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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Biological, Physiological and Health Sciences
Tropical Biology and Conservation
Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Sciences
Social sciences and Humanities
Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Control Systems, Robotics and Automation
Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Water sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Energy Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Environmental and Ecological Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resource
Food and Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Human Resources Policy, Development and Management
Natural Resources Policy and Management
Development and Economic Sciences
Institutional and Infrastructural Resources
Technology, Information and Systems Management Resources
Area Studies(Regional Sustainable Development Reviews)

Food and Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources

Soils and General Agronomy
Climate and its Effects on Crop Productivity and Management
Conservation Agriculture
Soil Health And Productivity
Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Dynamics
Soil Engineering and Technology
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Plant Genomics
Crop Genetics And Physiology
Growth and Production of Barley
Growth and Production of Wheat
Growth and Production of Maize: Mechanized Cultivation
Growth and Production of Sorghum and Millets
Growth and Production of Rice
Growth and Production of Maize: Traditional Low-Input Cultivation
Growth and Production of Oat and Rye
Growth and Production of Groundnut
Growth and Production of Cotton
Hops and Hop Growing
Growth and Production of Sugar Cane
Growth and Production of Kiwifruit and Kiwiberry
Tropical Root and Tuber Crops
Growth and Production of Rubber
Medical and Aromatic Plants
Growth And Production of Oil Palm
Perennial Energy Crops: Growth and Management
Growth and Production of Herbaceous Energy Crops
Forage and Pasture Management
Weed Science and Management
Growth and Production of Coffee
Ethnopedology and Folk Soil Taxonomies
Soil, Food Security, and Human Health
Soil Education and Public Awareness
Olive Growing in a Time of Change
The World Citrus Industry
Growth and Production of Coconut
History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Soil Science
The World Banana Industry
Growth and Production of Cocoa
Growth and Production of Pulses
Growth And Production of Sesame
Herbs and Leaf Crops : Cilantro, Broadleaf Ilantro And Vegetable Amarath
Perennial Spice Crops: Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg
Cardamom, Ginger and Turmeric
Cumin, Fennel and Fenugreek
Mangosteen And Rambutan
Sapote, Sapodilla and Star Apple
Chirimoya and Loquat
Biodiversity of Date Palm
Food and Agriculture and the Use of Natural Resources
Domestication and Development of Plant Cultivars
Animal Husbandry, Nomadic Breeding, and Domestication of Animals
Tree Domestication and the History of Plantations
Protecting Forests and Timber Stocks
The Impact of Urbanization on Rural Land Use
Conservation of Plant Genetic Diversity
Plant and Animal Genebanks
Economics and Policy of Food Production
Food Control and International Food Trade
Interrelationships between The Environment and Food Production
Malnutrition: Hunger and Satiety, Anorexia and Obesity
Food and Agricultural Science and Technology:Natural Resources and Food and Agriculture
Energy Resources for Agriculture
The Role of Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries in Human Nutrition
Historical Origins of Agriculture
Forests and Grasslands as Cradles for Agriculture
The Management Of Natural Resources In Satisfying The Needs Of Human Life: The Role Of Agriculture, Forestry, And Fisheries
Agriculture Management: Historic, Geographic and Social Perspectives
Forage Crop Production
History of Forestry
Ancient Forestry Practices
A History of Fishing
Traditional Methods of Fishing(SouthWest Pacific)
Development of Freshwater Fisheries
Development of Marine Fisheries
The Development of Specialized Ships, Nets, and Equipment
Impact of Global Change on Agriculture
Projections of Global Carrying Capacity
Rural Resources and Feeding Folk Fully: Problems, Possibilities, and Prospects
Quality and Quantity of Water for Agriculture
Salination, Desertification, and Soil Erosion
World Demography and Food Supply
Socioeconomic Policies and Food Security
