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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Biological, Physiological and Health Sciences
Tropical Biology and Conservation
Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Sciences
Social sciences and Humanities
Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Control Systems, Robotics and Automation
Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Water sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Energy Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Environmental and Ecological Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resource
Food and Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Human Resources Policy, Development and Management
Natural Resources Policy and Management
Development and Economic Sciences
Institutional and Infrastructural Resources
Technology, Information and Systems Management Resources
Area Studies(Regional Sustainable Development Reviews)

Water sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources

Effects of Global Warming on Water Resources and Supplies
Water and Sustainability in Asian Megalopolises: The Case of Beijing
Self-Sustainability for the Management of Water Cycles at the Local Level
Protection Of Fresh Water Resources - Canada And The United States Of America
Protection of the Quality and Supply of Freshwater Resources
Water Supply and Demand Status and Water Environment Protection in China
The Hydrological Cycle
Exchanges of Water in the Hydrosphere
Transfer of Atmospheric Moisture
Water Exchange Between Land and Atmosphere
Water Exchange Between Land and Oceans
Surface and Ground Water Interaction
Hydrosphere Structure and its Relationship to the Global Hydrological Cycle
Energy Balance and the Roles of the Sun, Earth, Oceans and Atmosphere
Hydrological Regions and Water Balance
Anthropogenic Effects on the Hydrological Cycle
Ocean-Land Interaction in Coastal Zones and Effect of Ocean-Level Change
World Water Balance
Atmospheric Precipitation of the Earth
Evaporation from the Surface of the Globe
River Runoff to Oceans and Lakes
Groundwater Discharge into the World Ocean
Evaporation from Land, Evapotranspiration
Evaporation From Open Water Surface and Ground Water
Formation of Precipitation
Types and Characteristics of Precipitation
Extreme Precipitation
Snow and its Distribution
Artificial Rainfall
Surface Water Runoff
Runoff Generation and Storage in Watershed
Space Characters of Runoff Formation
Hydrology of Sloping Terrain
River Runoff Modeling
Urban Hydrology
Groundwater Hydrogeology
Infiltration and Groundwater Formation
Groundwater of Loose (Unconsolidated) Rocks
Groundwater in Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Volcanic Rocks
Karstic Aquifers
Glaciers and Their Significance for the Earth Nature
Genesis and Geographical Aspects of Glaciers
Classification of Glaciers
Accumulation, Ablation, Mass Balance, and Runoff from Glaciers
Flow and Fluctuations of Glaciers
Manipulation, Uses and Benefits of Glaciers, Ice and Snow
Interaction Between Glaciation and Climate
Water Hazards Caused by Naturally-Occuring Hydrologic Extremes
Types and Properties of Water
Characteristics of Water and Water Bodies in the Natural Environment
Atmospheric Water
Surface Water: Oceans, Interior Seas, Coastal Zones and Estuaries
Surface Waters: Rivers, Streams, Lakes and Wetlands
Typification of Groundwater Characteristics
Interconnection of Surface and Groundwater
Glaciers, Icebergs and Ground Ice
Properties of Atmospheric Water
The Physical Properties of Atmospheric Water, including its Three Phases
Molecular Structure and Chemical Properties of Atmospheric Water
Biological and Microbiological Properties of Atmospheric Water
Global Variations in the Chemistry of Atmospheric Water
Properties of Oceans, InlandSeas, Coastal Zones and Estuaries
Physical Properties of Seawater, Including its Three Phases
Chemical Properties of the World Ocean
Properties of Oceans, Inland Seas, Coastal Zones and Estuaries: Biological Properties
Global Variations of Chemical Composition of Oceans, Inland Seas, Coastal Zones and Estuaries
Properties of Rivers, Streams, Lakes and Wetlands
Physical Properties of Water in Various Aggregative States
Water Chemical Composition Of Rivers, Lakes And Wetlands
Biological Properties of Freshwater Bodies
Variation in the Chemical Composition of Rivers, Lakes and Wetlands
Ground and Soil Water Characteristics
Physical Properties and Soil and Ground Waters
Chemical Properties of Soil and Ground Waters
Biological Properties of Soil and Ground Waters
Global Variations in the Chemistry of Ground Water
