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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Biological, Physiological and Health Sciences
Tropical Biology and Conservation
Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Sciences
Social sciences and Humanities
Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Control Systems, Robotics and Automation
Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Water sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Energy Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Environmental and Ecological Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resource
Food and Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Human Resources Policy, Development and Management
Natural Resources Policy and Management
Development and Economic Sciences
Institutional and Infrastructural Resources
Technology, Information and Systems Management Resources
Area Studies(Regional Sustainable Development Reviews)

Biological, Physiological and Health Sciences

Global Perspectives in Health
Determinants of Health and Their Interactions
Determinants on Health and Their Interactions Genetic Factors
Biology, Ecology and Health
Environmental Determinants of Health
An Economic View Upon the Determinants of Health
Epidemiology: Health and Disease in Populations
Health Information Systems
Health-Related Indicators
Epidemiology and Surveillance
Family Health
Mental Health
Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases
Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases
Health Care Systems
Primary Health Care: The Key to Health for All
Quality Assurance
Preventive, Therapeutic and Diagnostic Technologies. Development and Perspectives
Health Technology Assessment: Sustaining Equity in Health Care
Health Telematics and its Societal Implications
Domiciliary, Palliative, and Terminal Care
Ethical Issues in Health
Bioethics and Biotechnology
Codes of Conduct and Ethical Guidelines
Informed Consent in Clinical Practice and Biomedical Research
Health Ethics, Equity and Human Dignity
New Problems in Global Health
Global Aging
Urban Growth and Health
Implications of Atmospheric and Climate Change for Human Health
Health in Border Areas
Disasters and Conflicts
Vaccination in Developing Countries: Problems, Challenges and Opportunities
Interactions of Environmental Change and Human Health
Molecular Epidemiology and the Prevention of Disease
Introduction to Human Viruses
Water and Health
Classification of Water-Related Disease
Burden of Disease: Current Situation And Trends
Transmission and Preventation of Water-Related Diseases
Goals of Water Treatment and Disinfection: Reduction In Morbidity And Mortality
Diseases Associated with Drinking Water Supplies That Meet Treatment And Indicator Specifications
New and Emerging Waterborne Infectious Diseases
Future Needs and Priorities for Drinking Water And Health
Health Impact and Economic Costs of Poor Water and Sanitation
Water Safety Plans for Water Technologies twar
Hygiene Promotion
Institutional Issues in the Delivery of Water and Sanitation Services
Economics and Financing in the Water Sector
Zoonoses acquired through drinking water
Microbiological Water Quality Assessment (Catchment To Tap)
Epidemiologic studies of Disinfectants and Disinfectant By-Products
Health Effects of Chemical Contamination of Drinking Water Supplies
Point-of-Use Water treatment for Home and Travel
Bottled Drinking Water
Treatment and safe storage of water in households without piped supplies of treated water
Quantifying Health Risks in wastewater irrigation
Impacts of Eutrophication of the Safety of Drinking and Recreational water
Groundwater and Public Health
Aquaculture and Mariculture
Recreation in Natural Water Resources
Dry Sanitation Technologies - Can They be Sustainable?