Economic Development, Food, and Nutrition
Women and Food Security: Roles, Constraints, and Missed Opportunities
Fundamentals Of Human Health And Nutrition
Adequate Diet of Essential Nutrients for Healthy People
Ethnographic Aspects of Human Nutrition
Regional and Cultural Differences in Nutrition
Antinutritional Factors in Food Legumes and Effects of processing
Human Nutrition: An Overview
Nutritional Assessment: Methods for Selected Micronutrients and Calcium
Nutrition and Human Life Stages
Nutritional Deficiency and Imbalances
Food Allergies and Intolerance: Role of Dietary Interventions in Early Childhood
Food Modifications and Impact on Nutrition
Cultivated Plants, Primarily as Food Sources
Sorghum and Millets
Buckwheat, Amaranth and Other Pseudocereal Plants
Nutritional Aspects of Legumes
Peas and Lentils
Lupin and Chickpea
Vegetables and Plants for Edible Starch, Oil, Sugar and Beverage Production
Vegetables: Root Crops
Vegetables II (Others)
Starch Bearing Crops as Food Sources
Protein Bearing Crops
Plants as Sources of Oil
Sugar Bearing Crops
Plants Used for the Production of Beverages
Plants used for the Production of Stimulants
Fruit and Nuts
Fruit in Northern Latitudes
Subtropical Fruit
Temperate Fruits
Tropical Fruits
Nut Plants
Ornamental Plants
Pharmaceutical Plants (Plants used in Pharmaceutical Preparations)
Medicinal Plants
Aromatic Plants
Colouring (Dye) Plants
Forests and Forest Plants
National Forest Inventories and Global Resource Assessments
Forest Land Resources
Classification and Distribution of Forest by Geography
Boreal and Temperate Forests
Tropical and Subtropical Forests
Forest Plantations
Forest Ecology
Forests in Environmental Protection
Understory Plants in Temperate Forests
Urban Forestry
Multipurpose Sustainable Forest Management
Forest Recreation on Private Lands
Important Tree Species
Coniferous Trees
Tropical Hardwoods
Tree Species in Reclamation
Arid Zone Forestry With Special Reference to Indian Hot Arid Zone
History, Nature, and Products of wood
Cellulose and Pulp
Food, Forage and Medicinal Resources of Forests
Products of Resin Processing
Wildlife and Tourism in Forest Ecosystems
Forests in the Biosphere
The Role of Forests in the Preservation of Biodiversity
The Role of Forests in the Hydrological Cycle
Role of Trees in Croplands
Flow and Conservation of Energy in Forests
Conservation and Breeding of Forest Trees
Techniques in Forest Tree Breeding
Structure, Growth, Development and Reproduction of Forest Trees
Silvicultural Systems for Boreal and Temperate Forests
Tropical Forest Plantations
Producing Planting Stock in Forest Nurseries
Forest Pest and Fire Management
Forest Resource Management
Fisheries and Aquaculture: Towards Sustainable Aquatic Living Resources Management
Harvesting the Seas
World Yields of Marine Organisms
Rational Exploitation and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems
Forecast of Yields
Pollution of the Hydrosphere and Quality Control in Natural Waters
Marine Organisms as Food, Forage, Industrial, and Medical Products
Allocation of Use Rights and Adjustment of Institutions
Subsidies to Fishing
Fishing Port Management, The Forgotten Subject
Marine Fish and Invertebrates: Biology and Harvesting Technology
Schooling Finfish (Cod, Herring, Sardine, Mackerel, and Others)
Schooling Finfish: An Overview of the Tunas, Billfishes and Sharks
Shrimps and Krill
Crabs and Lobsters
Shelled Molluscs
Squid, Octopus and the living cephalopods
Orange Roughy and Other Deepwater Benthic Fishes
Flatfishes and Skates
Marine Plants: Production and Utilization
Commercial Sea Cucumbers and Trepang Markets
The Importance of Non-Commercial Fish
The Problem of Discards in Fisheries
Fisheries Engineering and Technology: Fishing Fleet Operation and Economical Considerations
Subsistence Hunting of Marine Mammals
Inland Fisheries
Trends in World Yields for Inland Waters
Salmonid Fish: Biology, Conservation Status, and Economic Importance of Wild and Cultured Stocks
Commercially Important Catadromous Fish
Shad of the Northeastern Atlantic and the Western Mediterranean: Biology, Ecology, and Harvesting
Dams, Pollution and Other Impediments to Migration and Spawning
Freshwater Fish: Harvest Technology
Coldwater Fish: Whitefish and Smelt
Warm Water Fish: The Carp Family
Warm Water Fish: The Perch, Pike, and Bass Families
The Tilapiini Tribe: Environmental, and Social Aspects of Reproduction and Growth
Overview of the Catfishes Aquaculture