Properties of Glacial, Iceberg and Permafrost Water
Physical Properties of Glacial and Ground Ice
Chemical Properties of Glacial and Ground Ice
Biological Properties of Glacial and Ground Ice
Fresh Surface Water
Origin, Resources and Distribution of Rivers and Streams
Origin and Evolution of River Systems
Regional Distribution of Rivers and Streams in North and Central America
Regional Distribution of Rivers and Streams in South America
Regional Distribution of Rivers and Streams in Europe
Regional Distribution of Rivers and Streams in Asia
Regional Distribution of Rivers and Streams in Africa
Regional Distribution of Rivers and Streams in Australia and Oceania
Characteristics of River Systems
River Morphology and Channel Processes
Chemical Characteristics of Rivers
Biological Characteristics of Rivers
Types of River Ecosystems
Biogeochemical Characteristics of River Systems
Transport Processes in River Systems
River Flow
Thermodynamic of Rivers
Constituent Transport
Transport of Sediments
Chemical Transport in Rivers
River Ecosystems
Biogeochemical Processes in River Systems
Dynamics and Cycling of Materials in River Systems
Biology and Biodiversity of River Systems
River Ecosystems Rehabilitation
The Uses of River Water and Impacts
River Navigation and Associated Structures
Dredging in Rivers and Estuaries
Sedimentation of Rivers, Reservoirs and Canals
Sediment Exclusion at River Intakes
Rivers and Human Development
Potable Water
Disposal of Sewage
Sustainable Industrial Water Use in Southern Germany
Water Consumption, Fisheries and Water-Related Recreational Facilities
Human-Made Lakes and Reservoirs: The Impact of Physical Alterations
Water Science and Technology: History and Future
Aquatic Habitats in Africa
Limnology of the River Nile
Limnology of Lakes And Rivers (Zimbabwe)
Limnology of Rivers and Lakes
Origin, Distribution, Formation, and Effects
Groundwater in Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary Rocks
Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions
Catchment Water Balance, Climate and Groundwater
Groundwater Recharge
Typical Hydrogeological Scenarios
Groundwater in Mountain Regions
Groundwater in Karst Regions
Groundwater in Arid and SemiArid Regions
Hydrogeology of Large Plains
Thermal Springs
Groundwater Flow in Porous Media
Groundwater Flow Through Fractured Rocks
Basic Chemical Principles of Groundwater
Advection, Dispersion, Sorption, Degradation, Attenuation
Environmental Isotopes in Groundwater Studies
SubSurface Hydrobiology
Review of Mathematical Models of Flow and Contaminant Transport in Saturated Porous Media
Transport Phenomena and Vulnerability of the Unsaturated Zone
Physical Properties of Solid and Fluid Matrices
Volumetric Water Content-Matric Potential Relationships
Water and Solute Transport in the Vadose Zone
Biodegradation in the Vadose Zone
Processes Causing Attenuation in the Unsaturated and Saturated Zone
Groundwater Vulnerability in Different Climatic Zones
Organic Compounds in the Vadose Zone
Groundwater Development
Survey Methods
Groundwater Monitoring Networks
Coastal Aquifer Development
Groundwater Development in Hard Rocks
Groundwater Use As Potable Water Supply
Groundwater Contamination, Protection and Remediation
Artificial Groundwater Recharge
Groundwater Recharge and Discharge
Groundwater Management: An Overview of Hydrogeology, Economic Values, and Principles of Management
Sustainable Groundwater Use and Overexploitation
Groundwater and Economics: Gisser-Sanchez’s Effect Reconsidered
Groundwater Legislation Principles
Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater
Special issues in Groundwater
Climatic Change and Hydrogeologic Processes
Urban Hydrogeology
The Scaling Properties of Geological Media with Respect to Groundwater Flow and Transport
“In Situ” Groundwater Treatment
On Controlling the Chemical Contamination of Groundwater
Water Storage, Transportation and Distribution
Dams and Storage Reservoirs
Design and Construction of Dams, Reservoirs and Balancing Lakes
Multi-Dam Systems and their Operation
Selection of Type of Dams and Reservoirs
Fish Protection Structures and Fish Passage Facilities
The Rehabilitation of Dams and Reservoirs
Water Intake Structures for Surface and Subsurface Waters
Catchment Systems
Monitoring and Evaluating Dams and Reservoirs
Environmental Impact Assessment of Dams and Reservoirs
Dams and Floods
Accumulation of Sediment in Reservoirs
Instrumentation and Monitoring of Dams and Reservoirs
Municipal Sewer Systems
Industrial Wastewater Systems
Water Transport
Aqueducts, Tunnels, Canals, Pipelines, Siphons, and Water Distribution