Constraints to Improving Water and Sanitation Services
Human Health in Water Resources Development
Toxic Cyanobacteria
Multiple uses of Water and Human Health
Health Impact Assessment
Water Reclamation and Reuse
Role of Water Reuse in Management of Urban Water Resources
The Uses of Recycled Water
Comino to terms with Nature:Water Reuse new paradigm towards integrated water resources management
Helminth ova control in wastewater and sludge for agriculture reuse
Probiotics and Functional Foods
Plant senescence
Introduction To Medical Parasitology
Insect Physiology
Systematics Of Animal Parasites
Endocrine Pharmacology
Reproduction and Sex in Microorganisms
Reproduction and Sex in Invertebrates
Reproductive Biology and Technology in Mammals
Mammalian Gametogenesis to Implantation
Embryology, Differentiation, Morphogenesis and Growth
Disorders In Human Sex Development
The Science of Assisted Reproductive Technology
The Ethics of Assisted Reproductive Technology
Sex and Evolution in Eukaryotes
The Nature Of Human Biological And Genetic Variability
Human Origins, Dispersal And Associated Environments: An African Perspective
Human Evolution: A Paleoanthropological Perspective
Bioarchaeology (Anthropological Archaeology)
A Model for Human Ecology
Physiological Anthropology: Effects of Artificial Light Environment on Humans
Growth and Development
Anthropology of Aging
Anthropology and Ergonomy
Human Biology Within the Framework of Physical Anthropology
Applied Anthropology
Forensic Anthropology
Dna Forensics: A Population Genetic And Biological Anthropologocal Perspective
Physical Anthropology and Gender Issues
The Biological and Evolutionist Bases of Ethic
Ethnic Culture Studies: Continuity And Change Among Taiwanese Austronesian Peoples
Visual Anthropology
Biological Science Foundations
Organic Chemicals Involved in Life Processes
Carbon Fixation
Glycogen Metabolism
DNA as Genetic Material and Nucleic Acid Metabolism
Lipid Metabolism
Biochemistry of Vitamins, Hormones and Other Messenger Molecules
Eukaryote Cell Biology
Cell Theory, Properties of Cells and their Diversity
Cell Morphology and Organization
Cell Nucleus and Chromatin Structure
Organelles and Other Structures in Cell Biology
Prokaryotic Cell Structure and Function
Prokaryotic Diversity
Prokaryote Genetics
Prokaryotic Growth, Nutrition and Physiology
An Introductory Treatise on Biophysics
Genetics and Molecular Biology
History and Scope of Genetics; Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression
Mendelian Genetics and its Development
Classical to Modern Genetics
Bacterial and Yeast Genetics - A Historical Account
Diploid and Haploid Gengetics and Recombination Mechanisms
Non-Mendelian Inheritance
Genome Analysis of Cyanobacteria
Genomic Analysis of Arabidopsis Thaliana
Genome Science of the Invertebrates: The Nematode C.Elegans
Genome Science of the Rat
Genome Science of Vertebrate
DNA Repair
Recombination - Transformation, Transduction and Conjugation
Reverse Transcriptase and cDNA Synthesis
Horizontal and Vertical Gene Transfer
Patterns of Heredity and Genetic Alteration; Epigenetics of Mammals
Gene Action in Inheritance
Genotypic and Phenotypic Variations
Molecular Genetics of Inherited Disorders
Heredity and Environment; Light Signal Transduction in Plants and Fungi
The Human Genome
Human Genetics
Gene Expression and Embryogenesis in Amphibians
Physiology and Maintenance
General Physiology
G Protein-Coupled Receptors
Ionic Channels of the Excitable Membrane
Mechanisms of Cell Volume Regulation
Pain and Protective Reflexes
Wound Healing and Regeneration
Learning and Memory
Positron Emission Tomography: Molecular Imaging of Biological Processes
Comparative Physiology
Enzymes: The Biological Catalysts of Life
Concept of Enzyme Catalysis
On The Determination of Enzyme Structure, Function, and Mechanism
Enzymes of Digestion
Metabolism of Oxygen
Protection Against Oxidative Stress
Physiological Regulation of Gene Activity by Oxygen (O2)
Biotransformation of Xenobiotics and Hormones
Biomonitoring of Environmental Pollution
Industrial Use of Enzymes
Nutrition and Digestion
Autotrophic, Heterotrophic and Other Nutritional Patterns
Nutritional Needs
Alimentary Systems in Some Homeothermic Vertebrates
Intestinal Microflora
Fatty Acids in Human Metabolism
Vegetarianism and Vegan Diet
Sterols, Especially Cholesterol and Phytosterols, in Human Metabolism
Renal Excretion
Renal General Functions
Water and Ion Balance and Imbalance
Excretion of Wastes and Pathophysiology
Comparative Aspects of Renal Excretion in Vertebrates
General Features of Hormonal Coordination
Glucocorticoids and Brain
Melatonin-The Hormone of Darkness
Heart As An Endocrine Organ
Hormones and Cold: Integration of Endocrinology, Morphology, Physiology and Behaviour