Sturgeons and Caviar
Edible Frogs
Recreational Sport Fishing in Fresh Waters
Aquaculture: Principles and Prospects
Marine Shrimp Farming
Freshwater Aquaculture and Polyculture
Engineering and Bio-Technologies in Aquaculture
Diseases and Pathology of Aquatic Organisms
Fish Farming in the Tropics
Marine Plant Aquaculture
Acclimatization of Aquatic Organisms in Culture
Aquaculture Management
Environmental Impact of Aquaculture
Environmental Impact of Introduced Alien Species
Trends in Aquaculture Production and Nutrient Supply
Economics of Fisheries and Aquaculture
A Dynamic Theory of Fisheries Investment
Spatial Bioeconomic Dynamics of Marine Fisheries
The Situation in World Fisheries
Fisheries Management: Basic Principles
Community Fisheries Management
Management of Straddling Fish Stocks: A Bioeconomic Approach
Econmics of Aquaculture
Game Theory and Fisheries
Adaptations to Life in Estuaries
Adaptations to Life in Marine Caves
Phytoplankton and Primary Production
Microzooplankton, Key Organisms in the Pelagic Food Web
Large Zooplankton: Its Role in Pelagic Food Webs
Effects of Rising Seawater Temperature on Coral Reefs
Reef Restoration As a Fisheries Management Tool
Climate Change and Fisheries
Melting of Polar Icecaps – Impact on Fisheries
Melting of Polar Icecaps: Impact on Marine Biodiversity
Food Quality and Standards
Systems of Food Quality Standards
History of the Food Quality Standards
Basic Concepts of Food Standards
National Standards
Regional Standards
International System of Food Quality Standards
Food Safety
Food Manufacturing Practices and Sanitation
Food Chain Management
Food Safety and Environmental Sanitation
Food Laws and Regulation
Predictive Microbiology
Food Quality and Assurance
Quality Control of Raw Materials
In-Process Quality Control
Quality Control of Finished Products
Food Quality Assurance for Children and Specific Dietary Purposes
Food Quality Indices
Meat and Meat Products
Food Quality and Standards Pertaining to Fish
Milk and Milk Products
Fruits and Vegetables
Grains, Pulses and Oilseeds
Coffee, Tea, Spices
Inspection, Quarantine, and Quality Control Organizations
Quality Control of Plant Growth, Plant Protection and Quarantine
Quality Control of Animal Development, Animal Protection and Quarantine
Legislation and Quality Control of Food Products
Locations and Tasks of the Main Institutions and Organizations
Food Microbiology
Microorganisms Important in Food Microbiology
Spoilage and Preservation of Food
Lactic Acid Bacteria
Food-Borne Pathogens
Testing Methods in Food Microbiology
Food Chemistry
Food Proteins and Enzymes
Food Lipids
Aroma and Color Compounds
Minerals and other Microcomponents
Additives and Contaminants
Mycotoxins, Natural Contaminants in the Food Chain
Dietary Exposure Assessment of Chemicals in Food.
Agricultural Land Improvement: Amelioration And Reclamation
The Necessity For Development Of Land Reclamation
Hindrances And Restrictions To Farming
History Of Land Improvement
Global Needs For Land Reclamation
Efficiency Of Using Reclaimed Lands
Agricultural Reclamation: Past, Present And Future
Distribution Of Irrigated Lands And Water Consumption
Water Resources Quality And Supply
Irrigation Systems: Machinery And Technology
Drainage Of Irrigated Land
Development Of Sandy And Stony Deserts
Sustainability Of Agricultural Production Under Irrigation
The Economics Of Irrigation Systems
Drainage Of Farmlands
Techniques and Technologies of Land Drainage Systems
Floods And High Waters, Using Polders For Protecting Agricultural Lands From The Floods
Debris Flows And Anti-Debris-Flow Measures
Soil Improvement
Chemical Amelioration Of Soils
Kinds of Chemical Amelioration
Reclamation Of Acid Soils
Amelioration of Alkali (Sodic/Solonetz) Soils
Amelioration Of Alkali (Soda- Saline) Soils
Particular Forms of Land Amelioration Development of Coastal Marshlands and other Saline Soils
Biological And Agrotechnical Amelioration
Goals And Demand
Agrotechnical Melioration And Fertilizer
Conservational Soil Treatment
Erosion And Deflation Control
Food Engineering
Engineering Properties of Foods
Thermal Properties of Foods
Electrical Properties of Foods
Optical Properties of Foods
Mechanical Properties of Foods
Physical Properties of Food Powders
Particle Size Distribution in Food Powders
Food Microstructure
Thermodynamics in Food Engineering
Colligative Properties of Foods
Phase Transitions
Surface Phenomena
Kinetics of Chemical Reactions in Foods
Cycles and Refrigeration
Food Rheology and Texture
Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Flow
Squeezing and Elongational Flow
Food Suspensions
Food Emulsions
Constitutive Models for Food Systems
Solid Foods
Texture in Solid and Semisolid Foods
Food Texture: Sensory Evaluation
Food Process Engineering
Conventional Thermal Processing (Canning)
Ohmic Heating
Food Freezing
Concentration of Liquid Foods
Food Dehydration
Food Frying
Supercritical Extraction
Food Extrusion
Nonthermal processing of Foods and Emerging Technologies
Hurdle Technology
Food Fermentation
Food Powder Processing
Food Mixing
Food Packaging
Food Plant Design
Food Process Design
Food Process Modeling
Process Instrumentation and Control
Software for Food Engineering Applications
Automation of Food Processing
The Sanitary Design and Construction of Food Production Facilities
Food Waste
Agricultureal Mechanization and Automation
Technology and Power in Agriculture
Expenditures and Returns
Agricultural Equipment: Choice and Operation
Maintaining Working Conditions and Operation of Machinery
Human and Animal Powered Machinery
Energy Sources: Non Renewable and Renewable
Agriculture and Autonomous Power Supply
Farm Machinery
Tractors and Transport Vehicles
Tillage and Seeding Machines
Fertilizer Applicators and Plant Protection Equipment
Equipment for Post-Harvest Preservation and Treatment of Produce
Facilities and Equipment for Livestock Management
Planning and Building of Stock-Raising Farms
Equipment for Cattle Production
Equipment for Pig Production
Equipment for Sheep Production
Equipment for Poultry Production
Automation and Electronic Equipment
Environmental Monitoring
Ecology and Technology
Erosion Control Equipment
Health and Safety of Personnel in Agriculture
Agricultural-Related Fires and Explosions
Storage, Handling and Disposal of Animal Slurries
Animal Solid Manure: Storage, Handling and Disposal
Baling, Transportation, and Storage of Straw
Commercial Uses of Straw
Slaughtering and Processing of Livestock
Animal Welfare and Humane Slaughter
The Role of Slaughter Hygiene in Food Safety
Processing and Marketing Non-Meat Products from Livestock
Management of Agricultural, Forestry, and Fisheries Enterprises
Organization of Agricultural, Forestry, Fishery, and Rural Enterprises
Community-Based Natural Resource Management
Traditional and Small Farms
International Agricultural Cooperatives
Marketing Boards: An International Overview
Collective and State Enterprises in Agriculture
Corporate Concentration and Supply Chain Management in a Global Food Industry
Plant Management Systems
Plant Genetic Resources
Water Management
Plant Nutrient Management
Multiple Cropping Systems
Greenhouse and Hydroponics Systems
Livestock production Systems
Genetic Resources for livestock Production
Extensive Livestock Production: Grazing Management on Rangelands
Livestock Production in Feedlots/Landless Systems
Livestock Diversification: Issues and Trends
Controlled Adaptive Natural Resources Management
Integrated Production Systems
Bioparks: Integrated Production/Recreational Systems
Management Of Forestry Enterprises
Trends In Resources Provided By Forests
Trends in Ownerships and Policies Relative to Forest Resources
Organization and Management Systems for Providing Sustainable Forest Resources
Silviculture Around the World: Past, Present, and Future Trends
Fisheries Management: Sustainability Vs. Reality
Aboriginal Fisheries Issues: The West Coast of Canada As A Case Study
The Fishing Enterprise and Fisheries Management
Food for the Future: Developing Strategies for Sustainability
Regenerative Food Systems
Management of Agricultural Systems
Pregnancy Recognition Signaling, Fetal- Placental Development and Prenatal Fetal Programming
Reproductive Physiology- Endocrinology
Seasonal and Social Factors Affecting Reproduction
Interface Between Nutrition and Reproduction : The very Basis of Production
Female Factors Affecting Embryo Viability Embryo Cryopreservation
Livestock Semen Biotechnology and Management
Embryo Production
Reproductive Management in Cattle abd Sheep
Pharmacological Management of the Overian Function
Genetic Basis and Improvement of Reproductive Traits
Technologies for Increasing Food Production
Origins of Plant Agriculture and Major Crop Plants
Diversifying Agriculture with Alternative Crops
Productivity, Efficiency And Resilience Of Crop And Livestock Production
Sustainable Animal Production
Animal Production in the Tropics
Physiology of Growth and Reproduction In Livestock