Water Pumping Stations
Pumping Stations for Sewage, Sludge, and Air
Stormwater Storage
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Water Quality Regulation and Standards
Codes of Practice and Standards
Drinking Water Supply
Water Supply for Agriculture
Water Supply for Industry
Perspectives on Water Quality
Analysis of Water Quality
Water Treatment: Equipment and Processes
Wastewater Recycle, Reuse, and Reclamation
Recycle and Reuse of Domastic Wastewater
Advanced Treatment Technologies for Recycle/Reuse of Domestic Wastewater
Membrane Separation Technologies
Water Reuse for Agriculture
Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
Artificial Recharge as a Method of Wastewater Disposal
Human Health Risks Associated with Water Reuse
Wastewater Reuse: Case Studies in Microbial Risks
Industrial Waste Minimization
Raw Materials and Process Chemical Recovery in Industrial Wastewater Pollution Control
By-product Recovery in Industrial Wastewater Pollution Control
Process/Technology Modifications in Water Pollution Control
The Potential for Industrial Wastewater Reuse
Waste Minimization in Metal Finishing Industries
Wastewater Characteristics, Management and Reuse in Mining and Mineral Processing Industries
Fresh Water Minimization by Membrane Filtration in the Pulp and Paper Industry
Small and Rural Community Water Supply
Quantity and Quality of Drinking Water Supplies
Conventional Water Treatment Technologies
Rural Water Supply Systems
Traditional and Household Water Purification Methods of Rural Communities in Developing Countries
Treatment Options for Removal of Specific Impurities from Water
Small Community and Rural Sanitation Systems
On-Site Sanitation Technologies for Reuse
On-Site Sanitation Technologies for Cold and Temperate Climates
Non-Conventional Sewerage
Public Health Aspects of On-Site Sanitation
Hydraulic Structures, Equipment, and Water Data Acquisition Systems
Fluids at Rest and in Motion
Hydraulics Of Two-Phase Flow: Air And Water
Hydraulics of Two-Phase Flow: Water and Sediment
Hydraulic Methods and Modeling
Probabilistic Methods and Stochastic Hydrology
Applied Hydraulics and Hydraulic Instrumentation
Dredging Technology
Water Conveyance Systems and Flood Control Works
Hydraulic Structures in Urban Drainage Systems
Tsunamis and Tsunami Warning Systems
Abstracting Water from Sediment-Laden Streams
Design of Spillways and Outlet Works for Dams
Corrosion and the Protection of Metals
The Aging and Rehabilitation of Appurtenant Structures to Dams and the Aging of Masonry Dams
Aging of Plastics, including Resilient Non Metallic Artificial Materials Being Used in the Water Industry
Protection Against Deterioration of Materials and Structures in the Ocean Environment
Guidelines for Sustainable Community Water Supply and Sanitation Projects
Testing of Materials and Soils
Hydrological Data Acquisition Systems
Data Acquisition Methods for Groundwater Investigation and the Siting of Water Supply Wells
Sediment Data Acquisition
Sluicing Flumes for Gauging Sediment-Laden Rivers
Surface Water Data Acquisition Systems
Water Resources Management
Trans-Boundary Water Resources Management
Water Law and Institutions
Water Conservation in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions
Economic Valuation of Water
Non-Waterborne Sanitation and Water Conservation
Water Resources Planning
Water Resources Systems Analysis
Performance Evaluation of Water Resources Systems
Reliability of Operation of Water Resources Systems
Multi-Criterion Analysis in Water Resources Management
The Hydrological Cycle and Human Impact on it
Water Resource Systems Modeling: Its Role in Planning
Water Quality and Standards
Water Quality Standards and Monitoring
Basic Concepts and Definitions in Water Quality and Standards
Classification of Water Quality Standards
Assessment of Standards
Natural Waters
Surface Water Monitoring
Groundwater Monitoring
Water Quality Needs and Standards for Different Sectors and Uses
Water Supply and Health Care
Water Supply for Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fisheries
Evaluation of Water Quality in Aquatic Ecosystems
Industrial Water
Management of Water Supplies After A Disaster
Effects of Human Activities on Water Quality
Hydrologic Cycle and Water Usage
Minimizing Loads on Water Bodies
Groundwater Degradation by Human Activities
Surface Water Degradation by Human Activities
Pollution Sources
Point Sources of Pollution
Non-Point Sources of Pollution
Salinization of Soils
Water Pollution by Agriculture and Other Rural Uses
Urban Water Pollution
Industrial Water Pollution