Respiratory Structures and Gas Exchange
Dynamics and Control of Respiration
Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Transport
Blood Circulation: Its Dynamics and Physiological Control
Arterial Blood Supply and Tissue Needs
Venous System
Hemorheology and Hemodynamics
Locomotion in Sedentary Societies
Muscle Energy Metabolism
Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Skeletal Muscle
Sensory-Motor Posture Control in Lumbar Disorders
Physiological Basis of Exercise
Lumbar Muscle Function and Dysfunction in Low Back Pain
Gait, Limbs and Limping
Functional Morphological and Physiological Aspects of Human Locomotion and Posture
Sedentary Life – Source of Multiple Health Problems
Neuromuscular Activities in Extreme Temperatures
Structural Neurobiology
Autonomous Neural Regulation
Neurons, Action Potentials, and Synapses
Neurotransmitters and Modulators
Phantom Pain
Biological Rhythms
Regulation of Food Intake
Stress and Coping
The Neurophysiological Basis of Pleasure
Plant Physiology and Environment: An Introduction
Water Relations in Plants
The Functions of Chlorophylls in Photosynthesis
Biological Nitrogen Fixation with Emphasis on Legumes
Roles of Plant Growth Regulating Substances
Biochemical Interactions Among Plants: Allelopathy as Ecosystem Regulator
Phenology of Trees and Other Plants in the Boreal Zone Under Climatic Warming
Environmental Pollution and Function of Plant Leaves
Plant-Insect Interactions and Pollution
Modern Medical Practices: A Commentary
Reflections On The Scientific Method In Medicine
Technology For Health And Medicine
Public Health - An Evolving Concept
Public Health Surveillance
Environment And Public Health
Maternal and Child Health: A Basic Part of Public Health
Public Health Ethics for Today and Tomorrow
Geographic Medicine: An Introduction
The Geography Of Health Care Systems
Disparities In Health : A Reflection Of The World’s Globalisation And Fragmentation
Environmental Change and Vector-Borne Diseases: The Contribution o Remote Sensing and Spatial Analyses
Bioenvironmental Correlates of Chagas´ Disease
Adult Congenital Heart Disease: A Challenging Population
Advances and Prospectes in Gastroenterology
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Probiotic A Novel Approach To Treating Childhood Atopy
Overview Of Pathology And Its Related Disciplines
The Pathobiology Of Bilharzia-Associated Bladder Cancer
Bilharziasis: A Granulomatous Parasitic Disorder With Grave Implications
The Pathology Of Breast Cancer
Medical Informatics and Telematics at the Threshold of the 21st Century
The Past And Future Impacts Of Health/Medical Informatics On Healthcare Delivery
Human Aspects Of Health Care Information Systems
Clinical Informatics
Tissue Engineering
Robotics in Surgery – Past, Present and Future-
Physiological Measurement -
House Dust Mites - What Might a Mite Do?
Tropical Health: A Global Challenge
Food Safety – Its Role in Health and Development: The Problems Related to Our Food Supply
Consumer Perceptions Of Food Safety
The Need For An International Approach – The Role of FAO and WHO
Home Food Safety and Consumer Responsibility
Management of Food safety in the industrial setting
Food Safety at the National Level - The Role of Governments
The Current Status And Perspectives Of Vascular Surgery
Progress In Pediatric Surgery – Selected Advances In Life Saving Procedures In Pediatric Surgery
Advances And Current Progress Of Liver Surgery
Gastrointestinal Fistulae: Lethal Implications Remain
Social Participation in R&D: The Citizens Consensus Conferences
Financing Health Research: New Trends and Modalities
Endocannabinoids: Their Roles in Biology And Medicine
Water Microbial Ecology – An Overview
Microbial Biofilms
Biological Science Fundamentals (Systematics)
History of Biology
Characteristics of Living Beings
Levels of Biotic Organization
Populations, Species and Communities
The Philosophy of Biological Sciences
The Origin and Evolution of Early Life
Formation of the Building Blocks of Primitive Life
From The Building Blocks to Life
The Earliest Anaerobic and Aerobic Life
History of Evolutionary Theory
The Darwinian View of Life
Evolution and the Species Concept
Speciation and Intra-Specific Taxa
Natural Selection and The Effects of Ecological Interaction on Populations
Cell and Tissue Structure in Animals and Plants
Biological Homeostasis
Patterns and Rates of Species Evolution
Classification and Diversity of Life Forms
Historical Review of Systematic Biology and Nomenclature
Metabolic Diversity in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
Diversity of Form, Function and Adaptation in Microorganisms
Diversity of Form, Function and Adaptation in Fungi