Evolution of Livestock Improvement
Monogastric Nutrition
Rumen Microbiology
Meat Science
Agroecology: Environmentally Sound and Socially Just Alternatives to the Industrial Farming Model
Range And Pasture Productivity
Sustainable Crop Production: Physiology, Biochemistry And Molecular Biology
Crop Improvement (The "Gene" Revolution)
Ecological Economics
Agricultural Economics
Integrated Resource Management And Planning
Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Surveillance
Metabolic Disorders Of Dairy Cattle
Veterinary Pathology
Veterinary Toxicology
Comparative Immunology-Based Approaches To Veterinary Diseases
Veterinary Virology
Veterinary Bacteriology
Veterinary Mycology
Veterinary Helminthologyy
Biology of Select Zoonotic Protozoan Infections of Domestic Animals
Veterinary Ectoparasitology
Equine Internal Medicine
Bovine Neonatology
An Overview of the Food System
Energy Use in Production of Food, Feed, and Fiber
Environmental Impact of Food Production and Consumption
Environmental Accounting of Agricultural Sustainability Using Emergy Analysis
Social and Policy Issues of Agriculture and Food
Decision Support Systems for Food and Agriculture
Spatial Food and Agricultural Data
Data Assimilation Systems
Statistical Analysis Design Including Biostatistics
Data Presentation Systems
Crop Models - in Open Field
Crop Models – Within Controlled Environment
Food Processing Models
Water Resource Models
Agricultural Meteorological Models
Data Collection and Analysis Methods for Data from Field Experiments
Telecommunications for Data Collection and Dissemination in Agricultural Applications
Food Research And Development
Watershed Modeling For Water Resource Management
Meteorological Forecasting for Agricultural Production
Current Use and Prospects of Informatics in Modeling, Analysis and Management of Natural Resources
Public Regulation in Food and Agriculture: Goals, Constraints, Policies, Instruments, and Trade
Public Regulation of Food and Agricultural Markets
Farm Price and Income Support Mechanisms
Institutions, Organizations, and Policies Affecting Agriculture: Preserving Farmland
Institutions, Organizations, and Policies Affecting Agriculture: Protecting Family Farms, Species, and Food and Water Safety
Inspection, Quarantine and Quality Control
Veterinary Public Health: An Historical Perspective
International Policies to Control Plant and Animal Diseases
International Food Inspection
Land Management and Property Rights
Agricultural Practices as Barriers to Sustainability
Land Ownership and Property Rights
Valuation and Ownership of Genetic Resources in Agriculture
Patents and Other Intellectual Property Rights
Food Security and Government Intervention
Exchange Rate Impacts on the Composition of Agricultural Trade
Price, Imports, Exports, and Taxation Policies
Food Security in Developing Countries: A Case Study for India
Agricultural and Molecular Genetic Approaches to Improving Nutrition and Preventing Micronutrient Malnutrition Globally
Global Prevalence of Micronutrient Malnutrition and Impacts on the Health of Children
Iron Nutrition in Man: Global Perspectives on Iron Deficiency And Malnutrition
Global Importance of Zinc Deficiency In Humans: Its Relation to Malnutrition And Strategies for its Prevention
Global Importance of Selenium and its Relation to Human Health
Global Importance of Vitamin A Deficiency in Humans and its Relationship to Malnutrition
Experience With Environmental Supplementation of Iodine in Irrigation Water as a Practical Agricultural Approach to Reduce Iodine Deficiency
Community-Centered Food-Based Strategies For Alleviating And Preventing Malnutrition
Improving The Nutritional Quality of Maize And Wheat For Human Consumption
Improving Micronutrient Value of Rice Through Breeding
Improvement of Common Bean For Mineral Nutritive Content At Ciat
Classical Breeding To Improve Vegetable Vitamin And Provitamin Content
The Economics of Plant Breeding as an Agricultural Strategy for Reducing Micronutrient Malnutrition
Influence of mineral fertilizers on nutritional quality of staple food crops
Agronomic Approaches For Increasing Iron Availability To Food Crops
Agronomic Approaches To Increasing Zinc Concentration In Staple Food Crops
Agronomic Approaches to Increase Selenium Concentration in Livestock Feed and Food Crops
Agricultural Practices to Minimize Nitrate Accumulation in Edible Parts of Crop Plants
Plant based sources of proteins and amino acids in relation to human health.