Contamination of Water Resources
Organical Chemicals as Contaminants of Water Bodies and Drinking Water
Inorganic Chemicals Including Radioactive Materials in Waterbodies
Microbial/Biological Contamination of Water
Physical/Mechanical Contamination of Water
Aquaculture Water Reuse and Health
Water and Health
Economics and Financing in the Water Sector
Human Health in Water Resources Development
Comino to terms with Nature:Water Reuse new paradigm towards integrated water resources management
Environmental and Health Aspects of Water Supply and Sanitation
Economics and Financing
Water Quality and Disinfection
Quality Standards for Potable Water
Analysis of Disinfections
Disinfectant and Disinfectant By-Products
Health Problems and Their Resolution
Worldwide Access to Sanitation Services
Constraints to Improving Water and Sanitation Services
Health Implications of Some Major Water Development Projects
Expected Reduction in Morbidity from Improved Water Supply and Sanitation
Development of Water Resources
Arsenic Groundwater Contamination
Design of Water Treatment Facilities
Alternative Sewage Disposal Systems
Conjunctive Use of Water
Water-Related Education, Training and Technology Transfer
Biographies of Eminent Water Resources Personalities
Government Agencies and Institutions
Water Resources Education and Training
Water Resources and Environmental Engineering: Educational Problems at Undergraduate - Graduate Level
Continuing Education and Training (CET)
Education and Training for the Decision Makers
Web-based Education and Training
Water Resources Technology Transfer and Capacity Building
Water Technology Transfer Tools
Water Technology Transfer and Information Dissemination in Developing Countries
Finding Information
Making Information Available
The Patent System: A Driving Force to Promote Innovation
Increasing Effectiveness of Higher Education
Public Policy and Role of Law
Professional Development
Water and Development : Some Select Aspect
Water Management Issues In Drylands In The Twenty-First Century
Best Management Practices to Reduce Water Pollution: The Case of Mariculture
Food And Water Demand And Supply In 2025
Institutional Requirements For Effective Water Management
Water Interactions with Energy, Environment, Food, And Agriculture
Thermal Impact on Water Systems
Environment-Water Interactions
Water and Ecosystem Character
Water Quality and the Environment
Climate Change and Water Resources
Environmental Management and Water Quality and Quantity
Water Resources for Agriculture and Food Production
Water Balance in Agricultural Areas
Water Contamination from Rural Production Systems
Sustainable Development/Water Interactions
Human Development and Water
Economic Development and Water
Cultural Development and Water
Water Interactions with Energy, Environment, Food, And Agriculture
The Future Of Big Dams
The Dublin Principles: Institutional And Legal Arrangements For Integrated Water Resource Management
Water, Agriculture, And Food Interactions
Water And Sustainable Development: A Southern Perspective
Valuation of Water : Options for Sustainable Development in Developing Countries
Water and Conflict
Water and Sustainability In Mexico City
Irrigation, Domestic Water Supply And Human Health
Contributions Of Women In The United States In The Field Of Water Resources
Between the Great Rivers: Water in the Middle East and North Africa
Global And Regional Freshwater Resources
Perspectives Of Global Water Balance And Regional Water Resources
Global Freshwater Quantity, Quality and Distribution
Global Water Needs For The Future
The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources: An Overview
Climate Change and its Affects on Freshwater Resources, Flooding, and Drought With Related Effects on Some Economic Sectors
The Impact of El Nino on Water Resources
The Impact of Global Warming on Sea-Level Rise
The Impact of Climate Change on Water Management
The Ethical Considerations of Global Climate Change and Water Resources
International Protocols Regarding Global Climate Change and The Impact on Water Resources
The Impact of Demography on Global and Regional Water Resources
Water as a Factor in Socio-Economic Development: future Trends
Between the Great Rivers: Water in the Middle East and North Africa
Unsteady Flow on River Basin Slope and in the River Channels
Modeling of Processes of Snow Cover Formation and Snowmelt
Inventories, Water Storage and Queues
Models of Vertical Energy and Water Transfer Within the “Soil – Vegetation – Atmosphere” System
Longterm Forecasting of Snowmelt Runoff
Numerical Modeling of Ice Regime in Rivers
