its Role in Psychological Research
Ethical and Legal Matters
Animals as Models or Analogs
Experimental Psychology and Its Implications for Human Development
Attention, Perception and Memory
Thinking and Problem Solving
Emotions and Human Health
Neurobiological Bases for Psychological Functioning
Psychology of Individual Differences with Particular Reference to Temperament
The Psycological Problems of Communication
Developmental Psychology: Main Problems and Modern Tendencies
Developmental Psychodynamics
Psycho-genetics and Genetic Influences on Behavior
Cognitive Development of Children
The Developmental Psychology of Aged Persons
The Impact of Psychosocial Factors on Development
Social Psychology: A Topical Review
The Social Psychology of Personality
Social Influence
The Social Psychology of Small Groups
The Psychology of The Relationship Between Groups
The Psychology of Large Groups
Juridical Psychology
Psychology of Nonverbal Communication and Interpersonal Interaction
Tendencies and Perspectives of Psychology as a Science and as a Technology
Psychology of Diversity
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Environmental Psychology for the New Millenium: Towards an Integration of Cultural and Temporal Dynamics
Ecological Psychology
Political Psychology
Cyberpsychology Just a Testing Ground
Evolution and Structure of Consciousness
Economics Of Uncertainty And Information
Evolutionary Economics
Entrepreneurship: Business And Social Dimensions
History, Philosophy and Development of Walrasian Economics
Money, Banking and Finance
Fundamental Economics
Walrasian and Non-Walrasian Microeconomics
Strategic Behavior
The Economics Of Bargaining
Economic Externalities
Public Goods
Macroeconomics: A Historical Perspective
The New Growth Theory
Overlapping Generations Models
Money: In Transactions and Finance
Financial Markets
Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Development Economics
Sustainable Growth
Environmental Economics And Global Warming
Environmental Issues For Developing Economies
Economics Of Environmental Regulation
Renewable Resource Management
Philosophies and Systems of Law
Western philosophies of Law: The Civil Law
Western Philosophies of Law: The Common Law
Non-Western Philosophies of Law
Fields of Law Specification
Legal Support of Food Safety
Business and Trade Law
Copyright, Trademark and Patent Law: An Overview of the Intellectual Property Framework in the United States
Criminal Law: Substantive Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
Environmental Law: The US Model
Family Law
Child Law
Immigration Law and Policy
Telecommunications Law: The United Stats Model for Economic Regulation of Telecommunications Providers
Tax Law
Tax Policy, Electronic Commerce, and Developing Countries
Law, Ethics, and Justice
The Rule of Law
Equity and the Law
Perspectives on Ethics and Justice
Government and Politics
Forms and Models of Government
Constitutional Government
Authoritarian System
Communist System
Military Government
Economic Development and Government
Structure of Government
Cabinet and Presidency
Federal Systems
Government Finance
Political Aspects of Government
Election and Voting
Political Parties
Interest Groups
Public Option and Mass Media
Decentralization and Local Politics
Power Structure
Ideas and Ideologies in Politics
Socialism and Communism
Human Rights
Religion and Politics
International Politics
Actors in World Politics
International Regimes
International System
Broadening The Concept of Peace and Security
Science, Governance, Complexity, and Knowledge Assessment
Journalism and Mass Communication: The Making of Meaning
Evolution of Journalism and Mass Communication
Motion Pictures
Newsletters, Newspapers, Pamphlets
The Development of Radio
The Evolution of Television in the USA
Evolution of Mass Communication: Mass Communication and Sustainable Futures
History And Development Of Mass Communications
Moving Sustainability onto the Media Agenda
International Communications and Media Networks
Traditional and Modern Media
Popular Culture
Identity Formation and Difference in Mass Media
Culture Of Consumption
Media Globalization and Localization
International Communication and World Affairs
The Internet as a Mass Communication Medium
The Information Economy And The Internet
Culture, Institutiona, and Organizations on the Internet
Internet Access, Cost and the Information Gap
Government and Governance in the Networked Age: Can Cyberspace Really be Regulated?