Molecular Genetic Approaches to Improve the Nutritional Quality of Staple Food Crops
Molecular Genetic Improvement of Protein Quality in Maize
Molecular Breeding of Vegetable Crops for Improved Provitamin A Carotenoid Content
Genetic Improvement of Cereals with Low Phytic Acid Content
Improving the Protein Content and Quality of Temperate Cereals: Wheat, Barley and Rye
Development of Iron-Rich Crops by Genetic Engineering
Engineering of Seed Quality Characters in Legumes
Nutritional Consequences of Using Organic Agricultural Methods in Developing Countries
Influence of Organic and Conventional Farming Systems on nutritional quality of food
Developing Sustainable Horticultural Production Systems for Socioeconomic and Nutritional Development in Asia
Development Issues in Food and Agriculture
Environment and Food and Agricultural Systems
Sustainability of Agriculture
Waste Management Issues, Including Recovery, and Sustainable Food and Agriculture
Sustainable Development of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry
Ethical Issues in Agriculture
Safety In Food And Agriculture
Soil and Its Life Support Systems
Introduction to Soil Physics
Soil Biology
Soil Genesis, Classification and Mapping
Soil Climatology and Meteorology
Plant Propagation
Farm Animal Science
The Dairy Industry
World Beef Cattle Production
Sheep Production
Overview of World Swine and Pork Production
Poultry Products as Food
Undomesticated Food Animals Hunted and Used For Food
Other Domesticated and Farmed Animals
Veterinary Medicine: Preventing Livestock Diseases, With Emphasis on the USA
The Role of Meat in the Human Diet
Water Uptake By Plants
Nature of Mineral Nutrient Uptake by Plants
Transport of Water and Nutrients in Plants
Agricultural Production Capacity of North America’s Soil Resources
Sustainable Soil Use in Tropical South America, With Emphasis On Brazil
Agricultural Soils in Europe – Special Demands Related to Intensive Agriculture in an Industrialized Environment
Capacity of Africa’s Soils to Sustain or Extend Current Crop and Animal Production
Capacity of Soils to Sustain or Extend Current Crop and Animal Production: New Zealand and South Pacific Islands Perspective
Land Classifications, Sustainable Land Management, and Ecosystem Health
Crop Production Capacity: A Global Perspective
Crop Production Capacity In North America
Crop Production Capacity in Europe
Crop Production Capacity in Africa
Fertilizer Use in North America: Types and Amounts
Fertilizer Use in Central and Eastern Europe: Types and Amounts
Fertilizer Use in Western Europe: Types and Amounts
Fertilizer Use in Sub-Saharan Africa: Types and Amounts
Fertilizer Use in South Asia
Fertilizer Use in China: Types and Amounts
Fertilizer Use in Oceania: Types and Amounts
Pest Control in World Agriculture
Pest Control: Insects and Other Arthropods
Pest Control: Herbaceous Weeds
Pest Control: Fungi, Streptomycetes, and Yeasts
Pest Control: Rodents
High Density Residential Areas
Soils in Low Density Residential Areas
Soils in Landscaped Public Areas
Landscaped Commercial Areas: Golf Course and Athletic Field Soils
Pathogenic and Beneficial Plant-Associated Bacteria
Fungal Plant Diseases In Europe And In The Mediterranean Basin
Range And Animal Sciences And Resources Management
People In Rangelands: Their Role And Influence On Rangeland Utilization And Sustainable Management
Rangeland Grazing in North American Commercial Ranching
Range Livestock Production Systems In The Near East
Rangeland Plants (Grasses, Forbs, Shrubs And Trees): Role And Function
Rangeland Communities: Structure, Function, And Classification
Rangelands As A Sink For Carbon
Rangeland Improvements
Rangeland Ecophysiology
Habitat and Riparian Management in Rangeland Ecosystems
Environmental Soil Management
Behavior – The Keystone in Optimizing Free-Ranging Ungulate Production
Beef Cattle Nutrition in Commercial Ranching Systems
Nutrition of Small Ruminants on Rangelands
Nutrient Metabolism of Non Ruminants in Rangeland Systems
Science and the Community: Role of the Ecological Approach in Sustainable Rangeland Management
Catchment Management – A Framework for Managing Rangelands
Fire Effects and Management in African Grasslands and Savannas
Fire in Rangelands and its Role in Management
Invasive Rangeland Plants
Mixed Domesitic And Wild Ungulate Systems In South Africa
From Inventory To Monitoring In Semi-Arid And Arid Rangelands
Dryland Analysis and Monitoring
Economically Efficient Rangeland Management to Sustain Ecosystem Function and Livelihoods
Integrated Rangeland Management Systems
New Thinking in Range Ecology

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