Evolutionary and Molecular Taxonomy
Systematics of Microbial Kingdom (s) and Fungi
Systematics of Archaea and Bacteria
Systematics of Fungi
Systematic Botany
Bryophyte Systematics
Systematic Zoology: Invertebrates
Porifera, Cnidaria, and Ctenophora
Platyhelminthes, Nemertea, and "Aschelminthes"
Insects and other Hexapodous Arthropods
Other Invertebrate Taxa
Tunicata and Cephalochordata
Primate Evolution
Fundamentals of Biological Science: An Evolutionary Approach
Kingdom Fungi
Introduction To Microbiology
Extremophiles: Basic Concepts
Extremophiles: Overview of the Biotopes
Phylogeny of Extremophiles
Survival Strategies and Membrane Properties of Extremophilies
Hyperthermophilic Microorganisms
Strategies of Hyperthermophiles in Nucleic Acids Adaptation to High Temperature
Thermostability and thermoactivity of extremozymes
Unique Aspects of the Hyperthermophile Proteome
Compatible Solutes in Microorganisms that Grow at High Temperature
Heat-Shock Response in Thermophilic Microorganisms
Thermoactive Enzymes in Biotechnological Applications
Psychrophily and Resistance to Low Temperature
Ice Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Membrane Adaptation and Solute Uptake Systems
Catalysis and Low Temperature: Molecular Adaptations
Cold-Shock Response in Microorganisms
Heterologous Gene Expression in Cold-Adapted Micro-Organisms
Cold-Active Enzymes as New Tools in Biotechnology
Freeze Tolerance
Freezing Avoidance in Polar Fishes
Halophily(Halophilism and Halophilic Microorganisms)
Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Hypersaline Environments and Their Biodiversity
Osmoregulation in Halophilic Bacteria
Molecular Adaptation of Halophilic Proteins
Ectoines: a New Type of Compatible Solutes with Great Commercial Potential
Alkaline Environments and Biodiversity
Adaptation Processes in Alakaliphiles When Cell Wall Acidity is Elevated
Metallophiles and Acidophiles in Metal-Rich Environments
Ecology and Biodiversity of Extremely Acidophilic Microorganisms
Ion Transport in Acidophiles
Efflux Systems in Metallophiles
Piezophily: Prokaryotes Exposed to Elevated Hydrostatic Pressure
Characteristics of Deep-Sea Environments and Biodiversity of Piezophilic Organisms
Pressure Effects on Biomolecules
Piezophiles: Microbial Adaptation to the Deep-Sea Environment
Enzymes from Deep-Sea Microorganisms
Ethnopharmacology: An Overview
Historical Foundations of Botanical Medicine
Insights into Evolutionary Systems via Chemobiological Data
Contemporary Methodological Approaches in the Search for New Lead Compounds from Higher Plants
Integrating Ethnographic and Ecological Perspectives for Ethnopharmacology Field Research
Managing Ethnopharmacological Data: Herbaria, Relational Databases, Literature
Professional Ethics and Ethnopharmacology
Medicinal Plants in the Evolution of Therapeutics?A Case of Applied Ethnopharmacology
Plants as a Source of Anti-Cancer Agents
Traditional Medicinal Plants For the Treatment and Prevention of Human Parasitic Diseases
Plants and Plant Sustances Against AIDS and Others Viral Diseases
Botanical Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
The Search for Plants to Manage Diabetes
Medicinal Plants for the Prevention and Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease
The Search for Plants to Manage Neurodegenerative Diseases
Psychoactive Botanicals in Ritual, Religion, and Shamanism
Primates, Plants, and Parasites: The Evolution of Animal Self-Medication and Ethnomedicine
Ethnopharmacology and Health Care in the Developing World
Safety of Traditional Remedies
Medicinal Plants in International Trade: Conservation and Equity Issues
The Future of Ethnopharmacology: Seeking a Transdisciplinary and Culturally Germane Science
Medicinal plants of the Middle East
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (Turkey)
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Azerbaijan
Medicinal And Aromatic Plants – Iberian Peninsula
Medicinal And Aromatic Plants - Australia
B Lymphocytes
An Introduction to Pharmacology
Neuropharmacology -
Cardiovascular and Renal Pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacology
Pharmacokinetics: How Does the Body Handle Drugs?
Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics
Overview on Gastrointestinal Pharmacology
Poisons, Venoms and Toxins
Safety Pharmacology Assessment and Associated Regulations
Pharmacodynamics in Pharmacology
The Autonomic Nervous System
Drugs on Skeletal Muscle
The Pharmacotherapy of Inflammation
Reproductive Pharmacology
Immunopharmacology: A Guide to Novel Therapeutic Tools
Pain Pharmacology and Analgesia
Drug Discovery
Gene Therapy
Psychotropic Medications, Health Hazards and Risks

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