Modeling of Water Erosion and Sediment Transport
Water Quality Modelling in Mesoscale and Large River Basins
Dynamic-Stochastic Models of River Runoff Generation
Coupled Modeling Water Vapor and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in the Soil- Vegetation-Atmosphere System
Environmental Structure And Function: Climate System
Classification Of Floods
Floods And Soil Erosion
Field Techniques: Inland Waters
Types Of Environmental Models
Water-Quality Monitoring of Rivers
Interrelationships between The Environment and Food Production
Quality and Quantity of Water for Agriculture
The Role of Forests in the Hydrological Cycle
Dams, Pollution and Other Impediments to Migration and Spawning
Climate Change and Fisheries
Melting of Polar Icecaps – Impact on Fisheries
Water Resources Quality And Supply
Drainage Of Farmlands
Environmental Monitoring
Water Management
Environmental Impact of Food Production and Consumption
Water Resource Models
Watershed Modeling For Water Resource Management
Mathematical Models in Water Sciences
Mathematical Models for Water Resources Management
Mathematical Models of Soil Irrigation and Salting
Mathematical Modeling Of Flow In Watersheds And River
Mathematical Modeling Of The Transport Of Pollution In Water
Infiltration And Ponding
Mathematical Equations of the Spread of Pollution in Soils
Mathematical Soil Erosion Modeling
Wastewater Treatment and Reuse for Irrigation
Climate As Life-Support Systems: A Climatological Overview
Land Degradation and Desertification: History, Nature, Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
Resource Recyclling and Reuse - Contrasting Developed and Developing
Urban Wastewater Treatment : Past, Present, and Future
Characteristics of Effluent Organic Matter in Wastewater
Filtration Technologies in Wastewater Treatment
Air Stripping in Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Dissolved Air Flotation in Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Membrane Technology for Organic Removal in Wastewater
Adsorption And Biological Filtration In Wastewater Treatment
Physico-Chemical Processes for Organic Removal from Wastewater Effluent
Deep Bed Filtration: Modelling Theory and Practice
Specific Options in Biological Wastewater Treatment for Reclamation and Reuse
Biological Phosphorus Removal Processes for Wastewater Treatment
Sequencing Batch Reactors: Principles, Design/Operation and Case Studies
Wastewater Stabilization Ponds (WSP) for Wastewater Treatment
Treatment of Industrial Wastewater by Membrane Bioreactors
Stormwater Treatment Technologies
Sludge Treatment Technologies
Wastewater Treatment Technology for Tanning Industry
Palm Oil And Palm Waste Potential In Indonesia
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (Uasb) Reactor in Wastewater Treatment
Applied Technologies in Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachate Treatment
Water Mining Planning and Implementation Issues for a Successful Project
Assessment Methodologies for Water Reuse Scheme and Technology
Nanotechnology for Wastewater Treatment: In Brief
Urban Wastewater Treatment: Past, Present and Future
The Economics and Performance of Desalination Plants
Mechanical Vapor Compression Distillation
Membrane Distillation
MSF Engineering
History and Current Status of Membrane Desalination Processes
Membrane Science And Technology For Wastewater Reclamation
Desalination by Membrane Distillation
History and Current Status of Material Selection in Thermal Desalination Process
Multi-Effect Distillation (Med)
Membrane Characterization
Recent Advances in Membrane Science and Technology in Seawater Desalination- With Technology Development in the Middle East and Singapore
Desalination: Technology, Health and Environment
Water Resources and the Environment
Atmospheric Ozone and Climate Change. Synthetic Ozone and its Applications. 21th Century and Role of Ozone
History of Ozone Synthesis and Use for Water Treatment
Ozone Generation
Ozone Reactions with Inorganic and Organic Compounds in Water
Ozone-Based Advanced Oxidation Processes
Ozone in Drinking Water Treatment
The PhytO3 Tech Crop Protection Technology for Microorganism and Insect Control Using Ozone, UV and Dipole-Electrical Air Jet Spray Technologies-Technical Basis and Chemistries Involved
Ozone in the Laundry Industry - Practical Experiences in the United Kingdom
Basic Biological and Therapeutic effects of Ozone Therapy in Human Medicine
Water Resources Engineering
Freshwater Observation Systems, Networks, and Existing Daabases
Land Hydrology
Spatial Data Handling and GIS

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