The Internet and Sustainable Development
Interactive Multimedia and Digital Technologies
Management and Future of Mass Communications and Media
The Restructuring of Telecommunications: Technology, Economics, and Policy
Media Oligarchy: Implications for Entrepreneurship in Internet Media
Management of Information, Communication and Media Resources
Communication in the Twenty-First Century: Challenges and Opportunities
Mass Media Support of Sustainable Development
Telecommunications Policy
Communication Strategies for Sustainable Societies
Communication Campaigns Advocating Sustainable Development
An Operational Model for Ecologically Sustainable Growth
Communicating A Politics of Sustainable Development
International Coverage of Environmental Issues
Unity of Knowledge in Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainability
Unity of Knowledge and Transdisciplinarity: Contexts of Definition, Theory and the New Discourse of Problem Solving
The Relationship Between Scientific, Technical and Moral Knowledge in Classical Antiquity
Differentiation of Scientific Disciplines: Causes and Consequences
Holism in the Sciences
Philosophical Holism
Integrating Knowledge in Technology Development
Transdisciplinary Research in Development Cooperation: Origins and Paradigms
Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development in China : Social-Economic-Natural-Complex Ecosystem and Ecopolis Development
Methodology of Transdisciplinary Research
Problem Transformations in Transdisciplinary Research
System Analysis and Modeling in Transdisciplinary Research
Methods for Sustainability Assessment: Sustainability Indicators
Incommensurability Of Knowledge: Theories And Values
Management of Transdisciplinary Research
Evaluation of Transdisciplinary Research
Institutional Changes for Transdisciplinary Research and Learning
Science Policy for Transdisciplinary Research
Transdisciplinarity and Disciplinarity in the University of the Future
Transdisciplinary and Integrative Science: Humanity’s Mind and Potential
Knowledge Integration Strategies
Education for Sustainability
Social and Cultural Issues in Education
Earth Ethics, Earth Literacy, and the Community College
Comparative Literature: Sharing Knowledges for Preserving Cultural Diversity
Introduction: Language, Literature, And Human Sustainability
Comparative Literature And The Plural Vision Of Discourse
The Notion of Comparing and the Meeting of Fragments
Historical And Theoretical Perspectives Of Literature
Languages And Cultural Dialogues
Hermeneutics Need And The Inevitiability Of Comparing
The Tradition of Comparison of Arts
Plastic Arts and Literature
Relations between Literature and Music in the context of a General Typology of Intermediality
Literature and Film: Modernity – Medium – Adaptation
Literature and the Other Arts: The Point of View of Semiotics
Comparative Literature And Other Fields of Knowledge: A General Introduction
Literature, Exact and Biophysical Sciences
Narrative in History / History in Narrative
Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Ethnic Literature, and Cultural Diversity
Literature And Psychoanalysis
Literary Imagination: Criticism and Research
Literature And Philosophy
Epistemological Frontier Criss-Crossings
Comparative Literature, Criticism And Media
Literature And Mass-Media-The Spectacle Of Writing
The Impact Of Media On Literature
Literary Journals
Criticism and media
Criticism And Education
Alternative Forms In The Distribution Of Literature
Impacts Of Contemporary Developments On General And Comparative Literature
Technologies ans literatures
The Relevance Of Distinctive Kinds Of Supporting Materials
Interactivity And Open-Ending (Literary Works)
Virtual Trips
Translatio Studii And Cross-Cultural Movements Or Weltverkehr
The Weltverkehr Or World Traffic Of Books: Modern Anthologies Of World Poetry
Contemporary Weltverkehr Or World Traffic Of Comparatist Scholars: World Congresses Of The International Comparative Literature Association (Icla)
Africa And The Weltverkehr / World Traffic Of Tongues, Books, And Scholars
Literary Multilingualism I: General Outlines And Western World
Literary Multilingualism Ii: Multilingualism In India
Logic and Methodology of Science: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
Sociolinguistic Variation and Change
Language and Identity
Sign Languages
Pidgins and Creoles
Computational Linguistics
Cognitive Linguistics
Forensic Linguistics
Language Teaching Methodology and Second Language Acquisition
The Art of Lexicography
Corpus Linguistics: An Introduction
Historical Evolution of the world's Languages
Religion, Values and Sustainable Development
Risk Society, Sustainable Development and Religion
Environment and Religion in a Developing Country: The Role of Sacrifice in the Xangô of Recife (Brazil)
World System History
World-Systems Analysis
Big History
Epistemology of World System History: Long-Term Processes and Cycles
One World System Or Many: The Continuity Thesis In World System History
World Population History
Global Environmental History
States Systems and Universal Empires
The Silk Roads: Afro-Eurasian Connectivity Across the Ages
Dark Ages in World System History
The Kondratieff Waves as Global Social Processes
Globalization in Historical Perspective
Emergence of a Global Polity
World Urbanization: The Role Of Settlement Systems In Human Social Evolution
Democratization: The world-wide spread of democracy in the modern era
The Rise of global public opinion
East Asia in the World System
Incorporating North America into the Eurasian World-System
Global Governance and its Limitations
Civilizational Analysis: A Paradigm in The Makin
Mesoamerican Civilization: Pattern And Process
Islamic Civilizations
The European Civilizational Constellation: A Historical Sociology
African Civilizations: From The Pre-Colonial to the Modern Day
Industrial Civilization
Global Civilization - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
War, Peace and Civilizations
The Sociology Of Addiction
Criminology: An Overview
The Historical Development Of Sociology: Sociological Traditions
The History And Development Of Sociological Social Research Methods
The Deep Questions: Structure/Agency, Micro/Macro and Time/Space
Philosophies of the Social Sciences
Interaction of Theory and Method in Social Science
Varieties of Sociological Theorizing
Branches Of Sociology
The Future of Sociology: Understanding the Transformations of the Social
Life Course Dynamics
Rational Choice and Sociology
Sociology of Emotions
Social Psychology
Psychoanalysis and Social Theory
Sociobiology and Sociology
Existential Sociology
Social Network Analysis
Economic Sociology: Its History and Development
Cultural Sociology
Power and The State
Organisational Sociology
Feminist Sociological Theory
Sociology’s ‘Other’: The Debates On European Universals
Beyond Evolution and Historicism: Cultural Forms of Modernity
Functionalism and its Critics
Structuration Theories
Historical Sociology: Development and Reoriention
Sociological Marxism: History and Development
Consumer Society
The Subprime Crisis And Global Finance: A Sociological Perspective
Institutional Analysis and Development: Elements of The Framework in Historical Perspective
Poststructural Theories
The Dependency and World-Systems Perspectives on Development
Theories of the Information Age

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